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Best Countries For Study Abroad

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It's graduation season and some of you may be planning on studying abroad next semester, but what country should you study in? John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston discuss the best countries to study abroad in. If you've studied abroad tell us about your experience in the comments below. Don't forget guys, if you like this video please "Like," "Favorite," and "Share" it with your friends to show your support - it really helps us out! If there's something you'd like to see us discuss on the show, tweet us about it! See you tomorrow :) ***************************************************** Every day ThinkTank challenges preconceptions, exposes amazing new facts and discoveries, explores different perspectives, and inspires you to learn more about the world and the people around you. Feed your brain with new videos every day at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific! SUBSCRIBE or you'll miss out! http://tinyurl.com/9o8kpf4 Keep up to date with John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston ON FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/thinktankfeed HANNAH: http://facebook.com/hannahcranstonhost ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/thinktankfeed JOHN: http://twitter.com/jiadarola HANNAH: http://twitter.com/HannahCranston ON INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/thinktankfeed JOHN: http://instagram.com/johniadarola HANNAH: http://instagram.com/hannahcranston ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/johniadarola HANNAH: http://www.youtube.com/hannahcranston ON TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/gamesetjohn
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Text Comments (700)
Teimu Hevonen (10 days ago)
There is nothing free except selling your ass for
Wrestling Mania (1 month ago)
i am pakistani girl i want to go abroad to become a doctor but my family is no rich. which country is best for me ?? please tell me
Pinkette M. (5 days ago)
Taiwan, China (like Tsinghua University), some universities in South Korea, most European universities, Scandinavian countries. Sometimes the U.K also.
Wrestling Mania (7 days ago)
+roger wangi am so intelligent i hope i will get success inshallah thanks alot
Wrestling Mania (7 days ago)
+roger wang 17 years
roger wang (7 days ago)
How old are you?
roger wang (7 days ago)
I feel bad for you....
M. Mureed Kazim (1 month ago)
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Dr.Ahtisham TV (1 month ago)
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DORI MI (2 months ago)
no way
Niklas Vilhelm (4 days ago)
You can study in no way
Bharath Reddy (2 months ago)
Germany is a better place to study
Niklas Vilhelm (4 days ago)
But you need good grades
harshal lonare (3 months ago)
updated info on study abroad 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INcK6zqQDBM
Heeeytherepal -_- (3 months ago)
Trump’s your problem with America? If you don’t like it, get out! Trumps the first nationalist president we’ve had in a good while and thank god for it. If you don’t like it why don’t you spend some time in a globalist country? Actually speak to the people, listen to what they have to say.
Heeeytherepal -_- (2 months ago)
Claudio Salis obviously not, trump is damn near the opposite of a fascist, jackass.
Blake N (2 months ago)
Claudio Salis are you comparing Trump to Mussolini? Trump is no fascist
Claudio Salis (2 months ago)
+Blake N well, I'm italian. I know very well what is a fascist
Blake N (2 months ago)
Claudio Salis wow, great display of intelligence. Automatic fascist because he supports Trump. Just brilliant.
Claudio Salis (2 months ago)
Funny fascist
anaya kapoor (3 months ago)
Please make a video on best universities abroad for guys to date hot and beautiful girls?
Ethan Downs (3 months ago)
Shoot me an e-mail. :) "[email protected]" Enjoy work!
Ethan Downs (3 months ago)
+anaya kapoor If you're looking to be an entrepreneur, then the US is a good place to learn how to do that. Capitalism is so embetted into their culture. If you went to Cali, and worked your ass off, while keeping an open mind. You'll get rich. That's how it works there. It is high stakes though - some people chase the "American Dream," expecting get their piece of the pie, but aren't willing to work hard for it. People who won't work hard or take initiative often end up living pay-check to pay-check.
