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How Does China Manipulate Its Currency?

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Text Comments (767)
Shahab Azizi (1 month ago)
*€€€* 💶💶
Eva (2 months ago)
Interesting video..but please use less distracting background music next time!!!! ;)
Bender Bending Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Have you guys forgotten the Plaza Accord?
Jay A M (3 months ago)
Every country manipulates currency in a way. Fixed exchange rate countries have more work to do maintain a fixed exchange rate. But even those with floating exchange rates needs US dollars handy or their money printing presses on h standby.
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XavierX (4 months ago)
another propaganda video
Hye Ryoung Lee (4 months ago)
AM I the only one who don't understand 'they've attempted to stem the inevitable devaluation of their currency' part? at 1:20, behind the footage, news saying 'China lets Yuan fall further' I think those two sentences contradict each other . Why does China want to stop the devaluation? devaluation means rise in exchange rate, so that would be helpful to boost its export.
black sea (6 months ago)
2019 6.81 6.88 6.88 6.76 6.78 -1.44% 2018 6.63 6.49 6.98 6.26 6.88 5.72% 2017 6.76 6.96 6.96 6.49 6.51 -6.32% 2016 6.65 6.53 6.96 6.45 6.95 7.18% 2015 6.28 6.20 6.49 6.19 6.48 4.52% 2014 6.16 6.05 6.26 6.04 6.20 2.48% 2013 6.15 6.23 6.24 6.05 6.05 -2.89% 2012 6.31 6.29 6.39 6.22 6.23 -0.95% 2011 6.46 6.59 6.64 6.29 6.29 -4.70% 2010 6.77 6.83 6.83 6.60 6.60 -3.37% 2009 6.83 6.82 6.85 6.82 6.83 0.15% 2008 6.95 the yuan as u can see the last 10 years have not change much
hurfadurf (7 months ago)
Better name for this video would be: How does NowThis World create selective truth propaganda.
Qflick (7 months ago)
US resorts to wars to maintain the US dollar as world “key currency”.That “key currency” status has allowed Washington to manipulate the value of the dollar because the US remains the sole unchallenged world military leader. Facts.
Maarten van der Poel (7 months ago)
Not a Trump fan, But DJT is right on this point!
Scott Tangents (7 months ago)
Death to the CCP the Chinese Communist Party.
User968 (9 months ago)
Funny watching this now, 3 years later. Now CNN would be saying China is wonderful and US (Trump) is evil, basically the opposite.
dusty rhodes (10 months ago)
American talents raise their hourly billing rate. China’s illiterates lower their hourly billing rate (through currency devaluation). In 1978 1 yuan was almost equal to 1 dollar. In 2018 7 yuan is equal to 1 dollar. Basically, if you could afford to hire one Chinese servant for one hour each day in 1978, today that servant works 7 hours for the price of one. Only the Chinese see value in feeding at the bottom.
Pushpendra Patwal (10 months ago)
Whole currency manipulation thingy sounds stupid.Every country in this world manages it's currency to benefit herSelf... FED bailout , isn't it same ?
PK Wong (10 months ago)
What a load of BS. China did not manipulate its currency.
Shirota (1 year ago)
China does manipulate its currency. You cant post 500 billion dollars a year in trade surpluses. If you arent manipulating your currency. When China's trade balance is zero. Meaning zero losses and zero gains. Then you know the currency is balanced. But 500 billion a year indicates extreme undervalue-ness. And the dollar is freaking worthless. You cant buy anything with it. And China stuck holding all of this worthless money.
Binghui Zheng (1 year ago)
The lack of monetary policy knowledge is quite shocking
Stephanie Y (1 year ago)
I cringe everytime she says Renminbi and Yuan.
USD is even darker.
ForAmerican (1 year ago)
Why don't you make a video about how the US print as many dollar bills as they want and spend them all? What will happen when everybody wants to change US dollar to somethign else?
flyerzy (1 year ago)
How Does US Manipulate Its Currency for years and years?
Jj Chen (1 year ago)
The currency is undervalued. China should just sell its foreign reserves and then use the money to spend on nuclear missiles. What the Yuan is worth will be determined by the free market. The govt doesnt need to take part in the value of the Yuan. A stronger Yuan will lead to more purchasing power. Allow the Chinese govt to buy more stuff from abroad. A weaker Yuan will reverse that and allow Chinese corporations to export more abroad while reducing how much the govt and its people can import.
