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Future of payments: 5 examples of how mobile wallets create the retail omni-channel
www.OptimalPayments.com Future of payments: 5 short examples of how innovative companies are using mobile payments to blur the lines between web and physical channels.
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Future of Banks and Telcos: mobile payments trends. Google keynote by Futurist speaker Patrick Dixon
How mobile payments will transform both telcos and banks. Retail banking in world where costs of providing smartphones, bandwidth etc is falling to zero, while revenues from mobile transactions are rising fast. Patrick Dixon, futurist keynote speaker - conference lecture at premier Google marketing event. Personalised marketing messages. Social marketing and digital marketing trends. Dealing with concerns about consumer privacy. Threats to business model of telcos and retail banks.
Future of Payments: Omni-channel retail mobile payments
www.optimalpayments.com Jennifer is a VIP customer of a fashion retailer. The retailer provides a mobile store account App which is powered by Optimal Payments. Jennifer gets a personal invite coupon sent to her by the retailer, so as she's walking past the store, she decides to take a look. The sales assistant is automatically alerted by his mobile point-of-sale tablet, and Jennifer's customer profile displayed. The sales assistant helps her choose, allowing her to review her previous purchase history to make sure what she selects is just right; she can even use one-click checkout in the store. Jennifer leaves the store very satisfied, and the retailer gains another sale from a loyal customer. Frictionless commerce, powered by Optimal Payments. Cutting edge, for more than 15 years.
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Mobile Payments - Future of Banking and Shopping, Retail, Telecom - Futurist keynote speaker
http://www.globalchange.com How mobile payments will impact future of banks, banking, back end payment processing, credit card transactions and retail customer spending. Smartphones using encryption and biometrics will enable telecom companies to compete with banks and credit card companies for retail payment transactions. Expect wireless payments using smartphones to grow rapidly. Despite this, some customers will continue to prefer cash because it allows anonymous purchases and is convenient for smaller purchases. Mobile payments could generate commissions of up to EU2 billion a year in countries like France, Germany, Italy and the UK. What would happen if -- say -- Vodafone formed a partnership with Google, Nokia and American Express? Implications for financial services, small loans, large ticket purchases of white goods, cars and other big items. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon speaking at retail trends conference for Hermes clients. Future of banking and financial services.
How do mobile payments work
By http://judopay.com | http://hub.judopay.com When you make a purchase online, as an end consumer you see the transaction fail or pass. But behind the scenes is a detailed process flow taking place to ensure your information is securely passed to the relevant parties in order to assess your purchase. In this video Dennis Jones, CEO of judo, explains the players involved in mobile payments. He uses a customer transaction and walks you through all the possible scenarios. If you are a business looking to integrate mobile payments or you are simply interested in this industry, this video will help you understand payments and the pricing models by businesses. About: Judo Payments is Europe's only mobile first card payments company for apps and mobile web. Take payments on any mobile device in a fast, secure and simple way and create a successful mobile story.
