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Is Gender a Social Construct? in 7 Minutes

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Gender is a very touchy subject these days - whether you believe it's a social construct or you don't. Both sides of the argument seem to overlook evidence on the opposing view. In this short video I'll go over some of the main arguments and evidence that both support the idea of gender as a social construct and refute it. Subscribe To My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFWz1e3VXKOoJ-E5cep1Eg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thought.Monkey.Community Music: Phoniks - No Stress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf6p4Inmlm8 Summary: In recent years many social scientists have begun to believe that gender identity is not a stable and fixed trait. They argue that it is socially constructed and can vary over time. Some have even argued that there are more than two genders and have created additional classifications by using terms such as cis-gender, transgender, gender queer, non-binary, gender fluid, agender, etc. Anyways, the two competing ideas about whether gender is a social construct come from the familiar nature vs. nurture debate. In other words, is it our environment that makes us who we are or our biology? Those who say gender is a social construct often argue the following: 1. There are differences in gender norms in different cultures. For example there are subcultures in India that identify three genders. And in Chile some believe you must channel another gender to accomplish certain tasks. The list goes on. According to the academics Candace West and Don Zimmerman gender is “an emergent feature of social situations: both as an outcome of and a rationale for various social arrangements, and as a means of legitimating one of the most fundamental divisions of society" (West & Zimmerman, 1977, p. 126). By the way I looked up Candace West on Rate My Professor and she only got a 2.1 out of 5. Would you eat at a restaurant that got such a low Yelp score? I don’t think so. Old Donny didn’t do much better. 2. Language forms our reality. The words man and woman are simply words to describe certain phenomena, but don’t describe every option or experience of all people in our culture. Phrases like “be a man” or “boys don’t cry” are used to pressure boys into conforming to traditional masculine gender roles while “run like a girl” and other women-centered phrases pressure girls into behaving in a way that is considered traditionally feminine. Others say that gender is a feature of nature, not nurture. They say: 1. Being exposed to testosterone and estrogen will make the way we behave inherently different. For example, there are studies that show male babies and female babies behave differently given different stimulus. Male babies tend to stare longer at mechanic objects while female babies tend to stare longer at faces which may explain why women and men tend to find themselves in different career paths –men often gravitate toward science and engineering while women toward health care and education. 2. The reason some women and men identify as a gender opposite of their sex is because sometimes nature has hiccups. For example some female fetuses are exposed to large quantities of male hormones and develop Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia – a fancy term for a disease that may alter the sex organs of people. Also, there are members of the trans-community that believe gender is biological. Some transwomen have stated that while they were brought into this world as men, from the get go they felt biologically that they were women, and thus behaved as a woman. Their argument is that if gender was socially constructed, then as a boy who felt like a girl they would have been socially pressured into feeling like boys. However, despite being socially pressured into feeling like boys these transgender women have always felt like women despite their sex being male. 3. A boy named David Reimar whose circumcision went horribly wrong, was given sex reassignment surgery as a 22 month year old and was raised as a girl named Brenda. Brenda was given girl toys, but always seemed to gravitate toward more traditionally boy toys. Eventually as a teenager she expressed her suicidal thoughts to her parents, and her father told her what had happened. Despite the female hormones and socialized pressures to be a girl, Brenda identified as a male and changed her name back to David when she was 14. Years later David started treatment to reverse the reassignment given to him as a 22 month year old and married a woman. Unfortunately years later after battling with a failed marriage and depression, at 38 years old he killed himself. This shows that despite the social pressures of David’s parents and doctors to identify as a girl – he still felt like a boy.
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PutHiminACoffin (2 days ago)
You said you won’t listen to what she’s saying because of bad scores on rate my professor. You know the harder teachers are often down voted. I had to stop viewing after that because it proves you can’t understand statistics.
Gus Perez (4 days ago)
Fuck your specturn science has proved it time and time again, men and women are facts anything else is a mutation. Any weak ass 100 Lb man has more muscle then any 100 Lb women.
sloughWaya (4 days ago)
I identify as a plum because my mom is a plum and my dad is a plum. But my dad got bored so he switched from a plum to an orange by the process of regulated meiosis.
Fadil Riyanto (5 days ago)
Who cares about fucking gender?
Marn A (6 days ago)
Your gender is a biological fact. Not a social construct.
snowwhitewitch (7 days ago)
Gender doesn't exist at all.