anaya kapoor (3 months ago)
+Ethan Downs yes honestly I am very much looking to flirt and enjoy life as I have gone through a lot heartbreaks and down calls for once I want to enjoy my life and also work hard. I would be interested in doing an entrepreneurial courses in la if possible. Does the uc school provide any entrepreneurial courses. The other places you mentioned do they also provide entrepreneurial courses. Please send me your email address will chat with you later as I am going for work now. Have a great day
Ethan Downs (3 months ago)
+anaya kapoor Yea for the USA, you'll find plenty of beach-goers in Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Southern California. The best university for you will largely rely on what you want to study. The #1 school for computer programming isn't the same school as the #1 for Music Composition, ya know? If you're really looking at LA, then there are some fantastic schools like UCLA, which is a great school in a lot of subjects. Cali is among the most expensive places to live in the whole country though. Puerto Rico has nice American beaches and is still pretty cheap. They speak Spanish there as much as they do English though. If you're alright with some language challenges, look abroad! Like I said, Brazil is crazy fun, but so is Greece, the Caribbean and Spain! You seem like you're looking to flirt though. :P Are you American? There are places where that alone is really attractive. lol
anaya kapoor (3 months ago)
+Ethan Downs also what about La California I think there are a lot of hot and pretty babes there ? Could you suggest some University?
Nataasha Swamy (4 months ago)
Shivam Tiwari (4 months ago)
Check here for list of best countries for MS - https://admitkard.com/blog/2018/11/14/which-country-is-best-for-ms-complete-list-2019/
She Wolf (4 months ago)
Which universities teach in English in Italy?
Sarvesh Prabhu (4 months ago)
No canada, i dislike ez
Morosoph (4 months ago)
Lol wut. The UK is completely different to the US.
Alexis Raysik (4 months ago)
Really you're bringing politics into this video??? Typical. Thmbs down. Enjoy your freedom in the U.S.
Depo Lotse (6 months ago)
Best University for asian student in usa? Anyone knows?
Depo Lotse (2 months ago)
+Heeeytherepal -_- really? if you don't mine, i'll very happy.
Heeeytherepal -_- (3 months ago)
Depo Lotse my old school has many many Asian exchange students. I could get you I contact.
Parsa Taghavi (6 months ago)
Please tips me some English country for study abroad
Riley Anastasi (6 months ago)
That was so helpful, thanks a lot! But all things considered, I think i'm just going to throw a dart
anime world (6 months ago)
Efraim Monsale (6 months ago)
that woman is hot... i would love to eat her.
Abhay C (6 months ago)
Like it
c.sagan (7 months ago)
Iraqi...either Europe were study little bit harder or Malaysia were the beautiful nature
c.sagan (7 months ago)
Amey Dabholkar (8 months ago)
I am from commerce background and I am planning to do an cima and mba so is there any possibility that I can get job in abroad
Sassygamergal (8 months ago)
5. Uk 4. France 3. USA 2. Spain 1. Italy
Noah Wallace (8 months ago)
Just posted my first travel video from my semester abroad in Australia and New Zealand.. So cool to get out of texas.. tell me what you think. Your was super informative. https://youtu.be/gdtpAzfFApI
Kodie On the Radio (8 months ago)
*”Less Trump-“* Me: you’re not wrong
Jasmine D. (8 months ago)
what kind of research are you doing? France is definitely NOT cheaper than the US
Bohudorshi Raisul (8 months ago)
I have completed bachelor age 25. I don't have sufficient money. Which is better country to study in abroad to me??
anonymous me (7 months ago)
Raisul Islam I would advise you to emigrate to Germany It's 100% free
abroad study consultency (8 months ago)
Hello dear u want to study in central america please cal me 9576754733
Jyotishman Bora (4 months ago)
what's the scam?
xodiac (9 months ago)
The US is a bit dangerous tho
M.K. (9 months ago)
Where’s Germany? Studying is free in Germany and we have history?! Wtf
DSP16569 (7 months ago)
Free as "You have to pay nothing" it isn't .Every Student independent where he/she comes from has to pay a small "Semesterbeitrag" but this is something between 200 - 400€ (Includes often "Studententicket" (local public Transport is then free of additional charge) some cash for the AStA ( A students for Students like oranisation helps students with problems, help with legal forms, try to organise appartements for Students that didn't get one etc). Also in germany some private universities exists where you have to pay more. Not included in german universities are the costs for living (Appartment, ...)
minsugue (7 months ago)
CaroFine KenzFan some universities are free for international students to 😊
Stan Ashtonarbab (8 months ago)
Isn’t it free for people that live in german, and not for international students?
xodiac (9 months ago)
Maya K are u german? I was in germany last month and im going back in august lol
M.K. (9 months ago)
xodiac that was ironic. Hi bin selbst deutsche...
