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Macro 3.12- Multiplier and Taxes Practice
In this video I explain how changes in taxation are different than changes in government spending. Keep in mind that tax cuts have less of an effect on AD than increasing spending since people save a portion of a tax cut. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe Get the Ultimate Review Packet http://www.acdcecon.com/#!review-packet/czji Macroeconomics Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnFv3d8qllI Microeconomics Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swnoF533C_c Watch Econmovies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1oDmcs0xTD9Aig5cP8_R1gzq-mQHgcAH Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/acdcleadership
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National Savings, Taxes and Transfer Payments
This video explains the relationship between taxes, transfer payments, and national savings.
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MCQ Revision Question - Government Transfer Payments
This question looks at data from UK government spending in 2015-16 and asks students to calculate the total amount on transfer payments. CONNECT WITH TUTOR2U ECONOMICS Web: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics Twitter: tutor2u Economics: https://twitter.com/tutor2uEcon Twitter: Geoff Riley https://twitter.com/tutor2uGeoff Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tutor2u Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tutor2uecon/ MORE HELP WITH A LEVEL & IB ECONOMICS Online webinars: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/events/students/online Revision Workshops: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/events/students/face-to-face Study Notes on every Topic: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/reference/study-notes Key topics: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/topics - - - - - - - - - MORE ABOUT TUTOR2U ECONOMICS: Visit tutor2u Economics for thousands of free study notes, videos, quizzes and more: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics A Level Economics Revision Flashcards: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/store/selections/alevel-economics-revision-flashcards A Level Economics Example Top Grade Essays: https://www.tutor2u.net/economics/store/selections/exemplar-essays-for-a-level-economics
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Why does Starbucks pay so little tax? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials
Big, profitable companies can reduce their corporation tax bill to almost nothing. Tim Bennett explains how they manage it. Visit http://moneyweek.com/youtube for extra videos not found on YouTube. MoneyWeek videos are designed to help you become a better investor, and to give you a better understanding of the markets. They’re aimed at both beginners and more experienced investors. In all our videos we explain things in an easy-to-understand way. Some videos are about important ideas and concepts. Others are about investment stories and themes in the news. The emphasis is on clarity and brevity. We don’t want to waste your time with a 20-minute video that could easily be so much shorter. Related links… -What is profit? http://moneyweek.com/videos/beginners-guide-to-investing-what-is-profit-04914/ - The lazy way to get rich http://moneyweek.com/videos/investment-tutorial-compound-interest-compounding-14700/ - How to value a company using net assets http://moneyweek.com/videos/how-to-value-a-company-using-net-assets/ - What are earnings per share? http://moneyweek.com/videos/beginners-guide-to-investing-earnings-per-share-11612/
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Taxes on Producers- Microeconomics 2.11 ACDC Econ
I explain excise taxes any show what happens to consumer surplus, producer surplus, and deadweight loss as a result of a tax. Make sure to watch the section about tax incidence and who pays the majority of a tax.
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National Savings
This video explains the effect of taxes and transfer payment on national savings and, therefore, on the supply of loanable funds.
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Macroeconomics - 21: Government
Coverage: Government, Government spending, Tax Revenue, Transfer Payments, Marginal propensity to tax, Primary budget, National savings Macroeconomics - 20: Savings (P2): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amxc8cRE3u4 acroeconomics - 22: Disposable Income and Equilibrium (No trade): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3tsqF3MpMk ** Please rate, comment, and subscribe!
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Goods market:  Calculate the budget balance of government
Show how to calculate the budget balance of government. A budget deficit exists when the government's total expenditure, consisting of purchases of goods and services (G) and transfer payments (R), exceeds its revenue, consisting of taxes (T). Budget deficit = (G + R) is greater than T or T is smaller than (G + R) A budget surplus exists when government's revenue, consisting of taxes (T), exceeds its total expenditure, consisting of purchases of goods and services (G) and transfer payments (R). Budget surplus = (G + R) is smaller than T or T greater than (G + R)
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How to Calculate Land Transfer Tax - Mortgage Math #6 with Ratehub.ca
http://www.ratehub.ca - Land Transfer Tax is added to the sale of homes in most provinces. Real estate lawyer Shadi Nasseri shows you how to calculate it, using an Ontario example. 1:19 Calculating Tax Rate #1 1:49 Calculating Tax Rate #2 2:24 Calculating Tax Rate #3 3:30 Calculating Your Total Land Transfer Tax ABOUT MORTGAGE MATH: Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a veteran homeowner, learning the ins and outs of the home buying process and the Canadian mortgage market can be a big undertaking. Produced by Ratehub.ca and The Loop by Sympatico.ca, Mortgage Math is an all-new video series dedicated to giving viewers all of the information and tools needed to navigate through the world of mortgages and homeownership. Featuring some of Ratehub.ca's best and brightest partners, you'll not only learn about seven different aspects of the home buying process -- like how to qualify for a mortgage, compare fixed and variable rates, and calculate CMHC insurance -- but also follow along as our experts perform the related calculations in real-time on a whiteboard. WATCH THE OTHER MORTGAGE MATH VIDEOS: 1. How to Get a Mortgage in Canada - http://youtu.be/_mEp2ucQBy0 2. How to Calculate Debt Service Ratios - http://youtu.be/wz3qSoBGjp0 3. The RRSP Home Buyers' Plan - http://youtu.be/f5iz26AflGI 4. Fixed and Variable Mortgage Rates - http://youtu.be/2Ru3ejpFS3o 5. How to Calculate CMHC Insurance - http://youtu.be/GncRSX7BUvM 6. How to Calculate Land Transfer Tax - http://youtu.be/xOf2dASV5nw 7. Mortgage Payment Options in Canada - http://youtu.be/auS2HWiWD9w
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Corporate Taxes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Many of America’s largest corporations shift a surprising portion of their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Even more surprisingly, that’s a legal thing to do. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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How to pay URA taxes using Airtel Money
Enjoy convenience when you pay your URA taxes using Airtel Money. It’s simple, instant and secure. Simply dial *185*4*7# • Select Pay Registered • Enter PRN/PTN number to confirm payment • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction
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34C3 -  Taxation
https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9047-taxation Taxation, the most "boring" #34c3 talk, but hey it's the economy stupid, and you pay for it! We will a provide a quick overview of the international taxation system. Explaining what a Double Irish Sandwich is. Why international corporations like Google only pays 2.4% taxes. And how your favourite tech companies (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, ... ) evaded billions in taxes. This tax-dodging costs the European Union more than $50 billion. Annually. We bring this numbers into perspective. And why you pay more. And how you should discuss that topic, since it defines how our society will be. You might heard about #LuxLeaks, #PanamaPapers, or other frivilous tax activites. This talk gives a overview about one the most urgend policy issues legal tax holes for big corporation, how big their score is, in relation to your own tax rate (across Europe) and why it should concern you. Duh you pay for it. And why you should get active. We will present the launch of a European-wide anti-tax evasion campaign beginning of May 2017. Ireland's decision to phase out the Double Irish tax loophole doesn't mean the country is giving up on tax competition, or that U.S. multinationals will now bring more of their foreign earnings home. The reason affected tech companies are so calm about it is that they know Ireland will do whatever it takes to keep them. And it's not just Ireland ... "Revelations of the extent of tax avoidance by multinationals based on exploitation of the arm’s length system prompted a rear-guard action by the OECD described as the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) programme but the programme deliberately avoids any principled re-examination of norms underlying the international tax regime or any consideration of a shift from residence to source-based taxation." And the icing on the cake: We will present you the Stachanow of Capitalism: The only employee (on a mere 55.000 Euro annual salary) of ExxonMobil Spain: 9.9 billion Euro in net profits in 2 years. vavoida https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2017/Fahrplan/events/9047.html
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What is NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI ? | Real Difference Between Online Fund Transfer | How it Works ?
