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Top Secret Tax Saving Schemes of Billionaires (No Income Tax)

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►Save Millions on tax with the Secret Tax Saving Schemes of Billionaires ►NO Tax on Income & Wealth ►100% legal Do you know why 36 Billionaires and other celebrities are living Switzerland? Do you know why all the Formula 1 drivers moved to Switzerland? Because Switzerland is a tax haven without income taxation. That means a lot. You can close a private deal with the Swiss tax authorities. The super deal is super-secret. There is a little-known tax saving scheme called the lump sum taxation. No tax on your income and wealth. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a Billionaire, a movie star or a Formula 1 driver to qualify for such tax saving schemes. I show you step by step how the Swiss tax saving schemes will work for you, as a foreign entrepreneur. I will bring examples. One of them is a client, a US entrepreneur who is paying 5% only of what he paid before in the USA. You can do the same. ►► Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland – Requirements & Examples – All Cantons listed with a detailed comparison https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/lump-sum-taxation-switzerland/ ►► Join our Boutique Law Firm Letter https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ►► Our Website: https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/ ►► Tax Evasion [Best Tips & Tricks] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/tax-evasion/ ►► OECD Automatic Exchange of Information and CRS [Insider Report 2018] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/automatic-exchange-of-information/ ►► How Millionaires pay less Tax using Secret Tax Avoidance Strategies – Confessions of an International Tax Lawyer https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/tax-avoidance/ ►► Ultimate Guide in Private Banking to Secure Your Wealth https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/private-banking/ ►► Best Private Bank List – Swiss Private Bank Directory https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/best-private-bank-list-swiss-private-bank/ ►► 10 Reasons for Swiss Bank Account Opening [Ex-UBS Lawyer reveals the truth] https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/swiss-bank-account-opening/
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Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland – Requirements & Examples ►https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com/lump-sum-taxation-switzerland/
Sandy Orencia (4 months ago)
That is Awesome Attorney! Great explanation! God Bless!
gallardoman68 (2 months ago)
Note to self, if i win the euro millions , ill be knockin on mr caputos door.
Caputo & Partners AG (2 months ago)
Excellent, Let's hope that your call will arrive very soon.
CaNNarProduction (4 months ago)
love this fellow.
Caputo & Partners AG (2 months ago)
Thank you for the compliments.
Sethu Shelembe (4 months ago)
Does an offshore bank report you to your country?
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
The offshore bank will report to the tax authority and the tax authority will report to the tax authority of your place of residence. If you want to circumvent the AEOI & CRS reporting, you can buy a Cyprus Golden Visa and Switzerland will report to Cyprus instead to the tax authority of the country of your residence.
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
Swiss Banks will report account information to your country of residence. You can avoid the reporting by buying a new residence in Cyprus, Malta, Spain, and Portugal with Golden Visa Program. Swiss banks will report to the fictitious new place of residence and therefore, there will be no reporting to your country of effective residence.
Daniel Luster (4 months ago)
That's awesome! B-) Hopefully, I'll be moving to Switzerland. :)
Daniel Luster (4 months ago)
+Caputo & Partners AG You're welcome!🙂
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
Thank you. I am happy that you like the information.
Erik Verschaeren (4 months ago)
Interesting video. If I am not mistaken, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, used this tax system also.
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
Yes, you are right. Kamprad, the IKEA founder used the same scheme explained with the video.
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
You are 100% right. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, used exactly the same scheme. The more income you produce, the bigger is the difference between living expenses and effective income which will remain untaxed. The non taxation of the difference is the benefit out of it.
Ross Morgan (4 months ago)
Great video. I have a follow up question: Would someone be able to avail of the Italian Lump Sum arrangement if they moved to Campione d'Italia?
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
+Ross Morgan Campione d'Italia is not a very nice place for permanent residence. Its attached to the mountains and attached to the lake. There are much better places around the lake of Como.
Ross Morgan (4 months ago)
Thank you for that. The reason I asked is that I understood that Campione d'Italia had a special tax status anyway and I was curious if the recently introduced Lump sum tax scheme would also apply there. Thanks for the clarification.
Caputo & Partners AG (4 months ago)
Yes, we have the same scheme in Italy with a flat tax of EUR 100'000 per year. Campione d'Italia is Italian territory and not Swiss territory.
Angelika squishy (4 months ago)
Attorney you can help me to get my nationality?

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