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Bitcoin Bull Market Exit Strategies

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Whats up everyone! In this video we talk about the crypto market reversal and when we should take profits when the time comes. These are the trading indicators I use to take profits. Buy PTDefender Here: https://www.ptdefender.com/r/cryptoboss CryptoBoss Discord: https://discord.gg/rffzEYE PTDefender Discord: https://discord.gg/tggKxz6 Buy Profit Trailer Here: http://bit.ly/cryptobossProfitTrailer Buy PT Feeder Here: http://bit.ly/cryptoprofitbot Sign Up For Binance Here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=13606836 Learn How To Set Up Profit Trailer With A VPS: http://bit.ly/cryptobossVPS Learn How To Set Up Profit Trailer: http://bit.ly/SetUpProfitTrailer Lear How To Set Up PT Feeder: http://bit.ly/SetUpPTFeeder Crypto Boss GitHub: https://github.com/TheCryptoBoss This video does not contain financial advice, it is purely the thoughts and opinions of the presenter. Please seek a proper financial advisor for financial advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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Text Comments (12)
Vicente W. Nunes (7 months ago)
Great stuff, looking for the defender update, if it is working as it should.
Gareth Fulcher (7 months ago)
Hard to see the RSI Boss - but otherwise this is one of your best. Thank you.
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
Thanks Gareth appreciate that my man! I’m going to be making this a series I think so more where this came from
N. R (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Should i use 1 hour chart with these indicators if i am swing tradi g? Or better with 4?
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
I like to use the 15 min, 1hr and 4hr and compare between them to get a better idea of what is going on. It’s a great way to judge the momentum. So if say check the 1 hour then check the 4hr for confirmation
Atwal (7 months ago)
Is it okay to use your previous settings with defender? I'm finding they actually make more profit than the new ones.
Atwal (7 months ago)
Great. Thank you.
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
Atwal great question, for me it depends on the bag size and the sentiment surrounding that coin. But a good rule of thumb would be to try to tackle it as soon as possible so I try for between 5-10% negative. Join the discord we chat about different strategies all the time you may get some ideas there
Atwal (7 months ago)
Great. One last thing, at what negative percentage after max buy times in DCA do you engage defender?
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
Yeah for sure! Any settings will work it’s all preference
Tom H (7 months ago)
Interesting, will definitely take a look at those
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
Definitely, the 4hr rsi is a great starting point. I think I’ll make this a series going over exactly how I use each indicator in real time
Michael Bates (7 months ago)
Can you show how you use OBV with your PT settings. I think the MACD cross with Stoch along with OBV, confirming would work really well
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
Definitely, join our discord too we talk about different settings in there all the time!
Malicious Upload (7 months ago)
Crypto Boss (7 months ago)
here we goooo
Malicious Upload (7 months ago)

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