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ASUS GTX 950 'Unplugged' overview + benchmarks

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We take a look at the wallet-friendly ASUS GTX 950 to see how useful it is for upgrading older systems, and test its 1080p gaming performance Available now! http://bit.ly/ASUS_GTX_950_Unplugged Benchmarks recorded on an Elgato HD60S
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Enggar Saputra (2 years ago)
My friend sold me his 950 Asus Plugged version + Corsair CXM650 for just $100. Hope it'll run well with my i5 4570
Alexvids (2 years ago)
Hi this might be a dumb question but what is the minimum psu Wattage required for this gpu to work?
Alexvids (2 years ago)
+ASUS ROG UK thanks :)
ASUS ROG UK (2 years ago)
Definitely use a 350W :)
Alexvids (2 years ago)
+ASUS ROG UK ok so if the rest of the pc draws about 190watts will a 250 watt psu be good or should i go with a 350?
ASUS ROG UK (2 years ago)
It depends on the power consumption of the rest of your PC. You can use PC Part Picker to help estimate power draw. By itself, this card will draw up to 75W of power so you can probably use quite a small PSU
jason harvote (2 years ago)
Is there a plugged version of this card?
Suey (2 years ago)
Hi! I have this pc: i5-3350p 3.1GHz 16GB RAM DDR3 MEDION H77H2-EM (SOCKET 0) GT 630 (MSI) FSP PSU 350W Do you think the ASUS GTX 950 should work on this pc without the 6-pin connector? I only have 350W D:
ASUS ROG UK (2 years ago)
Yup, should work with that system no problem :)
Reymark Benedicto (3 years ago)
when will this be available in southeast asia?
finguest (3 years ago)
my friend wants to sli 2 of these and im building it for him. could I do that?
finguest (3 years ago)
+ASUS ROG UK cool, thanks for replying. I have a budget of like £600 so im finding it difficult to pick parts that can run games at really high settings.
ASUS ROG UK (3 years ago)
Of course! You might be better off with a single GTX 970 though, as 2 cards will generate more heat and noise and have occasional compatibility issues
notstarboard (3 years ago)
I love all the videos talking about how this is the perfect card to upgrade a really old rig with. I'm building my first rig right now, and I decided on this card because of the performance you get at such low power use. Especially given that I'm only looking to game at 1080p, this card seems perfect for a budget rig. Shame I had to be in the market for a new PC just a few months before the 1050 comes out (especially if the 16nm architecture means it'll use similarly low power with better performance), but oh well, better than going the summer without a rig. Plus, it allowed me to save a lot of money on my PSU, cooling, etc. as compared to what other current cards would have required, and it'll cost a lot less over time because of the low power draw. I'm excited to see it in action!
ASUS ROG UK (3 years ago)
Awesome! You're right, it sounds like the 950 is the perfect card for you. I wouldn't worry about the 1050 for now; judging by the 1080 and 1070 prices so far the 1050 is likely to be a fair bit more expensive than the 950. Enjoy your new PC :)
Wait how does the graphics card get power if it isnt connected to the psu
+ASUS ROG UK ok thnx
ASUS ROG UK (3 years ago)
It gets all the power it needs through the PCIE slot!
KabZ (3 years ago)
this would be compatible with a H61H2-AD Motherboard?
Igansio (3 years ago)
What if...  -I have a 2010 PC with:  i5 760 2.80GHz  An asus mobo (don't know the exact model, with the other parts you can know some features)  A big and cheap case  A 500w standart PSU WITHOUT 6 or 8 pin connector for a GPU  A Nvidia GT430 1GB DDR3  A 128GB SSD whith a 1TB HDD  8GB (2x4) 1333Mhz DDR3 memory  what do you think? how much can that video card bottleneck? with that mobo (pcie2.0), will it be a succesfull buy? should I wait for 1050? buy a new whole pc? another manufactor? buy a 750ti without additional pin instead?
ell1 ell1 (3 years ago)
that cpu would work
crypty killa (3 years ago)
i'm currently using the g20cb gaming tower and its my second system in under 3 weeks. this second system i set up yesterday and this morning it had to be restarted 4 times before it would work. doesn't bode well does..pile of shit!!
Ashley Scott (3 years ago)
can you find me another unused pc in your stock room with one of these gpus. I will s make sure it still works for you with a cost to you of just over £100 (the gpu) and unused pc and a more happy me
マルス (3 years ago)
or....anyone in the U.S. (not sure about Britain or other European countries) could have gotten the EVGA 960 4G FTW for just $180 last week....which is about the same price as this GPU.... If only my friends had enough money then...
demik45 (3 years ago)
just bought this gtx 950 unplugged for $110 including rebate :)
Joseph Rees (3 years ago)
i cant stand the echoing in the audio, for a big company they dont have very good sets do they?
TERRY. W (3 years ago)
Looks good..

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