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Using a Stock Market API with Python

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POSTING: https://medium.com/@Keithweaver_/using-a-stock-market-api-4ce65b7c67ac In PHP: https://youtu.be/hfYfeDvTyVw In this video, I show you how to get basic financial data via code. Equipment: Canon T5i - http://amzn.to/2vOS61Y Headphones - http://amzn.to/2tpRthn Please subscribe! Check me out: Web: http://keithweaver.ca Twitter: https://twitter.com/keithweaver_ Github: https://github.com/keithweaver Instagram #1: https://www.instagram.com/keiththecoder/ Instagram #2: https://www.instagram.com/keithweaver_/
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Text Comments (14)
Shockwave Decepticon (12 days ago)
I dont understand nothing :(
Dan Jordan (1 month ago)
Have you found any API's with the ability to call a full 1 minute intraday history dating back 1 year?
Kyru13 (2 months ago)
Hey man, great video! You helped me out a lot! Quick question tho, how would I go about grabbing only the "open" day price without typing the specific date in everytime? Is it possible to wildcard the date and just grab the history of open day prices?
simon jones (6 months ago)
great tutorial tnx
Anu pugaz (6 months ago)
Hi Keith, I am uthera and doing my master data analytics, as apart of my practicum i need to extract the twitter dataset.Can you please share the dataset if you have already have one, In particular i need microsoft twits.
AlexTechie (9 months ago)
5 API calls/min, or pay $20/mo for 15 API calls/min. Unfortunately, this is the best one I could find, so I appreciate you making this video.
Joel Thomas Tharian (10 months ago)
Hi, I am getting an error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<ipython-input-18-9bde117d76e0>", line 13, in <module> dataForallmonths =result['Time Series (Daily)'] KeyError: 'Time Series (Daily)'
Isaiah Cross (1 month ago)
@Theright-way All you're doing is changing the name of the variable. This doesn't fix the problem as python is saying the dictionary key does not exist, which has nothing to do with naming convention.
Theright-way (3 months ago)
for me for whatever some reason it changes the variable name "result" to "pytresult" so all you have to do is change result to pytresult. in the example its "result = r.json()" so for me it became "pytresult = r.json()"
Joel Thomas Tharian (8 months ago)
@Lorenz Web nope
Lorenz Web (8 months ago)
Me too, Did you figure it out?
JAy PaTel (11 months ago)
which version of Python are you using?
Keith, the Coder (11 months ago)
I'm using 2.7
Victor Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Good video. Please create one explaining how to create a complete crud using mysql and python 3. Regards,

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