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Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU

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Scrolling through our social media feeds feels like a harmless part of our daily lives. But is it actually as harmless at seems? According to social media expert Bailey Parnell, our growing and unchecked obsession with social media has unintended long term consequences on our mental health. As social media continues to become part of the fabric of modern life – the “digital layer” – abstinence is becoming less of an option. Bailey think it’s high time we learned to practice safe social before it’s too late. What are the common triggers? How are they affecting you over time? How can you create a more positive experience online? Bailey covers this and more in “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health?” Bailey Parnell was recently named one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She is an award-winning digital marketer, public speaker and businesswoman with a talent for helping people tell better stories. Her work and expertise have been featured on CBC, CTV & in other local Toronto media. Bailey recently founded SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company where they help people develop the essential skills needed for professional success. She also currently works in digital marketing at Ryerson University. Bailey is a frequent public speaker having spoken to more than 10 thousand people. She primarily speaks about social media, personal branding, and media and mental health. She guest lectured her first MBA class at 21-years-old and has been the youngest speaker as multiple academic conferences. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Communication and Culture with a research focus on social media and mental health, and holds an honours BA from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Ødin Øctaviano (1 day ago)
yeah i totally dropped out of social media 3 years ago gone back using it but meh its been been boring since i have been logging into 4chan again on b and pol hey at least i don't have to compare myself on to anons larping edgelords or posting their real deranged selves i can't tell and i don't care i just post there for the lulz, this what normies need to understand internet is not serious business most of people posting on the internets is just a using facade a person suit to be socially acceptable but who are they kidding deep down inside they are miserable sods like everybody else, it is larping in irl a sense emulating people you want to be seen as, honestly is liberating to be you yourself and to have zero fucks given to what people think i say just keep em' guessin who you are.
f3rfra (1 day ago)
Twitter for news and Telegram/whatsapp for communication, facebook to post these kind of videos :)
Billy Casper (1 day ago)
She nailed it
Fuzzy Mushroom (2 days ago)
I’m 22 and have zero social media haven’t since I was about 19 and all I can say is I can’t really relate to anyone . I feel left out of the loop as you said but I like it .
David Greenee (3 days ago)
For some reason, deleting my social actually made me more depressed. I thought it would be better for me. It’s hard getting out, looking for events and meeting people so I resort to the convenient option which is resorting to youtube to occupy my time. It sucks. I’m so addicted to youtube that I have to have something playing in the background for my to begin to do anything around the house. Help!
Bev Cams (4 days ago)
THIS IS SO TRUE. What I really hate about social media is how it feeds our egos. Which is really dangerous if you are not aware of it. I've been there and I'm happy I was able to recognize the problem.
Pau Garza (4 days ago)
Gave up all social media one week ago except for YouTube. I am healing, less anxiety, less depression, less having to prove myself to anybody. Living and working on myself.
Evelyn (5 days ago)
Social media made us closer to people that are far away and made us to be far away from those who are just next to us!
Leo Zero (6 days ago)
I had Social media since 2013 sometimes I posted it but I deleted it then in 2016 I started posting for being Addicted and lack of knowledge and now in 2019 I just really Realize that I made a lot mistakes The whole time
How is harassment much less common and especially how is it much less worse if you are a (white) guy? They feel less pain?
Jamie Fitz (6 days ago)
I feel sad seeing people out and about at then there’s me at home all alone.
Raven Luma (6 days ago)
she started well, then she went full SJW, social media is destructive and unnatural, end of the story.
Thank you so much for this kind of suggetion... I'll try my best 😍
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
I know the effects of this first hand. Ever since I got instagram (2013-14ish) I was on it way too often. It really was an addiction... Checking it first thing in the morning, right before bed, in the middle of the night. Counting likes, followers, ghost followers. Going through my followers, my timeline, the explore, etc. and seeing how all my "friends," acquaintances, strangers had a better life than mine. I'd cry myself to sleep every night because of how perfect everyone else was, how much fun they had. My self-esteem was extremely low and social media kept starving it. Eventually, I had a bit of an epiphany. I was crying, caring too much about what others said or didn't say (Birthdays!), and wasting time. I was letting this virtual world affect my real life. Instinctually, I deleted my account (beginning of 2018). It wasn't too bad at first because school kept me busy. I was planning on getting it back after exams. However, every time I thought about reactivating my account, I felt extreme anxiety and fear. I didn't want it back. I haven't gone on since. It's been 1 & 1/4 of a year. My life isn't perfect, of course there are still troubles, BUT I feel more confident in myself, I feel more relaxed, I have more free time, and I am not constantly drained with negative energy. It feels so freeing. I'm not saying everyone should delete it. Some people don't "abuse" it, some people don't let it get to them as much. But take a break and find the joy in other things. This lady is right. People only post what they want you to see. Social media isn't even social, it's a competition with all the numbers. It's not normal.
