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Joe Rogan Experience #1191 - Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay

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Peter Boghossian is a philosophy instructor, activist, author, speaker, and atheism advocate. He is a full-time faculty member at Portland State University. James Lindsay has a Ph.D. in mathematics and a background in physics and is also the author of three books.
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MissMurmel (12 hours ago)
a great "open discussion" three american white middle aged men have over a field they know everything about. I could find a bullshit paper in some other field and pretend the whole field is bullshit but honestly I have better things to do with my time.
Frederic Mari (13 hours ago)
Why is it in tech? b/c tech wants to change the world and be a force for good (or think of itself as a force for good, regardless). And sexism and racism is bad. And if grievance studies monopolise the fight against sexism and racism, then boom - the contagion is pretty much automatic.
Dan Right (18 hours ago)
Honk honk
Bave Drokie (3 days ago)
My older sister went to UBC in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I loved visiting her there and being amongst these young people, full of ideas for what’s next...future leaders. Now, 40 years later, I’m just sad lol
Nate (4 days ago)
Rogan should interview the guys who reviewed and accepted their papers
Jcris87 (5 days ago)
stealth waterjet channel shoutout at the end lol
Mike W (7 days ago)
Much gnashing of teeth
Johnny Wellman (8 days ago)
Lock trump up he is a traitor to our country
Johnny Wellman (8 days ago)
Trump is just a moron idiot
Grace Malley (9 days ago)
I had a similar class as described below at a popular CA University. In an English class mind you, the class long discussion was why rockets were in the shape that they were and that it was only because men created them in the shape of a phallus. I was nearly kicked out of class when I asked how inefficient other shapes, like a woman's lower anatomy, would be and maybe we could compromise that a rocket could also look like the upper female anatomy. Joe said it correctly on another video, life has become way too easy in which our time is wasted on trivia and uselessness masked as academic importance. I cannot imagine this same discussion in a University, lets say in January of 1941, with the United States and the World's involvement in WWII.
raff5184 (9 days ago)
More than 900 snowflakes dodn't like the scientific rigour
Nick Blyth (11 days ago)
The Gospel according to Rogan! Brilliant work.
Relithraxas (13 days ago)
Is anyone else having trouble watching this now? It might play a little and then loads forever, listening to the Kevin Hart one now and it is fine.
Joseph McNeil (14 days ago)
So much like!
iClimb Shit (15 days ago)
What cracks me up about social justice and the bigotry towards white people is that 99.99% of the white people in the US are not the elites that WE ALL dislike it's funny how their is no distinction being made while simultaneously minorities constantly say they're not all the same. HYPOCRACY is clearly not a fickle bitch!
Lord Schweitzer (15 days ago)
It's almost as if this system of "problematizing" everything or "pointing it all out", is a way for those shits to feel helpful and good about themselves without actually doing anything helpful or real good. I bet they would not help a soul in need IRL.
Pee Pas (16 days ago)
Why does joe interrupt so much?
Sting 79 (18 days ago)
Even Joe's bought into the edge of the mindset and he doesn't see it. Holding an opinion on gay marriage does not equal hate. You have to assume false motives to people to believe that. But that's his bias because of his bad experience with Catholicism.
Sting 79 (18 days ago)
Shutting down speech is necessary when one side has no ability to advocate in a coherent manner for their own ideas.
Andriy T (18 days ago)
In my opinion Megyn Kelly knew very well what she doing and how she was saying it, just like her prior to that comments about pokahontas halloween costumes issues. Her severance package from the network is just under $70 million, knowing that I don't think that and having a past career of a prosecutor on her resume I just think she just said those things exactly how she felt like saying them (how she felt about them).
Nemo Sundry (19 days ago)
It's true fat is oppressed. The government even signed into law these lies that saturated fat is bad and sugar is good. Free saturated fat! End monosaccharide supremacy!
Marek Gutkowski (21 days ago)
"Those that can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire.