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Mobile Payments: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing
Ever use your smartphone to pay for parking or split the dinner bill with a friend? More people are using their phones as a mobile wallet and most mobile transactions work just fine. But with technology constantly evolving the rules that should protect consumers simply haven’t caught up. In this animated video, follow along as Miles and his friend Pearl spend the day together, banking and buying music and coffee, all with their phones. Are the risks of using mobile payments holding people back and what can be done about them? For more facts on mobile payments visit: http://www.pewtrusts.com/mobilepayments. SCRIPT: Smart phones can be used for all kinds of things these days. Ok, we get it and increasingly more people are using their phones as a mobile wallet. You can pay for parking, donate to a worthy cause or split a bill with a friend. Most mobile transactions work just fine, but with technology constantly evolving, the rules that should protect you simply haven’t caught up. And government oversight isn’t clear. Meet Miles. Miles is busy and likes to pay for things with his phone. Yesterday, using his bank’s mobile app, he deposited a birthday check from his grandma. Happy Birthday, Miles! Normally when Miles deposits a check at his bank, the funds are available the next business day. But since his mobile deposit isn’t regulated the same way, Miles’s money may not be available for several days. Today, Miles is hanging out with his friend, Pearl. Pearl stops to fill up her car with gas. Miles offers to pitch in using a mobile app. He thinks his birthday money has already cleared. Miles doesn’t know it yet, but his bank won’t post Grandma’s check for a few more days, so he actually only has $10. That gas just cost an extra $35 in overdraft fees. Yikes! Miles, did you give the bank permission to overdraw your account for a fee? Like a lot of people, Miles doesn’t remember. And banks may not have to ask permission to overdraw your account for mobile transfers – like they’re required to with debit card and ATM transactions. Next, Miles and Pearl stop at their favorite coffee shop. Miles, are you concerned about data privacy? Miles likes the convenience of mobile payments and hasn’t thought much about it. But if he did run into problems, it’s not clear who’s in charge of protecting his data. Last stop -- the record store. Pearl tries to pay with her mobile wallet. But, the money is gone! Unfortunately, money stored directly on mobile wallets may not have the same protections as checking accounts. Financial institutions provide fraud protection and deposit insurance while others aren’t required to by law. Pearl, did you read your mobile wallet agreement? One tap of a finger may bind a consumer to a contract even if it is hard to read or unclear. With the right rules, Miles and Pearl’s money would be protected. Policymakers should update rules and laws to make mobile payments simple, safe, and secure for everyone. For more information, click here.
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Future of Mobile Payments
See how Rambus Security is bringing simplicity and trust back to mobile payments. https://www.rambus.com/mobile-payments/
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China's Great Leap to Wallet-Free Living | Moving Upstream
No cash? No problem. A trip to Shenzhen, China highlights how the explosive growth of mobile payments is driving a wallet-free society. WSJ's Jason Bellini reports. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Is this the future of mobile payments?
SCVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch hopes his new LevelUp app can use deals to get customers to pay for goods with their smartphones.
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Wences Casares: Role of Retailers in Mobile Payments
According to Bling Nation Co-Founder Meyer Malka, retailers are in the best position in the mobile payment space, as payment companies interested in placing solutions in retail stores are courting them. However, fellow Co-Founder Wences Casares warns that retailers have been slow to adopt mobile payment solutions, at rates even slower than their willingness to embrace e-commerce in the past. View more clips and share your comments at http://ecorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=2750
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Who Will Win The Mobile Payments Race? How to Future-Proof Your Retail Business
In a world where mobile payments are on the rise and cash is going extinct, it's important to understand how these changes affect the future of your business and how you accept payments. In this second video from our 'Future Proof' series featuring small business expert Ramon Ray, we cover the emerging technologies that are going to be a big deal in 2016 and how you can future-proof your retail business by investing in the right technology.
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Mobile Payments: Are Retailers Ready?
Verifone CEO Doug Bergeron on when you?ll be able to use your smartphone in most stores.
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eKash Mobile Payments
Pay using your cell phone at any major shop or convienience stores. Accepted by all major retailers worldwide. Ekash Mobile Payments, allows you to pay for any online or retail merchandise or service by just scanning your phone.
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Many thanks to the Internet Society for recording, editing, and hosting these videos.