In 2 We Believe (8 days ago)
This is the best video I've seen on the topic. Long story short, no one can decide on a word, or words, to describe the things they're talking about, so there's a lot of confusion. Some people say gender when they really mean gender roles, and some people say gender when they really mean sex, and any possible mismash of words associated with this subject.
Green blue (8 days ago)
Better would be sausage or sliced salami
Basileus Radwan (9 days ago)
6:30 - Are you serious? New words are added to different languages every year *because of their necessity and popular use.* It's the structure and pronunciation that does get simplified, but NOT the vocabulary. Compare how many nouns that end with "-ism" we have and use today with what the English language had 100-200 years ago. The same can be applied to many languages, usually people see the necessity to invent new words to fit their new everyday life. I'm not saying that this should be the case with gender. I'm just pointing out that this is a false claim.
Agent Hollands (9 days ago)
I remember being a kid and having deep philosophical discussion on the idea of gender and biology as I ate my pb&j
Cameron Caws (9 days ago)
If gender is a social construct then it shouldnt exist at all. If gender is what you feel you are and not biological then why even make gender a thing. Just act whatever way you want to regardless of your sex. Just because you dont fit societies idea of what a man or woman should be doesnt mean your not one. We dont need to label different genders based on how someone feels. If your a man but feel very feminine at times. Great you dont need to make up a gender to describe that.
Bust down thotatiana (9 days ago)
I think there are TWO sexes, but three genders. Male, female and non-binary.
Emergency Bearcedures (10 days ago)
Can I identify as a mutha fucka , now bring me all your moms .
American Fuel TV (10 days ago)
When radicals say that gender is a social construct, what they're really saying is, 'Anything we don't like is a social construct.' After all, if 'gender' is a social construct, then 'transgenderism' is a social construct. RIGHT???
Owneador1337 (11 days ago)
After this video, I think we can all agree that circumcision is barbaric mutilation, and that America has been taken over by jews.
Kodiak (12 days ago)
Its 2019 I thought by now we would have free energy and flying cars. Instead we're asking if gender is real. Humans are regressing. Time to head back to the cave.
AfterEightShave (14 days ago)
Its not that hard. What is the purpose of love? So humans have the urge to have sex. What is the purpose of sex? So humans dont go extinct. Thats why theres two types of people: men and women.  We dont like to think about it that way, because then we would be just like animals and that doesn't fit into the picture our ego has of us. Humans love so humans have sex so humans dont go extinct. Everything else is a social construct to make us feel special.  And thats fine, just dont try and act like nature didnt design more then one gender, because the only combination of people thats capable of producing life is a man and a woman.
TheKMA (15 days ago)
I identify as a God puny humans!
Jaqen H`ghar (16 days ago)
Was gender a social construct (sic) back when we were cavemen ?.....No....it`s just an excuse to place blame that the Snowflake brigade loves to do.
LonelyHeartsClub (16 days ago)
Rack Jussian (18 days ago)
False. Sex is biological, genders/gender roles aren’t real. It’s just 3 things. 1. Do I feel more traditionally feminine or masculine (this is the social construct part, many get this confused with gender) 2. What are my chromosomes? XX= female, XY=male, anything else=abnormality/outlier 3. Physical traits (sex organs) dick/balls/prostate etc.= male, vagina/tits/uterus etc.= female Now, 2. And 3. Should be joined together to determine someone’s sex, so if you’re born xx and have female sex organs, you’re a female PERIOD DONE DEAL. Can’t switch “gender” , it’s just whether or not you’re more masculine or feminine, not what gender you identify as. And likewise is you’re born with XY and have male sex organs, you’re a male and always will be. Again, you can be a more feminine or masculine man, but you’re always a man. HOWEVER there may be outliers/abnormalities and that’s where I would classify everything in between. So if you’re born with XX yet have male sex organs, you’re intersex and that’s that. Same with any other chromosome/physical trait pattern that don’t fit the 2 I listed above (xx with female sex organs makes you female; and xy with male sex organs makes you male). also if you’re biologically a male but you got your dick/balls cut off or you’re in fertile or you’re a female who can’t give birth or doesn’t have tits etc. that doesn’t change anything, it just means you’re an outlier as well but you’re still either a male or female or intersex. That’s all. In that case it just matters what you were born with.