Alfredo Alsigal (7 days ago)
Very smart opinion and advise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience about this topic. 👍
Daniel Draxler (7 days ago)
I enjoyed and likes this video, and damn I hate social media. I feel like I was born in bad century
Yes.... but I want someone to talk about stan twitter...
Beleszove Foldlanya (8 days ago)
I have deactivated my facebook account and it did indeed make me miss out. Literally *no one* contacted me by any other means...ok, 1 person did 1x in 3 months. I still do not regret it. Abstinence IS an option. It's the type of thing that after you do it, you'll wonder why you felt like you couldn't. Once you are off, you will likely quickly return to the ability to focus, pursue goals, not think about how you look all the time, increased self-esteem, increased creativity, more free time, reduced stress and anxiety...those are the benefits that I have experienced almost instantly.
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
I deleted my socials 1 year and 3 months ago and no one (that I wasn't already in contact with outside of socials) reached out to me. I basically lost 'contact' with everyone, but if you really think about, that 'contact' wasn't there to begin with. Congrats on getting off and finding the positives in it!
EctothermalPuppy (8 days ago)
Why is the title of this video phrased as a question. Obviously, if you take a social animal, lock them up in virtual bubbles where they create their own competing realities you really don't have to ask; Does this have a negative impact?
Joseph Mateo (10 days ago)
You will read through a great deal of fact concepts on this therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also clear and understandable. After the healing process, I made the decision to volunteer at a shelter and I could not be happier than aiding others. I really had no directions in life before I read this book. I never wished to go out and talk to people for many years and been taking antidepressants to heal depression..
kailyn alyssa (10 days ago)
Hi there everyone! I am a small YouTuber that focuses on mental health on my channel! If you are someone you know are struggling with any mental health issues I have some helpful videos on my channel that you can go check out! I also offer my subscribers the chance to dm me and talk to me for one on one advice if that would be something you think might help💓
Robert Baratheon (11 days ago)
We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.
EquilibriumTelevision (11 days ago)
She reaaaally needs a glass of water. The cotton mouth is stressing ME out
Santiago Nigro (11 days ago)
2 hours a day is too much. Lol.
The Couples Kink (12 days ago)
We think social media adds pressure to all aspects of life. Work, friendships, relationships! It’s all about knowing when to switch off
a hiatus (12 days ago)
because of instagram i get distracted on the things i should be doing and it's also giving me a lot of negative feelings! i should be focusing on checking the land, finding ways for the capital etc. i'm working on a very important project but lo and behold i let strangers on instagram affect me! i'm really pathetic! i'm like starting to hate myself!
Coffeehan (12 days ago)
I still can't quit Instagram but I am working on accepting that I won't get as many followers as I want to. I quit Facebook last year (also Twitter and Pinterest) and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. I now have more time to myself and I don't have to constantly check my phone for notifications.
Beauty Life (12 days ago)
I quit social media yesterday and i hope to quite for a year and more ....i keep a YouTube only because i see the good video on it and it doesn’t make me compare my self to another people😻 these is not me first time I quit a (instagram-twitter-snapchat-whatsapp) but this will be along time 💗 because when I quit all my social media before i feel soooo goood about my self and i become more present 🌝💕
Adele Stirpe (13 days ago)
WELL SAID! I have been trying to get off of social media and this is the right tool to help me! Thank you for this!