Lorenzo Rosso (22 days ago)
This needs more views. Let's use Youtube for something usefull and bring em up, shall we? Tell your friends.
hvbuitenen (22 days ago)
Question: Why do they go after the tech. people? (Somewhere near the end) Are you serious? This is about indoctrination, Google is THE instrument of mass mind control, just like the schools you are discussing. Do you think this is a game or something? This is serious. I think they are getting a grip on that company inside and out.
hvbuitenen (22 days ago)
I we don't watch ourselves, I think we are heading to a hopeless and senseless bureaucracy, this reminds me of Franz Kafka
Voice of REASON (23 days ago)
That dog story, CLASSIC!!! How easily one can be misled!!! Funny I was born in 1984, seems so relevant :D "Transphobic because they don't want to sleep with women with a penis." LMFAO - no, some guys just don't like penis near them, smh.... As someone who leans and usually votes right (even though I have a couple left views, religion, gay peeps, choice) I would love to kick it with that Math major, dude seems down to Earth. They don't make Libs like that anymore! 25:00 I mean come the fk on, "Hot sauce is sexist." Like, that shit is just indefensible! And that writer literally teaches YOUNG minds lmao, this is ridiculous! Oh, and she didn't ask, "Why is blackface wrong?" She said, "Why can't you dress up as Diana Ross for Halloween?" Blackface is a SPECIFIC thing. You should know better JOE.
Balmung014 (24 days ago)
THis video in a way is important because it hits the nails on the head and I think can connect with people because of how they discuss the topic, hopefully others that watch it can see or at least start to see the madness. We appreciate all they are doing revealing the truth of what is going on.
Evan Uthus (25 days ago)
Studies that submit false job applications or college applications varying gender, name, race or the like have been highly credited and groundbreaking in academic spheres. It seems highly inconsistent to approve of those projects and not of this project. However, setting the standard of conducting studies like this one, en mass and without receiving or even seeking approval from the review board, may legitimately be a bad standard, and end up wasting time and resources. They went outside of the system in order to explore a real and important issue, and that is admirable, brave, justified, and sometimes the only way to do it. If you disobey the law to protest it, expect to end up in jail. If you do not get approval from the board set up to review the ethical and academic nature of projects, protect human-subjects and ensure good academic practices, and proper use of university funds, expect to get in trouble with that university.
DroverChicago (25 days ago)
LOL @ 26:05 "SHUT the fuck UP!"
Phil Jarklinson (26 days ago)
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
SeparadoresAtecon (27 days ago)
My kids are not going to college if this kind of shit keeps going on, id rather put that money in a paper bag and burn it
Brian Hunt (27 days ago)
I'm 45 minutes into this video and agree with the general issue being discussed. However, Peter just criticized the grievance study academics of redefining terms to suit their pre-conceived conclusions. The problem is that Peter does exactly the same thing in his 2013 book "A Manual for Creating Atheists", in which he attempts to redefine the words "atheist" and "faith". In the very first few minutes of this video Peter mentions that "people don't know what they don't know". I think Peter needs to critically evaluate himself in regard to that statement.
was i unsuscribed from Joe Rogan?? wtf youtube
ChristianBolt (28 days ago)
Mainstream media and comedians need to make fun of this. It deserves the harshest ridicule.
Jeff Zeiler (29 days ago)
Its cute and sad that peter b. has these serious criticisms of the academy, yet is happy to tow the party line and waste his students tuition teaching them garbage. If he really believed what he is saying, he should be in a different line of work, instead of contributing to the problem. Isn't there a word for when you say one thing, but do the opposite? Oh, yeah - hypocrisy.
Darth Pro (29 days ago)
I heard about this study, but didn't know it was you. awesome!