Answer is no. Overly sexualized culture, yes "maybe".
jon snow (20 days ago)
mental illness is wide spread
Butter_NUT (22 days ago)
Such cruelty that that young boy had to endure... being called Brenda like that.
ex_culture (22 days ago)
Your argument against gender categorizations on the basis of language simplification doesn't really hold much weight when you consider that multiple gender categorizations have existed among the Bughis people of Indonesia, the Muxe of Oaxaca in Mexico and various Native American tribes. This negates your argument that language (especially in regards to gender) simplifies over time. You are appealing to consequences because you are affirming that people are unwilling to learn terminology for new gender categories, which doesn't account for the fact at (a) these terms are descriptive, not prescriptive terms of gender and don't necessarily denote static categories unlike race, and (b) are already common parlance among the LGBT+ community. Stating that people are unwilling to assimilate these terms into their vocabulary doesn't regard the fact that English (like other languages) is an ever evolving and morphing phenomenon. Even if it were to be the case that these terms will never reach common parlance among the general population, the fact they are used by a specific demographic of people does not negate their validity as a linguistic phenomena.
Jon Snow (22 days ago)
Truth is now hate speech.
עמנואל עוזר (22 days ago)
Man are not the strong gender by social concept, man are the strong gender by biological facts
Ian Martin (23 days ago)
I followed you up until your conclusion. The consequences that would result from "agreeing to disagree" or just trying to get along would be significant. Especially the precedent set by standing aside and letting people legislate things based on no more than feelings. If people disagree on sonething, you've identified a point of contention that needs attention. Now don't stop until it's right!
Lil Leslie (23 days ago)
Men and women naturally have physical characteristics that make each other different for certain tasks. For instance, women have breasts that produce milk making them better interpersonal care givers for offspring, and men are bigger and stronger making it more suitable for them to be able to protect their family against predators. It would make sense that these profound and natural physically characteristics also come along with psychological, mental and behavioral attributes as well.
Azraile Kiras (23 days ago)
Lets all be hermaphrodites.
patriotic conservative (24 days ago)
Lobsters and monkeys seem to have a better understanding of how gender works than some humans.
Necdet Bülbül (24 days ago)
There are only 2 genders. Period.
M Sagri (25 days ago)
It’s not
Gaartes (27 days ago)
I'm SO glad how he ended the video: "can we all just get along" YES!!! we should all respect eachother and move on with our own lives, and let being identify themselves the way it makes them happier.
linus eisele (26 days ago)
how many genders do you Think there is?
Serik4538 (1 month ago)
I don't get it, why David parents changed his gender???
Majidah (1 month ago)
Is gender a social construct? in one word: No.
linus eisele (26 days ago)
define the Word social construct pls.
Jamey Oneil (1 month ago)
Change my mind! https://thereareonlytwogenders.com/
Batman (1 month ago)
I find your sister dumb, how does that even work? I really don't want it to change, will make things more complicated. Nobody, wants gays or lesbian but there just there. Transgenders, don't get me started.... Edit: Lets just leave it as male or female.
jeice13 (1 month ago)
Male and female are useful to tell people what physical body they are looking for. "Gender" as an identity is only a useful descriptor if it is used to describe a stereotype people conform to. What else could it possibly convey if it is unrelated to your physical body?
Keith Rogers (1 month ago)
Watch this video and see where this gender crap is getting us (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVNnnR8i1Ko)
Mathijs Devolder (1 month ago)
I identify as a Bluetooth speaker
Moon Knight (1 month ago)
do you scream _BLUETOOTH MODE_ ?
SylkaChan (1 month ago)
Individual differences often overweigh gender; unfortunately they are zillions of times more masculine women than feminine men among whites
Bub 74265 (1 month ago)
I don't understand what you're trying to say?
French dude (1 month ago)
2 genders debate me
Stefany Villanueva (1 month ago)
zoorrosssssssssssssssss vayan a zorrear al robert leterneau con vikinga rosa del topico xddd
Stefany Villanueva (1 month ago)
oe solo existe mujer y hombreeeeeee zorros
Dakota Miller (1 month ago)
Short answer no long answer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1OKCTH5BnI&persist_app=1&app=m
Gtx 1080 Ti (1 month ago)
I am now a Glock 17 and im opressed by anti-gun people
poetsoul5 (1 month ago)
There are only two genders male & female period. It's no arguement
Tas (1 month ago)
Can anyone explain me why transgender is not a 3rd gender? PLEASE USE EASY WORDS lol
Pro tip about the "Nature vs Nurture debate" from a behavioural biology/genetics perspective from actual data: THERE IS NONE. Both nature and nurture are responsible for ALL genetic factors. It's called heritability. And yes, ALL social constructs are the result of them too.