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A Complete Guide to Mobile Wallets | Payment Banks | Top 5 Digital Wallets
Mobile wallets have changed the way we do transactions in our country. Demonetisation certainly helped and now we have mobile wallets like Paytm, Freecharge and Mobikwik register a soaring growth. NPCI has come up with schemes like UPI or United Payment Interface and BHIM app making it even harder for consumers to choose. And now even the mobile wallets are becoming payment banks. Digtal payment Industry in India is changing at a very fast pace and all these new terms like payment bank, IMPS, UPI, BHIM etc. can confuse the best of us. In this video, I have tried to answer questions like What are Mobile Wallets? What are the types of digital wallets? What are the transaction limits and charges and Which is the best Mobile wallet to choose from so many options like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Jio Money, Airtel Money, Oxigen Wallet, PayU money etc. The aim of this video is to compare, analyse and understand the working of mobile wallets so that viewers and consumers can make an informed decision. Airtel Money has already opened their Payment Bank while Paytm and Freecharge are soon going to transfer their wallet business to Payment Banks. Narendra Modiji launched BHIM app to promote the digital India campaign thereby offering a better alternative to the mobile wallets. This video gives an overview of Payment Banks , UPI or United Payments Interface and also explores the road ahead for Mobile wallets after the introduction of UPI and BHIM app. Digital is certainly the future and as Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the CEO of paytm righly said"We will change the way banking is done". 00.00- Indtroduction 01.20- What are Mobile Wallets? 02.32- Types of Mobile Wallets? 04.30- What are Payment Banks? 05.00- Merits and Demerits 06.10- FAQ 07.00- Transaction Limits and Charges 09.00- Top 5 Wallets 10.30- What is UPI?? 12.00- Are Mobile Wallets relevant? 12.34- End
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Mobile payments threat to retail banks / credit cards - Banking speaker - Phones keynote - Futurist
http://www.globalchange.com New non banking payment systems using RFID, mobile devices, personal organisers, mobile phones. Remittances, ticketing, retail payments, passports and travel documents. Phones keynote speaker on mobiles, smartphones, m-payment, m-commerce, e-commerce, mobile customers and consumer behaviour. Paying bills, foreign currency transactions, loan agreements. End of back-end processing for banks. End of credit cards and direct debit cards. Pre-approved loans for purchased goods. Loyalty fees and other transaction payments could create consumer revolution. Threat to traditional retail banking and banks plus other financial serviecs. Will use biometrics finger print recognition to validate secure payment transactions. Opportunities for innovation: cross-selling insurance, download mobile applications and other financial services products. O2, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, Orange, MTN and other major telecom / technology / media and communication companies have big opportunity to become financial services organisations, giving many handsets, devices and services for free in exchange for financial transactions. Opportunities for marketing, advertising and strengthening customer relationships, brand and corporate image. Lecture by physician and futurist keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon for 2008 Stein Am Rhein leadership summit - facilitated by Professor Prabhu Guptara.
Fast Forward Check out powered by UPI @ POS
NPCI and Reliance Retail launch a new in-store payment solution that will enable customer payments via Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platforms like BHIM or other bank-promoted UPI payment apps. The platform is architected by Bangalore-based Innoviti Payment Solutions, with process support from Axis Bank.
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Future of Payments: Whitelabel mobile checkout wallet for retail
www.optimalpayments.com A national home improvement chain has just implemented a frictionless "no checkout" system powered by Optimal Payments. It is designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Currently renovating his home, Bill is a regular customer, and so has signed up for their "no checkout" service. He arrives at the store and taps his phone to check in. He can then walk down the aisle, scanning items on his phone as he drops them into his cart. Ben chooses the home delivery service for the bulky items he requires, and because the system knows where Ben is and where he lives, the home delivery costs can even be calculated on the fly. And because the system knows how he prefers to pay, Bill simply walks out of the store, avoiding all the checkout queues. Ben's happy because he's quickly back to his renovations, and the store delighted another customer -- all with fewer staff at the checkout! Frictionless commerce, powered by Optimal Payments. Cutting edge, for more than 15 years.
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Wal-Mart entering mobile payments
The world’s largest retailer is introducing its own mobile wallet.
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PayConnect (QR Code Mobile Payment System)‬
http://www.payconnect.com/ PayConnect enables you to pay for your shopping at selected retail outlets by simply scanning the QR (Quick Response) barcode on your smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone and any Smartphone that supports QR codes). Simply download and install the free App on your Smartphone. Then register your preferred Bank Card, and scan the QR Code at the point of sale. PayConnect supports VISA, Mastercard, American Express and almost all the major switching partners. PayConnect also teamed up with major retailers and brands to create a unique loyalty program, which for the first time will bring the power back into your hands. Once you are registered you can log in right here and view your purchase orders. PayConnect's extremely secure servers makes it possible for you to receive detailed receipts and breakdowns of your purchase orders and loyalty schemes. The future of mobile payments is now in your hands.
