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Bush reacts to latest Middle East violence

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(4 Aug 2002) SHOTLIST 1. Wide shot of town buildings, zoom to long shot of Bush house 2. US President George W. Bush and his father, former President George Bush Senior in golf cart, George W. Bush gets out of golf cart holding a golf club. 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President: "Good Morning. I'm distressed to hear about the latest suicide bombers in Israel. For those who yearn for peace in the Middle East, for those in Arab lands, for those in Europe, for those all around the world who yearn for peace, we must do everything we possibly can to stop the terror. There are a few killers who want to stop the peace process that we have started and we must not let them. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of the Palestinians who suffer, for the sake of the Israelis who are under attack, we must stop the terror. I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you.... Now, watch this (golf) drive." 4. Wide shot of George W. Bush and George Bush Senior beside golf cart 5. Mid shot of President Bush hitting golf ball 6. George Bush Senior puts golf club in cart 7. UPSOUND (English) George W. Bush: "See you at church." 8. Golf cart drives off STORYLINE US President George W. Bush condemned the latest suicide bombing attack in Israel on Sunday, calling on all nations to prevent "a few killers" from disrupting the Middle East peace process. "There are a few killers who want to stop the peace process that we have started. We must not let them," Bush said shortly before he began an early-morning golf game with his father, former US President George Bush Senior. President Bush is spending a weekend with his parents at their summer home at Kennebunkport on the Maine coast. The latest bombing on a packed bus in northern Israel during the morning rush hour on Sunday killed at least nine people and wounded 37 others. The apparent suicide attack occurred at the Meron Junction, between the towns of Acre and Tsfat, about 60 kilometers (35 miles) northwest of the West Bank. The civilian bus was carrying a number of soldiers returning to their bases on Sunday, the beginning of the work week in Israel. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/8cfbf6351fdc32c62dbf7125308d6d51 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (241)
Charlie AnC (5 days ago)
Twelfht Band (10 days ago)
REDZER_14 (21 days ago)
Haha war criminal funny 😆
James Kollintzas (23 days ago)
Politicians lie, the rest of the world pays the price, now watch this drive
James Kollintzas (23 days ago)
Now watch this drive, enough said
payday64 (29 days ago)
Kicking ass leading the country and golfing at the same time. Ladies and Gents the Johnny Sinns of golfing.
Go Washington Football (1 month ago)
Bush the G
*I did not have sex with that woman. Now watch this drive.*
MR BOYDER (1 month ago)
the "see you at church" line is so fucked i almost can't believe how brazen these pieces of shit are. same thing with obama and how they made such a big deal about his christianity and about how he's actually muslim lmao they straight up use religion in the most cynical ways possible. red and blue, these people belong in jail.
Charles Harding (1 month ago)
Still the coldest shit I've ever seen
Nirvana One (1 month ago)
Hey cmon It was a good drive 🏌️‍♂️
[ Friik ] (1 month ago)
I'm distressed to hear about the latest suicide "barmbers" in Israel LMAO 💀😂😂
Jakeem (2 months ago)
probably the most profound speech ever said on a golf course
Udar Pavarota (2 months ago)
George W. Bush is God Himself.
Joshua Matthew (2 months ago)
I bet they had a case of beer and some chicken in that golf cart...
Freedomovertyranny 1 (2 months ago)
Just another war criminal playing golf
cockzilla13 (3 months ago)
Bro I forgot how much of a fucking honcho Dubya was!
Xbow 33 (3 months ago)
Trying to DRIVE away terrorism
__ (3 months ago)
Notice how well recieved this moment in Bush's legacy was? The YouTube comments are all positive.
Georgi Vanev (3 months ago)
- See 'ya bitchezz *Drives away in golf cart
Andreas Sveen (3 months ago)
that was epic, George
Lvl 99 Mafia Boss
DrDead Red (4 months ago)
AA reminded me of this.
roro roro (4 months ago)
Lol now trump does this shit and the world wants to have a fucking cow.
T B88 (5 months ago)
Better than trump.
The Dozier (5 months ago)
I call upon ALL nations
Robert Treacy (5 months ago)
Admit it, you all came here for 1:07.
Mark Quinn (5 months ago)
Just a mass killer playing golf nothing to see here.
Halozocker104 (5 months ago)
Just subbed to be the 1.000.000 subscriber^^
Komsomol (5 months ago)
He ain't no Lv1 Crook
Andrew Jacob Sauer (1 month ago)
Thats how america works
Jake Crane (6 months ago)
*see ya at church*
Off-White Bandit (6 months ago)
Guillermo (6 months ago)
This is something that if it appeared on a film nobody would believe it, like, you even can't do a paradoy because how ridiculous and random it is.
