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YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind [Official Video]

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YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind [Official Video] Stream "I Am You" Now https://ffm.to/ymimy Follow YNW Melly https://www.instagram.com/ynw.melly/ https://www.twitter.com/ynwmelly/ https://soundcloud.com/ynwmelly/ https://www.facebook.com/ynwmelly772/
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Text Comments (144755)
dtdonni donii (4 minutes ago)
New school kids like fruity rap
xloserx 62 (12 minutes ago)
Yeah it’s not the same without earrape
John Whalen (16 minutes ago)
The funniest part is he a bitch without the strap guaranteed
shaikhay (24 minutes ago)
Bars so hard he went behind em 😂😂😂
FBI (30 minutes ago)
Nice song. wait a minute run those lyrics again yep lady and gents WE GOT HIM
HYDRA Hero (38 minutes ago)
The first time he said ak-47s mac11s glocks and nines he his holding a fucking M16A4
Prince Lalex (40 minutes ago)
I wouldn't wanna be a camera man for this guy's posing with guns.
AAA xox (42 minutes ago)
I got murder on my mind when you miss your Spanish lesson.
memes are my life (55 minutes ago)
When your brother caught you masterbating *he just caught me by surprise*
Curiosit y (1 hour ago)
*he died right on my arms, blood right on my shirt* -literally has no shirt-
RCG Alpha (1 hour ago)
This the type of song you blast in your car then halfway through you remember the meaning of it.
Pablo De La Cruz (1 hour ago)
Be careful what you manifest
finessed. (1 hour ago)
At 2:37 he says blood all on my shirt when he’s not even wearing a shirt 😂
Donny Symz (1 hour ago)
Lol to the bar “I’m a murderer”
6deadly deaths (1 hour ago)
What gets me he said ak47 and he holds up a airsoft M4 (was it the M4🤔)
Jaedin Watson (1 hour ago)
Ynw melly I have a question for you if you do not want to answer you don't need to but please tell us the whole best friend story
Ninyin W (1 hour ago)
D San (2 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/UI5mTRLRaeY hottest music out idk why I ain’t signed yet or on worldstar they sleepin on me check me out let me know what you think
Byw Ryt (2 hours ago)
Disgusting piece of shit how can anyone support this man
iNSG Yxeor (2 hours ago)
Everyone: Nobody raps about what they really do. YNW Melly: I'll rap about what I really do, *in detail.*
Ronald Spooner (2 hours ago)
Anon ymous (2 hours ago)
You know Melly had a phone for real when he was locked up.. I feel that. You wouldn't know unless you been there. Or are there... Fuck tha feds! FTF
Alyssa Ann (2 hours ago)
classmate: maam u forgot to check our homework me who didnt do my homework:
super sunflower (2 hours ago)
Don't mess with him
Skice Off (2 hours ago)
I got tacos on my mind... Now I'm hungry
Luis Lopez (2 hours ago)
OMG guys i love your songs I'm a big fan even my uncle Aden and im just 9 years old and my uncle Aden is 19
gacha emori (2 hours ago)
Was that man x that was dead or no
Nitasha Johnson (3 hours ago)
This shit is crazy. If you listen to Metal and get this reference, it's "Mayhem" crazy and fucked up. Which is top tier fucked up. Edit: this is the most satanic thing I've ever seen. The goat, a reference to Christian sacrifice? The chickens a reference to (that Spanish voodooo forgot the name, Azelia Banks practiced it)?
Ryder Myhre (3 hours ago)
Murder on my mind
Ryder Myhre (3 hours ago)
When you beat your meet and it feels good
Lee 1986 (3 hours ago)
This was fantastically produced, too. RIP this dude's life.
Alex Esparza (3 hours ago)
Wtf why do they have dead ass chickens in the video
TheBestYungKill (3 hours ago)
Ment 1:33
TheBestYungKill (3 hours ago)
Everybody favorite part 1:26
K.I.N.G X (3 hours ago)
2:19 when your teacher says you can’t go toilet
XXXTENT ACION (3 hours ago)
If your a teenager when dis came out u will show your kids this
Haniya H (3 hours ago)
My mans really did have murder on his mind 💀👊🏼
Dead_Memezz (3 hours ago)
2:06 *becomes real in 2k19* People: we didn't see the signs :'(
lilbub3147 (3 hours ago)
This song is how x died he has his face on a tee shirt and he got shoot up
game boy advance (3 hours ago)
Police: what's on your mind? YNW Melly: Yes
Atika makanera (3 hours ago)
My mom said WTF "WHY IS HE SINGING ABOUT MURDERING AND HER CONFESSING" and i told her it's the way these rappers is they DGAF Lmao Love u melly
SmooverThanYou (3 hours ago)
Oh by the way. This is a dumb street kid. Chief Keef and NBA young boy kill people all the time but you never hear about it. Why? Cuz they are street smart. Coming from a smart nigga that ain’t about that life. You make the bed you lay in folks...
