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Kanye West - Barry Bonds ft. Lil' Wayne [HQ]

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This is track 7 of 13 off of the third album by producer + rapper + singer + whatever Kanye West. Basically, if u like fun pop rap, then u will like this... Wanted to upload this as a full album but I think UMG shadowblocks all full album videos bc the copyright goes through them and every time I've tried to upload an album copyrighted by UMG it simply won't work for other people (even though it doesn't say it's blocked at all on my end.) I decided to settle for uploading the individual tracks instead. Planning on doing the same thing with the rest of Kanye's projects up to "Yeezus." plz buy the album so the ppl that own the music can make more money: https://www.amazon.com/Graduation-Kanye-West/dp/B000RG1FMO ---------------------------------------- Yo, if you like talking about Kanye / Kid Cudi / Frank Ocean / other music + fashion + gaming + pets + life problemss + more pets, join this discord server: https://discord.me/futura Discord is basically like a mix of skype's voice chat and just regular chatrooms. It's kinda confusing to use at first but you will get used to it quick. Hope to see you there! 🤠 ---------------------------------------- I don't own the music or images used in this video, nor do I claim to. I do not make any profit of of the music or images used in this video, nor do I intend to. All of the monetization gets automatically directed towards the rights holders. If you would like this video taken down, please contact me through my channel's about page and I will take it down. love u.
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صامولي (1 month ago)
that's personally my best track in this album, love this. thanks <3

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