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How To Fix ThinkOrSwim's Delayed Data And Get Real Time Data For Free

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Most peope that use thinkorswim might have noticed that their data is delayed by 20 minutes. This is a simple fix that will get you real time data for FREE. Follow my channel for more investing and trading tips and stock picks. Trading for profit course - http://cryptomenow.teachable.com/p/trading-for-profit/
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Text Comments (99)
Matt Olson (13 days ago)
Thank you!
Gabriel Biggerstaff (1 month ago)
Very helpful thanks man
Curt's Garage (1 month ago)
thank you
Matthew H (2 months ago)
WOOOO. So happy to not be 20 mins behind anymore. Thank you!
Darcy Agostinelli (2 months ago)
Can someone lend me a vaccant thinkorswim account based in the US so i can get access to the real time data since its not avaliable in Australia? just an account that will give me real time data since its unavaliable, dosnt need funds or anything
AxelNotHuman (2 months ago)
After you do this log out of your TD account and log back in then subscribe Level II
Mezziah (2 months ago)
i signed up with td under my llc and i have to pay for shit non-pros get for free. ridiculous.
John Phan (3 months ago)
Hi Wilson, what if you’re a Canadian eh? We have Think or Swim. TD bank or TD Direct Brokerage to fund the account its the Canada version of TDAmeritrade.
Grim Lenekon (3 months ago)
Hey I went to the exchange agreement and went with non-professional and it shows as signed. But after I did that and went to subscribe to the real time thing, it said I didn't sign the agreements. I need help ):
Brent V (1 month ago)
+Kemry Riggins worked for me too, logging out and back in
Kemry Riggins (1 month ago)
+Craig Jolicoeur try closing out td ameritrade and logging back in, i had the same issue and it seemed to work for me after i re logged in after signing the pdf file
Craig Jolicoeur (1 month ago)
+BGillett How do you "sign" them? I pulled up the two PDF files. Only the 2nd file had a form to fill out, which I did. But how do I submit/sign them? Just fill them out and close the tab?
BGillett (2 months ago)
I figured it out. So you have to go and sign those two documents just above where you check off that you agree to the terms. After you do that then itll let you subscribe.
BGillett (2 months ago)
same thing happened to me
Retro Gamer (3 months ago)
Luke Weyant (4 months ago)
My man, thank you!
Table of Syndicates (4 months ago)
You rock man. Thanks! I was wondering why my stuff was off.
Tomas Roggero (4 months ago)
** requires a TD Ameritrade account (and yes, SSN)
Frank (4 months ago)
Thank you
Music 1 (4 months ago)
1:17 people.. 1:17
Rick Duffy (5 months ago)
Ur the king. Thx for the tip, u set me up right. The realtime just reacts and is far superior in every way. And ppl that say "oh whats a 20 min delay, no biggie" are not feeling the thrill of hanging on to the minute chart and making that quick $200. All the action comes in the first 20 and last 20 min of the day. Thx again.
S Montanero (5 months ago)
Thanks worked perfectly took all of 3 mins.
HSNYC (5 months ago)
You da man!
Marc Dougherty (6 months ago)
Good video.. fyi if you are securities licensed.. you're SOL. for some reason TD does not allow securities professionals (myself) to get free real time quotes.. gotta pay $24/month for NASDAQ quotes and $45/month for NYSE..
Jiachen Ong (6 months ago)
how if i using Singapore account ?
DavyBaby (6 months ago)
Thanks for this.
Kelley Mceachern (6 months ago)
I did this today and the Subscription date shows 3 days from now so it may take a few days for the realtime to kick in without reaching out to support. Thanks.
Bigasabus (6 months ago)
Thank you. Really helpful
Sam Fitz (7 months ago)
Awesome tip man! Thank you very much! One extra tidbit that may be helpful for others: I had to log out, and log back in with a fresh browser window after signing the agreements before it would let me activate the real time data. Happy trading!
Joel Monroy (8 months ago)
zachbirns1 (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Ben Sampson (8 months ago)
but dont you have to enter your social security # into TD Ameritrade??
Rick Duffy (5 months ago)
if u want real time data yes u do.
George Y (8 months ago)
fyi, tos online support most of time is long wait or no one in chat room support, few times i do get a support tech, their impatient to hear full problem before offering solution, had more luck with their email support though
KC Tan (8 months ago)
Wow, thanks so much!
