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Where Business is Headed Toward the Next 5 Years

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For detailed show notes and links, visit http://www.patrickbetdavid.com/where-business-is-headed/ People often ask me where I see business going in the next five, 15, 20 years. In this video, I cover eight different things that entrepreneurs should pay attention to in the next five plus years. #1: Attention Span - 0:23 #2 Speed - 2:09 #3: Social Issues - 3:06 #4: Education - 4:35 #5: Data - 6:48 #6: Mobile - 7:16 #7: Boring Industries will dominate exciting industries - 8:01 #8: Transparency - 9:10 If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment below, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel: http://www.youtube.com/valuetainment?... Valuetainment- The best channel for new, startup and established entrepreneurs. Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on a broad array of entrepreneurial topics. For detailed show notes and links, visit http://www.patrickbetdavid.com/where-business-is-headed/ To see more videos from Entrepreneur Network partner, Patrick Bet-David check out VALUETAINMENT https://www.youtube.com/user/patrickbetdavid Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/
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Valuetainment (3 months ago)
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Ileana Ayabar (22 days ago)
I think is kids priority to find the way to stay entertained. If they care about it, everything sounds like magic!
Fred Flintstone (3 months ago)
Two years later.... you called it.
ilkay baku (3 months ago)
can you pleassee make a full video about more things that gonna change
Mary Rose Pelaez (4 months ago)
wow whatta solid content! The "boring" industry is quite interesting ..
TODIK KHAJIKIAN (4 months ago)
love the tips
Sachin S (4 months ago)
I subscribed your channel 😉
Mr balloonpimp (5 months ago)
Boring industries become very exciting when the money flows!
You thinking about speed and you said you like the iPhone I've had numerous tests with friends and the Android is obviously better
Narswan Mochahary (10 months ago)
Thank you Pat,, you inspire me a lot differently...
J (11 months ago)
Actually.. the memory of a goldfish is seconds... that abit different from attention span. But i get ur concept
G (1 year ago)
Virtual Reality classrooms will be awesome. There will be lots of travel,but not physical travel. But we will feel like we're there. Can you imagine?
Michael Johnson (1 year ago)
2:00 BINGO!
ChrisKsan (1 year ago)
The solution for the attention span problem and people and kids who can't pay attention to things is very simple. Call it ADHD and medicate everyone into submission and paying attention! BOOM! Problem solved! That's a multi-million dollar business right there! Oh.... but wait! Someone has foreseen this many years ago and built a side industry on this even though it all started with a joke, a prank, yet no one cared to listen to its inventor since it was such a goldmine to take advantage of! That aside, very interesting points Pat is making in this video and I think he may very well be right!
Sagger Nation (1 year ago)
I thought social was socializing? I'm not a socialist. lol
Chinue (1 year ago)
I am so addicted to watching this channel. Thanks for another great video.
Valuetainment (1 year ago)
Hydrogen Peroxide (1 year ago)
i see it this way, you have 10 seconds to grab my attention if by ten seconds you dont grab it you won't have my next hour
great video pat
Leonardo (1 year ago)
by boring industries you mean the blockchain and big data?
Ti Chen (1 year ago)
You're the best coach, the best teacher and a real man!
C Phillps (1 year ago)
I think degrees in Engineering, Med school, the sciences and possibly Law will stay 4 to 8 years , but I could easily see business , marketing , liberal arts and fitness degrees easily become 18 month degrees over the next 20 years.
It is the greatest entrepreneur channel. Every video does make sense for entrepreneurs. Every video really help entrepreneurs grow their business. Keep up the great work! Keep us inspiring! Rupert Garnica from the Philippines. https://www.facebook.com/arnulforupertgarnica
Jett Jeter (1 year ago)
Do you think that the boring industries will start becoming more relevant in 5 years and from that point further
Nathan Raymond (1 year ago)
you're the man!!
