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Citizens Investment Services Ad:  What Kind of Investor Are You?
When it comes to making investment decisions, we know it can be hard to keep your emotions from getting in the way. One second you may be feeling invincible and the next you may be overwhelmed or worried about your financial future. We’ve been there, because after all, we’re only human. That’s why we created SpeciFi®, a digital investing platform that can create a personalized investment portfolio based on your needs and risk tolerance. SpeciFi will monitor your investments every day and regularly rebalance your portfolio for you so you can skip the emotional rollercoaster ride of investing and focus on everything else in your life. Visit https://www.citizensbank.com/SpeciFi to learn more. The investment products and financial strategies suggested herein are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. There can be no guarantee the suggested strategies will lead to successful outcomes. Investment decisions should be based on each individual’s goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Securities, Insurance and Investment Advisory Services offered through Citizens Securities, Inc. (“CSI”), also referred to as Citizens Investment Services. CSI is an SEC registered investment adviser and Member - FINRA and SIPC. 770 Legacy Place, MLP240, Dedham, MA 02026. (800) 942-8300. CSI is an affiliate of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. SpeciFi® is made available through CSI. Portfolio management services are sub-advised by SigFig Wealth Management, LLC (“SigFig”), an SEC registered investment adviser. SigFig is not an affiliate of CSI, Citizens Bank, N.A., or Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Securities are: NOT FDIC INSURED - NOT BANK GUARANTEED - MAY LOSE VALUE - NOT A DEPOSIT - NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY To see more videos from Citizens Bank, subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/citizensbank Facebook: http://facebook.com/citizensbank Twitter: http://twitter.com/citizensbank LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/citi... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/citizensbank/
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Absa Investment Management – Champagne Making
In champagne making, to strive for the exceptional is a commitment to ensuring that every grape makes the grade. It’s a commitment to never turning a blind eye to imperfections, and always focussing on the end goal. The same is true at Absa Investment Management, and it’s something we pride ourselves on putting into play. The truth is, there’s no easy road to the exceptional. But, knowing from the start that this is what you’re after is always a great way to begin.
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PSG Asset Management Television Advertisement 2013
PSG Asset Management is an established investment management company with a proven track record. We offer investors a simple, but comprehensive range of local and global investment products. Our products include local and international unit trust funds, managed multi-manager solutions, retirement products and structured products and to cater for their unique needs. To go to the dedicated PSG Asset Management website http://www.psgam.co.za
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Quick Payent Received App ||Investment Management Ads App || Paytm Cash Tamil
Quick Payent Received App ||Investment Management Ads App || Paytm Cash Tamil https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.referencehunt.sip.investment.management Referral Code:564489 Thank You For Watching
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Raymond James Investment Services | Raymond James Life Well Planned - Commercial TVC
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16. Portfolio Management
MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13 Instructor: Jake Xia This lecture focuses on portfolio management, including portfolio construction, portfolio theory, risk parity portfolios, and their limitations. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Spot Investment Scams: Investment Ads
Does an investment ad you read in the paper or hear about on the radio sound too good to be true? It just might be. https://www.investright.org/fraud-awareness/about-investment-fraud/spot-investment-scams/
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#1 - Investment Management
Learn why it’s important to have an investment strategy designed to meet your specific needs, taking into account your investment goals, comfort level, expectations, tax implications, risk analysis, income needs, family dynamics, and time horizon.
MoneyMonk Financial Wealth Management - Mutual Funds Sahi Hai !
How to Start Advertising Agency,AD Marketing,Small Investment New Business ideas For Indian 2018,SMM
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The Next Ad - Social Advertising Investment Platform
You want to get the best results out of your advertising campaigns, right? That's why we, at The Next Ad, built an intelligent social advertising platform. Watch our 1 minute story!
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Hyundai Asset Management
Commercial for Hyundai Stock; I am the actor in the beginning.
