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Global Commodities | Trading Precious Metals, Coffee, Cotton | Documentary

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An examination of how large commodity producers and commercial traders risk hundreds of millions in a single transaction, from the Smithsonian. If you loved Paul Tudor Jones' trading documentary, give this one a try. #commoditytraders #commercialtraders #goldtrading #coffeetrading #cottontrading
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Sérgio Borges (27 days ago)
Mariana Mihai (2 months ago)
Probably is not so difficult to interpret information from all over the world. (couple of phone calls!) and to keep the profit off shore. Let's be clear, this is not rocket science.
Mariana Mihai (2 months ago)
I don't care about their risk. It's our life at risk. They don't risk anything, nobody is asking them to take a risk. Our life is in their hands, invisible greedy hands - no risk.
sach well (2 months ago)
marco mac (1 year ago)
The problem is the regulation and goverment. If bankers, investors etc break the law the penalty must be superior to the money won with the crime if not it will be no point at all for the regulation.
WallStreet Review (2 years ago)
How long will it take for asian clients to start using asian commodities brokers or directly trading with the farmers around the world by passing western brokers?After all they are the biggest world market in size

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