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Introduction to Internet Information Services 7.0 Management
This video is part of LearnItFirst's Windows Server 2008 Administration course. More information on this video and course is available here: http://www.learnitfirst.com/Course233 In Windows Server 2008 we have a brand new tool for managing the web services, the IIS Manager, which looks significantly different from what you've used in previous versions. In this video, we will look at the new management interface, Server and Site management, Test a simple web site, and examine Anonymous, Basic and Integrated Authentication Components Highlights from this video: - Installing Role Services for IIS - About Basic, Windows and Digest authentications - Configuring your Sites and Server and much more...
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Internet Information Services - IIS in Hindi - आईआईएस 7 ट्यूटोरियल - Video 1
IIS Tutorial for beginners in Hindi JagvinderThind explains What is IIS or Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2008 in Hindi. IIS is Web Server run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with Windows NT family. IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP. It has been an integral part of the Windows NT family since Windows NT 4.0, though it may be absent from some editions (e.g. Windows XP Home edition). IIS is not turned on by default when Windows is installed. The IIS Manager is accessed through the Microsoft Management Console or Administrative Tools in the Control Panel or Server Manager in Windows Server 2008 R2
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How to Remotely Administer IIS with the IIS Manager GUI Tool
In this training we show how to remotely administer IIS that is running on a Windows Server 2016 Server Core Installation with the IIS Manager GUI tool from a Server with a GUI and Windows 10. For more training please go to http://itdvds.com
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Introduction to Website Administration
60 Minutes Synopsis: This class provides students with a basic understanding of technology and systems involved with maintaining a website. Prerequisites: None This class talks about: The Difference Between the Internet and World Wide Web DNS Web Servers HTML Scripting Languages Databases Web Browsers Web Design Tools Class Notes: Introduction Web design is not difficult, but it takes more work than many people realize. The Basics The Internet is a global system for communication The World Wide Web is all of the web pages that reside on the Internet A Web Browser is used to view web pages W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, creates standards for web browsers that programmers many times do not follow. HTTP is the protocol used to transmit web pages FTP is the protocol used to transfer files SMTP is the protocol used to send email DNS All computer require IP Addresses DNS Servers tell web browsers the IP Address for the website the user is trying to view. Computers understand IP Addresses, not Domain Names Web Servers Apache is for any Server IIS is for Windows Servers For Hosted Linux Capitalization is VERY important HTML Is a human readable language You can use Notepad to write HTML web pages Scripting Languages Are used to create Dynamic Web Pages PHP, ASP, CGI Scripts are Scripting Languages Your Server must support a scripting language for it to work. Databases MySQL is the most common database used for websites Databases are used to store data Are used to create Dynamic Web Pages Web Browsers IE, Mozilla, Chrome Are supposed to conform to W3C, but many times don't Web Design Websites can be created with something as inexpensive as Notepad, or as expensive as Dreamweaver. Microsoft Word and Google Docs can be used to create websites
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Setting Up a 2008 Web Server - Internet Information Services (IIS)
Setting Up a 2008 Web Server - Internet Information Services (IIS). Anonymous and authenticated web access, directory browsing, password protected directories, default documents and virtual directories.