Valuetainment (1 year ago)
+Nathan Raymond much 💜
RavMan IT (1 year ago)
#bestvid #thanks #pat #goodpoints
Rubel Syed (1 year ago)
Please make a video about, How to handle "Money crisis" in business. I meant How to handle Bad days in business.
iMotion Media (1 year ago)
Great video, although I do believe traditional Universities WILL be taking a hit, but NOT due to lack of attention span, that's been around forever, it will be due to online education which is the same reason Blockbuster almost went bankrupt, people rent movies online, as well as buying music. The cable industry is also suffering because of the internet. people will be learning online and education in schools will diminish. "Boring Industries will dominate exciting industries" is very interesting topic...please make a video on this for a deeper understanding. Thanks for your videos, I must say your content is very original...thanks!
Keillan Hadden (2 years ago)
what are the boring industries?
Ferdinand Castro (2 years ago)
Muy real y de mucho valor. Gracias Pat!
TheDarthvaderonearth (2 years ago)
Your 8 seconds are up
Filipe Galvão (2 years ago)
Priceless ideas and your best looks so far!
Romil Mistry (2 years ago)
Still going- great video Pat.
Dariem Pérez Herrera (2 years ago)
I think augmented reality will kill current mobile devices.
Bredou Alban Brice (2 years ago)
Where Business is Headed Toward the Next 5 Years Key Takeaways: 1.Attention span 2.Speed 3.Social issues 4.Education 5.Data 6.Mobile 7.Boring industries will dominate 8.Transparency
Sharpy RokOut (2 years ago)
kids don't want to pay attention. that's holding back school and business.
Eder Carrillo (2 years ago)
I am a man that is in a business predominantly for women, I took over a shape wear company and I'm transitioning into the U.S. I have no doubt the product will take off because of the impact its had in Mexico however as a man I'm finding it challenging to present the business to women because of how intimate women find the product. Any suggestions or men here that can give me advice on how to enter this market. Thank you.
Igbo Prince (2 years ago)
Pat. Can you make a "How to inspect people" video. So I can learn how to position people in my business?
samuel topdown (2 years ago)
Hey Pat, is the fintech industry considered a boring industry?
samuel topdown (2 years ago)
Valuetainment thanks for replying btw!!
samuel topdown (2 years ago)
Valuetainment if it is in the aspect of instant payment services and transfer of funds between banks and consumers? What about mobile-only, branchless banks?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+samuel topdown it depends on which part.
Hava Nagila (2 years ago)
Pay close attention to boring industries that nobody is paying attention to.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Hava Nagila yes
T K (2 years ago)
Indio Freespirit (2 years ago)
no, I swear, I thought about most these ideas just the other day... esp the education n speed part because I'm a teen n I can't stand slowness, I'm so used to my phone n computers speed that I apply it everything n everyone I'm like go go go! every time😂
clark bolding (2 years ago)
understand where the attention is in the world and be able to deliver quickly, make content and be able to connect with people, college as we know it is becoming obsolete, know how to use data especially when working with mobile devices, "boring">cutting edge, secrets no longer exist be open with people
Lealem Mulugeta (2 years ago)
Great stuff. I especially love the last point!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+👍🏼👊🏼Lealem Mulugeta
Nataki Jean-baptiste (2 years ago)
The gold fish was good 👌🏾
Ben Strachan (2 years ago)
I love this video! I think all points are exactly right and well explained.
Aaron Allen (2 years ago)
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Clan de Foxtrot (2 years ago)
sir i really really need your help i have commented on your every video on youtube ..... dont believe me check it out..... any thing else you want me to do sir ..... i can really really deliver beautiful speech u want a couple o them i can video it up and send you sir.
Duncan Muguku (2 years ago)
Insightful, thanks
Kay Gee (2 years ago)
Yes goldfish was hilarious. Nice touch!
Riad AL-Alami (2 years ago)
patrick, do you think that some sectors in the technology industry could be classified as boring industries like the cctv cameras and surveillance technology which is about security unlike snapchat and all the entertaining techonlogy which people are shifting to. what do u think ?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
It's boring compared to other products in the tech world.
Alex (2 years ago)
Can you do a video about the dot-com bubble and how it affected the AOL Time Warner merger?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Alex Escher which part?
frostwolferify (2 years ago)
There is a boom with Financial planning and advisors. Do you think it is one of the boring sectors of finance?
frostwolferify (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT i work in Australia, i dnt think the financial industry over here is as big as the one in the states. What do you reckon?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
Yes. I'm in the same industry. Which firm are you with?