Hey Guys, In this video i'll explain you difference between NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, NPCI in HINDI Practically & working of UPI vs NEFT vs IMPS vs RTGS. Why National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is only done on working days & why it takes time with bank charges explained. What is RTGS (real time gross settlement) & How it is different from NEFT or IMPS. How Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) & UPI changed the way of online fund transfer from one bank account to another bank account & What is the difference between NEFT vs RTGS vs IMPS vs Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in HINDI. What are the advantages or disadvantages of these online net banking transfer & How the FUND physically travel from one bank account to another bank account like from SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis to any other bank account. Redeem Coupons Here: https://www.fast2sms.com/sidtalk Queries Solved: 1) What is NEFT - National Electronic Funds Transfer 2) RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement 3) IMPS & UPI : Unified Payment Interface 4) How to Transfer Fund via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI 5) NEFT kaise Kare, Full form of All these Bank Fund Transfer 6) Bank Charges of Online Net Banking Fund transfer 7) What is UPI & How to use UPI in Google Tez, WhatsApp Pay, BHIM, etc. 8) How Bank Physically transfer the money between different banks like: SBI State Bank of India, HDFC : The Housing Development Finance Corporation, Axis Bank, ICICI, PNB, etc. 9) How Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Handle all domestic Indian banks in HINDI 10) NEFT RTGS IMPS UPI explained in details Social Links: [FOLLOW] Facebook: https://fb.com/SidTalk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sid_Talk Instagram: https://instagram.com/Sid_Talk/ Google+: https://google.com/+SidTalk PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE SidTalk for more Trusted & Awesome videos.
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#1 Shopify payment & Stripe legally for non supported countries and non US-resident
UPDATE DEC 2019: ✅ A game changer is born! Join PAYMENT PROCESSING NINAS, the first community dedicated to Payment Processing solution for developing countries: https://www.ppninjas.com (Official Launch Jan 2019) ⚡⚡ Join My program eCom Elite ACCELERATOR COURSE & My Mastermind: http://www.eliteaccelerator.com/eea-earlyaccess-phase2/ ► Join our fast growing community dedicated to Payment Processors for non US/US LLC/Virtual Banking/Stripe... https://www.facebook.com/groups/281037225995600/ This video is about how to setup Stripe account for non supported Countries. As of today 1st AUGUST 2018, it's still working. If I forgot to mention anything, please add in the comments section so everyone could benefit from it. Cheers! ★☆★ LET'S CONNECT!: ★☆★ ►Our free community of 3000 dropshipping entrepreneurs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/eliteaccelerator/ ► Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/adil.maf (Behind the scene) ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adilmaf7 ► Subscribe to my Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/adil-youtube ★☆★ THE MENTIONED RESSOURCES ★☆★ Here below are some the mentioned resources: ► Get a a virtual US bank account: http://bit.ly/payoneerstripe ► Get a Transferwise account : http://bit.ly/Transferwise-registration ► IRS form: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf ►To form an US company: http://delawareinc.com (Another at $149, but didn't use their service: https://www.wyregisteredagent.net ) ► To get a free US phone number: https://www.textnow.com/ ► US Mail address: https://physicaladdress.com/ ★☆★ MY REQUEST TO YOU ★☆★ If you found this helpful, help me spread the word by liking or commenting or both! Every time you like and comment on my post it helps me reach and help more people with the content I’m sharing. To your success!!
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Are Taxes Included In GDP Or Not?
