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15 Startup Business Ideas For The Future

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15 startup business ideas for the future with high upside and little competition. - http://selfmadesuccess.com Let's Connect! Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrJustinBryant Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/justinbryantbusiness Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+JustinBryantentrepreneur In this video, you will learn about 15 of the best startup ideas for the future. Startups in these fields could have very little competition at the moment and will be needed for the future of many industries. I'll mention ideas like space hotels, asteroid mining, meat growing, and much more. I'll also give you examples of companies trying to do these things and resources to check out. Enjoy the video! https://www.facebook.com/mrjustinbryant
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Yash Tiwari (19 hours ago)
Waste idea for a small businessman
Ramchandra Oke (10 days ago)
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Good vision
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Shawn Lin (2 months ago)
All of them are costly dear...
I'm Star Trading (2 months ago)
thank you sir
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Muhammad Taimur (3 months ago)
U r height of an idiot
Deepika Upadhyay (3 months ago)
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Emily Raelyn (3 months ago)
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Magnus Hodge (4 months ago)
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ingabire Sharihan (25 days ago)
sky cizzy (4 months ago)
Hey... Justin Great video I'm already a fan... Make a video on the opportunities in a social network Bockchain
Mita Burke (4 months ago)
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Myles Gmail (5 months ago)
"especially for consumers who aren't really able to travel to space that much right now" I love this line, pretty funny
Munish Perke (5 months ago)
I'm gonna start investing in all of them
Imranul Haque (5 months ago)
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VPR Realtor (6 months ago)
You must probably already have a truck-load of money before you can start any of these businesses :)
Anton Pogorevici (1 month ago)
so what? you could begin with a small business and extend it
GOKARAM Entertainments (4 months ago)
Your right..😁😁😁😁👍
mysterymediacorp (5 months ago)
Or have access to investors.
Techno marketer (6 months ago)
you nailed it
Cenan Fruits (6 months ago)
you are out of mind?? or you think people fucking rich and stupid.. how can you organise tour to sky.. respect time of people...
vadivel palanisamy (6 months ago)
Here these ideas 1.3D printing shops 2.Nanosatilites 3.Employee monitoring 4.Car charging stations These busniess so trendy in future
Archik S (6 months ago)
ur voice is very sharp, my ears are paining
Emma Summers (6 months ago)
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Ed ger (7 months ago)
Some of these things I never heard of. Smart
Darshan Kumar (7 months ago)
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rough rough (7 months ago)
These are all the business idea for corporate world not for small business owners lol and also it's a very highly techical fields very unrealistic
Jaime Thornton (8 months ago)
Some might sound insane now, but all of these have real application in the near future... or the long term in some cases. Liked!
Felipe Mandujano (8 months ago)
nice video thanks for sharing
Darrell Patterson (8 months ago)
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prisoneroftech (8 months ago)
Imagine the Cops flying around in Jetpacks...kind of scary because the gov will get their hands on all this tech first.
Smashbox ASMR (8 months ago)
Justin can you do another update on upcoming startup companies to invest in?
C A (8 months ago)
This is the stupidest list! Are you fucking serious? Lol
ADEBISI ADEBISI (8 months ago)
You need to startup that head game and service muh dick
Bree Gaell (8 months ago)
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Niharika Singh (8 months ago)
The ideas that you’ve mentioned are really interesting, with big potential, but the problem is the amount of money they require. Just to do R & D for these products it will take millions of dollars. Me being a noob can’t just go to a investor and say “Look I have this brilliant idea why don’t you fund it?” These are such large scale projects that only big companies can take them on. If Ford being such a huge company is having a problem competing with Tesla what makes anyone think a normal person can do it? These projects are too far fetched for normal people. Big pharmaceutical, automotive and hospitality companies are more likely to get into it leaving no space for ordinary people who have to start from scratch. That being said this is still a good video, but I was hoping it could be a little more realistic.
jinhi9005 (9 months ago)
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jasiel delgado (2 months ago)
jinhi9005 shut up loser
Kostadin Kostadinov (9 months ago)
great vid, thanks
Taavo Lippus (9 months ago)
Genetic altering has the most potential
LeRoy Young (9 months ago)
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Leangelo Kellom (9 months ago)
I don't agree with the meat growing industry lol I take in enough fake food now. I don't want to eat more fake meat
Apple Car (8 months ago)
Leangelo Kellom eh as long as it keeps you alive and doesn't have terrible side affects then what does it matter what food you're eating. I mean if they can find a way to make it nutritious and not poison to us then I might consider eating it. One day we might have no choice but to start eating that kind of stuff
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Taavo Lippus (9 months ago)
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Movie Bazar (10 months ago)
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Lily Cohen (11 months ago)
I think Justin has said right in this , my friend told me that BlockGrain's company has focus of farming sector i.e digitalising the supply chain , so I think it will be good idea for the startup..