Jamie (8 months ago)
Anyway to fix this for canadians without funding an account. I have a TD advanced dashboard trading account in canada. I called TOS canada and they said i have to fund the account with a minimum of 6000 ?
Sam D (5 months ago)
Canadians can have thinkorswim platform. You select option TD AMeritrade in drop down menu when you try to log into the system. you need min 5 k USA to get live data if you are intraday trader.
elaine choy (7 months ago)
I'm wondering the same thing.
nmshark (8 months ago)
I don't believe this is possible outside the USA
Johnny Glavin (8 months ago)
Thanks alot! I couldn't figure that out and it was messing my trades up. Fixed now.
Chimbie Paladin (9 months ago)
how could this video get 12 thumbs down? lol
Chandler Santos (9 months ago)
how do i get live trading without it giving me an error when i try to log in?
Carpet crumb (9 months ago)
Think or Swim was reading "OTC Other" for level 2s, this solved my problem. Thanks!
JESSEverything (10 months ago)
video starts at 1:13
Ted Martinez (4 months ago)
Thank you so much jesus christ a minute 13 delay talk about delays
C Lim (11 months ago)
Hi. I only have paper trade account. Do I have to have active account to login to TD ?
Sam D (5 months ago)
Precisionrifleworks  ---then you need to fund it minimum 5k Us dollars. you can still get delayed data but not good if ur trying to becoe intraday trader.
Sam D (5 months ago)
paper trade will give you delayed data i.e. stock chart will move every 10 to 15 min.
Precisionrifleworks (11 months ago)
Wilson The Trader I only have a paper trading account but I don’t want the clock to start and lose the introductory offer they have of 500 free trades for 90 days if I’m not familiar and ready to know how to use the TOS platform. I was thinking this month I’d try this then open an account, but I need real little data to follow people in the chat room, don’t work being 20 minutes behind
Precisionrifleworks (11 months ago)
C Lim How’d that work for you? TD told my I had to open an active account.
Wilson The Trader (11 months ago)
Nope! You can use a paper trading account to use it :)
Officer Gregory Stevens (10 months ago)
Edit: Solution is to chat with support from within TOS platform online and ask for r/t data in paper mode! ] I changed this and still get delayed data, but I always log in as paper trading, instead of live trading as I don't do live trading ever.. just simulated or "paper". Is this normal for paper tradaing, or should I contact TD for more info on what's going on? I'm subscribed to real time data and have the status of non-professional
Age Of Anonymous (26 days ago)
Officer Gregory Stevens I know I’m 9 months late but can I do it with a Think or swim paper money account?
Alfred Ward (6 months ago)
@Officer Gregory Stevens Thanks for the advice! I followed your exact steps and in under 2 minutes a guy named Sean_B said the same thing and even offered to email me videos explaining the ThinkorSwim application because I am new to it.
Officer Gregory Stevens (10 months ago)
I did! You actually don't have to call them. You can, but what's even easier is click the support chat toward the upper right of TOS when logged in and just kindly explain you'd like your paper trading to be real-time. In my case a rep named Mike took about 2 mins and just said "your paper is now real-time" and I gave him a thank you. They probably don't set it to rt by default as a precaution to prevent people from relaying the data and abusing it I'm guessing but not sure. Thanks a lot.
jack rick (11 months ago)
My live trading is not delayed, yet the simulated trading shows its 20 minutes delayed even after subscribing and signing the agreements. Did you manage to get the non-delayed on simulated trading by chance? Edit: you will have to call them after subscribing if it still shows "delayed time". takes less than 3 minutes.
DipsetUnit525 (1 year ago)
It works. thanks !!!
Diondra Adams (1 year ago)
Thank u
Diogo Leviske (1 year ago)
You must complete the exchange agreements before you can signup for this product? thats what i get every time i try to subscribe. i already open the files save the exchange agreements. I dont know why it does not work. any ideias?
Marcos RS (6 months ago)
Thank you DipsetUnit525. That worked
DipsetUnit525 (1 year ago)
I had the same problem just sign off and sign in and try again!