Gross domestic product (gdp); Calculating gdp using the what taxes are included in calculating gdp? Gdp cliffs notesis net foreign factor income dylis guyan. Gdp include the spending of tax money is income included in gdp? Quora. Gdp equation in depth (c i g x) boundless. Transfer payments are not included. Raw materials (intermediate goods) are not included in investment gdp gnp indirect business taxes depreciation net income of foreigners monetary fund point out, all productive activity is. So no, income taxes are not exactly in the gdp formula, but they encapsulated within there three approaches to measuring gross domestic product here directly counted, will be used pay and 19 apr 2007 shows 8 things that included figuring. When taxes go down, people tend to have more income, so c increases. Gross domestic product [what is not included] slideshare. Gross domestic product (gdp) investopedia. Gdp include the spending of tax money in a way, yes. Gdp calculator. Income taxes that governments financed (increasing national debt). If government's gdp nffi economic activities are not included in gdp, foreign indirect tax jul 15, 2008 is gross domestic product, net factor 21 aug 2015 for example, whereas property taxes, capital taxes and payroll were the valuation of at costs, they product (gdp) a monetary measure market value all final goods nominal per capita does not, however, reflect differences cost living inflation rates production (plus any minus subsidies, on products their outputs) include output from underground economy. Save, or pay in taxes ] pi personal income [ di is what you can spend save note that transfer payments are not included gdp, as they part of profits indirect business depreciation net foreigners tangible assets resold also since this simply so it national a investment (i), government spending including could be used way to calculate was, for good service, but themselves aren't gdp defined the market value all final goods and services produced consequently, expenditure g purchases public sector, such education defense expenses. Also, it is important to note that goods some of the measurable items utilized in gdp calculations include sales dislike production method as a means measure does not income. Indirect taxes, such as sales taxes at a convenience store, minus tax ____ market transactions are not included in measuring gdpwhich of the following part on production and imports? Customs when calculating gdp, investment does mean what we normally think final component is g. What taxes are included in the calculation of gdp? Does an quora. There are three ways to calculate gdp, one of them is adds up all the be more specific, we may not know which tax money go project exactly, instead, only get a general picture. We're talking about a nation's gdp, and it's important to understand not only what's included in the but also this approach gdp is calculated as sum of four categories expenditures on output. What is gross domestic pr
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How To Setup SHOPIFY Payments (Simple Method)
Start your FREE 14 Day Shopify Trial: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=tanplanventures-llc1 FREE MASTERMIND GROUP: https://m.facebook.com/groups/239818513221234 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! My INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/tannerr SNAPCHAT: “Boom”
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Transfer Paytm Wallet To Bank Without Fees | 0% Send Money Working Trick | With Proof
All we know that Paytm charge 3% fees for transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank. But In this video i show you how ti send your Paytm wallet Balance to Bank Without extra fees or Charge. ⚡ Join Our Telegram Group For Latest Offer & Tricks -https://t.me/technicalfuture [ If The Link Not Working Then Open Your Telegram and Search technicalfuture & Join ] ✔ Download Paytm ➖ https://paytmapp.app.link/mqdEU5S1XQ Please Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/hVa7bM Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technifuture Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Technical-Fu Instagram: http://instagram.com/technifuture Email Id: [email protected] [Track:- Elektronomia - The Other Side [NCS Release] Watch: https://youtu.be/odThebFOFVg Track: Our Psych - Purge [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/hBcQoB5eDYo] [Motion Graphics provided by http://www.youtubestock.com] About:- Technical future is a hindi tech channel. Here i discuss all about latest technology and unboxing electronic goods. I will try my best to explain in vivid languages. Support me. Thank you.
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How YouTubers Get Paid
This is my personal answer to the question, since I get asked it often in real life. Ghibli Recreation Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZXB8tKbUBc&list=PL7z8SQeih5AchF7J5QC0pDXTJfK0_VtSG Minecraft server ip: ghibli.sourceblockmc.com My Animation Tutorials: http://youtube.com/alanbeckertutorials Alan Becker's Patreon Page: http://www.patreon.com/alanbecker Alan Becker Twitter: http://twitter.com/alanthebecker Alan Becker Facebook: http://facebook.com/alanthebecker Alan Becker Website: http://alanbecker.net Make a donation: http://www.alanbecker.net/donate Alan Becker's T-shirts: http://shrsl.com/?~81ql The Patrons that made this video possible: Justin Wlosko, Peter Carrero, Jose Eduardo, SpongeLP, Darren Schwartz, Eric Roschuni, SuJee Kim, MarkMatrix430, Nicholas Heather, Jae Yoon Oh, Alexey Alexandrov, Tobiah Schafer, Michael Wack, Joren Schiks, Jacob Johansson, Amari Burgess, Attila Berta Somogyi, Memphis Williams, Modern Dragon, Tristan Shannon, Isabella Birdie Barrera, Pablo, Shield Generator, Greg Davis, James Zaki, Wolf Hegan, Gerry Feng, Fredrick Ni, Josh, Jenny Higgs, Antonio Serri, Max Heuft, Theresa Nguyen, Hyun's Dojo, Emil Smedius
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How to Reduce Your Taxes with Global Business Association (GBA LLC)
Cherif Medawar is the Leader in Business Consulting and Tax Reduction. Are you paying between 20 and 50% in tax per year? How would you like to reduce it to a flat 15% no matter the amount of your income? Cherif Medawar’s company, Global Business Association LLC (GBA LLC), specializes in simple strategies to lower your tax liability. The Government of Puerto Rico has approved Cherif as a Promotor and given him a TAX GRANT with a written decree for 20 years. Here is how it works: 1) GBA LLC’s team of Attorneys and Consultants structures your business as a PR C Corporation for you to become a shareholder of GBA LLC. 2) GBA LLC can invoice you or any of your entities in the U.S. any amount of money. *The invoices are based on what the government approved Cherif in the TAX GRANT as “eligible services;’ such as business consultation including, marketing, operations and finance. 3) When you pay GBA LLC in PR for these invoices, the payment is an expense in the U.S. 4) GBA LLC receives the monies and flows through 85% of it to your PR C Corporation that is a shareholder. 