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AEOI: Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts.

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My last video about Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts. This is the first ever agreement to exchange this type of information automatically between the jurisdictions that signed the agreement under a single global standard on an annual basis. 54 jurisdictions committed to start the information exchange by 2017, 47 jurisdictions more by 2018. If you are operating a business outside of your country of citizenship or residency you should be aware of the new reporting standards! --------------------------------------------------- Contact Astorts Group: 👉🏻 www.astortsconsulting.com 👉🏻 [email protected] 📞 +442037402520 📞 +85235212835 📞 +74991123783 --------------------------------------------------- #bank #exchange #aeoi #fatca #money #investment #forex #broker #wealthmanagement #familyoffice #bankaccount #like4like #london #moscow #hongkong #astortsgroup #offshore
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Frank Goodman (1 year ago)
I hired him for my case, very professional.
Marthe Josseaume (1 year ago)
Very useful content
Annie Sparkle (1 year ago)
Great video

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