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Citizens Investment Services Ad: SpeciFi® digital advisor
At Citizens Investment Services, we understand it can be hard to plan for your future, invest with confidence and keep up with market trends. That’s why we created SpeciFi®, our digital investing platform built around you. SpeciFi will create a personalized portfolio tailored to your needs and risk tolerance. SpeciFi will also regularly monitor, manage and rebalance your portfolio for you, so you can focus on everything else in your life. Visit http://www.citizensbank.com/SpeciFi to learn more. The investment products and financial strategies suggested herein are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. There can be no guarantee the suggested strategies will lead to successful outcomes. Investment decisions should be based on each individual’s goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Securities, Insurance and Investment Advisory Services offered through Citizens Securities, Inc. (“CSI”), also referred to as Citizens Investment Services. CSI is an SEC registered investment adviser and Member - FINRA and SIPC. 770 Legacy Place, MLP240, Dedham, MA 02026. (800) 942-8300. CSI is an affiliate of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. SpeciFi® is made available through CSI. Portfolio management services are sub-advised by SigFig Wealth Management, LLC (“SigFig”), an SEC registered investment adviser. SigFig is not an affiliate of CSI, Citizens Bank, N.A., or Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Securities are: NOT FDIC INSURED - NOT BANK GUARANTEED - MAY LOSE VALUE - NOT A DEPOSIT - NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY To see more videos from Citizens Bank, subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/citizensbank Facebook: http://facebook.com/citizensbank Twitter: http://twitter.com/citizensbank LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/citizens-bank Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/citizensbank/
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Zacks Investment Management
Now There Is A Better Way - Zacks Investment Management
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Why Advertising Is An Investment | TeamWHHP Advice & Marketing
In this video I will discuss: Planning For The Future Of Your Company: It’s easy to get caught up in how much you spend on advertising. You can’t rely on a one-time announcement or one happy customer to keep a steady stream of customers. When you decide to invest in advertising, do it with peace of mind and with security in place for you to make sure that your investment will yield good results. Defining Your Advertising Investments I will talk about tools that will provide your business continued value and impact sales well after the initial investment. Advertising Is A Long Term Relationship When you send out one marketing piece, one time, you say to prospects, “You don’t know me, I don’t know you, but give me your business.” No wonder it fails.
Investments Don't Hug Advertisement
A book of true love stories sharing how to love your family today, while protecting them into the future.
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Advertising Asset Management Company
Amusing Ninja operation
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Pacific Global Investment Company Ad 5
Pacific Global Investment Company Ad
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Le sfide della digital transformation nel settore del wealth & investment management
Intervista ad Alberto Cuccu, chief client solution officer di Objectway
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Arif Habib investments Pension Fund Ad.wmv
TERM SHEET (PPF) Name of the Fund: Pakistan Pension Fund (PPF) Nature of the Fund: Voluntary Pension Scheme Inception Date: 29 June, 2007 Asset Manager: Arif Habib Investments (formerly: Arif Habib Investment Management Ltd) Investment Objective: To provide a flexible retirement savings plan for individuals with customized investment choices. Investment Policy: "PPF is a flexible savings cum investment plan under the voluntary pension system which facilitates all individuals who are Pakistani nationals, to save their retirement in a systematic way, and allow special tax rebate on the contributions under this system. The investor has a choice between various allocation schemes, that PPF offers each of which is invested in different proportion in the three sub funds i.e Equity; Debt and Money market. Equity Sub-Fund invests upto 90% of its assets in equity securities. Sector/Stock selection is done on the basis of fundamental outlook and DCF valuations. Debt Sub-Fund invests in Govt. bonds of duration less than 5 years. Money Market Sub-Fund invests in short dated money market instruments including T-Bills." Dividends Distribution Policy: The Fund shall distribute 90% of the amount available for distribution or any other payout ratio as bonus Units or cash dividends in order to avail tax exemption or any other benefits in the interest of the Unit Holders