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(9 Jul 1996) English/Nat Britain is giving the red carpet treatment to Nelson Mandela, the man who smashed apartheid in South Africa. In Britain, on a four-day state visit, the South African President is being hailed as a hero. It's the first state visit to the country by a South African president. President Nelson Mandela's state visit to Britain began according to tradition. Met by the Princess Royal at London's exclusive Dorchester Hotel, the hero of apartheid was whisked off to Horse Guards Parade to inspect a guard of honour. At 12.40 pm local time, a Royal gun salute boomed across the capital as the President's limousine glided into the parade ground. The formal welcoming party, headed by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prime Minister John Major and several top ministers, bore all the traditional pomp and ceremony befitting a visiting head of state. But the South African leader received a rather less formal welcome from the crowd. More than six-thousand people had gathered at the square - the largest turnout for a head of state's welcome since the birth of television. Chanting 'Nelson', 'Nelson', they waved South African flags and craned their necks for a view of the man who was once known as the Black Pimpernel. Britain's Queen Elizabeth appeared pleased to meet Mandela. She made a highly successful visit to South Africa last year, and clearly enjoys Mandela's company. The band of the Irish Guards played the South African national anthem, incorporating the last few bars of the old Afrikaans anthem, signifying the transition from old to new. On Horse Guards Parade, President Mandela, wearing a smart, dark business suit, inspected the honour guard. His walk was stiff, but he appeared as dignified as ever. Then he and daughter Zenani joined their royal escort to parade down The Mall in open carriages to Buckingham Palace. Later in the day, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh gave a state dinner in Mandela's honour. The Queen Mother paid tribute to the South African President by attending her first Buckingham Palace state banquet in almost three years. The 95-year-old Queen Mother sat on Mandela's right. The Queen was on his left. The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Princess Royal, and Princess Margaret were also present. As were Prime Minister John Major and senior cabinet ministers. In all, around 200 guests were assembled in the sumptuous Palace Ballroom. In her formal welcome to the guest of honour, Queen Elizabeth II stressed the close ties between Britain and South Africa. SOUNDBITE: Mr President, South Africa has a special place in my heart and in the hearts of the British people. Our two counties are bound together by history, by common interest and by ideals and aspirations. SUPER CAPTION: Queen Elizabeth II The Queen and Mandela then touched glasses in a toast to an even tighter bond between their two nations in the future. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7d9674fe3d5bf3d17a4a165db12dee1e Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Kathy McKimm (3 months ago)
All this pomp & ceremony my liewe magtig die ROOI-NEKKE WORD GEK!
Ibrahim zen (3 months ago)
Nceba FutwA (1 year ago)
tata madiba called the Queen of Britain by her name,that was never questioned,which shows he was a highly rated human being,,long live the spirit of madiba.
Timothy Connelly (1 month ago)
The Queen very much liked Mandela. She despised that tyrant Thatcher. When Mandela died Her Majesty wept.
Alfred Manamela (1 year ago)
He really put South Africa in the map... I'm a proudly south African #in Dubai
oriel229 (1 year ago)
Nelson Mandela, convicted terrorist, who paved the way for the destruction of South Africa. I hope to God Trump gets the Americans in there to secure the place under some sane white grownups. before the Russians or more likely the Chinese do so.
J Pontefract (6 days ago)
oriel229 😂😂😂
Eddie Chawane Busani (1 year ago)
I like the icon . is the someone to go without his foot steps
Vi Reina Queen Bee (1 year ago)
think any now who may be wise that more then enough harmed instead his visit caused. .. ( Original breed Royals as to org breeds are not to ever failed for or to close ) well if any think now that Queen B knows a kot and place rat a in the spot .... let me remind all that aint the total painful catastriohic disaster of great and intentiinally proportion .she just discovered ... it dint finish there ... base on all it took place numerology and unaware if Walw of Charles what to not ever do .. he Mix members of his family and of Diane wich also is an original breed .. she can indentify all / non as well the next impact ... will be more sadly on them then anything ever seen ir witness in a 100s years and all for his dam visit and allowee to be where dint belong dont worry ..any .... yet still few years and shes trying to figure out more on it ..base on all that took place that and those visit dint miss any kissing wrong Ass here
Vi Reina Queen Bee (1 year ago)
interesting. Mandela arrives 1996 .his Birthday is on the 18th Prince of Wales is from year 1948 was 47 to 48 years of age when Great black leader left England on the 13th . from that day till end of that month were left 18 days. Wich was Mandela Birthday on that very same month bty when Lady Diana pass away. . on the 31 was total of 48 days ... all the 30 from that month prior to her death and the 18th of madela after he departed ..makes 48 charles age plus his year or birth 1948 its gets more interesring more tragically then what his visit caused that family and the sadness and tears to many " non family " all over
Vi Reina Queen Bee (1 year ago)
wait till they notice great deadly honrensdous mistake non aceptable by White Gods " Zuma " and Queen B dint miss or wont miss with naives ..
Sbusiso Mhlongo (1 year ago)
Lol South Africa what happened
Luhayne Fransman (2 years ago)
my president, may you r.i.p
AintThat SomeShit (3 years ago)
Wonderful to see - my eyes sting.
Michael Sykes (3 years ago)
Nelson Mandela,one of the greatest leaders of all time.
Zachery Govender (1 year ago)
Michael Sykes not one of the greatest leaders he is the greatest
gebhu siphosenkosi (3 years ago)
Zuma will never go to the great palace of England
girmayyi mosa (3 years ago)

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