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Learn Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes
Learn Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes In this video, You will go over all IIS basic concepts so you will be familiar with IIS and start hosting your own websites on. We will go over the following Topics: 1. What is IIS and how it works? 2. Installing IIS on Windows 10. 3. Installing IIS on Windows 2012 R2 (the same for windows server 2016) 4. Working with Web platform installer tool. 5. Hosting your first website. 6. What are application pools? 7. What are bindings? 8. FTP Server 9. Installing WordPress on IIS. Subscribe to get all Updates: https://www.youtube.com/c/heducate?sub_confirmation=1 Getting Support: https://www.facebook.com/AdvancedITEducation https://h-educate.com/ask Free Courses: Python 101 - Lean Python Programming in 1 Hour [2019] https://youtu.be/pNqYiEoJkBE Learn and Master DHCP on Windows Server 2016 in One Video https://youtu.be/0icphXJhuVY Learn SQL Server In One Video - For Beginners https://youtu.be/3q7Kv1lsDws How to Build SMTP Mail Server and Send Unlimited Emails https://youtu.be/ayalsV9iPws Programming 101-What is programming? where to start in [2019] https://youtu.be/7c84hZP4wlE Advanced auditing and ATA In Windows server 2016 Overview https://youtu.be/HZDW3uf4h_A Windows Troubleshooting and Sysinternals tools - Full Course https://youtu.be/SPyEVrk3if8 How to Build a Windows SMTP Mail Server For Email Marketing https://youtu.be/fMalXoJ5-ys Learn Microsoft Excel in 20 Minutes for beginners https://youtu.be/jQX0xwztzUM Learn Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes https://youtu.be/1VdxPWwtISA Udemy Courses: 1. Web Server IIS Mastery Course https://www.udemy.com/mastering-web-server-iis-85-from-scratch/?couponCode=10DOLLARCOUPON 2. C# Projects, Boost your Skills and Build Awesome C# Apps https://www.udemy.com/c-sharp-projects-build-awesome-apps/?couponCode=9DOLLAR 3. Remote Desktop Services Windows Server 2016 https://www.udemy.com/rds-windows-server/?couponCode=9DOLLARCOPOUN 4. Build Your Own SMTP Email Server and Send Unlimited Emails! https://www.udemy.com/build-mail-server-with-linux-ubuntu-aws/?couponCode=9DOLLARCOUPON 5. Sub Domains Authentication with Asp.Net Web API https://www.udemy.com/sub-domains-authentication-with-aspnet-web-api/?couponCode=COUPON9
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IIS (Internet Information Services) - What is...
IIS is Microsofts implementation of a web server for Windows. It's free to use with Windows Server and can even be deployed on a Windows 10 machine. IIS is an easy to use GUI and may be preferred over Apache or NGINX when building web apps that fully utilize the Microsoft Stack.
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IIS's ApplicationPoolIdentity Made Easy
Managing Windows users for IIS security can sometimes be a pain and, if not handled correctly, can leave your server vulnerable. In this week's video I introduce the new ApplicationPoolIdentity account that was introduced in IIS 7.0 and improved in IIS 7.5. This "virtual account" offers a lot of power and is easy to use once you understand the basics. Since it's the default account for application pools, understanding it is important for any web administrator.
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Exploring the features in IIS 7.5 - Internet Information Services.
A complete demonstration of IIS(the web server that has been popular since Windows Server 2003). In this video, you'll learn how to use the Internet Information Services and its features widely explained with complete attention on each and every components of it. Once you watch this, you'll be able to host websites or test it on any Windows machine. If you have any queries, please dont hesitate to post it. Enjoy the flexibility, security and freedom to host websites on your own with ease. Thanks to Microsoft.
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IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET   Part 9
Text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2012/10/iis-internet-information-services-and.html Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2013/08/part-9-iis-aspnet.html All ASP .NET Text Articles http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/free-aspnet-video-tutorial.html All ASP .NET Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/aspnet-slides.html All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English https://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists?view=1&sort=dd All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic https://www.youtube.com/c/KudvenkatArabic/playlists In this videos we will learn about 1. What is a Web Server 2. Do you need IIS to develop and test asp.net web applications 3. How to check if IIS is installed? 4. Installing IIS 5. Configuring IIS server to run asp.net web applications
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IIS architecture & components [iis tutorial]
IIS architecture & components keywords: iis tutorial internet information services what is iis iis webserver Full Course link: https://h-educate.com/mastering-web-server-iis-8/
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Internet Information Services (IIS) Lesson 1 - Introduction
Explore Microsoft IIS in the Windows Environment. IIS stands for Internet Information Services. It is essential for a Web Developer on Windows to Host Websites and do Administration. It starts you off with the basics, and go more in depth as we progress. If you enjoy these don't forget to Subscribe! Thanks all! Visit - www.iis.net - to gain even more knowledge about this topic!
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Internet Information Services (2008 Version)
Internet Information Services (2008 Version). Re-encoded in HD so you can see the text. For more updated version see the 2011 video.
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How To Manage IIS Application Pools With PowerShell
If you enjoyed this video, be sure to head over to http://techsnips.io to get free access to our entire library of content! Using the WebAdministration PowerShell module that comes with IIS, we're able to manage IIS application pools with commands like New-WebAppPool, Get-WebAppPool and Remove-WebAppPool. However, we can also use the IIS PowerShell drive. The choice is yours.In this video, Adam shows us around managing IIS application pools and even shows us how to create a single PowerShell function allowing you to wrap all of that code up in a nicely-performing function.