for the whole accounting year. The management may distribute interim quarterly dividends. Tax Advantage: As per Current tax law, Capital Gains Tax is exempted (except Commercial Banks) for tax year ending as of 30th June, 2010. Individuals & Companies can opt for Type 'A' units for monthly bonus dividends. Commercial Banks/Companies desiring monthly Cash Dividends can purchase Type 'CD' units. Asset Manager rating: AM2' (by PACRA) Trustee: Muslim Commercial Financial Service Listing Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Governing Body: Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan Face Value per unit: PKR 100/- Minimum Initial Investment: Rs. 1,000/- ATM Card Facility: Available Pricing Mechanism: Forward pricing Transaction Timings: Monday-Friday: 0900 - 1700 hrs (Ramadan 0900-1400 hrs) , Saturday 0900 - 1215 hrs (Ramadan: 0900-1215 hrs). Quick Redemptions: Retail investors can instantly redeem funds through ATM card from Bank AlHabib as well as 1-Link ATM machines. Normal redemptions are paid back within 6 working days Legal Advisor: Bawaney & Partners Auditors: A.F. Ferguson (a member firm of PWC) Registrar: Gangjees Registrar Services (Pvt) Limited Duration: Perpetual Management Fee: 1.50 % p.a. on net assets Front End Load: 3.00% Back End Load: Nil Disclaimer: All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the respective offeirng document for risk disclosure
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Social Media Digital Asset Management System @MikeMarko1
Social Media Digital Asset Management System - https://www.mikemarko.com/free-seo-consultation-cincinnati/ Description by Mike Marko 0:00 In this video I want to talk to you about your digital assets. Now what do I mean by that? That could be your website, social media platforms, if you're using Amazon or any kinda e-commerce sites, those are all digital assets, electronic assets that help you build your business. Now one of the things that you need to consider right away is when you look at establishing your online presence is: social media is great. It's awesome. But, you don't actually own it, okay? Sure it's free but any point a social media could either shut down or they could shut you down, okay? Because for instance, Facebook has been known to shut down pages if you violate terms and conditions. Same thing with say a digital website, like if you have free websites, if you violate the terms and conditions, and you gotta make sure you understand them really well, they could shut down your site. 1:00 So what you need to do is actually have a website that you actually own and pay for like a WordPress website. And that becomes your main hub because that's what you own. Your main digital asset is your website. So you have your website, it's at the very, very center of everything. Then on top of that, you need to figure out what is a social media platform that you think is the best one for your target audience. Knowing your target audience, where do they spend the majority of their time and also which has the most features that are beneficial for your communication and your promotion? Give you an example for mine is Facebook. Because the demographic for Facebook is about right. It's slightly older versus Instagram is a younger crowd and it also has a great marketing platform, my favorite ones right now, plus it has a great messaging system. 2:00 So I put Facebook here but you might have something different depending on exactly what you're promoting, who your target audience is. And what happens between these is I actually have...they're communicating together. So I have my website referencing Facebook and Facebook referencing my website. Okay? It becomes my little...my curdle, my hub of everything. And then I have my other social media platforms and websites. For instance I have Instagram, Twitter, okay, and I'm gonna put this all in a big circle. Instagram then I have YouTube. I have LinkedIn. Let's see here, then I have... Let's see what else here, well these are some examples. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Then I have other websites. Some of these may be paid sites, maybe free sites. Some might be article site and so on. All these different sources that are out here, okay? Every single one of these out here actually reference inside. 3:00 So I have social media, because people on social media tend to like to stay on social media. So I have Instagram going to Facebook. I also have it going to my website. And that could be...The URL I like to usually have go to my website that's in the description for Instagram. But any kinda reference I also send out direct messaging, I send them to Facebook. Same thing with Twitter. Same thing with YouTube. Okay, same thing with LinkedIn. And these websites, same thing. Right? All these double arrows going into the center. So it creates like a hub, okay? It's like a giant web that you're setting up here. A net, so to speak that's bringing everybody to the center and then the whole idea is you keep them within this kernel. This has the advantage of knowing how you're gonna