Paraplegic octopus (1 month ago)
'Social construct' would be a great name for a Tetris-esque SJW video game where they used the various body parts of cis white males to build walls etc.
Chris M (1 month ago)
Dumbocraps *think* it is, but its not. You can be a *feminine* male, but that doesn't make you a woman. You can be a *masculine* female, but that doesn't make you a man. You CANT switch genders. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong.
Justin Harris (1 month ago)
Science says there are two brain “genders.” A “male” brain or “female” brain. Gender is NOT a social construct. Men and women are not equal, but different. 1=/=2 Is 1 or 2 a better number? No. They are just different.
J Carter (1 month ago)
Gender used to be used to classify infants. It was switched to 'sex' due to the social sciences pressuring the hospitals. Though, some hospitals do still use gender. The first bout was to use gender to classify the chromosome, and sex to classify the genitalia. This was due to (the insanely rare) hermaphroditism. The next and final blow was to eradicate the usage altogether to attempt to normalize gender bending (first discovered in anthropological studies where our gender STEREOTYPES were found to be reversed in some cultures and species). Gender, genitalia, generate, genesis; GEN: creation or procreation. Gender was and STILL IS with regard to your genitalia, of which functions to procreate. The way you look, dress or act will NEVER change your gender. I will not indulge someone's fantasy play; I'm an adult. Fun fact, in birds, the male is homogametic (ZZ) and actually takes on the role of nurturing and caregiving more often, rather than being the provider. The Z chromosome is also much larger than the W just like our X chromosome. Whether one is homo or heterogametic is often a determinant, in all of nature, to what their strength in the family or community will be. Point being, gender is very much so something biological, is not fluid, and can not be changed. We can attempt to fight nature in society, but it will not yield holistic happiness.
Kheldaurus (1 month ago)
There are only two genders. Of course you can identify as a toaster oven, but it doesn't make you one.
William Baric (1 month ago)
No, the word gender was never created as a way to differentiate between biological sex versus the psychological, social, cultural and behavioral characteristics associated with being female or male." Here's the definition of the word "gender" according to my 1994 Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary : _n 1 : Sex 2 any of the two or more classes of words (as nouns or pronouns" or of forms of words (as adjectives) that are usually partly based on sex and that determines agreement with other words of grammatical forms [Middle French genre, gendre, from Latin gener-, genus "birth, race, kind, gender"]_ Now here's the definition of the word "gender" according to my 1986 "Collins Concise Dictionary Of The English Language : _n 1. a set of two or more grammatical categories into which the nouns of certain languages are divided. 2. any of the categories, such as masculine, feminine, neuter or common, within such a set. 3. informal : the state of being male, female, or neuter. 4. informal : all the members of one sex: the female gender [C14: < OF, < L genus kind]_ This idea that gender means some kind of "psychological, social, cultural and behavioral characteristics" is a creation of the feminists in order to push for their political agenda. Their goal is to make people believe their idea of "gender" is something real by convincing people it was always part of the English language. That's why they redefine the word "gender" instead of creating a new word.
Andrea Gallant (1 month ago)
Gender is not a social construct. And in my views, neither are stereotypes. Women are naturally more emotional, and men are naturally stronger than women because of testosterone levels. Since the beginning of time gender roles have had a huge impact on society. Women are naturally more emotionally conected and creative, while men are naturally more strategically motivated and strong. Thus, women are more likely to choose jobs they enjoy over jobs that pay more.
James Clarke (1 month ago)
Very well discussed - thanks!
Roberto Garcia (1 month ago)
spoiler: no
Water green (1 month ago)
Soo is it against trans people or no? I don't have much opinion on if a gender is a social construct or no but. What is the big deal? Why is there so much arguing?
Bub 74265 (1 month ago)
No, not really; at least in my opinion.
Nout van der Hidde (1 month ago)
I think the labels can be useful to describe someone generally, but not like we use them now, mostly to create neat little boxes to cram people into.
Nout van der Hidde (1 month ago)
People don't use 'transgender' and 'cisgender' to describe someone's gender, they use them to describe someone's gender in relation to the sex they were assigned at birth. The actual genders in this situation are mostly 'male' and 'female'. People with other genders don't typically take on the labels 'transgender' and 'cisgender' in my experience.
La La (1 month ago)
SirBraixen (1 month ago)
Ever heard of this song called 'Forced Gender Reassignment'? Yeah that...