Ellie Tribe (29 days ago)
Bravo, Gentlemen. Bravo!
deckard2001 (29 days ago)
1:34:00 he says JEWISH studies is not identity studies and grievance studies? WHY??
deckard2001 (10 days ago)
+Ender I see, so you dont know what he means with "identity studies"
Ender (10 days ago)
+deckard2001 well if it's about religion, it could be reading old texts trying to understand religion and its impact on the world or culture. If its identity politics than yea its stupid. If it's Jewish history, that's just under history...
deckard2001 (10 days ago)
+Ender i dont know, he's being vague. what would be the difference in terms of ïdentity studies"?
Ender (10 days ago)
Depends is he saying the religion or the people?
Lorfop Tedkdoem (30 days ago)
"black intellectual" hahahahaha
Dan Smith (1 month ago)
Anyone ever stop and ask why the Jews have been oppressed for 2000 years? It couldn't be the result of their own actions.... could it?
Amnesiac Angel (1 month ago)
Damian Żurawski (1 month ago)
Laugh through tears. The United States is going down. There are more communists here than in Russia. Self-destruction goes from the inside. It is a pity to look at how you will fall in a while like the Roman Empire. Signs of the times, some empires fall, others arise.
gopal v (1 month ago)
48:25 yo i am not kidding this the "Reservation System in India". The most messed up thing to happen in history and its worst creates worst results. like: 1: Politicians do their best to indoctrinate the Indian youth and use them to stay in power. 2: Most of the normal citizens dont value their vote anymore cause they know this so called minority is majority now and there is no going back. This is most messed up part. 3: Most of talented people flee to other countries like USA or other, just to escape from this trash. Which made India nothing more than a service/slave/cheap labor ground.
Róża Sawicka (1 month ago)
Could you please link the published papers based on the research you'd mentioned? I would love to actually read them. Thank you.
ppags84 (1 month ago)
Wake up America, the left is dividing the country to take over government and take control of the entire country.
K. Abdelhamid (1 month ago)
1:31:24 "Penises are a social construct and they cause climate change" *dies*
Caleb Wachter (1 month ago)
Seems logical to me that the reason tech is infested with this stuff comes from a cluster of causes. First, the vast majority of tech workers are young. Young people lean heavily toward progressivism, and always have. So the entire group would seem to be predisposed toward progressive ideas, which makes taking that second or third step down the identity/grievance politics trail more open. Second, the vast majority of tech workers graduated from universities, where they spent multiple years being inundated by professors who either actively support this stuff, or fail to object to it based on fear. So they're young *and* they're getting indoctrinated, which seems like it would push the needle even further toward the Progressive end of the spectrum. Third, identity/grievance politics is a wellspring of cash since it's an obvious wedge issue that can be leveraged either way for political gain. Monied interests didn't get powerful by accident; they recognize who holds the reins of power and are sure to buy a seat at the important tables using whatever resources are available to them (prestige, cash, social support, etc..). Big Tech is arguably the most powerful non-government sector in the world, so the monied interests and activist groups are going to be ahead of the curve in sinking their tentacles into Big Tech's flesh. The moves will be largely the same as those which monied interests have used to gain leverage over politicians, but centuries of experience has developed a culture among politicians regarding how to interface with the mega-rich. I'm not saying that makes them very good at resisting the overtures, I'm suggesting that the Big Tech moguls have absolutely no clue how to deal with those overtures whereas politicians at least know what they're getting themselves in for when they accept the first bribes. Just looking at those items, it seems pretty obvious that Big Tech would be MASSIVELY vulnerable to outside manipulation. And since most tech workers operate at such a granular level on their individual assignments, top-down directives are going to be extremely effective at 'cultivating' a workplace/corporate culture which moves lock-step with whoever is pulling Big Tech's strings.
It is like that 30 Rock where they go to create a toaster and end up with a Pontiac Aztec. They started with Feminism and ended up with fundamentalist religion.
Eduardo Venezian (1 month ago)
God bless the internet
Jim Stanley (1 month ago)
18:41 - What they're putting forward is hypotheses and they're treating them as if they're conclusions. Just like when women/feminists talk about domestic abuse, they really act/think as if the allegation is the verdict; and you if you dare scrutinize them they will try and shame you. Perhaps the root cause of all this militant feminism is that a large section of them and women represent undiagnosed cases of carping females addicted to victimhood and complaining.
