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'The Hindu' Analysis for 10th March, 2019. (Current Affairs for UPSC/IAS )

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In this lecture, we discuss the important news articles for 10th March, 2019. The aspirants are advised to watch the entire video lecture for better understanding. Follow the link to read the Comprehensive News Analysis as well. Topics: 1. Aves island 2. Sundarban Wetlands (04:25) 3. Troponin (12:04) 4. Belle II (14:20) 5. Purple Frog (20:00) 6. Prelims and Mains Practice Q's (22:40) The Video Lecture covers the detailed analysis of the Daily Newspaper. All the important articles and editorials of 'The Hindu' are covered strictly from the UPSC/IAS examination point of view. The Video Lecture can be helpful for aspirants appearing for Bank PO/IBPS/CAT/SSC and other competitive examinations. Please visit https://byjus.com/free-ias-prep/ for the gist of PIB/Yojana/EPW/RSTV. VISIT https://byjus.com/free-ias-prep/upsc-... for UPSC CSE 2019 Notification. Happy Learning! BYJU'S IAS Category
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Aditi Raj (1 month ago)
Under the environment protection, 1986 of India, notification was issued in February 1991, for regulations of activities in the coastal areas by the ministry of environmental and forests (MoEF). As per the notification, the coastal land up to 500 m from the High Tide Line (HTL) and a stage of 100 m along banks of creeks, Eatuaries, backwater and rivers subject to tide fluctuations, is called the coastal Regulation Zone. Coastal Regulation Zones (CRZ ) are notified by the Government of India in 1991 for the first time under this coastal areas have been classified as CRZ -1, CRZ-2,CRZ -3, CRZ -4. CRZ -4 -this lies in the aquatic area up to territorial limits, fishing and allied activities are permitted in this zone. This zone has been changed from 1991 notification. Which covered coastal stretches in island of Andaman And Nicobar and Lakshdeep. The CRZ rules of 2018 has been relaxed provision for economic activities like tourism and construction and defence economic in those areas, where no any industry and other job for the people, tourism is one supporter of life of the people. EXAMPLE -Andaman and Nicobar Island have 570 but some island are occupied by tribal people and some are used for tourism such as Havelock island, port Blair, Saheed dweep ,subhas chanda Base island etc. Tourism and Islands development should go hand in hand with sustainable development if we follow some rules. 1.tourism follow CRZ rules. 2.planted more trees on remaining island's. 3 . don't polluted beach by tourists, during tourism people through there waste in sea. 4 . those island's follows all rules of CRZ are allowed to start there tourism.
mohan kumar (1 month ago)
Why 32poor souls disliked this video?
bimal dora (1 month ago)
please bring back sarmad sir .his voice is inspiration for millions of students
Manish Mishra (1 month ago)
Literally m dying to study those articles, will you please update those. So thankful to you for such.
Gangadhar SARAGADAM (1 month ago)
I was edicted to byjus news analysis .
Gangadhar SARAGADAM (1 month ago)
No words to say about byjus only word Is subscribe and share because it is a knowledge hub where a bunch of knowledge available all has to learn.
Jamsheed Ahmed (1 month ago)
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Sweety Singh (1 month ago)
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Hegin Khongsai (1 month ago)
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rahul yadav (1 month ago)
Nothing can reach speed of light. Einstein special theory of relativity.
richa rampal (1 month ago)
Mains Question's answer: (Request you to give feedback): As per world tourism organization: Sustainable development is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic , social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems. In order to do so, equal importance should be given to economic aspirations and environmental impacts. Government along with MoEF needs to focus on environmental effects any infrastructural development would cause. In India, major metro cities are experiencing environmental and climatic issues because only economic and infrastructural development has been the focus for these cities. Now, more time and money is needed to rectify these issues. It will take time and consistent effort if we want to see some positive results. MoEF should not be a rubber stamp ministry. It should not be seen as a tough regulatory hurdle in the path of India's economic growth. It should be the regulator that should grant or deny environmental clearance. The EACs are experts appraisal committees whose recommendations should be taken up seriously. These committees do not want to deter growth but these understand the delicate balance that needs to be considered when it comes to climate and environment of a particular terrain. It is easy to build buildings and resorts in a year of two years on a fresh, untouched land. But the flora and fauna that gets lots is difficult to achieve in its natural form. So, before making any human intrusion in a completely untouched land, it is our responsibility to give utmost importance to our environment, flora and Fauna. If our country does not value our forests, flora and fauna, then we cannot expect foreign investors to do that for us in our country. They are here to make money, it is on us how to use that investment for our benefit and not lose our natural biodiversity and environment. Thus, we need to practice sustainable development very seriously and it requires participation of whole lot of stakeholders.
Birendra Sahoo (1 month ago)
Shareef Kuniyil (1 month ago)
For mains answers World limit is important.You can slightly increase the limit and important thing you missed that demand of the question is illustrate with examples .
Gangesh RainaA (1 month ago)
Great efforts👌👌👌
len boi (1 month ago)
as per my review, your write up is pretty good.. Substantiate more... It is a bit long.. If you could shorten your contain without omitting important points, it is very good. Your conclusion on how the country is responsible but not the tourist or foreigners will fetch you a good mark... Keep it up!