LAKEEVA MITCHELL (2 years ago)
On Point!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
bmore happy (2 years ago)
some of the greatest information on YouTube. thanks
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
Thank you . I like to hear that. We feel our content can go against any other channels content for Entrepreneurs. 👍👊😎
Marilyn Horton (2 years ago)
YES! #7!
Kevin Xu (2 years ago)
nice list
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
P Fern (2 years ago)
Totally agree with you.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
carlster eway (2 years ago)
Can you make a video with business to business selling, and sales overall, fear of selling and how to overcome negative limiting beliefs. Thanks dude, please keep up the great work, your a great speaker. Thank you
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+carlster eway You may enjoy this video: https://youtu.be/UOVyqR06roY
The Healthy Tray (2 years ago)
This video really connected with me Pat! One of your best videos (which is saying something)! It would be really awesome if you could do a more in depth video for each of these points, I personally would get a lot of value from it. I'm sure others would as well. Cheers and I hope your meeting was successful ;)
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+The Healthy Tray I do more in private functions. It would take some time.
Gui Coelho (2 years ago)
Amazing, as always! I'm glad we have access to this kind of information for free! Thank you!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Gui Coelho 👍👊😎 Stay tuned for something major I'll be launching in August.
Nacho Sanchez (2 years ago)
oh my gosh pat!! ur so right about the boring industries... do you consider tourism as one? do you think old travel agencies are going to almost disappear and all the trips will be sold online? Thanks for this info,i ll call you as soon as i make it to the top. thank you from spain!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Nacho Sanchez Tourism has a ton of opportunity for someone to innovate. Depending on which part of travel it could be both boring and sexy.
Shazia Bangash (2 years ago)
Love the entire video but specially the last point. You can't be in-genuine and expect others to like you as a leader. Let me think of boringgggg industries...!!
Shazia Bangash (2 years ago)
Yes the top one is the one you chose, the finanacial industry. But i think i am gonna persue something related to food...
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Shazia Bangash Were you able to think of any boring industries?
C Deba (2 years ago)
Video was on point. You just gained a subscriber
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+C Deba Thanks for the sub.
Ernie Neto (2 years ago)
+C Deba it's good insight, I'm watching him more and more
wwejoefxs (2 years ago)
I approuve what you said, but I would add that geriatrics and natural health care will be very important in the next 5 to 10 years considering that baby boomers are aging and the bad nutrition that we have nowadays.
Riad AL-Alami (2 years ago)
Pat ur a genius, what do u think about the construction industry, does come under the boring industries?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Riad AL-Alami I think that falls in the boring industry (Unless if you're dealing with celebrities.) It's a great opportunity to be creative with this.
Nicholas Eke (2 years ago)
This video to me is another blockbuster. My adrenaline went wild and I could only be grateful to @PatrickBet-David for the invaluable education and insights into the future of life and business. You are just a phenomenon!
ogogo ogpgpg (2 years ago)
you from africa ?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Nick Oj That's what I like to hear. 👍👊😎
Rico J (2 years ago)
You give us Golden information. I thank you!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+thatkidfrom PHILLY That's my goal. Wait till you hear what I'm launching in late August. 👍👊😎
TravisTriggs (2 years ago)
Another great video, priceless information.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Travis Triggs You got it. 👍👊😎
Bayonle Arashi (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video Pat.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Bayonle Arashi you got it. 👍👊😎
Alejandro R. Planas (2 years ago)
This resonates with us videogame developers so much:
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Planas 👍👊😎
Alejandro R. Planas (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Planas And transparency, now we need to take feedback directly and implement it post launch, and ask people for suggestions, kind of taking clients into development, making them part of the process of creating the game, and having them know everything that is implemented or will be.
Alejandro R. Planas (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Planas Games, as an exciting platform, specially in mobile is a really hard industry to work on now, PC and Console games are hard to get on too because of costs of development, but will resurge in popularity and as an artistic mean (which i attempt to specialize on). But it will certainly face hard times now.
Alejandro R. Planas (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Planas Mobile is a great fundraiser for big projects, and a way to connect with consumers
Alejandro R. Planas (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Planas Data goes back to feedback, but also trends, demands, releases of competitors, etc.