Daniel Harrison (1 month ago)
Give em a PhD in trolling 👍.
Lumbajaxe (1 month ago)
I took a class with Peter Boghossian, very smart guy. Probably one of my best classes.
The Enemy (1 month ago)
This world is filled with a bunch of sick fucking people. Humans are sick with their own importance. Drunk on pride as if any human has anything to be proud of. Pride separates a person because of whatever they are proud of. Usually something that is really not important like skin color or sexuality or something else that doesn’t matter. Proud of skin color is racism. It is saying you’re special because of your skin color. Human. That is what we are. And humans have nothing to be proud of. More and more complex ideas to justify why these people are fucking stupid. Pride is the problem. Humility is the counter which is the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other. To laugh at our errors and accept our mistakes. But if you are too proud to admit you make mistakes then you are just an asshole. Asshole is inclusive. It comes in all shades. The problem is the system not the people. It is the game the children are playing not the children. It is an evil fucking game based on the seven sins of the ancient world. The love of self - Pride The love of anger - Wrath The love of Food and Drink. Gluttony The love of riches - Greed The love of power over flesh - Lust The love of comfort and entertainment - Sloth The love of materials and esteem - Envy - Me too! We compete against our own species for Life. We compete against our children for Life. We don’t share our knowledge openly with our offspring. We teach mental illness and distorted thinking to our offspring. We destroy all other life including ourselves in everything we do for the sake of the Loves listened above. We told ourselves we have the right to decide the value of life and what life is. We distort our own perceptions and claim that our beliefs are reality. We fight and kill each other and children over beliefs. Over beliefs. We make up grand names and systems to justify being evil. Economy, business, capitalist all just fancy names for Greed. These are all symptoms that in nature rarely happen but when they do it is dealt with efficiently. Madness, it is sickness. It is the sickness of pride. Humans are not that fucking special. They are a sick, childish, animal that tells itself lies why it’s not an animal and then kills and hurts each other over which lie is best. No lies is best. None of you are changing the world. You are in a system you don’t question because it lets you be evil and petty but call it good and righteous. Everything humans do is shit. It is all shit. People lie all the time about everything and it’s not Getting better, it’s getting worse. Nature lives in harmony. That is it’s natural state. Unless it is effected by the The human animal. The human animal which is like old yella. Humans are creatures of discord, Purposefully unnatural. Everything you have was taken from life as if it was yours. No appreciation. No respect for any life other then your own. Like I said, nature deals with this kind of madness efficiently. Keep telling yourself how great humans are. Keep playing the same fucking game of who’s the biggest asshole who is best at pretending they aren’t an asshole. Keep playing the game of destroy the world so you can take and have more then anyone needs or can use. Keep doing it as the sickness blooms in your bodies and the hand of suicide continues to sweep the land. Nature is alive assholes. All the other animals are wise compared to you stupid humans. You all deserve what is coming. Fucking nation of Jackals and Jackasses. Demons who sold their humanity to be evil and call it good. Nature deals with the sickness of madness swiftly and efficiently.
Bob Charlesman (1 month ago)
I do want you guys to one day spend some time discussing people like Judith Butler or Paolo Friere more... I found that the things she said are NOT what many of these social justice warriors believe and promote. It is even more damning to this belief system's adherents, that they dont even follow their own greatest thought leaders and radicals.
Bob Charlesman (1 month ago)
What a breath of fresh air
Jim Stanley (1 month ago)
These guys are legends. Pull back the covers on this stupid/hypocritical feminism movement.
Paul Kirtley (1 month ago)
Great podcast. Important discussion.
Damn, it's a cult.
dibaterman (1 month ago)
Well in his analysis at 1:54:50 he says two forces move away from each other out of fear that the right moving to the middle will shift things to the left. He then says both sides go to their corners instead and so this object splits down the middle from centrifugal forces. Aside from a very bad analogy I think he just confirmed that if either side goes to the middle without the other side you will still spin out only to the left or right. Pretty bad analogy.