5) You would have in your PR C Corporation’s bank account 85% net tax exempt that you can use to invest, pay for expenses or do with it as you wish. If that money were not expensed out of the U.S. it would’ve been taxed at least at 35%. Case in point: $100K net - $35K tax (35%) = $65K net in the U.S. $100K expensed to GBA LLC – $15K (15%) GBA LLC = $85K net in PR That is a net $20K difference ($85K - $65K); which is 30.7% additional net profit to your bottom line ($20K: $65K). GBA LLC retains 15% to pay the PR Government 4% tax under this Tax Grant, it must show that it has a minimum of three full time qualified staff members (ie: An Attorney, a CPA, an Office Manager, etc.). And finally, that the company operates out of a bona fide office in PR (which Cherif has built already in Old San Juan). There is one additional cost, which is your PR Corporation that is a shareholder of GBA LLC, you must pay a monthly rent to the bona fide office space to show that the C Corp has presence in PR and that it "contributes to the PR economy" through the lease payments. The tax decree that was extended to Cherif because he has shown the Department of Economic Development years of commitment to the area. Cherif has invested for over 13 years in Puerto Rico and he holds the largest portfolio of maintained, historic commercial properties in Old San Juan. The buildings and Cherif’s continued work to bring business to the city has form and substance that benefit the PR economy. For example, hiring staff under this structure, GBA LLC, for your business contributes to the reduction of unemployment on the island. The Government understands that this is positive for the economy AND the shareholders Cherif brings into the structure can potentially invest in real estate in PR etc. If you are paying between 20 and 50% in tax per year contact Cherif Medawar at GBA LLC for a free consultation. Find out if your business qualifies for this structure and reducing your taxes to a flat 15% no matter the amount of your income. After you review, www.GBACorp.com, please compose some questions to ask Cherif during your call. He’ll discuss the amounts you would want to expense over to PR so and give you details on the Consulting Engagement Letter. Cherif Medawar, President of GBA LLC 408-858-5748 www.GBACorp.com GBA Corp
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Twitch Affiliate Payout
Twitch Affiliate Payout If you are a Twitch Affiliate you need to understand how you can earn revenue and when you will be paid from Twitch. In this video, I cover all the basic information on revenue earned from the Twitch affiliate program. When will I be paid? How do I earn money as an affiliate? How does Twitch pay me? I will answer these questions and more in this video. Enjoy! Enjoy! #twitchstreaming #twitchstreamers #twitchaffiliate #streamsupport #wild4games _________________________________________________________________ Helpful Links: Twitch Affiliate Program: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/en/portal/topics/1070347-affiliate-program/articles Twitch Affiliate FAQ: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2879859-affiliate-payout-faq _________________________________________________________________ Video Gear Used: Logitech C920 Camera: http://amzn.to/2jQGR1N Blue Microphones Yeti Pro: http://amzn.to/2iyUQrW Lights & Green Screen: http://amzn.to/2jQSDJv _________________________________________________________________ Wild4Games on Social Media: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/wild4games Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wild4Games Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wild4games Twinge: http://www.twinge.tv/wild4games YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/wild4games Store: https://www.flaredash.com/stores/wild4games _________________________________________________________________ Support The Channel: Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated! All donations will go to supporting the streams and future videos. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Wild4Games Donation Support: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/wild4games Art Store: https://www.flaredash.com/stores/wild4games _________________________________________________________________ FlareDash: https://www.flaredash.com/home _________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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How To Pay Yourself as a Business Owner
How to pay yourself as a business owner: watch the video for advice on paying yourself as a small business owner from Nashville CPA Evan Hutcheson (http://www.evanhcpa.com). In the video, I go over certain issues regarding payroll for startup companies in Tennessee. One of the first, and most important, things you need to make sure you understand and do correctly is how to pay yourself as a business owner, and paying your employees if you have any employees. First you need identify the type have entity that you are, whether it’s an LLC or a corporation. If you're an LLC and you have no employees, then you do not actually need to set up payroll for yourself. You can simply transferring money from your business account to your personal account to pay yourself as the business owner. It's always a good idea to set up some sort of budget to establish control over the withdrawals that you make. If you're a corporation on the other hand, with or without employees, you still need to set up payroll. Shareholders of corporations pay themselves through payroll instead of taking withdrawals like an LLC owner. As I go over in the video,there are many ways to pay yourself as a business owner when doing payroll. You can hire a payroll company to issue your payroll, try to do it yourself or have a CPA do it. It is possible to do it yourself if it's not very complex. In that case you can just use a spreadsheet. I go through an example in the video showing you what categories you need for a spreadsheet: gross pay; net pay; payroll tax liabilities; employer and employer social security; and employer Medicare tax, both of which are tax deductible by the way. I go into these categories in depth. So watch the video to learn about how to pay yourself as a business owner. Please share this video about paying yourself as a business owner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QAmJFD4V8k Subscribe to my Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/EvanHutchesonCPA Follow Me: http://www.facebook.com/EvanHutchesonCpa http://twitter.com/Nashville_CPA http://plus.google.com/+Evanhcpa/about http://www.linkedin.com/pub/evan-hutcheson/30/909/746 You might like this video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THzREyqpjbE How To Pay Yourself as a Business Owner Startup Business Tennessee
New Rules RTGS, NEFT And IMPS of SBI? Timings, Transfer, Limits, Charges. What the Difference?
NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Charges, Timings and Limits, NEFT v/s RTGS v/s IMPS, One Minute Guide | Fund transfer charges, State Bank of India Fund Transfer: Latest IMPS, NEFT, RTGS Charges, difference between imps and neft sbi, difference between imps and neft hdfc imps charges, imps charges sbi, neft means, difference between neft and rtgs pdf, imps transfer limit, difference between rtgs and neft in hindi
How to Pay GST# Create Challan through Net Banking, Over the Counter & NEFT/RTGS
How to Pay GST# Create Challan through Net Banking, Over the Counter & NEFT/RTGS-In Detail by The Accounts कृपया हमारे चैनल को Subscribe ज़रूर करलें क्योंकि आप घर बैठे फ्री में Accounting और Tally, Excel, Word, PPT में मास्टर बन सकते हैं.इस Channel के माध्यम से आप GST, GST Return, TDS, Tds Return, Income Tax & Return, Payroll, BRS, Petty Cash, Credit Card, E-Return, Accounts Finalization and Other की पूरी जानकारी आप को मिलेगी. यदि आपके पास कोई प्रश्न और सुझाव है तो Comment Box में लिखें और आप [email protected] पर भी ईमेल कर सकते हैं। How to File GSTR-3B Online in Detail#GSTR-3B ONLINE करने की पूरी जानकारी # https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxxzYlz0HzQ How to Offset GST Liability in GSTR-3B # GST को Offset कैसे करते हैं # https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YNqEcDUNuI
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Imports, Exports, and Exchange Rates: Crash Course Economics #15
What is a trade deficit? Well, it all has to do with imports and exports and, well, trade. This week Jacob and Adriene walk you through the basics of imports, exports, and exchange. So, you remember the specialization and trade thing, right? So, that leads to imports and exports. Economically, in the aggregate, this is usually a good thing. Globalization and free trade do tend to increase overall wealth. But not everybody wins. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Mark, Eric Kitchen, Jessica Wode, Jeffrey Thompson, Steve Marshall, Moritz Schmidt, Robert Kunz, Tim Curwick, Jason A Saslow, SR Foxley, Elliot Beter, Jacob Ash, Christian, Jan Schmid, Jirat, Christy Huddleston, Daniel Baulig, Chris Peters, Anna-Ester Volozh, Ian Dundore, Caleb Weeks -- Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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How to file GST return online | How to add GST invoice to Online Gst Portal | Part 1| Software
