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Natural Sound Frank Sinatra fans gathered by the hundreds outside a church today as family and a who's who of the entertainment world came to bid a final farewell. More than 400 friends were invited to his noon funeral, a liturgy planned to feature uplifting music and remembrances by Frank Sinatra Jr., Gregory Peck and others. The Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church had been transformed into a forest of white flowers for the service. Sinatra's casket was blanketed with gardenias. Mourners who entered the church today included former first lady Nancy Reagan, Tony Bennett, Joey Bishop, Don Rickles, Paul Anka, Tony Curtis, Sophia Loren, Wayne Newton, Milton Berle and Dionne Warwick. Also seen were Red Buttons, Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll, Angie Dickinson, Marlo Thomas, Phil Donahue, Tony Danza, Ed McMahon and Tom Dreesen, the comic who opened for Sinatra for many years. As a skywriter sketched a white heart in the sunny sky, Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, followed a procession of altar servers into Good Shepherd Church to celebrate the noon Mass. A glossy white ticket with "Francis Albert Sinatra Funeral Mass" printed in purple was required to enter Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church, which was transformed into a forest of white flowers. Sinatra's widow, Barbara, and a family contingent were to later accompany Sinatra's casket to the Palm Springs area. The interment site at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City is where his mother, Natalie "Dolly" Sinatra, and father, Anthony Martin Sinatra, are buried. Sinatra was 82 when he died Thursday of heart failure. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f0472a38a77d568e0d2e286789db937c Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (106)
Earl Gallup (1 day ago)
He's dead now don't nobody give a s*** in another 20 years he'll be totally forgot about
Cist Govne (8 days ago)
all of these guys get fucked up with frank sinatra. cocain alcohol and teenagers. 😂😂😂😂😂
ghost ghost (10 days ago)
Let the dead bury the fucking dead. There never was any true talent in this lot, just white folk patting each other on the back while white technology destroys mother earth at all levels.
Itsonly Me (19 days ago)
A huge talent surpassed only by his even bigger ego!
delon a (23 days ago)
Life sucks, and it’s over all too quickly!
Salvatore Mele (25 days ago)
( rip ) 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝
Lisa Rose (25 days ago)
What a send off so many Stars there and he was loved by so many including me❤️😘🐶
ROBERTO MOTTA (26 days ago)
i love you franck
Annette Elliott (27 days ago)
Tony Bennett.....what a gent.
A B (29 days ago)
He did it his way...
Travissa Bizzell (1 month ago)
We love u frank! Thank you for the music!!💕Always💋
MARKETMAN6789 (1 month ago)
Who was the man with the raincoat and glasses
US Grvs (1 month ago)
I think it’s Milton Berle.
Mary Waldropt (1 month ago)
Gone but not forgotten
Guy Temam (1 month ago)
One could recognize Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis, too fat, wearing a white toupee, Kirk Douglas, Tony Bennett, Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli... Nothing but great names !! Instead of going to a wedding, they went to the funeral of the man who got John F. Kennedy elected president of America, because of his acquaintanceswith the mobster Sam Giancana !!
Blathering Bear (1 month ago)
Where's Michael Corleone?
Services are ridiculous Half these people aren't even in other's lives when they're alive They're there for "show"
Anne Roy (1 month ago)
married & divorced 3x ... dunno what Rome thought of that ...
Judith Boltz (1 month ago)
My mother said she went to see frank back in the 50s. She said he was very rude to all who waited hours to see him. He lost alot of fans that day.
Paige Leigh (1 month ago)
What an incredible artist. ❤
Jo O Reilly (1 month ago)
Yes he was a legend.However, we all die........
Mara Salva (1 month ago)
Im sure there was mafioso there great legend will be missed
BMeister22 (1 month ago)
Sad that most of the celebs attending that funeral is now dead.
BMeister22 (1 month ago)
Not saying I'm surprised...just saying it's kinda sad.
It was 21 years ago Come on now If they were over 55 then it's bound to happen
Vintage (1 month ago)
A great legend actor and a singer will we never forget
Sarah Thomas (1 month ago)
Said Frank Sinatra subcombed to dementia and didn't know who he was! WS a great entertainer! RIP!
Tina Owens (1 month ago)
Tony Curtis looked like a typical old 'Queen' in his later years lol
Ziggy Marley (1 month ago)
I didn't like frank s
mundo da bianca (1 month ago)
Não entendi nada. Do que se trata?
65wiseman (2 months ago)
I continue to miss you - always to be remembered - never to be duplicated. Good bye, Francis.
Sher Grissom (2 months ago)
Helicopters Really? ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT.
A B (29 days ago)
@Miguel Isidro nah, just people trying to get some pictures
Miguel Isidro (1 month ago)
Sher Grissom it’s for security.
Rob Mastro (2 months ago)
how gauche, valets dressed in red for a funeral....
