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Industries Of The Future | Alec Ross | TEDxBaltimore

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Foresight about the innovations that will shape our future, and the skills we and our children will need to be a part of it. Providing lessons from tomorrow, today. Recorded at TEDxBaltimore January 2016. Alec is an author, Innovation Advisor, and Senior Fellow at Columbia University. He was Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (64)
Dubii FTW (2 months ago)
He keeps walking from right to left with no meaning
Franco M (3 months ago)
Even at 2x speed, this kid is gleaner of much... I do agree with him on 2 things: do NOT count on "the system" and BE a lifelong learner --- Unfortunately, he is clueless that the real solutions to blight comes from a functional economic system. Corruption is the major disruption in any "system" --- kinda simple really.
BigAirToy (3 months ago)
Hillary Clinton cmon smarter than that for sure
Ryan Cleveland (4 months ago)
Who would ever give this guy a job?
WRooM Auto (5 months ago)
answer is at 6:48
Vagarth Dvivedi (5 months ago)
Although the book was great, this talk wasn't a tenth of the quality.
Marco Campo (6 months ago)
If God himself ever made a speech on stage using relatively cheap tech..
Duggy Dugg (9 months ago)
what does this smart guy know about the ever increasing world killing debt.....the national debt ...the end of the world as we know it debt...the grid stopping debt...the taxpayer's debt...plus interest ? most tune out...glaze over...or say greed and go on living as if normalcy were a guaranteed gift...
Sze Kiong Lim (10 months ago)
Basically, I think it is rather narrow-minded. We must consider the whole economy and the whole human society and the whole system. We must consider that this is a market economy, that mean, whatever we produce and how many we produce, it must have a market. It should be an equilibrium of supply and demand. You cannot simply think of more robots and less human labor. If more and more people are unemployed, the market will shrink as there will not have enough purchasing power. So, the equilibrium will lost. Furthermore, we must think of society as a vertical and not horizontal social structure. The people will never have equal employability due to their different DNA and their ability. Some of them may only fit for certain low skill jobs. Not all the new jobs created will be suitable for everyone as we are different. Somemore, if more and more skills can be taken over by computers, sooner or later, we will not be able to find professions like doctors or accountants, etc. But, human are basically biological, if everyone can read the internet and medicines are available online, then, doctors will be redundant. If more and more jobs are loss, less research will be done on human as to cure any illness will be unprofitable. So, slowly, when more robots take over more jobs, we will lose the meaning of existance and all sciences relating to human, like medicines, biology or even social sciences will lose its significance as the world will see more robots than human and robots do not need such science.
Jarrod Thomas (10 months ago)
His opening statements and his political micro speech about, “changing the system,” made his overall speech less interesting and mind-numbing.
John Kim (1 year ago)
Without a doubt, I see great validity and strength in Alec's experiences and his advice! Industrial reorganization and the New Economy have changed the very nature of education along with employer demands! Much of the social structures in place are still necessary but their promises for a better future have largely become obsolete more than ever. And we are entering a time where even college degrees are largely becoming obsolete (although necessary as employers demand them) and basic programming is becoming obsolete as well (w/ so many libraries of them and simplified editors). It definitely is where the most adaptable are the ones surviving and the jobs requiring such are the real ones being created!
Andrew Large (1 year ago)
What's with the sound levels?
Alessandro Ferrando (1 year ago)
Liked it, very Christian Bale-ish style
Samz (1 year ago)
Cadia Stands! (1 year ago)
“Don’t rely on the system to save you...” Great advice.
John Kim (1 year ago)
Most definitely true! One problem though is that there's a balance of such required to be successful. One has to accept the social system and still go through the education required in order to be successful. Very few employers will now hire for jobs w/o a college degree among the high paying ones (although those have been disappearing fast while low paying ones have even grown). And many people who are not socially normal will have difficulty adapting to jobs. Definitely don't rely on the system to save you but accept it for what it is as well!
Suh Cars (1 year ago)
What a fundamental misreading of the problems. This is entirely about DNA, and nothing to do with access to opportunity. IQ tests prove this.
311 33 (8 months ago)
IQ doesn't matter, search for Emotional intelligence (EQ). There are people who have high level of IQ but they're not smart or more intellectual than those who have low IQ. Reason is opportunities. Did you have good opportunities to make a good and successful life or no. If you grow in a places like india africa iran or somewhere like that where you can't afford you education, not only in schools or university but Internet too, than you have less chances even if you have high iq level.
Suh Cars (1 year ago)
I couldn't find the studies you mentioned. When I research it, I only find studies that show the opposite. Like the twins separated at birth and raised in different socioeconomic classes, they were within 5 points of each other in IQ.
Henry Tilley (1 year ago)
Actually there is has been studies that parents can help grow a child into a genius with the right opportunities and parenting. There are average joes popping up all over as successful millionaire entrepreneurs. Yeah nature does have some effect​ but for the human being it mostly comes down to nurture.