Sleeping Elephant (2 years ago)
Love the advice on boring industries. Pick a healthy wife. Universities and going down. Books, Youtube, travel, apprenticeships are the future. Sad to see Zombies walking on the planet.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Sleeping Elephant Zombies are the best thing for innovators. 👍👊😎
mynameiskranz (2 years ago)
Thank you.. This is awesome
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+mynameiskranz You got it. 👍👊😎
Shirley Oxios (2 years ago)
Great video as always. Very informative!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Shirley Oxios Thanks. 👍👊😎
SHINGOLD (2 years ago)
It is not just your opinion. Ours too. It sure is the greatest channel on YouTube for Entrepreneurs.
SHINGOLD (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT No need for gratitude. We simply appreciate your contents. 😉👉👍
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+SHINGOLD Thanks for the love. 👍👊😎
Vex T (2 years ago)
Thanks a bunch Patrick! I too think the boring industries will become favorable again, being that the population will rise and people will die less due to medical advances, so products that are more closer to a "need" will become the economic giants again.
Vex T (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT Thanks for the extra advice!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Vex T The key is to choose one industry and nit look around.
Kinix ML (2 years ago)
Comes back from school, opens valuetainment to learn about some real stuff
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Kinix ML 👍👊😎
Monkey Midia (2 years ago)
Awesome video!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Adm News Thanks.
dennis blankespoor (2 years ago)
can jou tel more about the " BORING INDUSTRIES"?
Ana-Maria Yanakieva (1 month ago)
As an investor, I agree to disagree. There are whole investment funds structured on the thesis of disruption of all these industries via insurtech fintech RegTech medtech foodtech and retail/e-commerce. How are these industries boring? I’d classify boring industries as the biggest losers for the past few years, something like mining is not what sparks excitement and disruption. Identify why they’re losing- is the industry just redundant? Is it regulation? Is it lack of skilled workforce? Is barrier to entry way too high?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+dennis blankespoor (DBLgames) Technology, social media, hollywood, sports, mobile, media, real estate are all exciting. Insurance, finance, medical, food, market, discount stores and things that no one pays any attention to.
Andreas Christofi (2 years ago)
what industries would you consider 'boring industries'? Thanks
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Andreas Christofi  Technology, social media, hollywood, sports, mobile, media, real estate are all exciting. Insurance, finance, medical, food, market, discount stores and things that no one pays any attention to.
Patrick Burns (2 years ago)
What about the digital marketing as a whole for the industry you want to pursue? I am not talking about swinging for the fences by creating the latest platform/ app. I am talking about an agency that stays on top of these trends, and helps businesses grow by utilizing them. It combines excitement, and stability. Technology is always going to be more, and more integrated in business. So why not exploit it fully to help business owners, artists, and entertainers? You are the numbers guy Pat, I'll leave that to you :) haha I am just trying to combine perspectives here. Much respect, and keep up the great videos!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Patrick Burns Digital marketing will do well but it's not the seed. Technology and social media will give birth to the need to digital marketing. I'm not sure if I'm making sense or not. I hope it makes sense. Thanks for commenting.
BrenSki (2 years ago)
People's focus of attention is on Snapchat so why not be there?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+BrenSki Nothing wrong with that but anytime the crowd follows a new trend, it's important to adapt but it's also important to look for an emptiness left in another industry to fill. 👍👊😎
Rosaura Hernandez (2 years ago)
sure do it now but the video is about the next 5 years. butbe prepared with these estimates.
Awais Iqbal (2 years ago)
+Valuetainment Huge thumbs up. Love every aspect of your video. One question: any examples on boring industries?
Awais Iqbal (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT Thanks for clarifying. Currently paying huge attention to the law industry, undoubtedly considered as one of the boring ones 😀
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Mohammad Awais Iqbal 👍👊😎 Technology, social media, hollywood, sports, mobile, media, real estate are all exciting. Insurance, finance, medical, food, market, discount stores and things that no one pays any attention to.
John Doe (2 years ago)
You had me at boring industries.
Shazia Bangash (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT Would you please ecplain the market you mentioned here? i also want to disrupt some " boring" industry for me.