Ryan Mejia (2 months ago)
There was a sign that said frank to hell in the back
Joe Candela (1 month ago)
Unfortunately that guy with the sign is the proverbial "one asshole" in the group!
Who Isayou (3 months ago)
Fingers Malone might of even been there
Who Isayou (3 months ago)
All the wise guys paying their respect
Who Isayou (3 months ago)
Rickles in the building ....
Lenny Anders (3 months ago)
Don Rickles must have been really torn up about Frank Sinatra's death because Sinatra helped launch Rickle's career in the early days, RIP to both of them.
Alanna Propst (1 month ago)
Carol Diehl (3 months ago)
My youngest son shares his birthday and he likes his music.
Tony Chuter (1 month ago)
Love him or hate him frank sinatra was a legand people will talk about him for ever and his music will live on vagas in the late 50s 60s was the place to be the ratpack on top of there game at the sands all gone now legands all in a great time..
Linda Shelley (1 month ago)
Tony Chuter Apart from Joey Bishop, who survived until 2007, Frank was the last of the Rat Pack to go. Even The Sands his now been pulled down. So sad that whole wonderful era is now only history...
David Hunt (3 months ago)
Frank had it all, money, fame, connections, but no matter who you are, once you're dead life goes on without you. But saying that this was 21 years ago and a lot of these stars have also passed away, never more to have that warm Californian sun beating down on them.
Roger Martin (3 months ago)
He was ALWAYS jealous of Elvis looks and TALENT !!
James Feldman (6 days ago)
Not true. Frank and Elvis had mutual respect for one another and appeared and performed together many times. Sure, Frank and others in his circles, including Dean Martin, felt threatened by the wave of the new pop and rock stars of the early 1960s (just as the American pop bands felt threatened by the subsequent British "invasion"), but they all made peace, recognizing that the world is a big enough place for genres of all types to not only survive but to thrive. If you really want to get a handle on Frank Sinatra, the person and the artist, I'd recommend the book "Sinatra: The Life" by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. They've done some incredible research and have taken a balanced, thorough, and objective look at one of the most complex artists of our times.
Brandon Hernandez (2 months ago)
Elvis let himself go when he became middle-aged.
Toby Kirk (3 months ago)
who the fuck cares?
Thomas Raffa (3 months ago)
I still listen to at least one Frank Sinatra album every week. The man was a National Treasure!
Reggie Mitcham (1 month ago)
Thomas Raffa
Vintage Roze (2 months ago)
Thomas Raffa Sinatra was THE voice of the 20th Century. I understand Bing Crosby said, "He has a once in a lifetime voice, why it had to be in *my* lifetime, I'll never know.” I thank God that I was fortunate enough to live during Sinatra's lifetime, and during a time when I could hear music anytime I wanted. How rich we all are to live at this time and to have heard the Maestro sing. I thought it was so fitting that he should leave the earth at the end of the century he defined. His music willl live forever.
Tara Stock (3 months ago)
RIP Frank gone but never forgotten you will be dearly missed and loved by all who knew you and loved you very much...a sad day in the music industry our family sends prayers and thoughts to his family and friends the many fans our hearts are with you all at this time of tribulation we love you
SolidRock InclearWater (3 months ago)
I 've cross the Lincoln Tunnel many times as a coach driver pack with tourists comming from Canada to New York during my career and guess what the tour guide was playing on the CD player system ?
John Buffa (3 months ago)
SolidRock InclearWater
zyxmyk (3 months ago)
wouldn't this be in Palm Springs instead of LA?
califdad4 (3 months ago)
had 2 funerals, this one in Beverly Hills, his kids did this one his widow did the one in the desert, she wanted to exclude a lot of people and so that was why his kids did this one.
Ron H. (3 months ago)
Buried in Cathedral City (Palm Springs area)
Linda Costa (3 months ago)
He did it his way
Roger Martin (3 months ago)
The mafia's way that kicked started his career !
Fenway Park (3 months ago)
I tell you this, since his passing the amount of gossip (good-bad),from his ex house man to Marfia ties to the Kennedys to his screwing around to his tantrums is something to behold.He was a 1st class shaker.
Giraffa Savana (3 months ago)
ImaDoozy ForReal (4 months ago)
Look at ALL the money these "celebrities" have, and all because you spend YOUR money on them. For what. They don't give two shits about any of you "fans". You're a limousine "check" to them. They would never stoop low enough to hang/befriend/date/marry ANY of YOU that are paying ALL their bills and funding their mansions and vacations. Out of ALL their adoring fans, do you know any of them to seek out a "commoner" as a "companion" . Nope, these people ain't slumming it. JUSTIN BEIBER, guzzilians of women to choose from. He could grab up anyone one of em he wanted, WHO does he choose. Any of the girls that have cost their parents thousands of dollars on Beiberabilia. NOPE, he didn't "stoop that low" did he. They love you fans, for one reason, YOUR MONEY!