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Future of payments
We predict a future in which the payment process allows you to bring customers and merchants closer, in a single, simple, delightful experience. This video highlights our key predictions for the future of payments including wallets (more feature-rich than today’s implementation), secure CRM models, friction-less payments and benefits for both customers and merchants. For more information please visit endava.com.
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Visa Mobile Payments Video
Video describing the virtual wallet of the future in your phone whereby payments can be made by simply waving a phone in front of a contactless reader. Mobile Visa payWave is set to be a convenient and easy replacement for cash, ideal for fast, simple transactions. The technology is compatible with existing contactless payment terminals already installed at more than 20,000 retail outlets across Australia, including fast food restaurants, electronic stores, book stores, sporting stadiums, clothing stores and vending machines.
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Integrating Mobile Payments
Learn how to accept card payments within your mobile application.
SignCatch Mobile Payments @ Fashion Retail Store
SignCatch POS mobile payments @ Fashion Retail Store !
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Here comes Walmart Pay...and QR codes? (CNET Update)
Watch more from CNET Update- http://bit.ly/1M6Q5xn The retail chain begins rolling out its own mobile payment service to nearly 600 stores, going against Apple Pay and Android Pay. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit.ly/17qqqCs Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.com/video Follow CNET on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CNET Follow CNET on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cnet
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Why Mobile Payments are Taking Starbucks to the Next Level!
Retailers looking to boost sales might consider following Starbucks' lead
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Cashless Minute: Mobile Payments, Financial Inclusion and Retail Sales
Get a look at what's trending in MasterCard's newsroom and blog!
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Mobile payment in Africa | Shift
Mobile payment is big business in Africa. Around 18 million people use their mobile phones to pay for a wide range of services and goods. The Kenyan service M-Pesa is now expanding to Europe. More Shift: http://www.dw.de/program/shift/s-30417-9798
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Understanding the Mobile Payments Landscape
By http://judopay.com | http://hub.judopay.com “Mobile payments” has become one of the most confusing terms. It is high time that we clarify the differences in terminologies under the mobile payments umbrella, and discuss how each technology in this space works to simplify consumers’ lives. Watch this video to better understand the mobile payments landscape. About: Judo Payments is Europe's only mobile first card payments company for apps and mobile web. Take payments on any mobile device in a fast, secure and simple way and create a successful mobile story.
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GlobalPay - DualPay Demonstration, Retail, Mobile and Online Payments System
GlobalPay Merchant Services introduces DualPay, an All-In-One POS system. Accept mobile, online and retail payments, all in one easy, simple, secure and affordable system. Credit card processing has never been so easy, organized and convenient! Benefits of DualPay: Accept Payments On-The-Go (Mobile Payments) Accept Payments at Your Retail Location (On a PC) Accept Payments on a Website (Online Payments) Email Invoicing Online Shopping Cart Integration Recurring Billing Customizable Receipts Advanced Fraud Protection Quickbooks Integration Electronic Check Processing Customer Vault Payer Authentication Batch Processing Sign Up at http://www.GlobalPay.me
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Accept credit & debit card payments via SMS at your retail store without using PoS machine
Accept SMS enabled card/online payment simply and securely at your retail store with a smartphone. No need to invest in a POS machine. Give us a missed call on 1800 3000 2030 or download the PayNearby app today to get started: http://bit.ly/2pigWEQ Using PayNearby, you can provide card/online payment option to your customers without investing in a Card POS Machine. All you need to do is send a payment link as an SMS to the customer's mobile number. Clicking on the payment link sent in the SMS, the customer can pay you using his Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. If you do home delivery and maintain customer Khata then you can use this SMS link payment service to give Online Payment on Delivery option along with Cash on Delivery to your customers. You can also recover the MDR lost by you while accepting digital payments by using the same amount to extend financial services to the customers and earn extra income as commission. PayNearby is your retail shop’s personalized payment gateway for online payments. Join PayNearby & Become a Digital Pradhan today!! ___________ Over 2,00,000 retailers across India are using the PayNearby App to offer value-added services to their customers and earning additional income. PayNearby App enables retailers to provide Aadhaar-based banking services, pay utility bills for over 100 billers across India, accept card payments without needing a PoS machine, offer instant money transfer, and much more. PayNearby App can help you attract more customers to your store and earn more income. Let's make Har Dukaan Digital Pradhan! Benefits of PayNearby App: ● Earn extra income as commission on every service ● Easy, Fast & Secure ● Manage all services in one swipe ● Single screen design for all important actions ● Track business growth with detailed reports _________________ For more details, click here: http://bit.ly/2xE2OtB Download the app: http://bit.ly/2pigWEQ Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PayNearby/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/paynearby