Neil Jacob Nacilla (13 days ago)
I rarely use social media (though I do browse message boards and forums), if at all. And a question I ask to myself if I see people more famous and successful than me while being younger on social media is: "Yes, that person is very famous because of this thing. But do I actually want that fame? Do I actually want to do that thing? Is this my dream? Is this my goal? Is this my purpose?", and most of the time, the answer is simply no. Social media envy not only makes you anxious and/or depressed, but it also makes you lose your focus, forget your purpose, forget your identity, forget your dreams and forget your goal. I don't let social media take me away from what I actually want.
Maiya Coles (14 days ago)
I have a Facebook page I've never been on and the only social media I have is wattpad YouTube and Pinterest
IV Boissiere (14 days ago)
She so thick
Rafael Vargas (16 days ago)
Social media destroyed me last year I developed manic depression and lost myself because I compared my success to others. 23 dropped out of college because I didn’t feel it was for me. I’d see fitness “influencers, entrepreneurs” all kinda of people flexing what they have second guessing myself if I’m just such a failure because everyone on social media I followed and people I admired had more than me. It felt so terrible that I went to a mental hospital cause of how bad I felt and all the weight I lost cause of my depression. I learned that cutting of social media is of course great to cut off and also to focus on your path not others your own happiness comes when you just do what you love and not what others are doing and you compare yourself to them. I’m not a failure cause I don’t want the same as others and that’s ok.
Rafael Vargas (7 days ago)
Cla Lyrics it can really take a toll on you, once you break free of it you feel so much better and enjoy life a bit more without the need to post. And thanks! Hope you’re doing good as well! :)
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
Social media seriously made me more depressed because I also compared myself to others. Every single night, morning, and in between, comparing how everyone else was better. I eventually had my breakdown and deleted it, realizing it was taking over my life when it shouldn't. I didn't intend to quit forever but as time went on, I had serious anxiety whenever I even thought about getting it back. I haven't had it for over a year now and I feel much much better. Congrats on gaining this positive mindset, hope all is well!
I totally love this. I have been using most of the steps unconsciously and life is much better for me.
Lee Chandler (16 days ago)
Young lady you have no idea what happened to me after thirty minutes on Facebook and logged off and never planned to touch social media ever again 😡 one of the girls I posted a comment to five months later i caught her following me around I was just on a little adventure to clear my head and was only in the town where she lives for literally ten minutes come to find out she had people following me the same day I posted that comment to her there were so many signs I disregard to that category of that's impossible defying logic and reason sadly she has enough money to make anything happen except one thing she lacks is the boldeness of talking to me face to face instead she sends other people to say things for her it's so impersonal and antisocial 🎬
*deletingnow* bye FB,insta
Since when (17 days ago)
I updated my profile photo and got only 2 likes (probably out of feeling sorry for me) and a comment saying "dude you need to smile more"
Since when (6 days ago)
+Cla Lyrics yes it's all very childish, I actually feel embarrassed for those trying so hard to be a social media public figure like cyber space means anything. If something like a plane crash happens they jump on line to publicly express their condolences, but who are they? They didn't know anybody on the plane.
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
+Since when Right, but in the grand scheme of things, those likes don't matter at all.
Since when (7 days ago)
+Cla Lyrics somebodies sandwich gets like 100 more likes than me. Funny old world we live in.
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
I hate when people tell me to smile!
Lane Potter (18 days ago)
With the use of Social Media becoming a more relevant way of communication in our world today more and more people are witnessing the effects it has on mental health and the teenage mind. Social media has become a norm when it comes to the way that people communicate. Today there are more people that communicate using social media then there are those that use phone calls and text messaging. Within the comments, many people have chosen to give up their use of some if not all social media and with it have come to see a positive outcome in their lives and others believe that social media provides more positives then negatives. With the vast, amount of social media out there free usage many people today are using one app or another. The most popular social media site that is used by teenager today is Facebook, with over 94% of teenagers aged 12-17 using Facebook as a form of communication. Although there are many negative impacts that social media has on teenager’s lives; there continues to be a large number of people who still use Facebook as their number one form of communication (Los Angeles Times 2011). Using Social media regularly has been proven to cause many serious negative health affects; many teenagers start to form “Facebook Depression” this is caused by cyber bullying and being harassed online (O’Keefee & Pearson, 2011). Using social media to earn gratification from their peers can cause depression and mental illness in youth. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram allow the users to share personal information that they share with others. This sort of gratification the users receive from this is not a healthy lifestyle to live especially for developing youth. Research data shows that, “over 91 % of teenagers post photos of themselves and share more than what is needed with friends online.” The strive for gratification even leads teenagers to except friend request and follow requests of those they do not even know. They strive to feel the attention of others through these apps to feel as though they have made themselves something what they think society wants them to believe. Teenagers who are regular users of Facebook can produce anti-social personality disorders, paranoia and anxiety. Social Media has many good and bad attributes but the environment that it provides for teenagers is creating problems for youth. With technology such as this, we need to help the younger generations and those, using it to be responsible and what in life is really worth it.