direct your traffic, okay, but also what it does too it actually helps you with search engine optimization because now you're directing your traffic and these act as backlinks to your main site. So it actually really helps boost your main site. 4:00 Now what happens if you have maybe a secondary offering? So maybe you have your primary business, maybe a consulting website and then you have a product. Well that product might have it's own website, okay? So let's say...so over here say we have a product over here. Okay? And maybe that product is cool enough that you actually wanna build up its own Facebook page. And then what you can do, fill up another circle here. For more, please watch the video Contact me if you have questions: Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMConsultServ Skype: r.mike.marko Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IMConsultantServices/ Phone: (513) 580-4598 https://www.MikeMarko.com https://www.IMConsultantServices.com https://www.mikemarko.com/free-seo-consultation-cincinnati/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uwMYIOJTXI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwlHGN4Q-H8wDChMzLZwPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPOKfXyQg24 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAwpB5jRwmE4qUcXBUXZlg Video: Mike Marko - Social Media Digital Asset Management System
Genesis Vision - Asset Management Fueled By Trust
Genesis Vision platform goes live in October! The next step in Fin Markets evolution is on the way ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. We unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. This will allow successful traders to rapidly scale their trading strategies by attracting investments from around the world. The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and absolutely transparent system for investment and profit distribution. The Genesis Vision platform is the solution for the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, lack of trust. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join Genesis Vision as manager - https://alpha-manager.genesis.vision Join Genesis Vision as investor - https://alpha.genesis.vision/ Join Genesis Markets - https://genesismarkets.io/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◙ Website - https://genesis.vision ◙ Blog - https://medium.com/genesisvision/ ◙ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GenesisVisionProject ◙ Twitter - https://twitter.com/genesis_vision ◙ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/genesis-vision ◙ Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/genesisvision/ ◙ Telegram - https://t.me/genesisvision ◙ GitHub - https://github.com/GenesisVision ◙ WeChat - https://genesis.vision/img/wechat-code.jpg ◙ Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2143279.0
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Tiger Asset Management Commercial
Tiger Asset Management's first Commercial - 2008
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Asset management tv ad
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Amul's notice to Google, Gillette Ad backlash, M&M' investment, startup funding
This video covers latest news related to finance and business world.
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Sterling Asset Management Promotional Video 2010
Sterling Asset Management - Video Ad...
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Professionals Investment Group - ad
Ad created by: Nadine Mikhail ([email protected])
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Come Facciamo Business | EOS Investment Management | Private Equity | Poplast
Website: http://www.eosinvestment.co.uk Creazione di valore economico, un efficace sistema di governance e una attenta gestione dei rischi d’impresa caratterizzano il nostro modello di business basato su trasparenza e integrità. Tali elementi, insieme all’attenzione all’ambiente e alla qualità del servizio fornito ai nostri clienti, caratterizzano il nostro progresso volto ad affermare EOS IM come attore responsabile nei territori in cui opera.
It's Possible with UBL Fund Managers
For more information sms INVEST to 8258 or visit http://www.ublfunds.com.pk/
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Calculating AdWords ROI (Return on Investment VS Return On Ad Spend)
Watch The #1 fastest selling Google AdWords course on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-google-adwords-training-course/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDESC35 Our website: www.adventureppc.com Understanding your return on investment (ROI) in Google AdWords is one of the most important things you need to know how to do when it comes to AdWords and PPC management. You won't be able to understand your pay per click campaigns if you can't determine how profitable your AdWords campaigns are. This video will show you how to calculate ROI in AdWords and what the difference between ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend) is. Thanks for watching and we hope you find more AdVenture Media Group videos useful!