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Microsoft Windows 10 Lesson 7 - Installing and Configuring IIS Web Hosting
In this video, we are going to run through how to install IIS on Windows 10. Along with how to set up IIS to send errors to the web browser for running Classic ASP websites. Help support our work here on YouTube by purchasing a copy of Wayne Barron's first published book. Amazon.com http://amzn.to/2DHdOYP Amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/2EmfYON What we use in our office. The microphone Audio-Technica AT2020USB Plus Condenser Microphone http://amzn.to/2HSbtMx UK Customers http://amzn.to/2DLHd3g Pop Filter - http://amzn.to/2kIDWt1 Anti Vibration - http://amzn.to/2kIpnWp Keyboards with a sleek design, ease of use, and easy to type on. Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard http://amzn.to/2GS2kUS UK Customers http://amzn.to/2DLH142 Read about Wayne Barron's Authoring Work. https://www.waynebarron.com Thank You Wayne Barron Dark Effects Studios (Like Us On Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/DarkEffectsStudios Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/DarkEffectsStud Spotlight on Dark Effects http://www.youtube.com/DESpotlight http://www.darkeffects.com View all our videos on Dark Effects Video Site http://watch.darkeffects.com http://www.cffspotlight.com/Dark_Effects_Production
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IIS 7.5 Architecture and components (part 1)
Part one of a three part series aimed at explaining the main components of the IIS 7.5 web-server and how the interact to execute HTTP requests for applications hosted on the server. In this series I look at all the IIS components and services and what their specific role inside the web-server is.
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How to add application in IIS 8 on Windows server 2012
In this tutorial you will learn how to add one or more applications in a same website. How to configure the separate application pool for each web applications. How to solve the dot Net Framework error. To completed this tutorial Download this resources files:- http://tech.petercrys.com/2013/05/how-to-add-application-in-iis-8.html See: How to install and configure dns in windows server 2012 http://youtu.be/iJALObKbSsQ See: How to configure Virtual Directories in IIS 8 on Windows server 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx7gAqloikE
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Steps to Manage windows 2016 server core IIS through Remote Management
In this video, we will show you the steps to Manage windows 2016 server core IIS through Remote Management. More Info: https://www.assistanz.com/steps-to-configure-iis-server-core-for-remote-management/
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IIS   Internet Information Services and ASP NET in arabic
Text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2012/10/iis-internet-information-services-and.html Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2013/08/part-9-iis-aspnet.html All ASP .NET Text Articles http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/free-aspnet-video-tutorial.html All ASP .NET Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/aspnet-slides.html All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English https://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists?view=1&sort=dd All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic https://www.youtube.com/c/KudvenkatArabic/playlists
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Removing Site Binding from Windows Server | Managing IIS Sites | IIS Application Pools
In this Video, Removing site binding from windows server and managing IIS sites which are used to run the web application. In this IIS Application pools are being managed and removing of Site binding from windows server is provided. Removing Sites from Application pools. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Find us on Facebook Like us: https://www.facebook.com/ServerHump/ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Supported By RRS HOST: http://www.rrshost.com/ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/RRShost/ ------------------------------------------------------------------
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Install a Web Server on Windows 7 - Internet Information Server (IIS)
Learn how to add a Web Server feature to your Windows 7 computer called Internet Information Server (IIS).