Retail Payments Industry
Financial Opportunities Forum [November 28, 2017] - Mr. Nandan Madhiwalla talks about Retail Payments Industry Payment mechanisms have evolved over time, and currently we have multiple platforms. The card industry works in two different business models. Open loop with four parties or closed loop with three parties. In india, we see emergence of new payments platforms beyond card based payments such as United Payments Interface, Bharat QR, Aadhar Enabled Payment System among others. With the government's thrust on digitization, these platforms have been well received. Cryptocurrencies have emerged globally, but have no backing by governments. The recent price appreciations have drawn many first time buyers but it remains to be seen if cryptocurrencies are used for consumption. Time will tell the future of cryptocurrencies. Disclaimer: The information provided here is meant only for general reading/viewing purposes and the views being expressed only constitute opinions and therefore cannot be considered as guidelines, recommendations or as a professional guide for the readers. Before making any investments, the readers are advised to seek independent professional advice, verify the contents in order to arrive at an informed investment decision None of the Sponsor, the Investment Manager, the Trustee, their respective directors, employees, affiliates or representatives shall be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, including on account of loss of profits arising from the information contained in this material. The contents available on the website are as on a particular date; therefore the viewers/ investors may at their discretion, seek latest/ updated information.
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Understanding mobile payments terminology
By http://judopay.com | http://hub.judopay.com Payments is a vast industry. Like most industries, payments have a vocabulary of their own. This landscape can seem daunting but judo can simplify this for you. About: Judo Payments is Europe's only mobile first card payments company for apps and mobile web. Take payments on any mobile device in a fast, secure and simple way and create a successful mobile story.
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Mobile Payments in MicroMarkets
Mobile payments are BIG in retail and on the rise in MicroMarkets. We can buy things with a simple tap or scan. With a mobile payment app, your customers can effortlessly purchase snacks at work. Learn more about mobile payments in MicroMarkets.
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Future of Consumer Payments | Henry Balanon | TEDxDetroit
The way we pay for the things we buy every day is about to go through a major upheaval. Here's a look at the coming upgrade to our wallets, credit cards and retail experience. Henry oversees the product and technology vision for Stratos Card. He manages engineering, security, and quality assurance initiatives of the next generation connected card technology. Previously, Henry co-founded Detroit Labs. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Mobile Wallets & Payments
Money20/20 organizes the largest global events enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from over 3,000 companies and 75 countries, expected at its 2015 U.S. event, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. The next Money20/20 will be held in Las Vegas, October 25-28, 2015, followed by Money20/20 Europe at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 4-7, 2016.​ http://www.money2020.com/register
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Future of mobile payments -- smart phones growth strategy -- keynote speaker
http://www.globalchange.com Mobile payments growth, replacing cheques, bank cards, cash cards and credit cards. Use of smartphones in ecommerce, in retail transactions and wireless payment systems in shops, shopping malls and other stores. Future of banking, financial services and telecommunications. Changes in consumer behavior, customer choice and financial industry regulation. Telecom industry will become banks, and banks will become phone companies. Convergence of retail, financial services, insurance, phones and other mobile devices. Competition from paypall and online payment systems. Contactless payments using wireless RFID technology in phones and smart cards. Growth of m-commerce and also paradoxically in use of physical cash by people who like privacy, data protection and anonymous purchases of goods and services. Future payment systems will be instant, highly secure using biometrics to validate identity, and strong encryption of personal data. Patrick Dixon is a conference keynote speaker on future of banking, and future of telecom, phone industry. Video of keynote to Femsa.