Fel IIFram (1 month ago)
"Women have less sexual partners than men" This makes no sense. Basic logic : In every heterosexual relationship, there is a man and a woman. Thus, the number of sexual partners that are male is equal to the number of sexual partners that are female. Assuming there are as many men as woman, the average number of male partners for a woman is exactly equal to that of female partners for a man... Damn it's so simple but so hard to explain it clearly x)
William Baric (1 month ago)
Based on genetic analysis, we have about twice as many female ancestors than male ancestors. The reason is because a few men have more sexual partners than the average woman, while a lot of men have less sexual partners than the average woman.
tristan wildman (1 month ago)
That's where the term hoe comes from my friend
Green Cobalt (1 month ago)
In 1 second: No.
Green Cobalt (1 month ago)
Well fuck someone also wrote that 1 year before me
Markús Böðvarsson (1 month ago)
NO IT IS NOT A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT men are stronger and faster than women, women can give birth not men see easy
Matt Cunningham (1 month ago)
No. See a man is born with a peen a woman has a vagine. That's just how it is.
Sirén (1 month ago)
Gender isn't something you can technically choose. Transgender/Transsexual people *are* the gender they identify as because they have a condition. (you can't be trans without a condition, the condition being gender dysphoria) (and because trans people *are* the gender they identify as that means they technically aren't even *identifying* as the gender they are, since they *are* that gender.) Even intersex people end up identifying as just one of them. Most people nowadays identify as "non binary" because gender roles suck. And I agree with that. (I'm a cisgender girl but I've once considered going by they/them pronouns because I hate the concept of gendered pronouns in general since I grew up in finland, and the finnish language never had gendered pronouns, so I felt a little wierd about people constantly assuming my gender on the internet even though I identified as a girl) But you are either one or the other. And until more evidence comes out that non-binary is a real thing and not just confusion, fashion or a trend, I'm sticking to there are only two genders. You're allowed to identify as whatever you want or modify your body however you want, I'm not here to police or dictate your gender identity, honestly do whatever the hell you want. I'll always call you whatever you want to be called and treat you with as much respect as I would treat anybody else but the truth is that its not technically valid. I'm probably gonna get slammed for this.
Bub 74265 (1 month ago)
I agree
MikelThe Pickle (1 month ago)
No Roll the credits
Craig Morrison (1 month ago)
Who fucking cares if someone identifies as "gender neutral". Just say "cool" respect their pronouns and move on with your life. It doesn't affect you, does it.
Nishant Chandra (1 month ago)
Rami Zureikat (1 month ago)
the west: is gender a social construct? the east: .....
DreTheThinker (1 month ago)
Biological gender and sex are not social constructs and include categorical differences between male and female. Cultural gender is a concept shaped by society and our cultural interpretations of biological gender. You cannot change your biological gender, you cannot change what you were born as. However, culturally if members of society agreed to treat you as a member of the opposite gender to which you were born it would not lead to objectively negative consequences. And by identifying culturally as one gender that is not in correspondence with your biological gender, you are not delusional so long as you acknowledge what you were born as biologically. People do not choose the preference for one gender over another anymore than they choose to like pizza or to like a certain body type. Gender identity is shaped by various biopsychosocial factors and may be difficult to change. Ultimately it is your choice as to if you will pursue being the gender you identify most with. Those with a trans identity will be noted as deviants to society as they deviate from the norms. They still deserve certain human rights...though human rights do not include being referred to as a specific pronoun. If you identify as a woman, despite being born a man, I will respect your decisions in your transition and accept you for who you are. There are assholes who will not, and they also have the freedom to say as they wish despite how you or I feel about it. So long as they do not seek to limit your freedom to be who you are, we should ignore those assholes and focus on getting out the message of peace, love, and harmony.
DreTheThinker (1 month ago)
There are only two genders. Transgender people confirm this as they identify almost always as one of the two genders that we consider its opposite. Cultural gender is a spectrum of behavior. Biological gender is a black and white dichotomy with abnormalities that make the binary difficult...intersex people. If there is a third gender, the small percentage of intersex people would be it. They were born with birth defects, and should still be respected as people despite this. They should not be forces to adhere to our gender binary, nor forced to choose. They ought to be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed when they are old enough to consider the consequences of their actions...as should any child that we would see as deviating from the norm. No child should have their genitals snipped or be given hormones.