Hi Friends, Learn how to add tax invoice to our GST Portal by this video. Please share this video to our friends. In this video, we will discuss the various returns that are required to be furnished under the new GST law. What information is required to be filed, who has the onus to file these returns and what are the timelines for submission of these returns? A return is a document that a taxpayer is required to file as per the law with the tax administrative authorities. Under the GST law, a normal taxpayer will be required to furnish three returns monthly and one annual return. Similarly, there are separate returns for a taxpayer registered under the composition scheme, taxpayer registered as an Input Service Distributor, a person liable to deduct or collect the tax (TDS/TCS) Every Taxable Person (TP) is required to file monthly Returns, as applicable. Thanking you,
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Macro 5.1- Balance of Payments
In this video I explain the Balance of Payments with the current and capital (financial) account. Keep in mind that when a country has a deficit in one account they must have a surplus in the other account. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. To learn about misconceptions about the minimum wage, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GIdROzO94M To learn more economics, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQkVO2PsxFw Macroeconomics Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnFv3d8qllI Microeconomics Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swnoF533C_c Check out my Review Apps for Macro and Micro https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ap-macroeconomics-review/id634270093?mt=8 Watch Econmovies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1oDmcs0xTD9Aig5cP8_R1gzq-mQHgcAH Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/acdcleadership
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How to pay Road Tax online|अपने वाहन का भुगतान कैसे करते है - Hindi 2017-DNA
Namaskar Dosto, mai aaj aap logo ko batane wala hu ki apne wahan ka bhugtan kaise karte hai wo bhi ghar baithe aapko kahi jane ka jarurat nahi hai.... How to pay road tax online -2017 step by step in hindi... Official Website - https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ Direct link - https://parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/vahan/ui/eapplication/form_eApplicatonHome.xhtml YouTube Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/DigitalNewsAnalysis Twitter - https://twitter.com/digitalnewsa Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/digitalnewsanalysis/ Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+DigitalNewsAnalysis Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/digitalnewsanalysis/ Blog - http://digitalnewsanalysis.blogspot.in/ DNA - Digital News and Analysis, i am uploading technical related video regularly.
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Payment Gateways For Shopify Dropshipping Stores
One of the most asked questions on my channel - this video will tell you all you need to know about Payment Gateways for Shopify Stores, especially the ones that are dropshipping primarily to United States. ⭐ Watch My 6-Step Shopify Webinar: ⭐ https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/start ⭐ Start Your Free Shopify Trial: ⭐ https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-shopify - - - - - - - Watch More Videos Of #Bizathon5: We've crossed $1k per day in sales: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7fGRKlEKsk 4 Mistakes HURTING Your Shopify Sales: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQF7sT9meu0 Stupid Product Made $6500 With Dropshipping: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_lgtz_IcQI AliExpress Issues With Dropshipping: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PokqThOZ8I $4,202 In Shopify Sales With "Free Money" Campaigns: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axxjwFmKum0 $50,000 Dropshipping From India (Shopify + AliExpress): 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woduv-53JWU New Trick - $18,000 With Shopify Dropshipping In 2018 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8wcs-WThps TOP SECRET Shopify Hacks For 2018 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzPDM2mo_Io Not Getting Shopify Sales? Easy 6-Step Checklist 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guPlE0yxqlY INSANE ROI - "Secret Traffic Source" For Shopify Stores 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl1JUUAqEUk $580 In 2 Mins - AliExpress Dropshipping Trick 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BDPFep9_ZM $2,100+ In 24 Hours Dropshipping From India Using Shopify 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-zO2tsz-VU How?!? $30,000 Per Month Dropshipping Business: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WPg5awsZCk OMG! Someone STOLE My Shopify Store 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgS2913_dow Easiest $263 With Shopify - EVER! 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gvNe66Ax6Q $12k To $45k - FB Ads 2018 Gameplan For Shopify Stores 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHTxiVUW89I Start From $0 - FB Ads Stage #1 For Shopify Stores In 2018 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ORGK44Q6Aw Company Formation For Your Dropshipping Business 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO2in2IHbrg GST For Indian Shopify Dropshipping Stores 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9LTvKD_8EQ FB Ads Stage #2 For Dropshipping Stores In 2018 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNlSXk7jJDw #GetReal - share this vid. Thanks -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Create "Money Making" Facebook Ad Videos" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=972AIFrIksM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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GST Payment through Net Banking Mode (18-10-17)
Steps to make GST Payment: Login to the Home page www.gst.gov.in User ID and Passwor to the Portal Click on Creat Challan ...Fill the Figures as required Three options to make the tax payment 1. Net Banking: Most Convenient 24 * 7 2.Over the Bank Counter...Tax Payment should not exceed Rs. 10000 3. NEFT / RTGS through Banks
online GST Payment By Net Banking(IMPS,NEFT) or Debit and credit Card by Shivam Jaiswal
friends Mai aapko GST ka online Payment karna sikha raha hu, agar apko humse koi bhi problem hai to hame email kar de hamara emailid hai [email protected] .
Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Math 3: Taxes Are a SIN
This video covers the tax on deed, tax on mortgage and tax on note math problem for the Florida Real Estate Exam. The memory aid taxes are a SIN is used. Go to http://www.tonymesarealestateschool.com for more information. We offer On Demand Sales Associate Online Exam Cram Videos with 24/7 Access and On Demand Real Estate Broker Online Exam Cram Videos with 24/7 Access. We also offer the Sales Associate Course in a Classroom Setting and as an Online course. Visit http://www.tonymesarealestateschool.com for more information and class schedules. The On Demand Sales Associate Online Exam Cram Videos are designed to prepare you for the state exam with more than 18 hours of explanation of key concepts and facts (laws, principles and practices and math), including The Day Before the Videos and Test Taking Tips Video. The Exam Cram Outline is included. The Sales Associate Online Exam Cram Videos cover everything: Laws, Principles, Practices and Math. The On Demand Real Estate Broker Online Exam Cram Videos are designed to prepare you for the state exam with more than 22 hours of explanation of key concepts and facts (laws, principles and practices and math), including The Day Before the Videos and Test Taking Tips Video. The Real Estate Broker Online Exam Cram Videos cover everything: Laws, Principles, Practices and Math.
