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ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tells Truth about Trading - Part 1

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CLICK HERE - https://www.itpm.com/ - On February 7th 2013, the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Managing Partner Anton Kreil was interviewed at Cass Business School by students of the University. In this exclusive interview Kreil gives an insight into the trends occurring in world financial markets for professional and retail traders, his thoughts on the world of banking, hedge funds, career progression for graduates within the industry and what the future may hold for those graduates seeking employment at Banks and Hedge Funds.
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Text Comments (779)
martin crespo (1 day ago)
AT 5:06 this guy just destroyed all the hopes of those in the audience.
den dadadoe (11 days ago)
sachs,morgan,etc.... the biggest legal! maffia on this planet!
Adam Kelly (13 days ago)
Training process is discussed at https://youtu.be/9h3lByx59ns?t=405
Sony Kroket (16 days ago)
Antons lectures should be mandatory reading/hearing in every highschool in the west. But the educational system has been hijacked by the left so of course they'll do anything to surpress reality.
Mortyfier (17 days ago)
All traders have the same mannerisms xD
ViralTaco (26 days ago)
I never knew he worked at Goldman… I just thought "that guy knows what he's talking about", well it makes sense now. I'm glad I knew he was knowledgeable before knowing about his credentials. This just confirms my thoughts. Pretty smart, hard working, guy.
Love Loyalty (2 months ago)
Is trading future's more profitable than forex
Wineguy50 (2 months ago)
I love his 'posh' accent. He went to GS straight from Liverpool and has managed to lose his scouse accent and managed to pick up a public school boy one without even going through Uni, Love it!
Nitro cams (2 months ago)
How do you calculate implied volatility for forex pairs? Forex pairs do not have options or futures derived from forex pairs? I would like to calculate implied volatility for USD/JPY
Franklin Hirsch (3 months ago)
Did anyone else click on this video because you read it as “Sex Goldman Sachs Trader”?
iG W (3 months ago)
But in Forex I can leverage up to 500x .. so that makes it extremely volatile... not recommendable of-course... 50x or 100x is ok :-)
Niklas Kunisch (3 months ago)
Hahaha you will get rekt sooner or later so damn hard :D
Mr. S (3 months ago)
Nice work...
Mehdi Heydari (3 months ago)
Eric Nyamu (5 months ago)
where's part2 ?
MrAnperm (5 months ago)
In equities, volatility is higher than forex.
Dumb Dad (5 months ago)
I used to get home at 6am when I was at uni. No wonder I'm still skint.
Matthew Rose (5 months ago)
People using words like greed, bags (under his eyes), luck, gambling, thieves etc need to take a moment and consider what it would be like to commute to a job that you hate every single day, that sucks your soul dry, full of people who couldn't give two shits about you, commuting on crowded roads full of lunatics that jump lights and would gladly ram you into a ditch and leave you for dead just to knock a few seconds off their journey, all just to make ends meet and cover your living expenses, maybe leaving a meagre leftover for you to live some kind of bland lifestyle outside of work. Even if hypothetically speaking that trading was all about them words, would it really be so bad to drop your ego and false sense of pride to be able to make a living trading from home instead of subjecting yourself to the purgatory and hell that is the rat race?? Is making money from profiting the markets really too much for your frail and misguided sense of conscience to swallow?? If your answer to that should be yes then at least when your endless cyclic misery of working that job finally comes to an end and you are lying there in your coffin with everyone standing round you pondering on your life begone, they will be able to say you were a good guy and that you did everything "right". Well, you be right, I'll be rich...
Jay K (5 months ago)
I thought it was James Mccovoy doing the intro at first
Steven Yang (5 months ago)
I love this guy! This is literally my dream job. Please help me get into trading at Goldman.
leo i (7 months ago)
I do not think and IPO or new and strange companies should be considered for pension funds.
leo i (7 months ago)
It is interesting, if he flipped his finger for GS, because the pay shit to clients's invested money.
Raymond Mclellan (7 months ago)
Arrogant and greedy.
TheRikuideFurame (6 months ago)
Most folks are.
Brah Ma (7 months ago)
6.22 The irony is that some will tick all the boxes and their cv will end up in the bin others will not tick any boxes but their cv will never end up on his desk.
Sam (9 months ago)
Those some wide ass lapels...
ewt415 (9 months ago)
Fact is, the doubters in the comments are the reason why people who invest the time into learning how to trade actually make money lol
Inbal Feuchtwanger (6 months ago)
The amount of Jealousy and Envy here is hilarious. The top comments are just ignorant people hating on others.
이은굥 (9 months ago)
가만히 의자에 앉아서 트레이드만 할려고 컴터만 보고있는게 아니라규
이은굥 (9 months ago)
결국 발빠르게 정보를 캐치하는 사람이 이기는법
Harry Hirsch (9 months ago)
wow nice
Brian Carter (9 months ago)
good job titan
Paul Sharkey (10 months ago)
Sounds like he DK'd the IPO trades that went down and paid for the ones that went up. Riskless trading is always good.