George Watson (9 months ago)
speak one at a time plz xx
Cassie Zem (9 months ago)
I've been studying and living in Vienna, Austria for the past few years... Never happier abt a decision in my life. It is an amazing city, living costs are reasonable. For youn pple, free cultural events and experiences all over the city, so if you're a broke student, it's the perfect place for you... Oh, it's also BEAUTIFUL!
livem (7 months ago)
How did you get to this University? To study there you need C1 certificate from german language.
Owen (9 months ago)
Studying in Norway was the best decision of my life
Alena Aponte (9 months ago)
zemasrunner If you don’t mind me asking, how did you handle meeting new people? Or did you already know people there when you went?
Ernie Bert (9 months ago)
Why not Germany University is free and there are Universities like TU München or Heidelberg
LIU Global (9 months ago)
If you want to make a difference in the world and become involved in global issue find out more about LIU Global! We are the only college that offers you the chance to live, study, and explore as you travel for 4 years to earn your BA in Global Studies through experiential learning in over 13 countries. Check out our info on financial aid and scholarships! http://liu.edu/global
Lee Thomas (10 months ago)
I need some input. With the issues going on in Europe lately with refugees, open borders, etc. is this all still true? Is Europe still a good place to go to to study abroad? Wanting to return to school but the identity politics in America is insane so trying to figure out where to go where it's not all political. Funny thing is, I'm thinking of either studying psychology or political science. Can't decide at the moment. So, any help??
Anne-Lou A. (9 months ago)
Lee Shaver yes it is. The immigrant problem is overdone, if you go to college you probably won't see any immigrants because you won't be going to the same places as them. Not only that but they are people too, immigrants aren't a problem.
Cutiepie Tanu (10 months ago)
Canada is not best country for study abroad????
Lee Thomas (10 months ago)
They're having political issues in certain areas. Especially Toronto. Unless they've settled down, I'm not too sure.
Chinkhuslen (10 months ago)
The woman is so disturbing wtf
Mino Micha (10 months ago)
#1 is Italy..? Welp, time to hit the books! I've studied Italian before, I can do it again! (might not be cheap though 😅)
Lily Ruff (10 months ago)
Actually tea originated in China
Essence E (10 months ago)
Why do interrupt each other I only hear annoying sounds!!
Iseult Licatese (10 months ago)
Why the fuck do you keep interrupting each other? What are you? 12?
Cyn Vargas (10 months ago)
I had to stop watching... I couldn't stand it anymore. Do not interrupt each other, it is super annoying.
Akshay Oke (10 months ago)
Higher studies in New Zealand is another prominent option that a student should consider when pursuing higher studies. Edex academy is one such institute that strives to counsel students to choose to study abroad and help them achieve admission in foreign universities..
enamul hoque (10 months ago)
UK has the best universities, no doubt about that!
Lena S. (10 months ago)
Germany is an important Country
Sk Rohan (10 months ago)
What about Canada?
Værdiløse Videoer XD (10 months ago)
Did u know in Denmark school is free..
Sakwat Hossain (11 months ago)
i think australia is best.
ABHILASH CHANDRAN. (9 months ago)
Not affordable. Pretty expensive.
fida hafiz (10 months ago)
No just saw Australia: rape on campus by aljazeera
moon star (10 months ago)
Sakwat Hossain where are you study now???
Atom Nous (11 months ago)
I like how they interrupted each other.
Yashasvi Prasad (11 months ago)
IRELAND 🇮🇪 ( Hub of medicine and technology like goggle, Pfizer, apple )
Arjana Alihodzic (1 year ago)
Please stop interrupting each other
EpicGameplay (11 months ago)
Arjana Alihodzic It is
Arjana Alihodzic (11 months ago)
EpicGameplay it's so annoying
EpicGameplay (11 months ago)
Arjana Alihodzic I just wanted to say that
George Jean-Louis (1 year ago)
i would recommend Germany because its really near everything
Lookman Kallan (1 year ago)
Anyone need help to mbbs admission in europe.. plz contact/whtsapp :+91 8606459020/+373 826 899
ABHILASH CHANDRAN. (9 months ago)
Lookman Kallan agent...?
Amanda Yang (1 year ago)
that girl is annoying af
Alejandro Bolaños (1 year ago)
Could they have a worse dynamic? You guys need a script or something
Ozz LB (1 year ago)
What about serbia?
Georgia Rosey (1 year ago)
Ozz LB are you going to study in Serbia?
Gabriel Douglas (1 year ago)
GERMANY ??????
