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How To Read Stock Charts

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A-Z Guide on Reading Stock Charts http://bit.ly/WHStockCharts Understanding how to read stock charts as a beginner is one of the most basic functions of a stock market investor. You will never make money if you can’t learn to recognize when is a good time to buy and a good time to sell stocks in companies. There are a few important concepts to know as well as a few particularly easy stock patterns to keep an eye out for in the charts. This video discusses price channels, support and resistance, and head and shoulders patterns. You will see these patterns appear on stock charts dozens of times a day throughout different markets and with different companies stocks. The video also explains how to read candlestick charts, one of the most useful ways to view a chart today. The candlestick charts are packed full of data that can help a beginning stock trader understand what they need to do in order to make the best investing decisions possible.
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Brandon Fanton (4 hours ago)
Thanks again man for this helpful video finally someone who can speak clearly !!
לאון אשורוב (16 days ago)
Thank u my friend
Trey Gibson (17 days ago)
Great video!!! Easy to learn
Denise (22 days ago)
Very helpful. I have been trying to understand stocks for a while. Hopefully after seeing this video I can start to identify certain trends.
Charles Dale (23 days ago)
Nice video!
zi m (1 month ago)
that cha-cha transition sound is genius, makes this stock tutorial less boring.
Edward Perez (1 month ago)
This literally helped a lot. Thank you
Anthony Carbonaro (1 month ago)
Very excellent. Could you discuss Fibonacci retracement ?
Ram (1 month ago)
3:23 oh shit why didn’t I think of that
kumar sena (2 months ago)
No cursor on screen. Did not know what you were telling in candlestick. fix it .
Carlos Mercado (2 months ago)
Yoooooo im going to be a millionaire now
Denise (22 days ago)
Have you tried this stock method?
timmy 900 (2 months ago)
Good video
frank simba (2 months ago)
This is awesome even though im a physics major
KING MIKO (3 months ago)
Great video! Thanks for actually making a video about how to understand the stock market. Unlike those people who want to sell you this information and keep yelling at on ads lol
Filippo Rindi (3 months ago)
thanx dawg
Munchie (3 months ago)
Great video . Sub
Sanook - (3 months ago)
Short video but get to the point! Thank you! 🙏
Kaustav Chowdhury (3 months ago)
Good video brother. Thank you. I learned a lot
Wallach Ochart (3 months ago)
This was helpful. Thank you!
manliest manchild alive (3 months ago)
does this work with runescape item prices
Mika Osola (3 months ago)
Great video; very clear and well explained, thanks
Robert valdez (4 months ago)
You earned a New Subscriber Mann This Was So useful Thanks My Gee 😜🤙🏼
Bret Maki (3 months ago)
You trading already? What platform you using and what's the commission charge?
Daniel Kueh (4 months ago)
This is very helpful. Thank you!
King (4 months ago)
I'm impressed on how much info I gained from this video
Jonathan Diaz (4 months ago)
Tbt to that apple stock price 😩
BigRidge (4 months ago)
This video just helped you earn my subscription. Looking forward to the rest of your videos
TheSushiandme (4 months ago)
... I didn't learn anything... This is common sense. :(
Coco White (4 months ago)
so good
Michael Ward Photography (5 months ago)
Thanks, great explanation!
Robin Duong Music (5 months ago)
Does it make sense for the average investor to follow these patterns and to buy low, sell high? There's trends, for sure, but how good are we at predicting them? Is it better to buy and hold for a longer period of time (3+ years)?
Riley Coleman (5 months ago)
It is generally a lot easier to buy and hold for longer periods because generally the stock market goes up over time so it makes it easy to make money. But trends work on larger time frames too. All these patterns play out over the years as well. So you technically could use them for longer term holds on stocks like 3days +
Jimmy Vu (5 months ago)
What if you hold onto a stock long term? What would the returns look like? Thank you!
Riley Coleman (5 months ago)
On average the Sp500 returns 7% a year but ofc depending on if you hold the sp500 or one stock you could get wildly different returns. The stock market on average always goes up but you can pick stocks that go down so sometimes its harder to just pick stocks instead of buying into the stock market as a whole.
Luís GM (5 months ago)
Thanks for the nice video! However, I'm thinking about 2 main things:1) If we are following a certain stock trend, let us say the channel one, and we buy low, it's then impossible to predict if the channel will brake at that exactly low? If so,,is it possible to combine other chart methods with the channel one, to predict where will the channel brake? 2) Are some methods more suitable to the short term trade and others for the medium/long term, or we may use them in whatever time scale?
Riley Coleman (5 months ago)
You don't know the channel is going to hold but its more likely spot for the stock the bottom then picking a random spot to buy. Also if you are buying at the bottom of the channel the amount you are going to potentially lose is small because you would close your position if it breaks the channel generating you a small loss. But if the channel holds and it goes back up to the top of the channel you will have a big winner. So small losses and big wins.
