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OECD proposes data exchange system to crack down on tax evasion

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The OECD proposed Thursday a new system for cracking down on offshore tax evasion,.... in a bid to improve financial transparency worldwide. The new global standard would require countries that are party to the agreement... to collect and provide information about the investment income, financial assets and bank balances of account-holders who live outside of the country. The system is expected to be finalized during the upcoming meeting of G-20 finance ministers slated for late February in Australia. The organization plans to implement the system by the end of next year. Forty-two countries, including Britain, France and Germany, have already expressed their commitment to signing on to the plan.
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TheShockmister (4 years ago)
The OECD, FED, IMF, World Bank, UN EU are all Nazi Inspired theft machines full of corrupt and vile Nazi bureaucrats. For decades these systems have aided and covered the theft from humanity, This attempt to placate the wronged wont save them from the gallows. Hang them all.

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