Rishabh Dagar (1 year ago)
i woudnt trust these guys to choose for me. hit like if you agree
FUN MASTI MAZA (1 year ago)
Pakistan is very v i p country
FUN MASTI MAZA (1 year ago)
body power. you are crazy (crazy bitch)
body power (1 year ago)
FUN MASTI MAZA yes u can get top jobs like suicide bombers , n u can become rank 1 terrorist too 😎👌👌
nj sherpa (1 year ago)
where the fuck is australia
nj sherpa (1 year ago)
Irmelin Lie (1 year ago)
hssh hehe down under 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Human (1 year ago)
Poor hosting and presentation skills. Rather do individual channels/ videos. You are not good together
Abdelhak B (1 year ago)
And the info is basically not good. They forgot other countries that are really good... like Germany for example.
nj sherpa (1 year ago)
baiepragt ikr
Percy Liam (1 year ago)
If you interested in studying in Northern Cyprus kindly email me the department you are interested in and the school also gives 50% scholarship to international student and 100% scholarships without any exam to engineering students only, email me for more info [email protected]
Percy Liam (1 year ago)
Yes just send me an email
shubham atole (1 year ago)
Percy Liam MBA or PGDM in construction management!
Hossein RM (1 year ago)
Why do you speak when the other one is speaking?
Fake Donald J. Trump (1 year ago)
Yes, Spain, I wanna wake up there very early in the morning, go to a party whih is still going and flirt with some of these very drunk and tired girls. Maybe grab them by the pussy. Could be a total fun.
ella anais (1 year ago)
i don't trust this place, british weather is as bad as you believe
Adolf filerson (1 year ago)
for me Sweden , Finland , German , UK , U.S. , Singapore , France , Italian ,
I got a bit mad at this because all they looked at is best university of a country and then most popular people or stereotypes. Nothing about education system, scolarchips and stuff like that. I would have watched about places to travel to if I wanted to hear about famous places and food in the country
ultkihyun (1 year ago)
EXACTLY! I totally agree, just wasted my time.
GreenProudBoi (1 year ago)
Wow im very lucky to study in italy xD Lel actually i was born in the phillipines but i transferred here in italy x D !!!
Monk OBee (1 year ago)
This is a very good video that it helps me a lot about thr new places that I'm looking for studying there and tge way you guys talk it's easy and fast to understand and follow what you mentioned about ,so yes looking forward to seeing your new video
India is best (1 year ago)
I don't think ur video was based on "countries having good studies" but rather based on "countries having good vine"!!
Kiran Kumar (1 year ago)
good for all students
C (1 year ago)
Trump hurtie His feelings, def butthurt is strong with this one lol :p
C (1 year ago)
Oh wait, she lets one person control her miserable life :p poor baby
Le Bao Lam (1 year ago)
Just made a video about How to impress School/College/Uni & to win a Scholarship. Go check out!!!!
Wink Blink (1 year ago)
Honestly China, Taiwan or any Spanish speaking country is going to be more worth it in the end. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, China has tourism places for days and the food. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and there are tons of Spanish speakers in America and everything south of America. These two places will give you experience and language learning opportunities which will only benefit you in our day in age.
Fadychan (1 year ago)
Germany and Canada??? Hello????
cerys.emb (1 year ago)
Where's Germany?!?!
Aloosh Osman (1 year ago)
What about "germany"??
Joao Junior (1 year ago)
This video is wrong and missing really the number one: Canada.
Joao Junior (1 year ago)
Not so expensive. USA is much more expensive than Canada, that´s why many hollywood movies are filmed in Canada, ( Resident Evil - Toronto, X-men etc)
Breanna Lane (1 year ago)
Hasan Clashing depends on where, and where you're coming from. Ontario and BC (my opinion) is way more expensive than Alberta
Hasan Kilabi ツ (1 year ago)
Whaaaaaa!??? Canada is really damn expensive!
Joao Junior (1 year ago)
I lived in Toronto, it´s an amazing city.
Breanna Lane (1 year ago)
I live and study here
Wanderer (1 year ago)
List with Time - Stamps : 0:39 5. The United Kingdom 1:37 4. France 2:57 3. The United States 3:52 2. Spain 4:25 1. Italy
Wanderer (1 year ago)
+xXxLadyDejaVuxXx Ça m'a fait plaisir, Merci à toi.
xXxLadyDejaVuxXx (1 year ago)
Wanderer Merci Beaucoup!!!