Hedge Trading System (10 months ago)
his thoughts on the world of banking, hedge funds, career progression for graduates within the industry and what the future may hold for those graduates seeking employment at Banks and Hedge Funds.
Vinny Gill (10 months ago)
greed what is this
sratra (10 months ago)
ITT people people with no fucking clue about what they are talking about.
Jake Giuliano (11 months ago)
Jenny Reeds Queen (10 months ago)
nice share
Eill Blackshire (10 months ago)
Baba Ganush Junior (11 months ago)
Heard the airlines were charging him and requesting to check in the bags under his eyes whenever he flies
XFX Trader (11 months ago)
Trading is to Britain what football is to Brazil
Beach Boy (11 months ago)
For all you guys saying he looks bad or unhealthy that comes from 100 hour work weeks for a few years locking down trades. This man is easily a multimillionaire at a young age as well.
Fabbio Scherer (11 months ago)
Trading is very profitable.
Danjoto (1 year ago)
700th comment.
Abishek Goski (1 year ago)
I am 15 and started trading at 14 with demo and my dad's account and this guy is literally my goal in life
aidan mcnally (1 year ago)
Serious question - Do you have to slick your hair back if you want to be taken seriously as a trader?
Hrithik Malhotra (1 year ago)
How to be a investment banker ??
Trevor Philips (1 year ago)
Schlongberg Sachs
Jiří (1 year ago)
its asian class?
Straight (1 year ago)
The bloke in the blue shirt next to the asian guy is an obvious arse licker if Anton said come over here and give me a blow job he would do it.
Island_Kermode (1 year ago)
What a ugly mother fucker... you know he still represents goldman (they pay him to BS us) cause he's a slimy lizard too this day.
Arca Mids (1 year ago)
TLDR; Machines control it all.
Josh (1 year ago)
Jesus loves you.
JD PRODUCTIONS (1 year ago)
anti zionist (1 year ago)
8:02 is the meat of this video
Amanda Cherra & Co (1 year ago)
Wish I learned Trading when I was super young
El Astronaute (1 year ago)
9:53 that guy in the audience seems so up himself, he's an idiot. Who agrees?
John (1 year ago)
I keep seeing comments about this guy's shitty appearance but I'm not really seeing it
agauerm (1 year ago)
Diplomas are overrated, majority of succesful traders are college dropouts... Put on your CV your broker statement if you wanna get a trading job.
Andreia Guerrero (1 year ago)
Everyone has a masters? Hmm .. depends on which country.
chazz Lucas (1 year ago)
This is like Al Capone giving a lecture to future criminals
Satheesh Sengottaiyan (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your videos. Why is itpm website not opening in India ?
Vinnie Lu (1 year ago)
Do you ask your girlfriend for trading advice?
Kevin Parsley (1 year ago)
Wow, this dude straight up told these people AT A school being there is not enough! Not what the interviewer wanted to hear... Mind you, I said not enough. That doesn't mean going is useless.
Aztek Aztek (1 year ago)
Always laughing, Goldman Sucks
C W (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how much this guy made while trading in Uni?
Charlie Warlie (1 year ago)
So pointless watching this....this dude is gifted, who at that age was thinking about making money....i was busy checking naked pics of babes, because thats what 16 yo did....in 1994
breon31774 (1 year ago)
T+3 Flipping IPO's without paying for them... that's awesome
S Avgoulis (1 year ago)
Yet perfectly humble and a tad nervous. Perfectly British. X
Atanatari165 (1 year ago)
Why would a skilled trader need to take a 9-5 job?
Sebastian Smith (1 year ago)
All those gimps creaming themselves about Goldman sachs
Robert Z (1 year ago)
Anton Kreil is really sharp guy
Sangdin Hatzaw (1 year ago)
this men looks very smart
Mercenary Banker (1 year ago)
He points out that high Volatility is what traders live for. I really think thats why financials of companies mean almost nothing in today's stock market, there are so many traders that the volatility is almost the only thing being sought. No one wants to buy an under valued stock with no almost no volatility and have to wait 5 or 10 years to be rewarded and see the profit.
Generic Internetter (1 year ago)
Yes it sucks but it’s exactly what the people want. They don’t care as long as they get their booze and footie in. People are stupid. They never vote with their day-to-day choices. They want to think that the only time they need to make a choice is when they vote at a ballot. This unequal, unbalanced world is what people want, based on their lack of input.
smackedinthejaw (1 year ago)
That interviewer is actually pretty good; in that he just answers the relevant open questions and lets his guest do most of the talking. A lot of TV show interviewers just seem to keep talking and hog the attention.