Jedward (20 days ago)
Social media is similar to being a nosey neighbour to nosey neighbours.
Rina Quartz (23 days ago)
YouTube is the only social media I use regularly anymore. I check Facebook once a month or less, usually to write one update and then leave. I deleted all my other social media accounts. I use YouTube for mainly educational purposes and music now. I even had to grab my phone to write this, I have an extension to block the comment section on my browser. I feel so much better now. I still connect with friends I can't see regularly with group chats on discord. Social media is not a necessity, and is likely hurting your life more than helping it.
Bill Sere (24 days ago)
Me: Wow, this video is good *Anita Sarkeesian name mentioned Me: WTF bye
Schroppcorn (24 days ago)
Social media definitely hurts my mental health. I hate the way it makes me feel about myself. Before my boyfriend and I got together, he told me about his "type" of girls - and honestly, I wish he hadn't. I look nothing like them. And even though he keeps telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and how I shouldn't worry about what he said because it's not that serious, it never leaves my mind. When I scroll on Instagram and I see these stunning women that I know he likes, I immediately compare myself to them and feel so awful about the way I look … like how can he think I'm beautiful when there are women that look like THAT out there and I'm just plain and boring in comparison? Sometimes I drive myself so crazy that I'm actually crying or I have hateful feelings for those girls and that's really not a way I want to feel or think about people that have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. So yeah … I know that social media is not good for me. I don't like the way it shapes my perception of myself and others. I keep going back and forth between deleting and re-installing Instagram because I don't want to miss the content from people and companies that I follow. Guess I should delete it for real … it's not healthy.
Schroppcorn (14 days ago)
+Nia Evans I don't follow them, I see them on the explore page. You're right about my insecurities though.
Nia Evans (14 days ago)
social media isn't the problem. your own insecurties are, and if you decide to follow people who are constantly posting pictures of themselves what exactly did you expect? :-(
Chico Esqueleto (24 days ago)
The dark side might be on people but it's done by design. Social media platform designers know what's happening and they design their platforms to take an advantage of that issues.
after watching the video I stop using social media and keep the email of my close friends and I deleted facebook.
Brownboriqua Pony (26 days ago)
I like her! Excellent presentation 👏
Marina E. (26 days ago)
Quit social media, the people that are important have your phone number to call you and your home address to visit you
Cla Lyrics (7 days ago)
MrJoker 764 (27 days ago)
I also liked the legs
roi floi (14 days ago)
Yee, she thicc af
MrJoker 764 (27 days ago)
My lil pee pee has tumour
MrJoker 764 (27 days ago)
I have lil pee pee
Greenyblue2 (27 days ago)
Larma 42 (27 days ago)
10/10 would beat to
MrJoker 764 (27 days ago)
Larma 42 Already beating
Destinee Ecklin (27 days ago)
Really great video, glad I took the time to watch.
Afia Tenewaa (27 days ago)
Nice legs
Andrea Ruiz (1 month ago)
the “highlights” part is SO TRUE. anytime i would go somewhere, i would ALWAYS want fo take a picture to post it. people only post what everyone wants to see. when i wouldn’t go out i would want to post another pic because everyone else is & tbh that sucks. now that i have no social media i no longer think about “oh let me take a picture for ig” now i enjoy more of whatever im doing & its amazing
Andrea Ruiz (1 month ago)
1 month without social media, honestly its the best thing ive done
hallo (1 month ago)
I quit Facebook. Just didn't feel like using it anymore. I'm doing fine, I haven't lost contact to anyone of my friends. It's easy, nothing bad will happen of you quit social media.