Heywood Jablome (6 months ago)
Bush was a jewish puppet until the end. We thank you George, for selling out your country for Israel!
Toastcano718 (6 months ago)
Lmao the way he was sitting
GGZ Oman (6 months ago)
Invading Iraq was part of a peace process? That would be funny if it didn't kill a ton of people.
SandersdeKFC (5 months ago)
The Iraqi people are better off today than they were 20 years ago. Dictators should fall regardless of where they are. Next on the hit list should be Maduro, Putin, and Kim Jong.
GGZ Oman (6 months ago)
Look at his look at 1:08. He looks annoyed and pissed. It's like "how dare you question me?".
Eduardo Lumbreras (6 months ago)
Lmao see ya at church
FAW (6 months ago)
Dillon Benson (6 months ago)
Def would vote for him again. my idol
gladJonas (4 months ago)
Hes like a cartoon character i really like him lol
I'm Iron Man (6 months ago)
Father and son golfing , he's a daddy's boy . I mean that in a good way
Ricky E. (6 months ago)
Rambles about serious bidness now watch dis drive
Full of shit
Albert Twangle (6 months ago)
Lmfao iconic American moment. Incredible
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf (7 months ago)
Why isn’t this war criminal in prison? 4,400 Americans dead, 32,000 seriously injured from the War in Iraq. How does he sleep at night? Say what you want about Carter, Clinton, Obama, Trump, but the Bush family is a pack of sociopathic fucks.
A K (7 months ago)
People die.... hes golfing .... pretty much sums up every Republican president in a nut shell
SandersdeKFC (5 months ago)
I mean... both Bill Clinton, and Obama took plenty of Holidays during their Presidencies. The most powerful man in the world deserves a break sometime.
buckbumble (7 months ago)
What’s a suicide balmer?
Nibba (7 months ago)
How can Americans be so naive. Terrorism is Cia
Tristen (7 months ago)
Jaswinder Parmar (7 months ago)
The Bacons (7 months ago)
To be fair, I’m not sure what he is supposed to do when the press follows him onto the golf course. But geez it didn’t look good
Cian Dwyer (7 months ago)
He’s swing is all wrong man!!!!
D K (7 months ago)
vintage dub-ya
kidfly2ify (7 months ago)
Funny. Putting his feet up. Like a Trust Fund kid. He was always a boy. Still is.
GGZ Oman (6 months ago)
Spoiled brat who thinks he's better than everybody.
Ramon Arellano (7 months ago)
Marcus Holy392 (7 months ago)
Xxkeys432xX (7 months ago)
Damn RIP to the man that did 9/11
Kory Hartline (6 months ago)
R u dum
Joseph Marquez (7 months ago)
370zTTSoCal (7 months ago)
😂 lmao
zig zag (7 months ago)
this dude was such a savage
Ramon Lema (7 months ago)
Arrogant Piece of shit
Michael Crawford (8 months ago)
Man can golf...
Grandpa Heffley (8 months ago)
Plot twist He causes the Israel attack with that drive he putted
BlueberryCola9000 A ha, aha ha......ha.......har dee har......haaar deere haaaar, arf arf arf. When is the comedy dvd out? 🤔
Knight of Faith (8 months ago)
George Bush was the most American man to ever live. Holy shit
jadehare (3 months ago)
That’s his son, George W. Bush. he’s alive
See ya at church lmfao
Texas Viking (4 days ago)
What's funny about church? :[
REDZER_14 (21 days ago)
Lmao war criminal funny 😆
Memestiff (3 months ago)
Anonymous alien (8 months ago)
crackdchosen1 (9 months ago)
Now watch this drive
daustin8888 (9 months ago)
What a legend
SilvioManfredDante85 (9 months ago)
Fuckin' great president!! Better than Clinton and Obama, at least.
chicuco n (10 months ago)
By the way war is good for me i sell all kinds of weapons thank very much..
Miles James (10 months ago)
The way he sat in the cart after 😂
Paul Acres (10 months ago)
No fuc*kin war criminal, went to war for him. THE MAN !!!! Next to Queen Liz. UK/US. Always. English/Texan baby.
Paul Acres (10 months ago)
I don't care what ANYONE says this English man Texan, Pres Bush is cool as fu*k..... Now watch this drive, The Dude, The man The LEGEND. God Bless Sir. Would fight for you again anytime, anywhere.
Paul Acres You're an arse. Away and shoot at cans in your garden wearing your egg and semen soaked vest you fucking loony.