Sunny shah (5 months ago)
Thank You for the free help.
Sade' Hawkins (5 months ago)
Thank you so much! I’m just starting to learn and teach my self . This was so simple and awesome !
joe argen (6 months ago)
Thank you Donald Trump :) .
Hector Huerta (6 months ago)
Gabriel Amodeo (6 months ago)
Very useful information and none of the Ferrari Lamborghini retarded millennial showoff trying to sell you a course. Thanks
Trevor Peppmuller (6 months ago)
Does a solid color vs "empty" or "hollow" candle stick denote anything?
Ely Bendavid (6 months ago)
Thank you so much. I’m still in highschool and as soon as I turn 18 I will start trading. This helped me out a lot 😁
Nad Store (6 months ago)
From Quit Your 9-5 😉 i see your are doing well Spencer
Lars Mittelstädt (6 months ago)
j kelz (7 months ago)
Lee A (7 months ago)
very informative. Thank you for the knowledge!
TheKasoy90 (7 months ago)
When you realize that the apple stock has doubled
Snork Town (7 months ago)
thank you exactly what i was looking for
My names Reiss (7 months ago)
This was so helpful cause I’ve just made a business called essential.hype on Instagram as I’m the middle of website but we are looking to understand the stock markets
Rick Willey (8 months ago)
Omg! So much clicked for me watching this! Thank you!!
Reptard (8 months ago)
This is an amazing video, it’s helped me so much!!
Lovely Lady Lynn (8 months ago)
Very helpful! Thank you soo much 😊
Cory Bryant (9 months ago)
Amazing video thank you for taking the time to do this. I was lost but very helpful still lost but a more hopeful lol
Emil Rigstad (9 months ago)
I really want to take a course or anything likewise on stocks. Any recommendations?
Odoy Ku (2 months ago)
I really thought the blended model strategy was just another hype, but after two weeks trying thees method on my trade by Dmitry vladislav, i can finally brag that i use one of the best trend following strategy in history. i learnt these method without stress so i recommend it to every trader.
Rav Singh (9 months ago)
Great video. Thanks for sharing.
Derek Fisher (9 months ago)
Im sorry but the candlestick part was a little hard to follow. Wouldve been better if the cursor moved along with you over the part you were speaking about. How can you read the price of stock at the opening bell and differentiate that from the price at the closing bell by just looking at a vertical bar??
infernocombustion (9 months ago)
Derek Fisher il try and answer it, if its a red candle, the price started at the top and ended at the bottom of that stick. If it was green it starts at the bottom and ends at the top
Daniel Paprocki (10 months ago)
I like the moment when he says "you can have easy gains" 😉😄🤣
havel twink (11 months ago)
Looks like when a stock goes up down up down up down very sharply people are just short selling over n over... Correct me if I'm wrong
Sarah Alasiri (11 months ago)
This is short but very informative, thank you!
Joshua Regan (11 months ago)
Lol is the first one Apple???
Kind Kd (1 year ago)
Pointer/Mouse cursor is nowhere to be found?
Emily Newman (1 year ago)
so informative! perfect for swing traders
R. J. (1 year ago)
Where did the pointer go to on the candlestick chart?
Odoy Ku (2 months ago)
I really thought the blended model strategy was just another hype, but after two weeks trying these method on my trade by Dmitry vladislav, i can finally brag that i use one of the best trend following strategy in history. i learnt these method without stress.
Danny Melton (11 months ago)
yeah i was trying to follow along,
Black Asphire (1 year ago)
Wealth Hacks it freezes on scree. while you’re taking the pointer on the screen doesn’t move.
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Sokovian Code (1 year ago)
Very Useful!
Mason Mackall (1 year ago)
Why is this pattern for LCI so clear and easy to see? Why has it not been exposed and normalized?
StockOnADime (1 year ago)
Great tips
jricherts99 (1 year ago)
Ash Dolo Depth (1 year ago)
OkWill (1 year ago)
yah lost me at the candlestick part
Sheldon Pillay (1 year ago)
What an amazing video, thank you !!!
Abdul (1 year ago)
5 stars
Mimic Memes (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video helped a lot, now I have a question for literally anyone who knows this please. So i'm turning 18 in like a month and I have an app on my phone that lets me trade on the stock. Now I'm just starting out so I'm not looking for anything serious I just wanna learn the way around it so I wanna do kind of short term stuff and I'm just curious if that's even possible? All the videos and stuff I've learned are talking about 5-20 year plans of stocks and I understand that's mostly what this is but I'm wondering if there's graphs that show things hourly and if I can do things that way? I know I won't make as much money and that's not really what I'm concerned with at the moment, but can I do this and whats the range of money I'll be looking at. Will I only be making a few dollars a day or even just a few cents? Or is this just non realistic?