Bobble HatGaming (1 month ago)
libtards need to watch the fishman island arc, it'll be very insightful
FemmeFatale (14 days ago)
Bobble HatGaming the guys who did this project are progressive. What they’re talking about is the far left. There’s a big difference between a liberal and the extremist ideology of the far left(postmodernism.) I’m a liberal and I think postmodernism is ridiculous and dangerous to society just like the far right is ridiculous and dangerous to society.
Bobble HatGaming (1 month ago)
institutions developing the new minds has turned into a worker bee institution
Saurav Silwal (1 month ago)
i dont think most minorities give a shit about nuances of racism. we do not want systematic racism, remember slavery? yea, well that held some of us back in long term
Saurav Silwal (1 month ago)
i dont think most minorities give a shit about nuances of racism. we do not want systematic racism, remember slavery? yea, well that held some of us back in long term
Bobble HatGaming (1 month ago)
societal cancers
Sarcastic Maniac (1 month ago)
This why I’ve always work extra hard at any job I’ve had, because I may have gotten it through affirmative action. The whole idea of it embarrasses me. It implies that I’m to stupid, weak and lacking in resources to do it myself. Racism is over, it’s more apprehension of others that aren’t like you, but most people are decent. There’s no virtue in being a victim.
Ben Schlegel (1 month ago)
Aren't we all susceptible to fake studies that appeal to our biases?
whitexchina (1 month ago)
With Megyn Kelly they DID bring in black scholars after her remarks and she apologized on the show... she even cried! But even that was not enough!
Devon Van Cura (1 month ago)
As a chemist, I can’t speak for the humanities, but I’m a little surprised that ALL of academia is being dismissed as liberal propaganda. I wonder if this is why there is such a mistrust in science these days?
Ahmed Ali (1 month ago)
all of these are 1 st world problems hehehe hehhe
Ahmed Ali (1 month ago)
Awesome podcast Mr rogan
gold star (1 month ago)
SGT Report Special: ILLUMINATI LUCIFERIANS TOTALLY EXPOSED. - https://youtu.be/uOpp_eNFtYk
gold star (1 month ago)
Keiser Report: Unconfiscatable. - https://youtu.be/H0QRZMfew58
Hmm Lemee Shink (1 month ago)
Tea Party has never EVER been a violent movement. Politicians were scared of losing votes, not scared of being hit with a bat for not agreeing. No one on the left was ever scared of Tea Partiers.
Tom Ace (1 month ago)
The "mundane and omniscient qualities of food as a medium?" Wow, that must be some good all-knowing earthly hot sauce!
Chris (1 month ago)
As a university biology professor in California, the cancer of competitive victimhood, intersectionalism, equity, etc is spreading into the hard sciences. It's frightening.
Bryce Clark (1 month ago)
As a student in California,I’m reporting you to the property authorities, Chris. Sike
MegaBeck (1 month ago)
Judith Butler suggests that femininity and masculinity are performances that don't require male or female genitalia. That a man can dress up as a woman and perform in what is socially identified as feminine. That being a woman it is normal to perform femininity but that it isn't anything more than a performance (eg an identity). I had to stop this video at 6 min in order to correct these guys' misrepresentation Butler. That being said, I think it's interesting for these guys to troll academia in this way.
Media Buster (1 month ago)
Peter "I'm on the left" Boghossian
Andy Lou (1 month ago)
This is one of the best episodes! Critical Thinking is sooo important!
chris sheppard (1 month ago)
If these loons agreed with their paper on getting pegged (the back door paper) to change heterosexuals how about homosexuals having to have girlfriends and normal sex to be more rounded and less prejudiced against heterosexuals. I LMAO.
Media Buster (1 month ago)
Diversity is the new racism.