Beardy Ry (1 month ago)
I find myself feeling completely isolated at times due to social media,so called friends posting multiple pictures of nights out and I just feel this emptiness inside my stomach,back when social media didn't exist these kinds of feelings could of been avoided because it wasn't constantly being rubbed in my face,I also feel bad for calling people out about it directly so I go down the passive aggressive route being indirect about something,ive been feeling more and more lonely recently,Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg,the ironic thing is im 27 and have my life pretty much sorted out,decently job,growing every year facing fear etc,im creative but dont have many friends to share this new version of me with,but back when I was 21 I had no job or aspirations but had all the mates in the world,good friends as well,its such a wicked twist of events.
Shubhra Agarwal (1 month ago)
I have never followed a single friend out of courtesy, desire etc because I do not feel obligated, neither am I interested in seeing their pictures and stuff when I see them and hear from them every day.
Shubhra Agarwal (1 month ago)
She's so cute
Jed Calvin (1 month ago)
thank you so much for help me with my essay.
Burning Desire (1 month ago)
nykl mail1 (1 month ago)
her legs are heaven
AtlanticRaven (1 month ago)
This was such a great ted talk. Thank you so much!
Larma 42 (27 days ago)
I liked the legs
Vision_Wise (1 month ago)
I agree! I loved this! Not to bother you, but I just uploaded a quick 1 minute poem about social media and the dangers of it, I'd love to get your perspective on it, from someone who can relate with such a topic!
Ana Peppers (1 month ago)
“WE are the product”
Monica Meza (1 month ago)
8 yrs no social media. Just snap. Best thing that’s happened to me.
Miles Dolding (1 month ago)
This is such an important topic of conversation and it annoys me how much people are just ignoring it.
shabi jeff (1 month ago)
Wow girl
Study everyday (1 month ago)
“We don’t even eat for two hours a day” that hit me hard! Food is what gives us life... I’m offline now. Bye 👋🏼
Malin Karlsson (1 month ago)
I am about to delete it. Its kind of funny because everyone almost flip out when i Said it. You really get to See their addictive side
Brodie Dimevski (1 month ago)
Aidan Scott (1 month ago)
thats not very nice
Aidan Scott (1 month ago)
Aidan Scott (1 month ago)
you look like if betty cooper and archie had a child
Lliam Bruce (1 month ago)
I've definitely witnessed especially between 15 - 28 year olds, immense pressure that they endure. I think we have become exposed to an illusory world where we are witnessing perceived perfection from all angles. We see people looking like they having this 'perfect life' full of perfect pictures, and it creates this paradigm in peoples minds that they do not compare to that and that they are not "good enough". I have seen a massive increase in panic attacks, and anxiety on a whole especially in young people. Hopefully this discussion around mental health as a whole can be accessed more, something I have started trying to do on my channel and hopefully other mental health professionals will follow suit. Peace out. Openup Counselling.
Chhandak 97 (1 month ago)
I've uninstalled WhatsApp Deactivated my fb Doing fine
SpicyRamen Cats (1 month ago)
The other day, I saw all of my friends at a baht mitzvah that I wasn’t invited to on their story. I wanted to delete Instagram so bad, so I think I should.
Yvonne Mckay (1 month ago)
Six months clean off sociol media feeling less depressed.