Avi Debnath (11 months ago)
Really really inovative.
Taavo Lippus (9 months ago)
I know! Finally someone who sees the potential of genetic altering!
Fatman Sam (11 months ago)
Not bad, but the audio quality needs some improvement
Mike Nazarian (1 year ago)
we fucked the earth enough now its time to fuck space and asteroids?
Shubham Bhatia (1 year ago)
Here are the ideas - 1. 3D PRINTING shops 2. Car charging stations 3. DNA design 4. Holographic theater 5. Jet pack dealership 6. Lunar tour guides 7. Meet growing 8. Robotics 9. Space hotels 10. Nanomedics 11. Electric vehicle 12. Wind energy installation 13. Asteroid Mining 14. Nano Satellites 15. Employee Monitoring Thank me with a smile :) But it's worth watching ✌️
Bavaji s (4 months ago)
😁😁😁 thanks
Shah Aakanksha (5 months ago)
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Scroto T Baggins (1 year ago)
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Nishat (1 year ago)
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Supercyber Cow (6 months ago)
Easy, do a graphic / web design in a rocket heading for Mars ...
Taavo Lippus (9 months ago)
Nishat Ahmad what have you done with your life?
Embien (1 year ago)
I want a part 2!
amar deogam (1 year ago)
Outstanding ideas sir!
Mohammed Abu-Naiyan (1 year ago)
Thank you
Rahul Agarwal (1 year ago)
Please make a latest video on the same topic
ITE (1 year ago)
Oh my God ... meat growing ... would you personally eat that artificial meat
kiogora isaac (1 year ago)
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Deb Stein (1 year ago)
I had the idea for holographic theaters in the mid-80's!  Here's the thing with start up, especially unusual ideas without competition...INVESTMENTS.  So a couple of these interest me,, but how do we "get in" as the lone ranger?  I ran into the problem of people turning me down because it was too avant guarde.  "If you can get in to...." is said a lot in this video.  Yeah, if we can get into asteroid mining, but images of a huge operation come to mind, with a huge budget.  Those are the kind of logistics that would be helpful.  I mean, I get it, if it is easy everyone would do it but this is a bit too thin for info.  It helps with ideas of how to invest though.
Inayat ali Malagi (6 months ago)
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Fernando Lopez (1 year ago)
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Ibrahim Sayyad (1 year ago)
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a a (8 months ago)
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Taavo Lippus (9 months ago)
Ibrahim Sayyad go into US or Switserland to get a lot of finances and then use these to learn mor eaboit the industry and invest some of it to other companies that do the same thing. It is safer because with your knowledge you can understand if the company knows what it is doing. Then you should have mor than enough to buy the equipment needed and rent an apartment.
Kingrizzly (1 year ago)
We've never been to the moon...
Amit KUMAR SINGH (1 year ago)
Best ideas loved it. but i personally prefer for networking business. it is my personal opinion i have been doing networking for past 2 years and have achieved a great success. being a DENTIST it is very hard for me to take some time . but still it is manageable. Apart from my profession, by networking i earn up to 30 to 40 k per month.Enough for my bills and bit for expenses.
Talla Gueye (6 months ago)
thank u for asking
In which company??
Deb Stein (1 year ago)
"enough for my bills and bit for expenses"...jeez, at 30k a month how on earth do you squeeze by?   lol
Maitrayan Ghosh Roy (1 year ago)
Awesome keep on sir
PETER COX (1 year ago)
Check this out and let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUDH31R3138
Chandan Yadav (2 years ago)
what could be the next revolution in textile(or garment) industry ? or what can be done to revolutionise it ? or any future development is already underway ? any data on that ? plz share if you have any. thanks,much appreciated for sharing this much valuable information.
Deb Stein (1 year ago)
Home shopping is already hitting.  Virtual shopping with an online replica of one's body, which could be designed by the start up company for virtual fashion, is an idea.  The great thing about that is the image could be stored and pulled up later for any changes.  How cool would it be to call the company rep and say, "I lost 20 lbs, here are my new measurements" and have that updated for future purchases?
Sagar Point (2 years ago)
wowww thnxxxx for the great idea
kamran choudhary (3 months ago)
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Anjana Lama (2 years ago)
Thanks for information. Can you give me details about 3D printing
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Fina Precious (2 years ago)
keep it up..good job!!
Rachana Vannirath (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing this with all of us
abhishek shah (2 years ago)
Amazing research....!! please help with some more details on 3D Printing Stores, what actually we can provide beside Architecture Models & Consumer Products ?, is it a service for B2C or B2B ?
Ahmet Ali (6 months ago)
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PETER COX (1 year ago)
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Prafull Kumar (1 year ago)
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