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22 Install and Configure Internet Information Services on Windows Server 2003
install and Configure Windows Server 2003 Internet Information Services IIS for Internal Website
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Internet Information Services (IIS) Lesson 2 - Installation on Windows 7
Installing Microsoft IIS in a Windows Environment. If these lessons help you, don't forget to Subscribe! Be sure to check out the official Microsoft IIS page at www.iis.net
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How to Install & Enable Internet Information Services IIS Manager
How to Install & Enable Internet Information Services IIS Manager ------------- May be you like this -------------- Interest to donate : https://www.paypal.me/gofreelancer Wcf playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-6wGwiaDj4&list=PLv0T7WlllnSnulXRU200Lx97e_pJrGGfo Wcf restful playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB4k0RC6vl0&list=PLv0T7WlllnSmcGHacEQnLgKvitcJEsSl6 Angularjs playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXjD1RiAz1U&list=PLv0T7WlllnSkCfNftTNY8tWqCFWT0sIMd c# playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrP0NKbsr8s&list=PLv0T7WlllnSl9pZWMaMGsyoAmqZtW4gM0 google maps playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3lci2cE05M&list=PLv0T7WlllnSnXz4EiDxNA5OWnfr5xgig_ umbraco playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoefdruzmGE&list=PLv0T7WlllnSnYRedhwL8x-atkVxrSdd3m jquery playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVncasz_iyw&list=PLv0T7WlllnSkkNahiiWu_GMXq49X5ccfe
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Working with IIS Web Server in ASP.NET | ASP.NET Tutorials | By Mr.Bangar Raju
Topic: ASP NET Working with IIS Web Server | asp.net MVC Tutorials | By Mr.Sudhakar Sharma ►For Registration : https://goo.gl/r6kJbB ►Call: +91-8179191999 ► Visit Our Website: http://nareshit.in/ http://nareshit.com/ ► About NareshIT: "Naresh IT is the Best Software Training Institute for Hadoop, Salesforce, AWS, DevOps, Sprak, Data Science, Python, Tableau, RPA ,Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle, Testing Tools, Silver light, Linq, SQL Server, Selenium, Android, iPhone, C Language, C++, PHP and Digital Marketing in Hyderabad, Chennai and Vijayawada, India which provides online and classroom training classes" ►For Registration : https://goo.gl/r6kJbB ►Call: India- 8179191999, USA- 404-232-9879 Email: [email protected] ►Our Online Training Features: 1.Training with Real-Time Experts 2.Industry Specific Scenario’s 3.Flexible Timings 4.Soft Copy of Material 5.Share Video's of each and every session. Check The Below Links: ►For Course Reg : https://goo.gl/r6kJbB ► Subscribe to Our Channel: https://goo.gl/q9ozyG ► Circle us on G+: https://plus.google.com/NareshIT ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NareshIT ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nareshitech ► Visit Our Website: http://nareshit.in/ http://nareshit.com/
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Step 1 : First you go to control panel---programs and features--turn windows features on or off step 2 : Now you see internet information services and select that step 3 : now you see web management tools now select below options step 4 : IIS 6 Management compatibility IIS Management console IIS Management scripts and tools IIS Management service step 5 : now click ok and restart your system NOW IIS MANAGER ENABLED IN YOUR SYSTEM for more updates follow on website address : www.googlytek.blogspot.com FOR MORE VIDEOS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL : http://bit.ly/2zVCj5F FOR MORE UPDATES FOLLOW ON GOOGLE PLUS : http://bit.ly/2A2rbny FOLLOW ON FB : http://bit.ly/2n06zr6
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ADCS Demo: Managing Certificate Templates; Using IIS certificate; Configuring Cert Autoenroll
In this recording, I demonstrated how to manage certificate templates, how to use web server certificate in IIS, how to configure certificate auto-enrollment
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IIS Remote Management Configuration
This video demonstrates how to configure IIS Remote Management for a website from WebsitePanel
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Tutorial - DNS and IIS Binding - Windows Server 2012
Hello All, Back again to show you how to setup binding on IIS and have DNS help with resolving.
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how to install iis on windows 7
IIS 7 can be installed and features of IIS 7 can be added or removed by Windows 7 Control Panel Programs" management screen. You can add and install Windows 7 components and build in applications using the Turn Windows features on or off link.
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Installing IIS on Windows Server and basic configuration (Internet Information Services)
This tutorial will explain how to add the role of IIS (internet information services) to a windows server 2008 installation. After the initial installation i continue on to talk about basic configuration such as adding a new website and using filetypes such as .php
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Windows Server 2016 - Install IIS 10.0 (How to Step by Step)
IIS 10.0 is only available in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10
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CacheRight | Mircosoft IIS Cache Management
http://www.port80software.com/products/cacheright/ CacheRight Software Caches Files the Right Way for Faster Sites and Better Server Availability. Providing Powerful Cache Control Management for IIS servers.
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IIS 7 Part 1
IIS Arabic Part I Eng . Aser Aladdin Find us in Sharepoint Egypt community Sharepoint Egypt is the first community about Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Products related with Document management ,Web content management, Collaboration and Enterprise Search Solutions around the egypt Website : http://emadadel.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/Sharepoint.Egypt https://www.facebook.com/SharepointEgypt
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Open IIS in Windows 8
This is a small video for IIS beginners. How to open IIS in Windows 8.1. Assumption IIS is installed. Refer this video to install IIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1HJqn-2IP0
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Adding Website in IIS and Using Friendly Name to Open the Website
In this video you are going to learn how to add website in IIS and even how to use friendly name to open that website.
