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Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market? Investing in stocks for beginners, can be extremely easy and extremely scary at the same. So if you want to invest in the stock market without headaches, than this video will teach you investing for beginners. Benjamin Graham was a brilliant investor and was only surpassed by his student Warren Buffet. Benjamin wrote the book The Intelligent Investor for people that want to invest safely and intelligently in the stock market. The Intelligent Investor invests in a company only when it stocks are below its intrinsic value. On the other hand Speculators invest when they hear a rumor that a company will perform well and hope that rumor turns out to be true. Also they hope to make fast money from the markets fluctuations. Everyone should walk the path of the intelligent investor no matter if they are beginners or experienced investors. How to invest safely and intelligently in stocks for beginners? Now you know. If you want to be financially independent, learn new skills faster, be charismatic and likable, obtain life changing habits, learn how to read faster, become confident, inspire people - then subscribe and join us for weekly YouTube training videos. SUBMIT YOUR NEXT VIDEO IDEA/REQUEST 1. Improvement related 2. Keep it brief. 3. Include your name and channel URL in the "message" field. SUBSCRIBE! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCugmVpDxOg-nmyLDdHcu04A?sub_confirmation=1 New videos twice a week.
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Kate Glooms (1 hour ago)
Forex/Crypto are generally considered a safe investment. However, as with all money instruments, it pays to do your research to guarantee you are dealing with a legitimate provider. I'm most grateful to alec poe. He's been the brain behind me earning from the online market....
Jacob Stine (1 hour ago)
How to contact him?? Being a trader really sucks sometimes especially when you loosing a lot of money....
Pauleen Jordan (1 day ago)
Can't understand what he is saying
Raymond Campos (8 days ago)
Very good information! Thank you!
Michael Ortiz (11 days ago)
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isabella Hernandez (13 days ago)
i have more wins with Mr Elton jonathan than i have done with anyother trader, his strategy is really very amazing.
isabella Hernandez (13 days ago)
you can contact Mr Elton via {[email protected] .com }
Desmond Bradley (13 days ago)
i'm very impressed seeing good reviews about this man , i guess i'll have to give him trial. how can I contact mr elton
isabella Hernandez (13 days ago)
he's a professional trader who trades on my behalf. i have been able to make withdrawal without stress .
Troll Face (16 days ago)
Creative Cow. Mooooo !
Jeffrey Strongbow (19 days ago)
stock and crypto are reliable investments i gain a lot from mr parvil conrad he is a genius .
Kevin H (11 days ago)
Cory Princeton is be the kind of person I should take advice from ?
Cory Princeton (12 days ago)
+Kevin H he is an expart trader who trades precious stones stock Forex and bitcoin mining he offers professional trading services.
Jessica witherford (12 days ago)
he trading pattern happen s to be working almost all the time.
Arnie Vincent (12 days ago)
+Kevin H he is an European trader
Kevin H (15 days ago)
Who is he
First Last (1 month ago)
ftec xhe ppa you're welcome.
Lucas fehlau arbulu (1 month ago)
Someone explain why the chart in the thumbnail goes left.
Maritza Rogers (1 month ago)
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deo nemeo (1 month ago)
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Darron Ellis (1 month ago)
Trading was not profitable when I started trading but when Mr Rico Williams Came through for me, I have started marking profits
Y.S.N - GAMING (1 month ago)
+Steve Proctor they are scammer
Nicole Connor (1 month ago)
+Steve Proctor contact Mr Rico Williams to get stared <[email protected]>>
Steve Proctor (1 month ago)
How do I start trading am new to trading
chloe davis (1 month ago)
Mr Rico Williams is very effective and profitable. I do trade with him
J L (1 month ago)
But didn't Warren Buffett also say, "Put ALL of your eggs in ONE basket and then WATCH that basket"?
The Light House George (1 month ago)
The stock market could be a rowdy difficult for a beginner. It was for me till Mr Dennis Mcneel started making me genuine profits using his years of trading experience.
CATHARINE Marlia (1 month ago)
Mr parvil Conrad is the best thing that have ever happens to me and my family
Harry Gallow (12 days ago)
+joush brown you can connect mr pavil conrad via email [email protected] . com
Park sun joo (19 days ago)
he makes me $8900 with the investment of $1500 .