Knowledge is Power (1 month ago)
superb (y)
ALBUMOF2008 (1 month ago)
I’m not being funny but it just sounds like ur reading from an AQA psychology A level text book LOL. Weak dull unoriginal commentary.
Dont waste seven minutes of your life watching this the awnser is no
Sarah Kemnitz (1 month ago)
30 seconds he says fun bags. I just can’t take a person seriously after that 😂
Sypher866 (1 month ago)
what the hell, gender haz nothing to do with who you are sexualy or romentically atracted to or your role in society or a couple, its just the simple fact that you a born either with a penis or a vagina, why the fuck do we have to deal with this kind of crap all the time, you wana be a man who dresses like a girl , fine you are allowed to I couldnt care less , but fun fact, phisiologically you are still a man and your body was designed to be male and not hormones or even changing your sex will change this fact, therefore at your core you are born a man and alwais will be , you dont change gender, perriode. like you cant desside to be suddently a fucking bird. you ppl are fucking creazy, get a hobby.
Führer des Benutzers (1 month ago)
Is it so difficult to say one of these?: "I like women." "I like men." "I like both men and women." "I like don't care if that person is a man or woman."
Jonas Van Caeneghem (1 month ago)
There are only 2 genders
keshav jha (1 month ago)
i am indian and the third gender you mention about is the language system which is based in sanskrit which can loosely traslate to asexual
Firstname Lastname (1 month ago)
I identify as *you* *identitiy stolen*
BoaSky (1 month ago)
I identify as a book
Dren (1 month ago)
If you are transgender I will no longer call you transgender. instead, I shall refer to you as Gender Bender
Bub 74265 (1 month ago)
I miss Futurama so fucking much
Hottest Susage (1 month ago)
Atticus Miranda (1 month ago)
Try using a de-esser on your audio. The"s"s in this video are piercing.
Grady Sanders (1 month ago)
How can something so simple, be so misconstrued. You are assigned a gender by genetics, then you are brought up, hopefully, to your assigned gender. Also hopefully you do not get sexually abused, which really fucks with a person perception of the world. If all goes into place most will be very happy with their genetic assignment. I’m not talking about homosexuality or other sexual taste and or desire.
Glade Fuller (1 month ago)
No, gender is a penis or a vagina (then runs off)
Micah Buzan (1 month ago)
The notion that gender is a social construct is itself a social construct.
May May (1 month ago)
IMO, it's a binary spectrum, not non-binary.
Ryann Piperno (1 month ago)
Ivan Diaz (1 month ago)
Help me out here. If I say I'm non binary, that implies I'm do not identify as a male or female, so what characteristics do I have that would make me non binary that a male or female doesnt have. Also if you are born a male (let's say), how do I know what it feels like to be a female. Putting dresses and make up on (things a female is deemed would do) wouldnt make me a female, wouldnt it just be a male that like to do what has been deemed a female would do. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
The Camcorder (1 month ago)
I now identify as sexual. Is that ok?
Dick Head (1 month ago)
Gender shouldn’t be a thing, there should simply be sex
TheeAdeptBranch (2 months ago)
Male vs Female is like Fox vs Falco. at a first glance, they appear almost the same with a few differences. While people believe that Fox is better, Falco is more forgiving for new players to learn. In the end it doesn't matter which character you play but how good you are at playing them.
TheeAdeptBranch (2 months ago)
This is for melee of course.
Darius NoName (2 months ago)
I honestly expected whole video just be saying "nooooooooooooooooooo". Gender is simply synonym for sex. And it takes more than simply genitalia to belong to one sex. Bone structure, brain, organs are different. You can't change your sex, doing plastic surgery to look younger does not make you younger.
Darius NoName (1 month ago)
+Busy Paprika First, everyone is saying that gender is just an identity, but when it comes to usage, it is suddenly used as a sex. Also gender is mental construct, while sex is biological. But it is already proven that we think like we do(woman tend to think emotionally and men-logically), which means that gender is based on sex. And then only few decades ago that this idea of gender and sex being different surfaced. So from what I can see, think. gender at most is a synonym, and at least is depended on sex. either way we can't separate those.
Busy Paprika (1 month ago)
Gender is not a synonym for sex..no one has ever believed that.
Captain Castro (2 months ago)
Diagram of the man has a small PP
LUCKELEO (2 months ago)
If everyone was identified as ale then saying i am attracted to humans with big titts and a hole could lead to unnecessary situations instead of saying i like women or i like women even if they were born male.

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