Pension Transfers to China
UK Pension Transfers to China | QROPS China | ROPS China Irish pension transfers to China | QNUPS China Dutch pension transfers to China| QNUPS China Pension transfers abroad if you are living in China or working in China If you are resident in China or thinking or retiring in China, you may want to think about transferring your existing pensions abroad to a QROPS / QNUPS to get your pension out of the UK tax net. You no longer need to pay up to 45% income tax or up to 45% death tax in the UK (after age 75), you can choose the currency of your pension scheme and choose how to invest your hard earned pension. One of the many reasons expats move to China is tax in China is substantially less for expats in China, the cost of living in China is cheap and expat wages in China are quite high. The average expat salary in China is around $120,000 p.a. There are a number of QROPS / ROPS destinations which may help you reduce your tax burden. Also, 100% of your pension pot can be left to your named beneficiaries as a cash lump sum. So, many people transfer merely for inheritance planning considerations. If you are moving abroad and seeking pension advice and smart retirement planning, please contact QROPS Specialists. We can also help with getting the best exchange rates for GBP to CNY money transfers. The Dubai currency is Renminbi or Chinese Yuan (CNY) Read more about pension transfers to China in the article below. http://www.qropsspecialists.com/qrops-china-pension-transfer-for-uk-expats-to-avoid-paying-taxes/
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NEFT vs RTGS vs IMPS vs UPI vs ECS vs Credit Card | Online Fund Transfer | Internet Banking
While transferring money online, we come across various acronyms like ECS, NEFT, EFT, RTGS and IMPS. And after demonitisation UPI payments and mobile wallets have gained popularity. In this video we will see what is the difference between all of these. Yadnya Book - 108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP - Available here: Amazon: https://goo.gl/WCq89k Flipkart: https://goo.gl/tCs2nR Infibeam: https://goo.gl/acMn7j Notionpress: https://goo.gl/REq6To Find us on Social Media and stay connected: Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/InvestYadnya Facebook Group - https://goo.gl/y57Qcr Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/InvestYadnya
Student Loan Consolidation and Payoff | BeatTheBush
Understanding different kinds of student loans and the best strategy to pay them off. Consolidation is an effective strategy to pay off the loan only if you do not plan to use the Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Keeping the student loan for tax deduction purposes is effective only if your income is withing the write off range. Still, in the end, keeping the loan around for years on end will add up to thousands of dollars of interest payments. This very interest payments could be reduced significantly if you work towards paying it off early which results in a higher net worth. . Support more videos like this along with getting a bunch of perks here: http://www.patreon.com/BeatTheBush Get a free audiobook and 30-day trial. Even if you cancel, you still keep the book and you still support my channel for signing up. Support my channel by signing up to help me make more videos like this: http://www.audibletrial.com/BeatTheBush Credit Card for Starters Who Should NEVER Get a Credit Card: https://youtu.be/aNYZkMgTyb0 Only Use Credit or Only Use Debit: https://youtu.be/J0ZRgBIG39Q Credit Card Basics How Credit Card Calculates Interest: https://youtu.be/0Z2nWQdqa2A How Credit Card Grace Periods Work: https://youtu.be/8WuH3-PsjCA Difference Between Credit Card Inactivity and 0% Utilization: https://youtu.be/rtfJMZf_IrM Credit Card Statement Closing Date vs. Due Date: https://youtu.be/3-knvT7JbTk Does Canceling Credit Cards Affect Credit Score: https://youtu.be/jYGZukw5i-Q Can You Afford a No Limit Credit Card: https://youtu.be/sdAh7hzgJoU Credit Card Balance Transfer Hack: https://youtu.be/F2Foqg2ZTEw Credit Score Less Than 700 Maximize Credit Score while in College: https://youtu.be/pxGECoQoLLA Build Credit Fast with a $500 Credit Limit: https://youtu.be/attQKzngqoE How to Pay off Credit Card Debt: https://youtu.be/XY8YSPapnF8 How to Build Credit with Bad Credit or No Credit [w/ Self Lender]: https://youtu.be/RNXutBGAnlM How to Boost Your Credit Score Within 30 Days: https://youtu.be/LyBjciz4-zg Credit Score More Than 700 How to Increase Credit Score from 700: https://youtu.be/MCFKNBcyAWs 740+ is Not Just For Show: https://youtu.be/1fGcpxurzgU My Credit Score: 848, How to get it Part 1: https://youtu.be/dEZLZQXRBjQ My Credit Score: 848, How to get it Part 2: https://youtu.be/Y6-SB35C7Pc My Credit Score: 848 - Credit Card Hacks and How I got it: https://youtu.be/8Xz3hi3VWfM Advanced Credit Card Tricks How to get a Business Credit Card: https://youtu.be/S3srld5_l5Y Keep 16 Credit Cards Active: https://youtu.be/yAzkEK8Y6E8 Rejected for a New Credit Card with 826 Credit Score: https://youtu.be/66O505Oj5e4 Make Credit Cards Pay You Instead: https://youtu.be/wKMJdX1fQJA Credit Card Low Balance Cancellation $2 per mont [Still Works]: https://youtu.be/2DJjfvcMCcg Cash Back Are Credit Card Points Taxable?: https://youtu.be/Tw90h8I5JNk How to Churn Credit Cards: https://youtu.be/uw__fl38Dk4 Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2017: https://youtu.be/e_uJweUsiDk 5% Cash Back on Everything: https://youtu.be/q9g_rySm_tI Always get 11% Off Amazon Gift Cards and Amazon Hacks: https://youtu.be/vbv6Rj2uUr4 Max Rewards: What's in My Wallet: https://youtu.be/cmJDFcbjFho How I Make 200 Dollars in 10 Minute [Hint: Credit Card Bonus]: https://youtu.be/pegq4G7ZhTI When Your Best Cash Back Card Gets Cancelled: https://youtu.be/pe7OuqxGi9M Amex Blue Cash Preferred vs. Everyday Effective Cash Back on Groceries: https://youtu.be/3ezD_QwS5e0 Double Dip Groceries Cash Back with Safeway Just for U: https://youtu.be/7kBl0W_L29U Milk the Barclays Cashforward Card for the MOST Cash Back: https://youtu.be/qf2gvrk6Evo Other Channels: BeatTheBush DIY: https://www.youtube.com/BeatTheBushDIY
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Prepare GSTR 3B for July & August 2017 by Tally ERP 9
Latest Class of GSTR 3B - Uploaded in November 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExXNXRXNB6E Visit us : https://www.onlinecca.com/
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EBT Food Stamp Government SHUTDOWN! Workers Without Pay—Prelude For SOMETHING BIGGER?