Mariah Clery (19 days ago)
mr parvil is god sent .i love his consistence in profit making .
joush brown (19 days ago)
herd a lot about him how to contact him ???
Brandon Coley (1 month ago)
Lutherangrants com just helped me with a grant of $20,000 to pay off my debt .I am so happy i met them.
BenThirty Productions (1 month ago)
Here I am, a 15 year old boy who has got 50p in his drawer, lmao.
azaliah mikaella (1 month ago)
can you sell your stock after receiving dividends?
Trump Nation (2 months ago)
I like using Acorns. https://acorns.com/invite/NUHXX3 It diversifies the portfolios based on your desired risk all without you having to interact. You get $5 invested free with this link. It also links to your bank so when you make a purchase it rounds to the next dollar and invests the change. Your literally investing with spare change.
Mattmax (2 months ago)
I lost a lot when i tried investing myself. Maybe i wasn't smart enough but what worked for me was to allow a professional trader place trades for me and i get a great percentage of profits weekly/monthly. Best decision i took all thanks to Shelby Alvani
Mattmax (2 months ago)
her email is [email protected] com
Cici Souza (2 months ago)
what's her email ?
xbarnes x (2 months ago)
i did 40k and the returns are so impressive
arthur claire (2 months ago)
how can i get in touch with shelby please
Chris Malcon (2 months ago)
i started with her recently, i'm excited cos i invested over 30k and so i will get good profits
Lovely. Harold James (2 months ago)
There is so much contact on the internet regarding trading that it is overwhelming. Mrs.Bertha’s strategy gave me everything I needed and the perfect basis to begin trading. I really valued her emphasis on minimizing risk because this is something I haven't seen on other websites and tutorials. It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep!” Contact her directly on [email protected] Gmail, come 🙏
Pamela Ann (2 months ago)
Wow I’m impressed good theory. If you look at the information and history of humans, we're somewhat predictable over time. How it will correctly play out is hard to tell, and you illustrated that nicely in your chart. I had hoped you might extrapolate another line onto that chart of the various technologies. Would be nice to see what a possible time span it might take considering the increasing velocity of scientific discoveries. Technically speaking, blockchain has had the potential to exist as early as the first internet networks. The need for it, or it's discovery, has taken a while since the earliest computers communications. I think the industry leaders are now adopting more than anyone can imagine, so the switch from fiat to a digital asset will be very easy. It's in their best interest. Already several stock exchanges have said they are going to switch to blockchain securities trading in as little as one year. Will be crazy to see the financial industry make a small sidestep into blockchain. I like your ideas and you illustrate them well this way. The current trend of hodling currency for life from a financial point of view is a wrong strategy for profiting. There is a significant difference between stocks which can be based on professional advice held and currencies (cryptocurrency), and this is because most of them are hypes and highly speculative. I have made over $80,000 in the last two months day trading my BTC which I am sure would be a fantasy if I where hodling. I used a trading system developed by Mrs. Bertha, and with her trading pattern and signals, Im aiming for higher highs. If you have any inquiries, you can reach her on [email protected],, come
RockstarCRO RockstarCRO (2 months ago)
Hey - solid video! If you can, it would be helpful to mention where to do your research.
Blake Jimmy (2 months ago)
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Maximilian Schmidt (2 months ago)
Gros accent Français. Mais c'est bien sa montre que personne n'a d'escuse pour commencer à faire ce qu'il veulent. Regarde toi t'a réussit a grandir ta chaîne jusqu'à 273K abonnés. bonne continuation
Maximilian Schmidt (2 months ago)
King Money Mastery (2 months ago)
I just made over $200,000 in one trade. Posted a video showing how in my channel
StockInvesting 360 (2 months ago)
Well, if you want to succeed on the stock markets, you need to invest on companies that: - Are profitable - Are healthy financially (balance sheet) - Are growing their sales and profits - Have a positive market sentiments (Professional Analysts) - Are not too expensive So there are no quick and easy way to succeed. You need to understand financial statements, and you need to search for good stocks. That is what we do at StockInvesting360
coldogno7 (2 months ago)
ok,so where do i put the money to buy stock?