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Two ways to remotely manage an IIS server
In this video I will describe two ways to remotely manage an IIS server (running on Server Core): using the browser-based IIS Management API or traditional IIS Management Console.
01-Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Part 1 By Eng-Aser ALaddin
01-Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Part 1 By Eng-Aser ALaddin https://www.facebook.com/free4arab http://www.free4arab.com https://twitter.com/free4arab1 https://plus.google.com/113503705132872627915 نور الهدى لتكنولوجيا المعلومات
Configure Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS) in Windows Server 2019
Configure Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS) in Windows Server 2019 1. Prepare - DC31 : Domain Controller (Yi.vn) , IP | DC32 : Exchange Server , IP - DC33 : Domain Member (install AD RMS server) , IP | DC34 : Domain Member(install Certificate Server) , IP - WIN101, WIN102 : Clients | Turn off Firewall local at all 2. Step by step : Configure Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS) on DC33 - DC31 : Create a new user named rmsservices (service account) - DC34 : Install Certificate service and create a template named SSL for Web Server - DC33 : Install and Configure Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS) + Start - mmc - File - Add/Remove Snap-in... - Certificates - Add- Computer account - Right-click Personal - All Tasks - Request New Certificate... (maybe need restart server) - Select SSL - Click "More information is required to enroll ..." - Subject tab - Subject name : Type : Common name, Value : DC33 - Add - Alternative name : Type : DNS, Value : DC33.Yi.vn - Add - Enroll + Server Manager - Manage - Add Roles and Features - Next to "Server Roles" : Select "Active Directory Rights Management Services" - Add Features - Next to Install + Click Notifications - Perform additional configuration - Configuration Database : Choose "Use Windows Internal Database on this server" - Service Account : Yi\rmsservices - Cluster Key Password : Enter password - Cluster Address : Choose "Use SSL-encrypted connection (https://)", Fully-Qualified Domain Name : https://dc33.Yi.vn - Server Certificate : Choose "Choose an existing certificate for SSL encryption (recommended)" - Next to Install - Restart server + Server Manager - Tools - Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager - DC33 - Sites - Default Web Site - Bindings... - https - Edit... - SSL certificate : Choose DC33 + Default Web Site - _wmcs, certification, licensing - Authentication - Anonymous Authentication : Enable + Default Web Site - _wmcs - Right-click certification - Switch to content view - Right-click ServerCertification.asmx - Edit Permission... - Security tab - Edit... - Add... - DC32, exchange servers, rmsservices + Right-click ServiceLocator.asmx - Switch to Features View - Authentication - Right-click "Anonymous Authencation" : Disable + Create and share a folder named Policy with network shared \\DC33\Policy + Server Manager - Tools - Active Directory Rights Management Services - dc33.Yi.vn (Local) - Enable : Users, Applications, Super Users + Rights Policy Tempaltes : + Create distributed rights policy template : + 1. Add Template Identifica... - Add - Name : Prevent Print, Description : Prevent Print - Add + 2. Add User Rights - Users ans rights - Add... [email protected], [email protected] - Rights : Tick all ( eliminate Full Control and Print) + 4. Specify Extended Policy - Select "Enable users to view protected content using a browser add-on" ---- Finish + Change distributed rights policy templates file location - Select "Enable export" - Specify templates file location (UNC) : \\DC33\Policy - DC32 : Create mail group and set AD RMSconfigure + Start - Exchange Management shell, Type : + New-DistributionGroup -Name "RMSSuper" -OrganizationalUnit "Yi.vn/users" -SAMAccountName "RMSSuper" -Type "Distribution" # Create a mail group named RMSSuper + Add-DistributionGroupMember RMSsuper -Member FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 # Add account Federat... to RMSSuper - DC33 : Active Directory Rights Management Services - dc33.Yi.vn (Local) - Security Policies - Super Users - Change super user group - Super user group : [email protected] - DC32 : Restart and set IRM + Start - Exchange Management shell, Type : + Get-IRMConfiguration # Show IRMConfiguration + Set-IRMConfiguration -InternalLicensingEnabled $true # Set InternalLicensingEnabled to True + Test-IRMConfiguration -Sender [email protected] # Test send email - WIN101, WIN102 : Set Internet Explorer + Start - Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet options - Security tab - Trusted sites - Sites - Add this website to the zone : https://dc33.Yi.vn - Add + Security level for this zone : All - down to Low - WIN101 : Sign in Email using HiepIT account, test send normanl and using AD RMS to VietIT - WIN102 : Sign in Email using VietIT account, check email recived using AD RMS can not Print === OK ------------------------------------------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************---------------------------------------------------------
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Configuring IIS Application Request Routing