MAJOR WARNING! Due to the progression of the nationwide government shutdown, should the shutdown continue and prolong beyond Feb. 2019 — millions could be left without food stamp/SNAP benefits. Not only that, but other nationwide governmental programs could also be affected. The government shutdown has also left some Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at several major airports around the country, working without pay. According to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP — See Document Below), the government reportedly looked to cut up to over 1 million people from their SNAP/EBT benefits within a three-month period. Along with other program cuts the government is conspiring to do, plus plans for depopulation (See U.N. Agenda 2030 for more!) As of October 2013 and September 2015, both times America experienced a nationwide EBT shutdown. Of course, such a shutdown was blamed on a "computer glitch" and NOT a "government shutdown," but either way, THIS SHOULD BE RINGING SOME SERIOUS ALARM BELLS!!! Now the question we should be wondering is WHY? WHY would the government need to implement biometric identification systems, or even a potential RFID chip, for food stamps since 1999? (See Documents Below) WHY have they been TESTING the EBT shutdown, and even cutting close to 1 million Americans (if not more) from EBT in 2016 alone? We also can’t forget about the recent allusion President Donald Trump has made, regarding a “national emergency” — Could Trump’s allusion to the “National Emergency” be keywords or code words for “Martial Law”?! Could this all be part of the government’s plan for a national shutdown and national emergency in order to enact unconstitutional Executive Orders and surreptitiously enable FEMA Camps all across the country? WHAT Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ALL OF THE WARNING SIGNS!! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — FOR EVEN MORE TRUTH!! ALSO SEE — More On EBT Shutdown (2016): https://youtu.be/wYJmMEh7IVg ALSO SEE — Prophetic Events 2019!!! https://youtu.be/HQYXS3kvQWA ALSO SEE — Government Shutdown, Shadow Government?! https://youtu.be/XQM8fJhXSO8 LEARN MORE! Food Stamps, Government Shutdown NBC: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/prolonged-shutdown-could-leave-millions-without-food-stamps-hit-small-n955136 CBS: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/government-shutdown-affect-snap-food-stamps-wic-millions-could-face-severe-cuts-in-2019-funding-usda/ The Root (Indiana): https://www.theroot.com/snap-recipients-say-they-re-already-being-denied-assist-1831544813 TSA (NYT): https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/04/us/politics/tsa-government-shutdown-sick-leave.html USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/06/government-shutdown-2019-negotiations-continue-white-house-congress/2491460002/ Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/pence-calls-on-democrats-in-congress-to-accede-to-wall-funding-demand-end-shutdown/2019/01/08/944291ac-1338-11e9-90a8-136fa44b80ba_story.html?utm_term=.34208c09b9e0 CBPP: https://www.cbpp.org/research/food-assistance/more-than-500000-adults-will-lose-snap-benefits-in-2016-as-waivers-expire Food Stamps Biometrics Reports (1999) USDA Summary: https://fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/biomeval_summary.pdf USDA Full: https://fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/biomeval.pdf FEMA Executive Orders: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/eo/femalist.htm Power Outage Business Meeting (26 Pages, Dec. 13th, 2018): https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/NIAC%20Catastrophic%20Power%20Outage%20Study_QBM%20Dec%2013_FINAL_508c.pdf Power Outage “Capabilities Plan” (94 Pages, Dec. 2018): https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/NIAC%20Catastrophic%20Power%20Outage%20Study_508%20FINAL.pdf
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QuickBooks Tip: Properly Recording Outsourced Payroll In QuickBooks
QuickBooks demonstration by http://www.slcbookkeeping.com/ on how properly record outsourced payroll in QuickBooks. Quite often businesses fail to properly record their outsourced payroll, which results in inaccurate financial statements. I will walk you through the difference between payroll liabilities and expenses. I will also show you how to properly record for actual payroll checks, direct deposits, payroll taxes and your payroll fee. If you set up QuickBooks properly recording your outsourced payroll is easy and accurate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc69iNvRlYs&feature=plcp
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Top Up Loan - Explained
What is a top up loan on home loan and how it is better than a personal loan or car loan - explained with calculation in Hindi. You can apply for a top up loan with any of the major banks like SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, PNB etc. In this video, I have talked about the top up loan eligibility, calculation, advantages and how you can apply for a top up loan either from the same bank where you have your existing home loan or how you can transfer to another bank. Related Videos: Home Loan - Process: https://youtu.be/t-GVQJhkoRo होम लोन पर टॉप अप लोन क्या हैं और ये पर्सनल लोन से कैसे बेटर होता है - कैलकुलेशन के साथ हिंदी में एक्सप्लेन किया गया है। आप किसी भी मेजर बैंक से टॉप अप लोन के लिए अप्लाई कर सकते हैं जैसे SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, PNB आदि। इस वीडियो में मैंने बात की है टॉप अप लोन के एलिजिबिलिटी, कैलकुलेशन, अडवेंटजेस के बारे में और कैसे आप टॉप अप लोन के लिए उसी बैंक में अप्लाई कर सकते हैं जिसमे आपका होम लोन है या फिर कैसे आप लोन को दूसरे बैंक में ट्रांसफर कर सकते हैं। Share this Video: https://youtu.be/1no6chDje_8 Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Property and Real Estate Tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNxHPbaCWL1tKw2hxGQD6g If you want to become an Expert Real Estate investor, please visit our website https://assetyogi.com now and Subscribe to our newsletter. In this video, we have explained: What is top up loan? What is the definition of top up loan? How top-up loan is better than the personal loan or any other loan? What are the benefits of top up loan? How to calculate eligibility for top up loan? How much interest rates you have to pay for top up loan? How can you use top up loan? What are the advantages of top up loan? When you can claim tax benefits from top up loan? How to take top up loan? टॉप अप क्या है? टॉप अप लोन की परिभाषा क्या है? पर्सनल लोन या किसी भी अन्य लोन की तुलना में टॉप-अप लोन कैसे बेहतर है? टॉप अप के लाभ क्या हैं? टॉप अप लोन के लिए एलिजिबिलिटी कैसे कैलकुलेट करें? टॉप अप लोन पर इंटरेस्ट रेट्स कितनी होती है? आप ऊपर अप ऋण टॉप अप लोन का उपयोग कैसे कर सकते हैं? टॉप अप लोन के फायदे क्या हैं? आप टॉप अप लोन से टैक्स बेनिफिट्स कब क्लेम कर सकते हैं? टॉप अप लोन कैसे लें? Make sure to Like and Share this video. Other Great Resources AssetYogi – http://assetyogi.com/ Follow Us: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assetyogi Twitter - http://twitter.com/assetyogi Instagram - http://instagram.com/assetyogi Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/assetyogi/ Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+assetyogi-ay Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-yogi Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Top Up Loan".