Omaz Playz (2 months ago)
I'm young and looking for a career thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Sam Dash (2 months ago)
I just got $56,000 from expeditetools ,com
No Logang (3 months ago)
I have 312.580
AK 1nvestor (3 months ago)
Very Good book
Liam Jayson (3 months ago)
Investing in forex without a strategy is like gambling and just a waste of time, there is actually a master class strategy that works and it is not all about softwares because there is no software, calculator or robot that can predict the market. if you are really interested contact me via [email protected]
SOUNDS (3 months ago)
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Puta Merde (3 months ago)
A pole?
Youtube Video Ranker (3 months ago)
Well done. You are #6 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'how can i get rich with stocks'.I can show you what other keywords you rank for. Would you like to know?
Francis Pujols (3 months ago)
You are awesome, those are the best vids I have seen on . the internet!
Mary Alex (3 months ago)
I still don’t get it. Idk I don’t have any business background but I currently work for Walmart and when my anniversary comes around I will be able to invest and I really want to I’m just scared of losing my money. I barely make enough now
Bret Maki (3 months ago)
Scared? Basically because you know little about it and because you've not done that before. I've been investing in stocks for a few years. At the very first stage, chances are that you'll feel skeptical about the whole thing. Trusts seems to be an issue. But you have to know that nothing would change for good if you don't make the right move. You get the best of what you want when you meet the right guys. What do you wanna invest in?
Chanel Vibes (3 months ago)
How do I invest tho
Bret Maki (3 months ago)
You gotta first decide what you wanna invest in, meet genuine guys that'd would help put you through. Set your financial goals and pursue them. I invest in stocks. I trade stocks. You wanna have look at stocks, too?
Karma Fairy (3 months ago)
The way you pronounce Apple makes me go huh wtf?!
Алексей (3 months ago)
Gotta notice the accent: you’re just chewing the words.. so hard to understand for a non-native speaker like myself
NATASHA SOMMER (3 months ago)
Rozizah Ab. Karim (3 months ago)
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Ryan Ryan (4 months ago)
This is it. This is the end. The way that you say Apple will open the tombs of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
BIG6BOXING (4 months ago)
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1NV4DR (4 months ago)
I will not share this with my friends thank you very much. While my friends are going to festivals and going broke buying designers, I’ll be saving every dollar I can get and continue learning on investments. Everyone else here should do the same
Anthony (4 months ago)
1NV4DR what a terrible friend you are. One eats we all eat
Brysonian10 (4 months ago)
The Urban Nerd (4 months ago)
I live in one of the poorest places in America and I want to learn how to make money with little. I don't want to live a minimum wage life style and would like to make money so I can put myself through college. I hope this works.
Sam Hernandez (3 months ago)
The Urban Nerd if you want to make money with minimal capital, I wouldn’t advise trading stocks. Sure, you’ll make money, but the amount of commission you’ll pay PER trade can vary and eat your account more than you’ll make. You’ll have to make more just to break even. You also have to hold over a day because most brokerages only allow 3 day trades unless you have at least $20,000 in your account to be a pattern trader. I would advise looking into forex. With a minimum of $1000 in my account, I can get out $100 a day from 8 am to 12 pm MT. If you’re interested, I can show you a few things
Jaqen H’ghar (4 months ago)
Your pronunciation of ‘apple’ is fucking hilarious
Matt Sterling (4 months ago)
-Avraging- ❌ Averaging ✅
GCSE Made Easy (4 months ago)
When I invest my first money (like 20 pounds), im gonna use logic. Apple is a successful company. Their big WWDC event is in september, when they then release their new iphones, ipads and macs. So, buy apple stocks at september- and you should get lots more money back after the release of new products. Am i right?
Anthony (4 months ago)
Not as easy as it seems
Thomas Peterson (4 months ago)
Rhys Marjoram Have you heard about Mr Martin dale trades, I recommend you contact him he's one of the best traders out there. Email [email protected]
Ricky Cruz (4 months ago)
Honestly thanks man, I always see people saying like I’ll show but pay 20 month but you actually said your knowledge
thrillsbreh (4 months ago)
RJ Castillo (5 months ago)
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Don't think Phil Town approves
timothy mcguire (5 months ago)
Clear and concise ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Tsar Peter I (5 months ago)
I’m going to practice in commercial real estate first
Jason Arias (5 months ago)
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Zeni (5 months ago)
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Jervon Parham (5 months ago)
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Jimmy Ramos (6 months ago)
Change cash investment to Gold.