Tasheria Mason (1 year ago)
But isn't bitcoin a risky investment said to fail? Please enlighten with your experience im just hearing about bitcoin and don't know much about it which is why i want to hear others experience with it..
Ben Musick (1 year ago)
Mimic Memes Look into crypto currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. I put $100 into Bitcoin when it went way down, then a couple days later it shot back up and my $100 was then worth $130. Same thing for Ethereum, I put in $30 when it was pretty low, and a week later it’s now worth $38.
dan marshall (1 year ago)
Stock charts. Com, have something called gallery view. Can you make a video on how to use it? Tks
Arif Noorani (1 year ago)
Audrey Long (1 year ago)
Recommended to me by(FB) Khanasu Amun Min Rayay
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Joey KaBoom (1 year ago)
can you recommend any free charts?
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
free charts? Can you expound on that?
konfidential1911 (1 year ago)
Great video. Very helpful for noobs
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Abhishek Parida (1 year ago)
wow man!!! made it soo easy..do more videos like this with actual examples..that would be great
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Starting to get back into it now!
black hands (1 year ago)
AMD processors... I'm guessing
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Hmmm.;...can't remember haha
Jumpshot money (1 year ago)
is this Jay Z talking?
Jason Hardwick (1 year ago)
That was super simple, informative, to the point, and inspiring enough to get one started!
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Jovan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I can't believe there are such things as patterns. This makes things ten times easier to understand. So the purpose of identifying patterns is to figure out when should a trader get in or out of a trade right? My big question is why do stocks fall at a certain point and then go back up again? For example, Apple's stock price went down to 285 and then it went to 300, then back down to 285, and went back up. How come it does not go past 285 when things are going bad?
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Because everyone that is watching the pattaern starts to buy at 285, and all the buy orders drive the price up (supply and demand)
D H (1 year ago)
Rez (1 year ago)
I've seen some video's over complicate this information.This guy did a great job at simplifying this information and making it easy to understand.
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Thanks Rez :)
brad h (1 year ago)
I am new to trading, but so far, I don't trust channels. As far as I can tell, there is no way to tell when they will end. Concerning support and resistance, it's the same thing. They can go away as soon as they are identifiable. These things are like tornadoes.
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Very true :) The thing is you only have to be right about 60% of the time to make money.
joelrabalais (1 year ago)
how is a stock split represented in these charts?
Buildapreneur (1 year ago)
Most of the time it will do all the math for you and you will see no change in the chart. For example if the stock split in half, so there was twice as much stock, the price would automatically be adjusted for splits. So the price previous to the split would be cut in half to show the price the shares would have been if there were as many shares as there were today.
Drewb (1 year ago)
Your voice sounds like a rick and morty short. Love it
GBE Smokes (9 months ago)
Wealth Hacks sounds like fake door guy
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Thanks? haha
perfect video
Bad Raccoon (1 year ago)
very helpful. thanks.
Harz Delf (2 years ago)
Try MarketXLS
AbsoluteUnit (2 years ago)
Very helpful, no fluff👍🏼 thank you!
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
You're welcome!
Luigi Galvani (2 years ago)
thanks mate !
mee mit cheam (2 years ago)
Very helpful and extremely easy to understand..THANK YOU
Ado (2 years ago)
Great video and clear explanations!
Cyclone Ton (1 year ago)
Sausage and gravy
Davey Smeets (2 years ago)
subscribed, thanks for the information. finally someone who explained it with easy words :p
Anthony Thornhill (2 years ago)
Please add more content.
Anthony Thornhill (2 years ago)
Great post!
Mr Rosner (2 years ago)
Amazing video!!
Daniel afg (2 years ago)
SOme noob questions. How often do the prices change during a day. So buy them as cheap as possible with the hope that they shoot up, and sell them as high before they drop? is this the name of the game? IM playing a stock simmulator game and it moves very slow...
Wealth Hacks (2 years ago)
Hey Daniel, you have exactly the right idea. The price changes thousands of times a day. So some people will buy and sell within just a few minutes, pocketing a smaller profit, while others will buy and hold for years and pocket a larger profit. We post new videos monthly so feel free to subscribe :)
D Bask (2 years ago)
the best part of this video is when u switch to another video. i do the cha cha every time it switches to another video, and i dont even know how to do the cha cha 😂😂😂
Charmain Nordyke (2 years ago)
this was extremely helpful, Thanks
Wealth Hacks (1 year ago)
Jung Liebold (2 years ago)
I have tried so many different paths to make good money on stocks and this time I will try your method :)
Denise (22 days ago)
Did you try this method and did it work for you? I just found this video and am wanting to try something.
Loan Kiser (2 years ago)
Good one, helpful

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