Odage Oyama (1 month ago)
the thing is on social media, everyone says their thoughts just the way they think it without filters, especially on twitter.. they don't care to know who they've been hurting or they'll hurt.. sometimes it's difficult to control what we see on it cos it's impossible to filter every one or every word. and i admit, i do have F.O.M.O. i want to know everything that's happening
B G (1 month ago)
Life is made up of several dimensions which people utilise to different degrees to live and regulate their self esteem, drawing upon the capabilities and talents they have and the people they meet or have in their lives: (1) reality - facts in the here and now (2) fantasy = dream-world (something that will never happen but is a pleasant mind filled diversion to help brighten our days (3) memory = head based recall of past reality (4) invention / creativity = head based experiences translated into action that may/will become real (1) in future. Social media mixes these up for onlookers and contributors. These SM platforms, like Instagram and FBook enable posters to generate 2, 3 and 4 to trick people into believing they are seeing and experiencing 1. Devices and tools that help that confusion are plentiful, e.g.. photographic stills that enable posters to edit their lives to enable a fake or distorted outcome, photographic manipulation devices (like photoshop) to create visual trickery, audience garnering and then dissasociation from readers - posters don't know the poster personally, will probably never meet them in person - so they create an audience of 'people' not of individuals they care about. So they distort their message to garner a specific outcome to suit them - likes and approval. They have no investment in the relationships they have with their audience or 'friends'. Quantity of likes are what counts - to not quality of relationships. The social media platform is also newsreel style because content added, no matter now untrue, distorted it is, is likely to roll off the screen and be forgotten soon enough. There is no accountability as there is with real publishing. Poster's have no incentive to make sense, be logical, coherent or truthful and the anonymity factor makes it easier to lie when readers have no way of reading the poster's facial expression, which forms a large part of trustful communication. Social media is really anti-social media, designed to fragment, distort, induce a sense of isolation and dependency on the account holder readers and viewers. It's not funny, it's not trivial and it's highly damaging to our society. Anyone that claims that SM platforms are just a harmless device to help you keep in touch with friends and family are really clueless and dim. But to say it is just a tool, which can be managed if used appropriately is also giving out a false message.
Malik Tanveer (1 month ago)
i deleted fb but could not delete Instagram i think its the time
vaigarai 15 (1 month ago)
Wat to do, am watching this in socialmedia only😂😂😂😂......
Kenny Velasque (1 month ago)
im a student just watching this in my class. Plz like it
Robert Norat (1 month ago)
I be online for things like this😭😭😭😭
::HoloMeg (1 month ago)
School is destroying my life 😑
Manaswita Rajguru (1 month ago)
I used to be a social media addict for as long as I can remember. But ever since I deactivated Facebook and Instagram, my life has gotten so much better. The anxiety, depression and frequent worries have gone done drastically. I now feel this sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, even with the little things. It's like, I got my life back.
JKK (1 month ago)
Loved this video. I quit Facebook months ago and Instagram just a few weeks ago, don't have both apps on my phone. It's a very liberating feeling.
Courtnee Janeen (1 month ago)
This is so important and needs to be shared! Those 4 points were spot on! Thank you!
Tsundere Yukimura (1 month ago)
Thank you Bailey! Thank you! Now I had realized the things I should have done before.
magzimagz (1 month ago)
Everyone who complains about mental health are a bunch of sissy. Do us a favour and do what the Japanese do and visit the forest lmfao
Every coins have 2 sides. Social media also the same things, it give us the positive and negative effects so we should use it properly. It is such a tool that make us more convenience. But if we use it improperly and inappropriately, it might cause you the negative effects such as metal health as she mentioned.
Tailor Furkan (1 month ago)
Life without social media is awesome ..after I quit social media I realise how difficult life is..
Amber Ay (1 month ago)
Deleted all social media except YouTube. It’s the only place where you can see exactly what you want. I got back on Facebook for a month just to see where my high school reunion was and deleted Facebook went after the reunion was over.
Linda Gray (1 month ago)
I'd like to see someone talk about how I use social media. I don't have anyone I know personally on my timeline, and just use it for animal activism. I've never posted a photo of myself on social media. I find the Facebook forum connects me to people and causes I wouldn't know about with social media. I like Twitter for analysis of the news. Since deleting Instagram months ago, I find it dull. I still use email and phone calls for friends :)
noire (1 month ago)
you lost me at anita, sorry
Emma Coates (1 month ago)
Awesome Tedtalk!Everything she’s saying is right on!❤️
Virio Guido Stipa (1 month ago)
Very shallow speech.
TempesT 03 (1 month ago)
Im not on social media and i feel great (Im 15 BTW )
4DLifeOfMe (1 month ago)
Oh my days! Bailey! You knocked this one out the park. I’m super proud of you, girl. You inspire me. Just took a week off of social media and I didn’t even realize it’s 3 days past my 7-day goal. Thank you!
mary jennel (1 month ago)
Tysm for inspiring ppl💓
neworleans 1990 (1 month ago)
I remember when I was in school and I was making c’s so one day I got rid of my tv in my room made straight A’s the next week this same rule can be applied to your everyday life get rid of things that make you procrastinate and distract you from life!!
Rina Mary (1 month ago)
This woman looks just like my mother when she was young...😂🤣🤔

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