Media Buster (1 month ago)
Joe "I'm a hypocrite, but don't know it" Rogan..
Media Buster (1 month ago)
Joe "I lean so far left and I wanna pay more taxes" Rogan ... go ahead Joe, pay more money to the IRS..
Media Buster (1 month ago)
Liberalism is cancer in society... really is, no joke..
Jon C (1 month ago)
IMO these 2 deserve medals, as well as top educational governance positions - if they want.
Jon C (1 month ago)
Awesome guests! Shows how wacky the mob mentality at various institutions are vulnerable to.
Jeremy Dixon (1 month ago)
1:39:15 ... maybe it has something to do with the fact that a ton of skills, tasks, hobbies and other shit that makes life worth getting out of bed for aren't marketable. Maybe not everyone can be a gorgeous bald alpha-jitsu podcasting maniac like you. Maybe you have a whole section of the society that has to choose between doing something that allows them to eat and following their passions. Maybe you should check your privilege buddy boy ;) xoxo luv you joe
Jeremy Dixon (1 month ago)
Holy fucking shit Joe at 1:13:55 I know that was a flippant comment but duuude. That's the worst idea ever. How much more radicalized do you think all of those kids would become if you responded to their ideology of "White Straight Cis-Hetero Power Structures are an evil Oppressive Force" by using the Government to Oppress them out of existence? And that would ripple through the whole ideology and reinforce their victimhood. This is a jiu jitsu pickle. Dont be Tank Abbot.
origionalwinja (1 month ago)
liberalism is a mental illness. this country has moved so far left, we might have gone over the edge. those that are branded "extreme right" are center left...its pathetic.
William Downey (1 month ago)
yes, its disastrous that babies are being drowned in their own bathwater, but lets acknowledge that a lot of the work in these realms still has key insights - see around 39:00, where Lindsay explains "competitive victimhood" in terms of a "moral economy", with all agreeing. thats the language, the useful and insightful material, often found in other articles in the same 'PC culture journals' they're critiquing. there's certainly bullshit to disparage here - but the baby needs resuscitation, and not to be lathered in drano.
T J (1 month ago)
T J (1 month ago)
5,000. even better!
Cecil (1 month ago)
i swear the plus size thing is such bullshit, as someone who looks for 30x30 pants i cant fucking find any at all meanwhile i see 20 pants that are like 36...the idea that fat people cant find clothes their size is garbage
Dar El (1 month ago)
These guys are genius.
Chuck Ilconich (1 month ago)
So this is what thousands of dollars of nearly unpalatable debt buys students these days, eh?
Paul Sheehan (1 month ago)
More people need to see this to understand the ridiculousness of modern academia and how it's so far influenced by the leftist agenda.
Patriot 03 (1 month ago)
So Cultural appropriation, what if White Cultures started to defend their culture and say minorities can't appropriate our culture? LOL Can you imagine the claims of racism? But we're supposed to believe the left aren't a bunch of racists?
DeadEye Duck (1 month ago)
1:31:20 - Holy fuck. Seriously?! The EU needs to be dissolved. Preferably in a very large vat of hot lye. 1:51:00 - James almost admits that women in the university/workplace are the problem. It's amazing how far gynocentrists will go to avoid admitting that women are the vast majority of the problem with university & politics. James claims that the "left" & the "right" have moved further in opposite directions over the last few decades, but the truth is that the left has moved farther left since the early 20th century, and the right has moved left as well. If the right had moved further right, we wouldnt have had 0bama, 0bamacare, or Medicare Part D (and those are just for starters). https://youtu.be/w-hNhyaaTzU
Jeffrey Daniel (1 month ago)
This video needs to be reposted every 500k additional subscribers.
Steri Opticon (1 month ago)
Extremists aren't worried about people flipping to the 'other side', they are afraid of people developing nuance, and figuring out they don't have to be either Pepsi or Coke, but can be whatever they want.
Ali Ababwa (1 month ago)
pretty sure I got significantly stupider listening to this

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