0218 L (1 year ago)
Doesn't tell where the foreign currency go.
Abhay Achal (1 year ago)
How powerful is Petrodollar ?
Truth Matters (1 year ago)
Hey, how baout keep printign new dollar bills. Let's talk about that.
China smart
Triple H (1 year ago)
Chinese are crooked
cangjie12 (1 year ago)
Yuan rhymes with man, not with Mann! Only some northerners pronounce it like that and it’s not correct.
allah son (1 year ago)
bomb us n China Wed,prolly b good
allah son (1 year ago)
they already manipulating,n engaging in scams n fraud n abuse n walls sgreet,n trying to charge more money per annum bomb China fast to stop this n bitcoincryptocrisis
allah son (1 year ago)
destroy money period we won't be eating thanks to obumaas,julu 2014 money act behind closed doors their currency money laundering g
Yakub Patel (1 year ago)
How powerful is South Africa
Sukhdev Singh (1 year ago)
Dr. Mond (1 year ago)
Chinese currency: Print some pieces of paper. Make all countries in the World accept your paper as money. Use your paper to buy real money. Use real money to buy (real state in) other countries until you own the World.
Michal Ziobro (1 year ago)
Yeah and USA is emitting endless dolars as it is reserve currency :)
O (2 years ago)
The Chinese are clever
Wong Tik Ki (2 years ago)
Do people from this channel know economics?
Daniel Bentler (2 years ago)
China is the largest currency manipulator You don't say?
zhang克 (2 years ago)
In which way does the Chinese Central Bank manipulate its currency? If it liberates the Chinese Yuan, would the Chinese people even have more money to buy everything in the world than they do it today? See the Canadian house bubble. Everywhere are the Chinese.
Sreemukh Kovuri (2 years ago)
Over-reliance on a country (China) for trade is bound to have repercussions. It goes without saying that US needs to reframe its policies to internalise manufacturing more.
Don Harris (2 years ago)
pronounced 'waun' not 'yawn'
Michael Jhonson (2 years ago)
Chinese are racist ugly and stupid and want to take over the world....that's their agenda.
anand a (2 years ago)
stupid expalnation
Mark Adshead (2 years ago)
One minute she said that the Chinese currency holds "greater weight" than the pound. But then she goes onto to say that the Chinese currency has "far to go" before rivalling the dollar. Although the pound is stronger than the dollar. Makes no sense.
The Matt (2 years ago)
They're just protecting their country with "protectionist" measures...good on them.
chance2413 (2 years ago)
As a slew of propaganda is released to claim China does NOT manipulate it's currency, as the wealthy controllers benefit greatly from the scam.
asd fgh (2 years ago)
japan has been devaluing its currency way more than china, why isnt there a video on that....?
SEAN PAN (2 years ago)
Only fools and " stupid people" say that.
this video is incorrect in so many ways. Tons of errors
Bryce Kaplan (2 years ago)
cool story bro, now make me a FUCKING SANDWICH!
skunktheshrink (2 years ago)
What about the other side of the story? i.e. effect of currency manipulation on the residents
Cognitive Atlas (2 years ago)
How does China manipulate its currency? Like how Japan and South Korea manipulated their currencies in the 80s and 90s.
Kim Cage (2 years ago)
China CANNOT manipulate its currency. The renminbi is pegged to the US dollar.
IE (2 years ago)
I am worried. Trump doesn't seem to understand how international economies work.
IE (2 years ago)
The USA is envious of China. The USA's currency is manipulated by the Jews that run the Federal Reserve.
Harsh Dang (2 years ago)
india's demonetization effects could be a great topic to discuss
Tejas Khoday (2 years ago)
You have not explained how buying $500 Billion was currency manipulation. If China wants its currency value to be competitively cheap, why would it try to bolster its value? The video is just too fast paced and lots of text (subtitles, quotes etc.) which make it disturbing when combined with that sorta background music. Hope this feedback is taken positively. Thx!
Tejas Khoday (2 years ago)
The background music is really disturbing.