EM MA (1 year ago)
Come here to Greece Its more existing I guarantee you!!😂😂
Essence E (8 months ago)
EM MA i wanna come see you🕵🕵 For one question which i can only ask you
gaurav sharma (1 year ago)
EM MA ohhhh i want to come 🤗
Iñaki Ors (1 year ago)
Jenin V (1 year ago)
why she is talking while he is speaking
Nazario (1 year ago)
Jenin Christopher yea,thats rude
Teun Vermeulen (1 year ago)
In France they barely speak English hahaha
Life Happens (1 year ago)
Koekiemonster that's not true, they prefer not to speak it only because they find many English nations annoying but other than that, there's a good amount who knows English
Raiden_ Ridge (1 year ago)
Wedge Antilles (1 year ago)
"Mona Lisa behind the red ropes" *facepalm* It's named Louvre... in case miss brainiac didn't know, and according to these two, United States is great place to study because Taylor Swift lives there. This is causing my brain to swell. STOP CAUSING ME BRAIN DAMAGE.
John Boyle (1 year ago)
You've got a lot of anger in you mate do you want to talk about it?
spectra Pharma (1 year ago)
what about phillipines
Khalid bin amin (1 year ago)
Eetwork (1 year ago)
what about INDIA? we have IIT.
Aniket das (1 year ago)
Day n Night agree to you..... Indians education system is nothing but a pis of shit.....
Ankur Tripathi (1 year ago)
Agree it you all ....all top C.E.Os are INDIANS!....
Shaka Brah (1 year ago)
Creative Anime Inc. Relax man, why do you have to be so mean?
Creative Anime Inc. (1 year ago)
SM2ooo fucking country. No one want to study in India
Ishaan Malhotra (1 year ago)
HeyIm Crray fuck off
Joseph Jucutan (1 year ago)
They keep bad mouthing Trump....Trump isn't going to be in office forever
Ben & Jerrys definitely is a good reason to come to the US for ! <3 ::)
Roderick Todd (1 year ago)
I studied abroad in Shanghai and I can't believe it didn't make the list. Low cost of living, Chinese chicks who love Americans, authentic food and culture, and for Christ sake it's China.
Vojtěch Fryblík (1 year ago)
If you came for advice on studying abroad, you're gonna get none.
Vojtěch Fryblík (1 year ago)
Well I'm very satisfied with my college here in the Czech Republic, but there isn't much more that I can say about that. :) Cost of living is low, tuition probably much lower than in many other Western countries and I'd say some of the universities are pretty decent.
keep it lowkey (1 year ago)
Vojtěch Fryblík oh ok hhaha im planning to study abroad.. i wanna expand my knowledge
Vojtěch Fryblík (1 year ago)
I can't talk from experience, I've only studied in my home country.
keep it lowkey (1 year ago)
Vojtěch Fryblík ohh.. but for you,which country has the best quality education?
Darius Costanciuc (1 year ago)
We dont need the best food we need the best teachers
I Am Not Okayonetta (1 year ago)
You guys need to stop talking at the same fucking time
Lilly James (1 year ago)
She is incredibly annoying omg.
Abstract Focus (1 year ago)
was this chick drunk or what? she's out here bugging out...
Reuben (1 year ago)
Is that all you fucking can say about Spain? It is the third country in the whole world with more World Heritage Sites (only behind Italy and China) and it has one of the most ancient and popular cultural backgrounds in the whole world as well, but the only thing you can actually point out is that is has 'churros, tapas and a thriving night life'. Cheers, Americans.
hey there (1 year ago)
Rubén lol i know right, Spain is brilliant except it's economy
LizMeetsWorld (1 year ago)
Honestly???? i think the reasons for choosinh these countries are pretty poor. Why didn't you use parameters like tution costs, living costs, education level etc. i would NEVER suggest spain if you want an uni degree. if you don't work incredibly hard there you'll come home with nothing cause the uni doesn't care abput you there. Go for the scandinavian countries, czech republic, austria, ... these are the AMAZING countries for studying abroad ;)
Shah Fahad (1 year ago)
It Does not matter (1 year ago)
We Don't Want Good Food or Cultures.We want good teachers and institutions...
hey there (1 year ago)
It Does not matter so go to the countries best unis, like UK Scandinavia, Germany

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