Jack English (4 months ago)
Antonio Mmancuso (4 months ago)
I met him in his estate in palm spring, , , a short time before this day, , I am glad I did, in spite of what they say , I could realise that he has been alive and still is,in his own way.
Raymond Kobel (4 months ago)
Wow a lot of those celebrities home themselves
CJS (4 months ago)
Sinatra was a prick in his later years but the voice STILL has no equal!
Roosevelt Cox (4 months ago)
I could not believe someone could be so cold as to hold a sign saying Frank's in Hell wonder if they have gone there themselves?!!))
Vintage Roze (2 months ago)
Roosevelt Cox There is nothing I find more anoying than a hateful "Christian". God infinitely prefers a king aethiest.
Tovar (3 months ago)
@Jeff McMillin it is reported and documented about his past. Hitlers and Sinatra. You dont need to be there in person to understand if they really were one thing.
Jeff McMillin (3 months ago)
@Tovar have you actually seen any of this in person.
Tovar (3 months ago)
@Jeff McMillin it's a matter of fact. There is no insult if we call Hitler a dictator when he actually was one.
Jeff McMillin (3 months ago)
@Tovar I'm tired of people making insulting statements about anyone they have personally known. If they can dish it out that better be able to take it. If anyone doesn't like it they need to keep it to themselves.
Jen Branker (4 months ago)
All of the legends, wow. Bless Liza Minnelli’s heart she heard a fan call out her name, and turned around to wave.
Wanda Borowy (4 months ago)
Sophia Loren looked so arrogant.
Vintage Roze (2 months ago)
Wanda Borowy: Maám, I have no idea what made you say that, but Ms. Loren only looked Gorgeous to me. What do you have against Sophia? One of the most beautiful women of my lifetime, and a fine actress. Do you think it was wrong of her to try to look nice for Frank?
Suzanne Rossiter (3 months ago)
Not arrogant, fabulousness and class.
Michaela Harris-Sutton (3 months ago)
It was showing class and it was a funeral you can't look too happy when a person dies you need to show stoicism
Robert Allen (4 months ago)
Elegant is the description!
Wanda Borowy (4 months ago)
@Joe G You don't seem to any class yourself.
As big a crook as the best of them
MR Stacker (3 months ago)
Iraq He was a great entertainer and a great man who came from nothing . For your information.
Roger Martin (3 months ago)
He knew Elvis was way better !
Joan Beach (4 months ago)
It was too bad there was so much bitterness between his children and his 4th wife. They must have been devastated. I wonder if Nancy Sr. went or was even invited. RIP FRANK
califdad4 (3 months ago)
@pamela paikopoulos celebrities have to do this or the sight seers will fill the church
pamela paikopoulos (3 months ago)
Its pathetic ,an invitation, to a funeral, memorial. ?
Patricia Walton (4 months ago)
Joan Beach. Frank's 1st wife, NancySr was there as well as Frank's 3rd wife, Mia Farrow. Barbara and Frank's kids were at odds because Tina and NancyJr felt Barbara had been trying to drive a wedge between them and Frank ever since she married Frank. I think Barbara was very jealous of Frank's relationship with his daughters, as they were very close to him. Tina and Nancy patched things up with Barbara when Frank passed away for a time, but afterward I think they stopped being in contact with Barbara.
M.J. Leger (4 months ago)
Tremendous loss to the world when we lost Frank Sinatra on 5-14-98. What an artist he was. I like the white heart in the sky, how appropriate that someone did that! FS gave us almost 60 decades of beautiful music, which may be listened to by many until at least the end of this century, and maybe into the next! Thank you, Frank, for your music, which has lifted the spirits of so many for so long! It's been 20 years now, since he has been gone and it's hard to believe. I will always love his music; I will always remember meeting him several times and attending his concerts a number of times. RIP, FS.
M.J. Leger (3 months ago)
@Roger Martin No, Frank Sinatra was gracious to all of the singers in his era but he stated that Tony Bennett "had the best pipes in the business" and additionally, Elvis and Sinatra were two very different types of singers. They met on one show, but it was more for publicity than artistry! Sinatra was well known by then, Elvis was a great fad, while it lasted, but Sinatra's music is legend and far more lasting. If you're still around 3/4ths of a century from now, you will see and realize that! Sinatra's vocal range was far greater than Elvis, (who couldn't play more than about 4 chords on his guitar) and just wasn't the musician that Sinatra was; overall, there's just no comparison!
Roger Martin (3 months ago)
Very good for the style he sang BUT very limited .The real true singer was ELVIS and Frank knew this !
Ercdared Entertainment (6 months ago)
Who's the scumbag with the Frank in hell sign
Ercdared Entertainment (3 months ago)
The mafia oughta pay a visit to that fine organization
Jungleland33 (3 months ago)
Westboro Baptist Church I'd say. Who else?

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