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Lana Del Rey - Old Money [Ultraviolence Album]

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Mahmoud Alaa (4 months ago)
listen to this new song and you will not regret : Faouzia - This Mountain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw8MegWR24Q
Anne Hathaway (13 days ago)
Allah Agbar!
Vincent Muller (1 month ago)
ya me too lol +Alex Davies
vampiremane (2 months ago)
Alex Davies same
Alex Davies (2 months ago)
i regret it.
Samuel Luiz (15 hours ago)
"And if you call for me, you know I'll run.. I'll run to you.."
andrea josifova (1 day ago)
So good song
Natália Vieira Costa (2 days ago)
quase cópia de A time for us de Romeu e Julieta.. mas prefiro essa música!
Rosamund Schmidt (5 days ago)
I feel like you can only get Lanas songs, when you REALLY LISTEN to them many times... These aren't the kind of songs you can play in the background of a party or sing with friends...they're personal.
Kirill Amber (6 days ago)
I'm crying ;(
Han han (6 days ago)
Remind me of A time for us - song from Romeo and Juliet
Makuk YT (7 days ago)
Kto z Polski
Profik 1 (9 days ago)
she reminds me of a hope
Gullar Aliyeva (11 days ago)
hien tran (12 days ago)
I feel like I miss you right now. No. I miss our memories.
Pretty P (13 days ago)
Türk yok mu
Kim Tran (14 days ago)
I would follow her voice into the dark, hauntingly beautiful.
J. Sincronicidad (15 days ago)
From Lana Del Rey, to Elizabeth grant.
Rena Elmer (18 days ago)
Gives me release when someone passes away. But i also think abt my ma and dad at 2:14
BestModern Leggings (19 days ago)
This song is a noble tone. It has this morality and white sunshine feeling to it. It is empowering.
Animax (21 days ago)
animax europa
arifur rahman (22 days ago)
Very soothing. Lana's face seems to an ancient letter of deep sadness.
Marco Plo (24 days ago)
if your heart didnt break 3/4 the way thru this song...just to be put back into 2 piece immediately after...you ain't human ..
aleqs3 (25 days ago)
She's a poet, she's an artist... Nowadays singers and performers ain't on the same level!
Himaryous (25 days ago)
Someone should tell Grammarly about excessive advertising.
Mads Risbjerg (25 days ago)
New hoe
lolo laly (29 days ago)
i feel old,empty,and sad
Moody_blue (30 days ago)
I too thought I was listening to What is a Youth? from Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet film when I heard the first few bars. They are identical.
Ceasar Bạo Chúa (1 month ago)
tôi yêu bạn người phụ nữ của thế kỹ trước
100 Baby Squad (1 month ago)
I'll run to you, I'll run to you, I'll run, run, run I'm crying
Merve Akdoğan (1 month ago)
Türk kardeşlerim selamlar
Frank Sinatra (1 month ago)
reminds me romeo and jiliet song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCQMlyXMRJE
Madison Albury (1 month ago)
Does anyone recognize this from Romeo and Juliet from the 70s
Mgd Kns (1 month ago)
Lana is so good at painting a world through her words! True poet! ❤️
Nino Rota – What Is A Youth
danny c (1 month ago)
The everlasting purest queen of codependency
Jiunnfa Khoo (1 month ago)
The type of song you play coming home from a long day of work
Daniel99oslo (1 month ago)
I do understand that I must be active to keep my department/rank.
Daniel99oslo (1 month ago)
I want to apply for Level-1 Clearance because I can do much more than just cleaning dead bodies and toilets. I also wanna be a Level-1 clearance because it seems more fun and challenging. And people are not respecting my job enough. Also, the staff is restricted in many areas. And I also think I could do a better job as a security guard and I have much more skills in that than washing. I hope I can become level-1 clearance so I can prove my skills and prove that I'm worthy and show that I'm good at this job.
Daniel99oslo (1 month ago)
I am a person who wants to learn new things and learn other people new things and I love helping people. I also care about others and I hate people who are toxic towards me. I always respond to people creatively and smart. Also whit a more serious act. I love people and I love games/RP. I'm also a person that tries hard to reach a goal and I don't give up until I've reached it. I'm basically a social creature.
zBackstab - (1 month ago)
ill cum to you
WILD & FREE (1 month ago)
headache (1 month ago)
Romeo & Juliet ( 1968 ) What Is A Youth
Cindy H. (1 month ago)
2:20 Doesn't she sound like she's smiling when she sings that lyric?
Heaven Lena (1 month ago)
romeo et juliette.......... "what is a youth" 1968
Drumin Rebel (1 month ago)
Always on my mind while metal detecting and digging :)
Riadollxxx Ririjjones (1 month ago)
Sun sets Motown... I’m out of time✨🌹🎠⭐️👑🍬🍒🍦🎪🌞🌈🙌🏽💖⭐️
Ayesh Cakes (1 month ago)
I love this song. I could imagine xiaojun making a cover of this.
Juniper Lai (1 month ago)
I come to you, come to you, I come, come, come.
Juniper Lai (1 month ago)
Juniper Lai (1 month ago)
How could anyone don't like this song?