Mohan Parameswaran (1 year ago)
do they make $250 000 / year b4 tax ?
mykeydrive (1 year ago)
He's a Scouser!
Ben Painter (1 year ago)
As a retail trader, this is so interesting to watch.
SmithN' Wesson (1 year ago)
I thoight trading was simple... I bought in FB at 39 then it bombed and I got out at 70.....god damn mistake lol.
anyar ozturk (1 year ago)
i dont understand shit about what that guys says on the interview and what u guys saying in the comments ..
Bold and informative. Worth watching.
So you need a degree to be a trader these days?
Frank Keller (1 year ago)
I'm jealous.... Haha... I ain't t got a pot.
bloodfluke (1 year ago)
Our society is SICK... Our culture is SICK... We no longer judge people on how they behave...nope... In our modern, and advanced, and so-called intelligent society we now judge people solely on what they 'have', and how much money they 'earn', yes, that's all that matters now, and we're willing to ignore exactly how people have obtained what they have, and exactly how they have earned their money... We live in a society where educated kids want to follow in the footsteps of traders and bankers... It's only when we start to get well that we realise just how sick we were... and I was sick, so very sick, for years. Throughout my relentless pursuit of wealth and 'success' I was unaware that the pursuit wasn't about money, it was about me feeling powerful, and obtaining that power, and being seen, and noticed, attention, and gaining importance... but with the pursuit, and the 'successful' businesses came a great disconnection with myself... I wasn't behaving morally well, not criminally, but not treating people fairly. It was all about my gain. We need more of Gabor Mate and less of the traders.
LCP (1 year ago)
I love how people hater on traders. I've been trading and researching on my own for the last 4 years. Sure, I don't trade tens of thousands, but I'm right below that and have been doing decent. I just cant get myself to day trade because its farrrr to much dedication. You really have to dedicate ALL you time in to researching.
jacob swiney (1 year ago)
people are just b*tches.... to lazy to learn and better themselves would rather just complain about people who have
Iwona Reeves (1 year ago)
The reason why we are always at war in countries that are rich in natural resources? $ 🤑 Soldiers die for your 'freedom', innocent families murdered/ displaced as refugees, all for a man made commodity, the $. well done us?
OfficialEpic222 (1 year ago)
When people say they "research" in the morning before the market opens, what exactly are they looking for? What are they researching? What are the keys or buttons that they are looking for that makes a stock possibly profitable? Sorry, i'm totally new to the idea of stock trading...
Dustin Yambrisak (4 months ago)
Brexit Monger (5 months ago)
I would guess they are looking for any information whatsoever which other traders or investors will use as an excuse to transact business, thus: economic data announcements due that day by central banks or large companies anywhere in the world, even weather news, floods, droughts, all affect supply and demand for raw materials; political news, elections and coup d'etats, also affect future supply and demand. Prices are moved by information!
daniel lopez (1 year ago)
They're looking at pre market movement, as well as too see if any news occurred during the late hours. Keep in mind that things that might be occurring on the side of the world also affects the market either in a positive or negative way. So I mean if you have position on a company you want to make sure it's bullish if your calling or bearish if your shorting. Also as the saying goes early bird gets the worm , so if something pops up in your feed that can make you money 6am is a good time to be awake then mid day.
Mikhail Dc (1 year ago)
stupid question:, but how do you know which ones to research? especially with Pennystocks...
Sean Webb (1 year ago)
The framing is awful. Not an efficient use of resources.
Sean Webb (1 year ago)
Yeah, you have to be careful with the refresh rates on the screens and the shutter speed setting on the cameras. Otherwise you get that weird flickering.
Rafael Huffine (1 year ago)
J W (1 year ago)
A lot of work, little sleep. Still a reality in many parts of the finance industry. Hence the bags under his eyes.
D.B. (1 year ago)
Traders live on volatility... ergo an incentive for the big ones to create this wherever they can...
Madge Virgo (2 years ago)
It will surely take some time to understand exactly how to do a good job of this.
Keith Swanson (2 years ago)
Moritz Neidhart (2 years ago)
funny how he mentions 11th september 2001 as highlights in his career
rouy amam (2 years ago)
These are the people that make the cummon people loose their homes and jobs ...
slinkkk crown (2 years ago)
have you ever seen a turtle without a shell?
beatyouonce (2 years ago)
I love how we dont do stuff much anymore, we buy and sell half win half lose, 0 products made
3TNT3 (2 years ago)
I'll bet tons of people in the audience felt like they just got about ten swift kicks in the nuts when he laid down the Truth for them, here.
James Gillingham (2 years ago)
I am a professional trader. This is why I wear a bow tie.
Priyanjit Kashyap (2 years ago)
8:50 these people must have really hard times understanding humor
Gib Mattson (2 years ago)
He's from Liverpool. So obviously he stole most of the money he "made".

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