Jimmy Ramos (6 months ago)
Invest GOLD for the future generations.
Jimmy Ramos (6 months ago)
Partnerships Investment is the solution of our economic crashes now a days.
Oliver Sollien (6 months ago)
I’ve been Looking everywhere to find a video like this! Thank you so much, just did my first ever investment, 80 dollars:)
SacTown Cam (6 months ago)
Follow me on Instagram amd lets learn to trade together @New2Stocks
Khalid Ali (6 months ago)
You sound like you could be good at investing! But i feel like youre not investing... can you tell me more about your investing history?
Phobz (6 months ago)
I’m 16 and want to get into investing. Where do i start?
Jeanhcarlos • (6 months ago)
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Andre Patatanyan (6 months ago)
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JoTokutora (6 months ago)
Lol, Warren Buffet is not even close to be the richest man, not even Bezos. The Bauer Family is the richest with trillions in wealth as they have ownership of many central banks. You might have heard that now the Bauer are known as the Rothschild!
JoTokutora (5 months ago)
Not all Rothschild are equal in their wealth. Some members Alone have wealth in the Trillions. Think about this, one member alone, basically owns England since 1814.
IHasDonuts (6 months ago)
But that is family's fortune whereas we are talking about individual's net worth.
Harsh K (6 months ago)
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Engin Deniz Ucgun (6 months ago)
can anyone please tell me or send me a link that shows how to invest money on stock markets like a tutorial?
Jack Hand (5 months ago)
There's a lot to learn still. But this is a cheap way to get yourself a dog in the fight. Do extra research on whoever's stock you want to buy
Jack Hand (5 months ago)
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Erika Beach (6 months ago)
Is the video asserting to only invest if a company pays dividends?
Richard Neal (6 months ago)
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Aldrich Byron (7 months ago)
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Aldrich Byron (7 months ago)
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Kenneth Thomas (7 months ago)
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Tumi Minutes (7 months ago)
Fantastic video! Very well explained and great sketches
Greenball Science (7 months ago)
Warren Buffett is not the richest person on the planet
Nuly Kang (7 months ago)
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Yza Sumile (7 months ago)
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Money Education (7 months ago)
I really liked the explanations of asset glasses. The animations make it interesting to follow. What do you use for the animations?
Sam roberts (7 months ago)
Warren buffet the richest man on the planet? lol
Mayur Rane (7 months ago)
I have put well my dad actually has put his money in diversified funds
pablo marcano (7 months ago)
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Theshan Mahanama (7 months ago)
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1 23 (7 months ago)
Tai Lopez Investing Course 👌🏻 😆 http://www.tailopez.com/flow.php?lp=FS-2596&aff=2668905
Vivek Sharma (7 months ago)
grant turner (7 months ago)
Is any apps which allow you to buy stock in the market and companies?
SomeWhuteGuyDraws TM (7 months ago)
Look the short vids that tell you everything you need to know instead of the ones that are 30 min long only because they drag it out
Micah Buzan (7 months ago)
Your videos are really easy to understand, especially with those nice animations!
Micah Buzan it was well made :)
Halim Chua (7 months ago)
Good and informative thank you 😅
Ezra Libertino (8 months ago)
0:00 what's the title of the song
Norlyn Manabat (8 months ago)
Great video. We should all be wiser and invest smarter. Right? 👍🏻
ThihaKing King (8 months ago)
Lazer7123 (8 months ago)
Not the richest man in the world
FunFunFunFun FunFun (8 months ago)
4:26 Who drew this i have seen these characters elsewhere
Carlos Quiroz (8 months ago)
Took this advice now I am a millionaire. Watch out Warren Buffet.
Vault Von (8 months ago)
or you can be a successful day trader.
GunP01nT510 (8 months ago)
I’ve watched the video for a minute and a half and so much he has said is wrong. I would recommend you not listen to this video. He says things warren buffet has said to stay away from.
Český Hráč (8 months ago)
Just as many stories of misfortune... are you seriously kidding me? Do you have any idea how many people have to lose in order to make somebody a bilionaire?

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