Xx King (3 hours ago)
goldenjet 1215 (3 hours ago)
Haidyn Tharp (4 hours ago)
*films music video about him killing someone with security guards onset*
2D (4 hours ago)
That's 189 million more people on the FBI watch list
infernoboi 1910 (4 hours ago)
Well. S**t
Dominic Aleman (4 hours ago)
2:44 is friend is alive
R2T Rocket (4 hours ago)
Bro i love how he says “Blood all on my shirt” when he doesnt have a shirt on 0_o
Lil Star (4 hours ago)
Are y’all dumb he ain’t kill his friends dang
Bully Active (4 hours ago)
I ♥️this when i wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind b**** got murder on my mind,AK 407................... I got murder on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!
mason stevens (4 hours ago)
Got fortnite on my mine😆😆😆🤣🤣
mason stevens (4 hours ago)
Hitlers slave be like
mason stevens (4 hours ago)
Mellys chat be like I got murder on my mind FBI joined chat melly oh crap !!!!!!!!!!! FBI keep talking
The Mad Lads (4 hours ago)
When you got murder on your mind 1:52
Narrowed Baker (4 hours ago)
Mellys shirt is transparent
mason stevens (4 hours ago)
1997: I wanna be a baller 2019:I got murder on my mind What's 2020 ganna be it all over again
Jacquelin Ruiz (4 hours ago)
HyperWiz (4 hours ago)
Me Love (4 hours ago)
This shit really fuck up ☠️☠️🤐🤐🤬😡😠😢 and sad 😢
fred jones (4 hours ago)
Pato Swag (4 hours ago)
We know he has murder on his mind
Kieran 03 (4 hours ago)
2:15 when your teem mate on rainbow 6 runs into u and scares u
The Redonkulous (4 hours ago)
Pull up let me get my bass tab
Myah lemus (5 hours ago)
Sky is getting red, body getting cold losing hella blood lord pleases same my soul.
I didnt even mean to shoot him I realoaded my pistol turned around cocked it back and shot him six billion seventy five times him in court : i am innocent
Shrayus Masanam (5 hours ago)
FBI: Don’t mind me, I’m just saving this video to my ‘Evidence Playlist’
Ruby 66 (5 hours ago)
AK47 mac11 glok ands9
jody roloson (5 hours ago)
2:31 when your team mate is in the strom FORTNITE
Sweary Soocerskin (4 hours ago)
I’m smart like that lol
Sweary Soocerskin (4 hours ago)
jody roloson * FORTNITE BATTLE ROYAL Ali-A intro plays
Billy (5 hours ago)
"Breakfast on my mind"
Sketchy Gamer (5 hours ago)
is he out?
Ansel Cantin (5 hours ago)
I hate this song Why am I still listening to this song
Kris Hellmich (5 hours ago)
"Blood all on my shirt" *is not wearing a shirt* ...
Luke Miller (5 hours ago)
Says ak 47... holds AR-15
Dope (5 hours ago)
murder is a bad thing but the song is about him murdering someone and the song is so good and catchy
Dope (5 hours ago)
2:50 when yo mama says we going to the hospital
Mozi (5 hours ago)
Judge: Got proof? Me:
Jacob JMK (5 hours ago)
2018: Deep song like other rappers 2019: Damn he wasn’t lying *FBI HAS ENTERED THE CHAT*
Why did you kill him any way
Zi G (5 hours ago)
He acc got a grandma to be in his vid lmfao 4:00
Jacob Waters (5 hours ago)
When your friend steals your girlfriend......
Rommy Morel (5 hours ago)
Erika Ingerson (5 hours ago)
Savage gang gang murder
sam :/ (5 hours ago)
2:47 When u got no more nerf bullets
the G.O.A.T (5 hours ago)
2:44 i think they switched body's
Armybjk (5 hours ago)
I like this song
JarJackBinks (5 hours ago)
“blood all on my shirt” *shirtless*
One PumP Godxxttvxx (5 hours ago)
The middle part is so sad😭😔
Hey Its Kermit (6 hours ago)
Laquita Chalmers (6 hours ago)
Cuz I got murder on my mind just like a melly
GrEy D (6 hours ago)
Mr Memester (6 hours ago)
When you get caught jerking off and get caught by you’re brother 2:15
Mr Memester (6 hours ago)
When you get caught jerking off by your brother
Mr Memester (6 hours ago)
When your a gangster and get caught by your brother 2:14
Carlos Hernandez (6 hours ago)
He shoot you like 1000 times for being rude
Poato Keev (6 hours ago)
1:32 When you rob the wrong house lol
Aarøn_IToonz (6 hours ago)
Melly: i just killed someone...MAN THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT SONG!
2pac Shakur (6 hours ago)
Ima person dat listens to 90s rap but this alr
Junior Cardenas Arce (6 hours ago)
8 years old and I listen to you when your next album dropping this thing's lit
Not kfc 22 (6 hours ago)
3:14 is the best

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