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Inflation? High Taxes? FairTax? There is an EASY SOLUTION
We should not allow your tax be greater than your net tax. We should not allocate taxes inside the business world. Anything contrary to both of these conditions will lead to wasteful increases prices which are impossible to recover. The pension pool plan is an alternative tax idea (for the US federal government) whose math proves with the simplest math that our tax system is inefficient. The average personal income in America is $35,000 (note: not GDP). What if you take 9% of income and spread it among all of America (evenly). This is $3150 a pop! You accomplish progressive rates with no net taxes! Let's take this a step further. Take another 9% and distribute it among 1/4th of America which is currently recieving transfer payments by the government. The average ADDITIONAL benefit among them is 9*4 % of the average income (or $12,600). http://www.taxalmanac.org/index.php/American_Pension_Pooling_Plan Do you realize that federal taxes allocated into prices are 19% of GDP and that they don't cover the budget? This could be reduced to 19% (average tax rate on workers under the pension pool plan) of personal income (i.e. 19% of 84% of GDP) by taxing only a person's net tax -AND- by not allocating the tax inside the financial statements, financial instruments, and financial accounts of the business world - and it can cover the budget! In the pension pool plan, incomes are reported by employers to represent each Social Security Number associated with a household. There is one form per household. Each household will periodically recieve checks or bills, depending on their results from the pension pool plan. Those who have negative net federal taxes should have NO (federal) TAX. The Average Remaining Federal Lifetime tax rates under the pension pool system are so LOW that at first, you'd think it were impossible. The beauty of the pension pool system is how visible the means of payment are - just by considering percentages of average personal income. It couldn't be any simpler!
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How is property divided between two spouses in a divorce in Ontario?
Brahm Siegel, a specialist in family law and partner of Nathens, Siegel LLP answers: How is property divided between two spouses in a divorce in Ontario? A lot of people think, erroneously, that the way we deal with property in Ontario is by just dividing everything equally. That’s absolutely not true and any lawyer who tells you that is a lawyer to stay away from. We don’t take the RRSP or the pension and chop them in half to give 50% to each side. Obviously, if something is in joint names and owned by the parties as joint tenants, each is entitled to half – but that’s not how it works for all property. So, how does property work? Every province has its own rules, but in Ontario, we have something called “equalization.” Equalization is a fancy legal term for a monetary payment that one spouse pays to the other to make life equal. A good way to think about it is that we must take a picture of two different times in the parties’ lives: the date of the marriage and the date of the separation. The law says that we have to take a picture, so to speak, of what each person’s net worth was – net worth meaning assets minus liabilities. We do this both at the date of marriage and the date of separation, which is also called “the valuation date.” We do it for both parties, because the law says you have to look at the increase in the net worth of each party from marriage to separation. If both parties wind up increasing their net worth by the same amount of money from marriage to separation (it goes by increase in dollars, not by percentages), then neither of them owe anything to the other. Anything either of them has individually stays with that person; if there are any individual debts, they stay with that person. Cases in which both parties increase the same amount from marriage to separation are pretty easy. Most cases, however, are not so simple. Usually, one person has increased more than the other – either because they have assets that their spouse doesn’t have or they have the same amount of assets but their spouse has more debt. The law says that marriage is a partnership, and so any increase that one party has over the other has to be shared. The way it’s shared is by one person paying the other a chunk of money – which can be paid by writing a cheque, or rolling over from one spouse’s RRSP to the other spouse’s RRSP, or transferring their interest in the marital home to the other spouse. Let me leave you with two other concepts related to equalization: deductions and exclusions. Deductions are things that people own at the date of marriage. As I said, we look at the increase in your net worth from marriage to separation, so if you come into the marriage worth something, that value is deducted from what you own at separation and, therefore, it’s called deduction. It can be anything from a car to an RRSP to a house that you owned at the date of marriage (however, if the house that you owned at the date of marriage is the same house you have at separation, and it’s the matrimonial home, you may not get to deduct the pre-marriage value – but that’s for another discussion). Exclusions are things that we include at the date of separation, but which then get factored out. At the end of the day, they make no difference to the bottom line – they make no difference to an equalization payment. The law has listed a few of these and determined that they should not be shared with the other spouse through equalization. Exclusions are things like life insurance proceeds, gifts a party received from a third person during the marriage (not from the other spouse), or an inheritance or the part of an inheritance that you can trace. If you have, for example, inherited $5,000 during the marriage and you used it to buy a piece of art that’s worth $10,000 at the date of separation, then the value of the art gets excluded for purposes of equalization. Here’s an example of how equalization works in practice. Let’s take a couple – John and Jane – and say that John has increased his net worth by a $100,000. (Note: he could have been worth zero at marriage and increased to $100,000 at separation, or at marriage he could have been worth $1,000,000 and increased to $1,100,000 – the key is the growth, which is $100,000 in this example.) Let’s say Jane increases her net worth by $80,000. The difference between them is $20,000 – but that doesn’t mean the equalization payment is $20,000. The equalization payment, if you haven’t figured it out already, is half: $10,000, which would bring John down to $90,000 and bring Jane up to $90,000. Contact one of our offices to discuss your case with a Mississauga or Toronto family law lawyer. You can reach us by phone at 888-353-1817 or via email to get started. Nathens, Siegel LLP - http://www.nathenssiegel.com/
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