ᅚBlank (2 years ago)
If the Yuan deflates and the Dollar inflates, how is that China being cheaper? The Exchange rate could go up to be 6USD = 1Yuan and from there the dollar keeps inflating and the Yuan keeps deflating so eventually 12USD = 1yuan. That would mean more USD is required for the same Chinese good. How is that attractive to buyers if it costs more?
bassdewd (2 years ago)
Com on, this is extremely biased. Why do you think US can consume as much as they do and have such cheap products? Exactly for this reason. It benefits rather than damage the US economy.
Dev Kulkarni (2 years ago)
Since India is demonetising it's ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 bills for new bills . Can you make video on "How strong/weak is Indian Currency?"
Jala Mela (2 years ago)
May Allah suck Dick.
Mej (2 years ago)
good job china! they don't invade and kill civilians
manuel paredes (1 year ago)
but they make others country poors..
ecwinste (2 years ago)
Lord_Trumoo (2 years ago)
This is wild
Michael Barry (2 years ago)
I luv seeker it's the best show any where
MoMos Dead (2 years ago)
you're pretty
Ji Hoon Lee (2 years ago)
I don't understand this, because I don't have money, because I'm poor.
City90 (2 years ago)
This video shows that china is bad. CIA Agendas
Dr. Mond (2 years ago)
Print some pieces of paper, get all countries in the world recognize your paper as money. Use your pieces of paper to buy real money. Use the real money to buy (real estate in) other countries until you own the world.
Airborne Infantry (2 years ago)
YH CHUNG (2 years ago)
You should also make a video to explain how the US manipulates its currency by keeping the interest rate fucking low. Biased media!
YH CHUNG (1 year ago)
TheRealNoodles I’m surprised you don’t now that. Look at the national debt of the US. The US keeps printing money
TheRealNoodles (2 years ago)
Hang Chung ?? how?
Nick (2 years ago)
杨晨 (2 years ago)
I hate the pattern of the Chinese yuan, I see that dictator will be angry
Ryan Yan (2 years ago)
For a second, I thought she was talking about the U.S., Lol
Nathan Long (2 years ago)
A Very Kind Guy so China would have to fight against America to keep their power I'm up for that.
J A (2 years ago)
Trump wants to punish countries that manipulate their currency
J A (2 years ago)
Ryan Yan No, we are the ones that suffer most from it.
Brad Smith (2 years ago)
1:11 LOL - If only that was the truth. It's cute how deluded the world is. Frightening...but cute.
Abdi Ade (2 years ago)
i thought Trump was creating his own stories
Hai Bui (2 years ago)
Vậy Trung Quốc in tiền dể dầu tư thư 2 họ lam tiền của họ re hơn để người khác mua hang của họ.
d3ng (2 years ago)
shes got very nice lips
Jon Snow (2 years ago)
shes got nice everything
TopArtic Mudrel (2 years ago)
by the way mention one central bank in the world that is not manipulating its currency... the truth is, build economy that is based on massive production and when you manipulate your currency, it just works super fine.. but when you only print dollar and enforce using it with wars and removing head of states and having puppets all over the world to use it by force or fire... you are on the wrong side of history... that is the difference between u.s and china.
TopArtic Mudrel (2 years ago)
China is finally taking over, slow but steady.. Lesson to learn here, you don't build economy backed by wars and removing head of states for backing the empty and useless dollar. You build economy with super hard working people. Now this is communist finally taking over, an ideology the west created and campaigned against.. That is the idea of creating an ideology in the first place... Meanwhile I don't know what to call ppp. It just makes super sense.. Private public partnership, Chinese invention
Mohamed Elgassim (2 years ago)
"inherently self-serving and competitive move" welcome to politics .. either keep up or lose.
Walden A (2 years ago)
I am confused. Why can't China print more money, so that the huge population can get benifit from it? and When you print more money, shouldnt the value goes down? How did China be able to purchase so many USD without any warning? Who exactly own it, the government or companies??? ???????????????????????
Adam Collins (2 years ago)
JudeTubeHD (2 years ago)
+Adam Collins (Test) sorry bro, my reply was not towards you
Johne Hesen (2 years ago)
It is funny to see how the West likes to blame everything on China, just because it is growing rapidly.