Caue Francisco (1 month ago)
2019? <3
Jeff Daniels (1 month ago)
What a natural beauty
evey jay (2 months ago)
Me and my dirty ass mind couldn't make it through the whole song 😖
Ana Marija (1 month ago)
LMFAOOO cuuuum cuuum cuummm
Dany Silva (2 months ago)
My Love
Lolo Wells (2 months ago)
I want this played at my funeral
haydar boubou (2 months ago)
2019 ?!
Geckaway (2 months ago)
What is a youth - Romeo and Juliet
Richie Tozier (2 months ago)
her hair is so beautiful
Hân Lý (2 months ago)
Abelardo Orihuela (2 months ago)
Similar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVWX-8Lx0dc
Deserved W (2 months ago)
Carti did it better
Abby Kaiser (2 months ago)
I listened to lana 24/7 like 5 years ago and thought I understood then but realize now even more depth I couldn't relate to before
Wellington Leandro (2 months ago)
Lana 😍❤️
Ghost Rider (2 months ago)
Lana creates incredible stories with her picturesque words and phrases. Her words and phrases build paintings in my mind without the need for videos. I can smell and touch the texture of those hydrangeas. Smell the cologne. Touch the cashmere. Feel the hot sunshine. See the red racing cars at sunset. That, my friends, is the sign, of a fucking genius song writer. I fucking love you, Elizabeth.
Susan Jump (2 months ago)
ismail achabi (2 months ago)
who watch this in 2019 ??
regia Youtb (2 months ago)
oh mulher pra cantar! maravilhosa!
map of days (2 months ago)
2:13 - 2:28 I feel like I can hear a nostalgic smile, that slowly fades when she then signs about her loneliness
А А (2 months ago)
Когда слушаю эту песню не о чём не думаю не обидно не забавно попросту пауза и всё мурашки по коже и слезы...
Hand Down Man Down (2 months ago)
Deserved W (2 months ago)
Hand Down Man Down ong💀
Anna Marrison (2 months ago)
One of lana's bests
Milton2k (2 months ago)
Romeo and Juliet theme.......so great she hasn't been sued yet. :P
Adrian Buczkowski (2 months ago)
duckylips :D accent
sakeena x (2 months ago)
I wish my life was a labs del rey song
Vanderlei Santos (2 months ago)
MeQueenWiphaphorn Phoonlua\inzit muziek klassiekers om te luisteren oké liefde. 😊😘💜💕 \Nu ik ben is niet houdbaar stonden de jullie nooit begrijpen of ons hebt, Nu ik ben is was zichtbaarheid jawel. Bedankt helemaal.
peachy (2 months ago)
This makes me cry every time.
Marco Trivelli (2 months ago)
Romeo and Juliet...
A.J. Salvo (2 months ago)
She looks so good with glasses!!
Samuel Luiz (2 months ago)
This is for sure my favorite Lana song... I miss her old songs... Her old way of expressing her feelings into her songs...
marshmallow (2 months ago)
this gives me goosebumps every time
morta kh (2 months ago)
hey i hope you will like my new song (teaser ) and stay tuned for my upcoming abum . it s inspired by lana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0NeuGdsizE
Tarash Sajaia (2 months ago)
what is the youth from romeo and juliet... lana del rey could think more then stealing
Juliana Kane (2 months ago)
Irene blue (2 months ago)
Favorite song ever
James Longmore (2 months ago)
Lana del Rey you are wonderful i wish i had have met you at that vack street in Melbourne id have had roses for you dear on bended knee 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Marina Mario (2 months ago)
Miss him every day
Gino7lord (3 months ago)
This makes me think of daisy buchanan all alone and miserable after tom died and getting the fate she deserved.
Marcelo Pessoa (3 months ago)
Jasminn Rosalina (3 months ago)
who's listening in 2019?
Marja Järv (3 months ago)
"So is the girl, you used to call the queen of new york city" is the line, that hooked me to this song. I just listened this song for the first time and when i heard this line I just knew that i would listen this song over and over again. And that's exactly what happened
nelly m (3 months ago)
this makes me so happy and sad at the same time...
Ye Zar Ni (3 months ago)
i love this song
Lanah Salim (3 months ago)
But if you send for me, you know I'll come And if you call for me, you know I'll run I'll run to you, I'll run to you
AH AH (3 months ago)
Its funny... im leaving the young part behind (>30) but all i know is old. I have missed everything involving beeing young. Tanks mom i hate you=)
Rich Chappell (3 months ago)
This song is strongly "A Time for Us"   Makes me want to go watch Romeo and Juliet (1969)
Marcus Nederlundh (3 months ago)
Marcus Nederlundh (3 months ago)
I wish you have a beautiful day! <3
Sheikh Vlogs (3 months ago)
anybody in 2019?
Marcus Nederlundh (3 months ago)
She is so beautiful. =)
carley embury (3 months ago)
This has the most beautiful Melody ever ❤️
Mireille Chango (3 months ago)
Did she ever won a Grammy?
nagisa chan (3 months ago)
I would like to listen lana cover what is love from romeo and juliet

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