Mobile POS for Mobile Payments
Mobile POS is based on the synergy between an ordinary smartphone or tablet and a PIN pad – a simple, lightweight device that reads payment cards and processes transactions in compliance with the security standards and regulations set by the national and international networks. http://www.payreply.eu
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Shell: "Mobile Payments brought the Digital & Physical experience together" @ Mobile Convention
Janine Albrecht-Webb is Retail Marketing - Payment Acceptance Manager at Shell and during her presentation at Mobile Convention London she shared a short story about how Shell started from a consumer perspective to make the experience for that particular consumer much better by bringing the digital & physical experience together. Shell has a lot of customer journeys for several types of customers, e.g. customers who are drinking a cup of coffee at the petrol station or customer who needs petrol for their car. There are so many ways to connect with them or to help them making the experience even better. That's why Shell integrated mobile payments in their strategy. By providing Mobile Payments solutions to your customer they have not to wait for a long time in a queue before purchasing their petrol. But the customer can pay easy, hassle free and very quickly. ***** ABOUT MOCO (previously known as Mobile Convention) MOCO is a cross-media platform with physical events, online video reports and an on- and offline community for professionals who wants to move forward in the mobile space. https://www.cmtelecom.com/mocomoments ***** ABOUT CM TELECOM (FOUNDER OF MOCO) CM Telecom | Corporate Mobile Messaging & Payments. We enable Mobile Messaging, Mobile Payments, Security and Voice functionality across a range of critical business processes, including Customer Interaction, Marketing Campaigns and Mobile CRM. We provide mobile solutions, easily accessible through web browsers & mobile applications that clients use to increase engagement. CM has a wide variety in mobile solutions: MOBILE MESSAGING * Hybrid Messaging (Push Messaging with SMS Fallback) * Text Messaging (SMS) * Push Notifications * CM Analytics (Messaging performance) MOBILE PAYMENTS * Premium SMS (PSMS) * Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) SECURITY * One Time Passwords (OTP, 2FA, Two Factor Authentication) * Hybrid OTP VOICE * SIP Trunk (VOIP) VIDEOS, WEBINARS, WHITEPAPERS & MORE: * https://www.cmtelecom.com * https://twitter.com/CMTelecom * https://www.linkedin.com/company/cm-telecom * https://www.facebook.com/CMTelecomBV *****
Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking and Future of Banking - Futurist Conference Keynote Speaker
http://www.globalchange.com Future of the retail industry, Patrick Dixon delivers a conference keynote for BNP Paribas in Bulgaria. The decreasing use of cash, which costs EU60bn a year to handle, through mobile payments. 70% of all global mobile payments are happening in Africa, and are responsible for 1/3 of Kenya's GDP. 1.7bn people globally don't have a traditional bank account but have a mobile phone capable of payments. Bulgaria Smartphone sales increased 24% in 2012. Mobile payments are inexpensive for financial service providers.
Can Amazon Deliver on Mobile Payments?: Tech News Today 1272
Now that Google has officially launched Android Pay, and now that Apple Pay is leading the mobile retail payments market, Amazon wants a piece of the action, according to an exclusive on The Information by Amir Efrati. For the full episode, go to http://twit.tv/tnt/1272
Air POS - Mobile POS and Payments for Retail (iPad / Android / Windows)
Rockflower vending machines explain how Air POS and Payleven help them to operate their vending machines, selling their flowers and accepting credit cards, controlling inventory and helping them.
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