John Doe (2 years ago)
Yup. I know exactly what you mean and i agree. Looking forward to your next video sir. Loving the content.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+John Doe Here's what I meant. Technology, social media, hollywood, sports, mobile, media, real estate are all exciting. Insurance, finance, medical, food, market, discount stores and things that no one pays any attention to.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+John Doe I understand. You had me at your name John Doe. 👍👊😎
Kenard Andrade Neto (2 years ago)
Nice Suit and Tie, Pat! haha
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Kenard Andrade Neto Thanks.
Carlos Reynoso (2 years ago)
Virtual reality?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Carlos Reynoso It's another one that could get traction but it's not on my list. I think the adult entertainment business as well as hollywood will do well with it. anything that has to do with imagination and fantasies.
Almedia Lee Exum (2 years ago)
Love this video!
ogogo ogpgpg (2 years ago)
eunterponer ?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Almedia Exum Thanks.
SapioSauce (2 years ago)
I'm very deep in the Snapchat business so I found this interesting. What's an example of a boring industry?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+SapioSauce Generally the best way to explain it is industries that no one is paying attention to. Everyone is following technology, social media, snapchat type of businesses so the key is to look at industries that NO ONE is paying attention to.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+SapioSauce Kinix ML answered it well.
Kinix ML (2 years ago)
+Kinix ML their*
Kinix ML (2 years ago)
For some, it's usually finance, insurance, medical, and stuff like that ...just track what Buffett and Munger invest in...its emir philosophy
Almedia Lee Exum (2 years ago)
Lol. Distracting GoldFish was funny.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Almedia Exum 👍👊😎
samples&stuff (2 years ago)
+Almedia Exum Yeah, hilarious.
Doug B. (2 years ago)
Couldn't agree with you more on the disruption of education. Colleges will definitely take a huge hit in the next 5-10 years, like you said. After that, (maybe within the next 10-20 years) traditional compulsory "education" will take a hit.
ogogo ogpgpg (2 years ago)
like what ?
Doug B. (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT really? Can't wait until you announce it:)
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Doug Beney I'm personally working on a major project to disrupt the entire educational industry. Stay tuned for what we'll be launching over the next 4 months.
Ognjen Milosevic (2 years ago)
Great content!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Ognjen Milosevic 👍👊😎
Osvaldo Aguilar (2 years ago)
I believe business will be moving forward with electronic devices and payments. I invested into Bitcoin since I see it's the first digital crypto currency. The price on Bitcoin has only been rising.
SapioSauce (2 years ago)
I'm all in on dogecoin hahaha
Osvaldo Aguilar (2 years ago)
+SapioSauce My grammar is horrible this morning lol Yeah I've seen some companies use it as a form of payment. I'm optimistic but only time will tell on my investment.
SapioSauce (2 years ago)
A couple companies accept it as payment too, like Fiverr.com
Osvaldo Aguilar (2 years ago)
+SapioSauce I didn't buy a big amount I'm actually morning Bitcoin little everyday and I'm expected the value to increase since so many big name people has invested into it.
SapioSauce (2 years ago)
+Osvaldo Aguilar I wouldn't say it's only been rising. I bought bitcoins back in 2014 for $1,100 now it's nowhere near that. If another silkroad market comes along this will help your investment immensely
I love what you said about Snapchat and the likes. It's exactly like that. By the way, follow me on Snapchat !! : ))
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Peter Istrate 👍👊😎 lol
Panagiotis Rafail (2 years ago)
Great insight! Thanks for sharing all those tips and advices with us!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Panagiotis Rafail 👍👊😎
Josh Bloomfield (2 years ago)
Hey, Patrick. How do you think the attention span statistic will affect marketing? Will marketing have to become more and more flashy and dynamic to keep the audience's attention? Or do you think people will enjoy more relaxed and calm marketing as time goes on? Thanks in advance. :)
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Josh Bloomfield It all depends on the audience you're trying to attract. But you'll need to break the ice and get my attention very very fast. Even faster than before.
Shady Hassan (2 years ago)
great video . one of the best you did . could you please make a video how to run a startup company for those who don't have any experience at all . thanx😄😀👋
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Shady Hassan Could you be more specific. What do you mean by running a startup. which part? That sounds like an hour or even a 3 hour video. I'm working on launching something in the next 4 months thats exactly for those who run startups.

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