Rest Relax (1 year ago)
cyber security is a saturated market lol
Simon Anthony (1 year ago)
An inspiring talk and one that chimes totally with my personal experience. I have yet to make it to the White House and I wonder if he is still there but I can see that sort of path is possible. But, if he is still there then that is one job I can't have. Too many brilliant people for too few and rapidly reducing number of jobs. The possibly not too distant future may have roles for everyone, but these do not exist at the moment. While people are learning there is little or no support. When people get to 50 or older, learning new stuff is quite a task if they have not been keeping a learning cycle running as they aged. What to do ? Basic Income. This is essential if only as a sticking plaster. I hope that Basic Income will stick and stay, but it is a social 'Must-have' for everyone who no longer has or has yet to gain any employment. I have recently be teaching 5 year olds to code. That is a basic skill needed for the next generation, but, if everyone has it - it ceases to be a job ticket in just the way a university education is no longer a guarantee of work. Not having either though is a guarantee of never getting anything.
kdmfinn (1 year ago)
So where does someone in their 50s find employment if they have lost their job?
Grafis (1 year ago)
Veeeery good video.
I (1 year ago)
This was an emotionally impactful and insightful talk. I didn't think that learning about how industries evolved would broaden my perspective a lot but this talk not only taught me but broadened me. I would recommend this talk.
circusboy90210 (1 year ago)
Your talk is based on a flawed premise America's manufacturing jobs are not going we still have delete in manufacturing all good in the world at 33% while the world durable goods made in the United States. We have Not lost our jobs The fact that you work for Hillary Clinton shows you have no ethics and I cannot believe anything you say
Tool Jockey (1 year ago)
Anybody watching age >18?
Nikolaj Ulstrup (1 month ago)
Of course
Patrick Michalina (1 year ago)
Wrong. The next trillion dollar industry is Bitcoin.
D. Crp (1 year ago)
Very authentic talk. Advice worth taking.
Red rebel (1 year ago)
Best sector is in yourself only
D Master (1 year ago)
he said "the skills and the characteristics of people in their 20s and 30s are what people are looking to hire" in other words if you're in your forties and fifties and you want to get hired you need to spend most of your spare time on Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter and staring into your phone at every opportunity and never looking anyone in the eye and talking to them and have very little face-to-face social intelligence. if you do this companies will be falling over themselves to hire you.
Diaz IbIbah (1 year ago)
don't make your insecurity about your age and lack of understanding of the younger generation other peoples problems.
D Master (1 year ago)
why would anyone want to learn computer programming. all the programming jobs will soon be outsourced to India because as he said all you need is an Internet connection.
Henry Zhou (3 months ago)
Learning computer science will change the way you think fundamentally. You will learn how to reason in a structured, rigid way that not only will allow you to write computer programs, but problem solve. Problem solving is universal - understanding computer science will improve the way you read text, the way you organize and plan problems, even the way you approach relationships. Understanding computer programming and the abstract theory behind it will provide you with confidence for your economic success as well as the technological literacy to help you, as Alec emphasizes, be more adaptable to changes on the horizon.
Alex Jenkins (1 year ago)
get some passion boy! fark
Jessica Lizarraga (2 years ago)
This guy's hot
Antonella S (1 year ago)
Jessica Lizarraga true
Herman Kepani Jr (2 years ago)
awesome video
Rohit Setia (2 years ago)
I am not in this 🐕 race to prove anything, I will just grow apples in my Apple farm. know your abilities and keep doing what interests you and what comes naturally to you, and if you find yourself talented in nothing then just be happy with your low wage job, cut your desires, don't compare yourself to others and don't have kids.
WeNeedCarlSaganBack (2 years ago)
Video starts at 06:12
Aashish Mlaviya (4 months ago)
WeNeedCarlSaganBack The world needs more people like you
DHIRAV SOLANKI (7 months ago)
rohan mhadgut (10 months ago)
K. B. (1 year ago)
speed 1.5
Anis Matar (1 year ago)
speed 1.25
Dijonne Stricklen (2 years ago)
thank you for the advice.
Chaoran Yu (2 years ago)
Spent yesterday reading through the entire book. He made some really compelling arguments based on his journeys all over the world. It was eye opening.
Deb Barker (2 years ago)
Excellent and highly recommended.🇦🇺
Nero (2 years ago)
This guys voice makes me want to sleep
Susan Porretta (2 years ago)
This guy should run as the next Democratic candidate. His tone is perfect and he is talking about the country's future in the right way.
hotmandead1 (2 years ago)
Well said
Noel Rupanga (2 years ago)
you was like an angel sent was searching for the next industries to make my name in i just found them all three
Ninii Tread (2 years ago)
Totally awesome and true❗️✌🏿️👏🏿👏🏿👏🏼👏🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏾👏🏾
Livingston Ravi (2 years ago)
Jeremy Headifen (3 years ago)
If you check wikipedia for douchebag guess whose photo you will find. Hilary Clintons handbag Alec Ross.
Vivian Greene (3 years ago)
Alec Ross, I could listen to you all day. In fact, I might.
Javier Bonilla (1 year ago)
Vivian Greene are you marrying the guy?
Ken Ammi (3 years ago)
Guarantee success for jobs of the future: treating wrists and necks as all of today's tech-zombies will grow up to have massive damage to their wrists and necks due to their inability to look away from the portable devices which they hold in their claw-like hands.
Asit Patel (1 year ago)
Recycle electronics waste and batteries woul₹ be a grea5 ndystry to b3 part of.
Jarrett Reckseidler (3 years ago)
Great job Alec!...especially your emphasis on inequality of opportunity.
Don Carmen (3 years ago)
Practical words of wisdom, nice to hear. I also hear a touch of Ayn there.

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