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MSI GTX 950 Unboxing

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Today I am unboxing the MSI GTX 950 Mini 2GD5 OC. This model is the mini itx version of there 950 and is factory overclocked. finding a small form factor graphics card was key to my build and this looks to be a fantastic addition. I will be up[loading gaming videos of this graphics card very soon so please subscribe. Here is my free heroes of the storm voucher for a lucky viewer. https://redeem.nvidia.com/ Code: HSEU-UNUS-PFDJ-AZLO-ACDK-DTEV Specs: Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Bus Standard PCI Express x16 3.0 Memory Type GDDR5 Memory Size(MB) 2048 Memory Interface 128-bit Core Clock Speed(MHz) 1253 MHz / 1076 MHz Maximum Displays 4 Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 6610 Power consumption (W) 90 Recommended Power Supply (W) 350 Card Dimension(mm) 170 x 111 x 37 Weight 439 Please like and subscribe visit my website for the latest tech news, reviews and free software: www.thefullsetup.com twitter- https://twitter.com/TfsThefullsetup https://www.facebook.com/fullsetuprev... MY KIT, QI charging and powerbank batteries provided by http://www.bitmore.co.uk/ Hats Provided by: http://www.king-apparel.com/ Twitter: @kingapparel IG: http://instagram.com/kingapparel Speakers provided by: http://www.wavemaster.eu/en Printer and office supplies provided by: http://www.swofficesupplies.co.uk/ Thefullsetup believes in an eco-future and in the summer of 2013 I had my house fitted with a 2kw PV solar system provided by http://www.ecosunpower.co.uk/
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Text Comments (32)
alperen yüksel (2 years ago)
yarramı ye oç
Fenix92 (2 years ago)
is this card compatible whit VGA-DVI_I pasive adapter?
huu j (2 years ago)
This is mini?
Fapping Nipples (2 years ago)
i got a fx 4300.....noticed it bottlenecks at high settings such as GTA and NFS2015..
Luka Andrejević (2 years ago)
brush your teeth
RocketTech16 Fujii (2 years ago)
So you said that they're were some problems with the RAM. If heard your correctly, you said that they're wasn't enough RAM to support your new Graphics card. Why so? I don't know if I should upgrade to 16gb or if I should get a different GPU. I heard that this graphics card is the best one for $140!!!!! I am just worried if my system would do poorly with it. I just don't want to buy it and realize that I need to upgrade to 16gb. For my system build https://pcpartpicker.com/user/andrewmbs/saved/Y6ybt6 Thank you for your time
RocketTech16 Fujii (2 years ago)
TheFullSetup (2 years ago)
8gb ram will be fine for most games but it really is the minimum now buy an 8gb stick and add an 8 a month later if price is an issue. And as to the issue in the video I was referring to black ops 3 which was sucking up 12gb including windows usage.
Chris Martinez (2 years ago)
I've got a strap-on
Henrik Wong (3 years ago)
I have got the 8 pings adapter will that be okay for this graphic card ?
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
is it a solid 8 pin cable or 6 pin ++ 2 pin as this has a 6 pin plug
JesusN (3 years ago)
This is pretty old but cmon "heh, a strap on... wicked!" you just earned yourself a subscriber hahah
Felix keller (3 years ago)
What processor do you have?
Felix keller (3 years ago)
How loud is the card? Or is it nearly quiet
Felix keller (3 years ago)
+thefullsetup thanks
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
+Felix keller nope
Felix keller (3 years ago)
Thanks. Do you think that the card will bottleneck with a FX-6300 @ 3,5 Ghz?
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
at the moment an 860k and a Xeon for video editing
Mohd Potato (3 years ago)
NC video
Duck Goose (3 years ago)
I have a setup with an amd fx 6350 processor with this same gtx 950. is it good?
Robert (3 years ago)
get the 960
Basb Subs (3 years ago)
thats great.
Maximilian Kohler (3 years ago)
Noel Cobourne (3 years ago)
hi fullsetup can i install the 950 mini in a hp prodesk 400 g1 sff ?
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
it prob won't fit in a sff case its a shame they haven't made a 950 for this purpose. the best you will be able to get for sff cases is a 750ti sff card
bmwunbox (3 years ago)
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
+bmwunbox I know I know grade a screw up.
PyroMiniYak (3 years ago)
i have one question, is there any difference in performance between the bigger and the small version of the msi gtx 950
PyroMiniYak (3 years ago)
oh ok thanks;)
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
not really other than the cooling. I've just took mine of auto cooling though and added my own custom profile as she was running a little hot on auto.
PyroMiniYak (3 years ago)
OH THANKS FOR THE GAME :D, i think ill also buy this graphics card. I Subbed ;)
TheFullSetup (3 years ago)
no worries enjoy

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