The ReaL LeO (1 month ago)
Hy. Ur answer seems a part of essay more than a mains answer n not fulfilling the demand of question. Read the question again, seek for keywords(tourism, island dev, sustainable dev, approach, economic aspirations, disaster and examples) . Keep these words in mind while writing. U r writing as if question is about to criticise the MoEF😀. Keep writing 😄
rahul gowda (1 month ago)
It is 60 m away from the high tide zone as mentioned in the paper itself
Aditi Rawat (1 month ago)
Please upload the written update too. The last one was uploaded on 6th March.
ramesh newar (1 month ago)
Ur voice get slow in the last of sentences 🙏
labaik ya Hussain (1 month ago)
I am exhausted to request byjuy's for sarmand sir's turn. I became subscriber of this application because of him. Remark from Kashmir.
para Muhammad (1 month ago)
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SOUMYA SASMAL (1 month ago)
Belle in french means beauty!
SOUMYA SASMAL (1 month ago)
b quark mesons are also useful for the characterisation of the quark gluon plasma which is thought to be the immediate aftermath of big bang.
Ankit Pandey (1 month ago)
Tourism and island development both are main aspect of the healthier economy for the specific zone and the country both should go with each other for the sustainable development for the zone , tourism can be enhance with the help of devlopment in island by different ways of infrastructure project but keeping in mind the ecology and natural habitats residing in the region ,tourism which is one of the main aspect among the others for generating employment and providing economic sustainability to the native .But the onesided approach mainly thinking about human interest and neglecting the nature is became one of the major cause of disaster. In the past many disastrous incident occurred which gave alarming indication and threatened us that economic aspiration may led the development of the area but may cause one of the main reason of disaster. As in 2018 the kerela flood which turned into the disastrous and one of the reason behind the neglecting the nature as also goverment neglected the gadgill committee report on western Ghats which tells about special ecological zone , also in the case of aves island in andaman and Nicobar environment ministry amended the law by reducing the limit for tourism project from 50 m to 20 from high tide area also one the example of economic aspiration which might led to disaster in future. So the sustainable development can be achieved by keeping in mind both human needs and environmental aspect..
sirlapu rajesh kumar (1 month ago)
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Mohit Watwani (1 month ago)
Thanks sir for your kind efforts do bring more prelims question sir and plz provide cna also
satyam kumar (1 month ago)
Sir u have told to discuss GSP topic but still I m waiting for it??????
skull candy (1 month ago)
the coastal regulation zone rules of 2018 has relaxed provisions for economic activities like tourism and construction and defence activities. this one aims to balance environmental development with economic development. island development = tribals(island communities) welfare plus + ecological value both should go hand in hand due to: 1. increase in tourism can invite academicians that aim to further study ecology and can use the information to preserve long term 2. it can bring in more experts to prescribe measures to improve health of tribals  3. protecting the tribals helps us in indigenous disaster management since they are known for using local material to combat crisis(e.g. bamboo houses to mitigate floods)with tourists the knowledge can be spread far and wide and lead to global efforts to conserve such methods 4. tourism can generate funds which can be used for developments in various fields like tribals, disaster management advanced ( since the region is now prone to cyclones on account of climate change) however the new rules can be a recipe for natural disaster since it has a lopsided approach examples: 1. the construction activities in crz 1 can lead to damage to coral reefs and other coastal ecosystem due to discharge 2. the tourism activities allowed at the crz 3( rural) can deprive coastal communities of their livelihood. these communities are known for preserving coastal ecosystem 3. tourism can affect the tribal way of life ( e.g. attempted conversion and the recent case of killing of American missionary by hostile tribals) way. ahead sustainable tourism on such islands like bungee jumping, sight seeing sensitive tourists on the need to preserve the indigenous culture there is a need to achieve the middle path as propounded by buddha since extreme tourism and development would lead to more carbon footprints and extreme ecology may not be current on account of growing strategic importance of Andaman islands near the Malacca strait and the ior.
Wahee Sultan (1 month ago)
Sir there is no cna on byju's site after 6th march plz upload today's cna on byjus site
VIJAY KUMAR (1 month ago)
Great discussion
Deenbandhu Tiwari (1 month ago)
sir cna where
Yash Pinto (1 month ago)
Please solve issues regarding CNA , can't avail it since few days .
now it is available for paid users only. No free CNA now.
nitesh kumar (1 month ago)
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Avtar Singh (1 month ago)
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Avtar Singh (1 month ago)
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I continue to watching the video bcoz of your in depth analysis and soft voice too 😁. Loved your voice
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Study only to clear paper not become PhD in current affairs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Upendra Hulimajjigi (1 month ago)
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Monika Kumari (1 month ago)
Where is CNA ..not uploaded since 7 march...please upload it...
Now CNA will not be uploaded dude. Now it is available for the paid users. As I am the paid user, I am getting the same but in different format.
upsc 499 (1 month ago)
+Shubham Kumar comprehensive news analysis
Shubham Kumar (1 month ago)
What is cna? Please tell me
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I can't read the CNA after the 6th of March. Has it been stopped? It was a nice way to study current affairs. I hope it is continued soon.
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Thank you. An inexorable guiding hand for us, the aspirants. Extending my sincere gratitude to BYJU'S team.
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