Ray Finkle (5 months ago)
Did you WATCH the video? They're growing rapidly because they devalue their currency, dingbat. It specifically "favors exports over imports." Perhaps you should sit the next few plays out, chief.
WICKEDLEE LOOPY (2 years ago)
🙈 before you know it we will all be asking , how many bitcoins buy 1liter of milk . make it 10 & keep the Bc001 change
Obviously, the biggest currency manipulator is USA, through QE, QE2, QE3 and manipulate the interest rate etc.
Japan Maldives (2 years ago)
skynet000001 (2 years ago)
This is why i support the TPP, China is excluded....;-)
Raymundo Vega (2 years ago)
China is in the negotiating table though
Chris mcBride (2 years ago)
How powerful is Walmart
chillstep4life (2 years ago)
It's called a "currency peg," not "Currency Manipulation." Many countries have a fixed peg against the dollar. Why? Because the dollar is the worlds largest reserve currency. Don't get mad at China, or for that matter nearly 90% of the world that peg's their currency to the dollar. Why? Because the U.S. has chosen a monetary policy that benefits Wall Street, but not Main street. Those manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the U.S. unless the U.S. wants to relinquish its privilege of being the worlds reserve currency. There are pros and cons to everything in economics, monetary policy is no exception. So, calling China a "Currency Manipulator" is just the easy way of bashing China for out playing the U.S. Like I said, 90% of all countries peg to the dollar, this is called a fixed currency. The U.S. uses a free floating currency, just like the Euro and Yen, which are also considered reserve currencies. This entire channel is built from simple people, who know very little about a particular subject and then quote the first online article they see as fact. If you really want to know something you should do your own in-depth research about it, not watch these short 3 minute videos that try to summarize an in depth novel into a few spark-notes.
Lee Zhen Xiang (3 hours ago)
pegging in US dollar helps in trade advantage and we do all benefit from the "free market". Why is it China pegging the currency and the rest of the world cannot compete? Please do your critical thinking.
aconsideration1 (5 months ago)
Sorry dude. A peg is not the same as currency manipulation. The peg is fixed at a certain % of the dollar and rises and falls in tandem with it. China is manipulating its currency value based on transactions.
Eugene Mak (8 months ago)
But doesn't pegging lock the currencies in a limited range? But China can devalue its currency 2% in a day to stimulate exports. Am I getting it wrong?
Whit h (1 year ago)
but by not pegging, doesn't it make the currency more volatile, less stable?
TheRealNoodles (2 years ago)
because you have no domestic policy space. Pegging your currency, you have to have both the currency you're pegged to and your own currency to manipulate the price. If you don't have the currency reserve necessary then you can be stuck in a trap. Foreign currency comes into the country when you export more, so you have to export more than importing. Another thing you can do is, keep domestic wages low so people can't afford to import so export is more than imports. Having pegged currency is not flexible.
Patrick Hamilton (2 years ago)
yuan is pronounced "you-en"
Sam Dee (3 years ago)
American rebuilt the Chinese economy by buying all Chinese products..........can i say Americans are stupid
aaryA (3 years ago)
how powerful is kim kardashian?
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William Koven (3 years ago)
Please make a news: How America has the largest GDP in the world? Where it come from? technology, goods, services, agricultures? Thank you
GREy angElCE (3 years ago)
For all those who think that China is bad or whatever i want to clear you some things 1) The Chinese people are more patriotic than the American ones as they sacrifaces their own lives for a better generetion rather than having a debt that their grand grand children have to repay. 2) America is manupulating his own currency also... it is called lowering interest rates of central bank. 3) A businessman doesnt care about his nationality. The only thing that he cares is about profit (See Apple). So being proud for other american's fortune is like saying " My neighbour have the biggest dick in the world"
Atul Dalvi (3 years ago)
They had shown same symbol for both Yen and Yuan..There is slight difference in horizontal line..
Eric Khai (3 years ago)
flooding the market with a particular currency/counterfeiting/overprinting with a particular currency will devalue that currency while draining the market of a particular currency will increase the value of that currency.
Rohanson Haynes (3 years ago)
This is what Donald Trump is talking about!
Jesuis Becoming (3 years ago)
Soros, number one currency speculator just watching America Print lots of Confetti dollar! Mafia Dollar is back by force ! 😎

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