Watch the full HD course: http://pluralsight.com/training/courses/TableOfContents?courseName=web-farms Scaling your website to new heights sometimes requires making multiple web servers work together to share load. In this video excerpt from Steve Evans' Web Farms for Developers course, you'll see how to setup and configure IIS Application Request Routing to act as a load balancer across multiple web servers including how to establish routing rules for when a server goes down. In the full course, Steve covers other web farm topics such as NLB, web server deployment, and managing session state. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Push your limits. Expand your potential. Smarter than yesterday- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2s77i9zTek -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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IIS Installation and Configuration ASP.NET Part-1
My blog: http://dotnet-revanth.blogspot.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/dotnetrevanth Twitter: https://twitter.com/dotnetrevanth In this session we will learn 1. What is a Web Server 2. How to check if IIS is installed or not? 3. Installing IIS 4. Configuring IIS server to run asp.net web applications 5. Features and Security of IIS
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Secured SQL Server SP2 Exp with IIS Win  2008 R2 Deploy on Azure , AWS and Google Cloud Platform.
Deploy on Aws (https://tinyurl.com/sql-server-sp2-on-aws) SQL Server SP2 Express edition with IIS delivers basic data management and business intelligence database for departments and small organizations to run their applications and supports common development tools for on-premise and cloud — enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources. Core data management and business intelligence capabilities with minimal IT resources. Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with Windows NT family.IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP. It has been an integral part of the Windows NT family since Windows NT 4.0, though it may be absent from some editions (e.g. Windows XP Home edition) and is not active by default. Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) on Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and is built to provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform to test websites and visual means of creating, configuring, and publishing sites on the web. https://secureanycloud.com/sql-server-sp2-express-with-iis-on-cloud-technical-support-cloud-help-azure-aws-opensource-cognosys/
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SETUP INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES IIS MANAGER LINK DOWNLOAD WEBFILE...https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CWde7i7v8NI3Cu-0oyoO1orGlTAcOw7D NEXT VIDEO...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bC9j3nUIQ0
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How to Request and Install SSL Certificate in IIS 8.5 using Local CA
In this tutorial you will learn: How to Generate or Create (CSR) Certificate Signing Request in IIS 8.5 on windows server 2012 R2. This video contains: 1) How to create / request domain certificate in IIS 8.5 2) How to Generate or Create (CSR) Certificate Signing Request in IIS 8.5 3) How to Install / Assign certificate to IIS 8.5 4) How to test SSL certificate on IIS 8.5
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09 IIS (Internet Information Server) Tutorial - Application Pools Basic
The Video Tutorial explains IIS (Internet Information Server) installation and configuration step-by-step.
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How to turn off/on  Windows IIS in Windows 7(Explained practically )
This tutorial helps in locating windows internet information services inside windows 7 PC .Basically i needed to turn it off permanently because WAMP/XAMP installtion packages demand that no other application uses port 80 and IIS does use it .But after surfing the net ,i saw that people suggest that inside control panel if we go to administrative tools ,then services ,we can find windows deployment service and we need to switch that off, That didn't work in my case .It turned out to be rather easy ,i simply went to control panel - programes and features and on the left hand side the otion which says that turns windows features on or off ,i clicked on that .Subsequently i easily found IIS in the list of programmes which listed out , Hope this helps many .A small thank you definitely does help :)
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Benefits of IIS Program
The Los Angeles District assists many non-DoD federal, state and local government agencies through the authority of the "Economy in Government Act." The agencies are more commonly recognized as our Interagency and International Services (IIS) customers. The Corps helps augment the technical resources of our customers by providing our engineering and construction expertise. The Los Angeles District provides a full range of support services to deliver engineering and construction assistance to meet the needs and missions of our IIS customers. Some of the services we provide include support management with programming, engineering, construction, real estate acquisition, contracting and construction management functions. To execute these services, the Los Angeles District promotes partnerships with the private sector whenever possible. These private sector partners include architects, engineers, construction and management professionals. Achieving our minority/women-owned business goals is a top priority for the district. IIS Business Card: http://www.spl.usace.army.mil/cms/files/iis/index.html