Luca (1 year ago)
same thing is happening for me ^^
Chris Dieck (1 year ago)
this recently changed to 22dls a month
Event Trading (1 year ago)
UR a life saver; thanks Wilson
Gabriel Nuñez (1 year ago)
Thanks.The subscription option worked.
Jonathan Feliz (1 year ago)
bro i love you
CHACE (1 year ago)
So this will remove the 20 min delay in Paper Money in ThinkOrSwim?
Samuel Grubbs (6 months ago)
Sean Mulhern how do I know if my account is “live trading” now? All of the options he shows are free, are actually trying to charge me 99.99, 19.99, and 9.99 a month! I just want real time really
Sean Mulhern (10 months ago)
11:57 admin_Anonymous so far: understood. if you have a live trading account with us, and enable real-time quotes in that live trading account, we can easily apply real-time data to your paper trading account. However, if you do not wish to open a live trading account, then we will not be able to provide you real time data in your paper account.
Officer Gregory Stevens (10 months ago)
To do that you can click upper right as he says in the vid to chat with support and ask for r/t on paper mode :) I'tll work
CHACE (11 months ago)
Yes it is!
Daydreamer (11 months ago)
Is your paper money in TOS still delayed?
Jose Espindola (1 year ago)
worked wonderfully. thank you!
yugo685 (1 year ago)
Wow, thank you so much for this tutorial. I've been trying to get this to work forever and didn't know how. I've been using shitty freestockcharts.com and this is such a huge upgrade. You're the best
optionjunke (1 year ago)
Hu the Real Time Nasdaq Level2 Qoutes are freee????
Review master (1 year ago)
fuck me.... i accidentally selected professional bc i have the ego of a Muslim king. Now i have to pay $22 a month for a real time subscription. Don't have the ego of me guys...
Review master (1 year ago)
okay now what if i don't have a td ameritrade account and i just use the tihnk or swim platform
EX DIVIDEND (4 months ago)
On the Thinkorswim platform simply go to upper right corner “ SETUP “ - application settings - system - and on “quote speed” simply select “ Real time No delay option “ I use think or swim and get real time once I turned this on . Hope this helps :)
Kadarisman Azizi (6 months ago)
Quite informative, Thanks you for introducing to me a winning strategy the *Blended Model Strategy* creator DMITRY VLADISLAV. It's being a great source of knowledge and inspiration to me when i trade. it was awesome working with DMITRY trading tips. someone can google it on the internet to get more review about this strategy. it's really great out here.
AJ (8 months ago)
Yes this is a problem for anyone not in USA. you cant open an account, but can download TOS, so youre stuck with 20 min delayed info
Tyler Smith (11 months ago)
The td ameritrade account is free , you don’t have to fund it when your done setting up.its easiest just to make the account for 5 mins to get the think or swim program.
Nicholas Sepulveda (11 months ago)
i could be wrong but im pretty sure you automatically get an ameritrade account when you open a TOS account. I did.
Jaimster jaimster (1 year ago)
it worked just like you mentioned it .. appreciated very much
Tom S (1 year ago)
I successfully subscribed to the streaming news but whenever I want to subscribe to Real-Time NASDAW Level 2 Quotes I get this message "You must complete the exchange agreements before you can signup for this product". Anyone come across this? I've signed and accepted the page for exchange agreements?
timTLO (1 year ago)
if you haven't got it working yet.. i just logged out and logged back in and it let me subscribe.
marco esquivel (1 year ago)
thanks so much brother!
Richard (1 year ago)
it tells me i have to be a professional in order to subscribe to real time quote ?
Jacob Withers (4 months ago)
+steven36097 I logged out and back in again and tried it and it worked!
steven36097 (4 months ago)
+Ezcore G how you fix it?
steven36097 (4 months ago)
Same issue with me.
Ezcore G (4 months ago)
Still is the case now, did the same to me after clicking non-professional and signing the agreements. Can get the news feed but not the real time level 2. (EDIT) Found the fix in another comment chain.
Rick Duffy (5 months ago)
not the case now. Make sure u have non professional checked.
Marwan M (1 year ago)
Awesome tutorial!! have a Q, what is the Advanced Features under General Tab? mine says "Eligible" any idea? thanks
Austin Caine (1 year ago)
thanks man
Pup Unite (1 year ago)
THANK YOU! I didn't even know my thinkorswim was delayed.

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