Dave B. (11 months ago)
What a national disgrace.
Alex Perez (11 months ago)
That's my president
Here's Johnny (11 months ago)
Lying cunt....biggest terrorist of them all is that bastard! His father is just as bad if not worse....SATANIC SCUM!
sandalssuck (1 year ago)
Is this real?
Brendan Hayes (1 year ago)
Thug life prez dickhead 🤮
Dave jahoer (1 year ago)
Never saw something so ridicoulus as this. First a very serious comment on terrorism and right after proceeding playing golf hahaha. This guy is really from another planet
jadehare (3 months ago)
He’s literally insane lmao. the funniest is how the media and citizens are all afraid to say anything and just cower
ChakraZulu210 (1 year ago)
Yo you gotta be a real scumbag to pull off this level of boss status....had the AP meet him on the 7th tee gave an impromptu lecture that amounted to "everyone stop doing terrorism!.......Now watch this drive"...drives it and holds that swaggy form...puts his feet up in the golf cart pulls off n yells "see ya in church!" #boss #bowdown
Ash Mofo (15 days ago)
This was so funny to read. It's true.
JankyJoe (3 months ago)
@Hennesey lovin crack addict Typical thing a "Hennesey" drinking crackhead would say.
ChakraZulu210 Back then it was called being a cunt. Now with social media weedy little 14 year olds call it "gangster". Fucking cringy
Moody Fuck (8 months ago)
ChakraZulu210 I cannot even Trump the king of trolls doing what Bush did here. What Bush did is gangster
Daniel Burapavong (1 year ago)
I think he was reaching into his pocket to pull out a mulligan. Anyone know what course that is? Looks like Kiawah.
Al Davis (1 year ago)
My favorite bush comment....watch this drive see you at church!......exactly what i would have said in that situation...LMAO!
Dave Dave (1 year ago)
Mad Boat (1 year ago)
If he made a hole in one this would've been the greatest moment in all of history
7inchsoftSweetland (1 month ago)
Andrew Jacob Sauer (1 month ago)
@Travis Anderson That would be a hole in two. I.E. an eagle lol.
Travis Anderson (10 months ago)
He made a couple holes in a tower does that count
ChakraZulu210 (1 year ago)
If? Of course he made a hole in one...this guy
Mixtape Mania (1 year ago)
This is the most american thing ive seen
9R 49 (7 months ago)
Behn ka thing behncho.
galenikarlek84 (1 year ago)
The lefty desperate attempt to win the debate: make fun of the "enemy" since we cant win with facts and arguments.
Nicholas Marinich (1 year ago)
Too good
Chris K (1 year ago)
1:37 Denied
Eli ! (1 year ago)
Legend says that the golf ball hit the World Trade Center
Loshi Original (5 months ago)
omfg bro lol
marc lopez (1 year ago)
Tommy Davis (1 year ago)
Myrdred Deceiver (1 year ago)
me when im playing strategy games
Houston Sanderfield (1 year ago)
This shit made me like bush...I can't even lie
Myconix (1 year ago)
You know, everything I've seen of him when he's not making a press statement makes him seem like a chill dude. It kinda makes me wonder if he wanted to be a stand-up comedian rather than a president, but he was kinda pushed by Bush Sr. into running for office.
John Hogan (1 month ago)
He was a frat dude that loved cocaine and booze, he was obviously shoved into a life he didnt want by his father just because he was more charismatic than jeb. He really seemed like an alright dude in way over his head. His presidency was a tragedy on both ends. The American people deserved a real president and he probably deserved to live the life he wanted. Check out his paintings, they're so innocent and disarming its unreal.
Brug (3 months ago)
He's a painter now
JL-CptAtom (7 months ago)
The Bush family is a crime operation. Prescott Bush wanted to assassinate FDR. He failed. Herbert resolidified the CIA as a human and drug trafficking organization and reassured the Petro Dollar. Walker wasn't capable of any of this. He was only capable of being president - the least mentally taxing position in government.
Mike Brown (1 year ago)
like a Boss!!
Andrew Jacob Sauer (1 month ago)
Lv. 99 Boss!
Tom Baldwin (1 year ago)
what a fucking wimpy coward homo......
mass murderer ,a man who precides on genocide in Congo,Iraq,Somalia,Suddan, he killed more than 1,5million people in Iraq
Victor (1 year ago)
He has quite good swing btw
uncxnsoled (6 months ago)
@Hennesey lovin crack addict what's the matter with that... u have to learn somehow, no?
Victor Who would think 45 years of private golf lessons and playing in private resorts would enable such a feat? 🤔

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