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Investment20/20: Access to the exciting world of investment management
Founder Andrew Formica and MD Karis Stander explain the nuts and bolts of the Investment20/20 scheme and the investment industry; they share their passion about why it’s such a unique opportunity for young people allowing them to start an exciting and highly valuable career. Trainees sum up their experience of the scheme in one word. Check out our vacancies: https://investment2020.org.uk/vacancies Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Investment_2020 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Investment2020 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/investment2020
How fund houses time their advertising to make their returns look good
AES International - Making the world healthy, wealthy and wise. https://goo.gl/jkUZXd -- Connect with us -- Twitter: https://goo.gl/W8hF3o LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/2xnJLx Facebook: https://goo.gl/dwWb3P Google+: https://goo.gl/kHiAV6 -- Transcript -- How fund houses time their advertising to make their returns look good RP: Hello again. The fund management industry spends a fortune on advertising. And it’s certainly effective. One of the reasons it works so well, researchers have found, is that fund management companies time their ad campaigns very carefully. The research team wanted to find out why fund advertising fell away after the dotcom crash at the turn of the century, then picked up sharply five years later, before falling away again after the crash of 2008. The answer is that fund houses, depending on where they’re based, are required to quote their returns over certain periods of time, typically one, three or five years. The researchers found that ad campaigns tend to begin at precisely the point when the bad quarters stop showing up in the numbers. Raghavendra Rau: Fund X says “We’re the best fund in the last 5 years!”, and we say, “Woah. This is a four-star fund or a three-star fund.” and “Let’s give the fund money!” and that’s exactly what we find. We find a huge in-flow fund given to managers who have had increases, mechanical increases, in returns by bad quarters dropping off. RP: This phenomenon of old data disappearing from view is called the "Horizon Effect". The danger is that it gives consumers a misleading impression. RR: Retail investors are people like you and me. We don’t have time to go back and look at the fund performance last month or the month before. And see, "Is this the same fund? How did it do? Was the returns they project, is it driven by the fact that a new return is added on or a bad return has dropped off?” None of us have time to do that. You see the same effect in one year, three years, five years. So, returns drop off after one year, we see a flow of funds, bad return drops off after three years, we see a flow of funds, five years, we see a flow of funds. When you look at the mutual fund ad, you’ll say these are one year return, these are three years return, these are five-year returns… That’s exactly when we see the Horizon Effect. RP: There is another discomfiting aspect to this research. Professor Rau and his colleagues also found that fund management companies tend to make use of the Horizon Effect when planning price increases. RR: They don’t actually raise their fees, what they do is, they stop waving their fees. Because to actually raise your fees you need consent from the fund shareholders. So, when the performance is really bad, you say "Okay this quarter I’m going to wave my fees.” And when the performance improves, because bad quarters have dropped off, you say “Do you know what? I’m no longer going to wave my fees.” So, effectively, it’s an increasing fees. RP: The lesson is to be very cautious about fund advertising. And remember, even if a fund has an impressive record over five years, that certainly doesn’t mean it’ll outperform for the next five. Until next time, goodbye. This video is intended to provide general information only, and it should not be construed as an offer of specifically tailored individualised advice.
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Pietro Martorella a.d. Axa Investment Managers Italia sim
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FRM Level 2 |  Portfolio Construction (Risk Management and Investment Management) | Part 2 | 2017
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Dreyfus Fund TV Commercial 1957, Dreyfus Lion Walking in New York City
Classic TV Commercials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_hX5wLdhf_I3wE8to5xHS4P6v_2baOU3 more at http://shops.quickfound.net The Dreyfus lion goes for a walk around Wall Street. Reupload of a previously uploaded film with improved video & sound. Public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreyfus_Corporation Dreyfus, established in 1951 and headquartered in New York City, is an American investment manager of investment products and strategies. The company merged with Mellon Financial in 1994, and then became a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon when Mellon Financial and The Bank of New York merged in 2007. As a BNY Mellon company, Dreyfus provides access to its global network of asset managers, delivering investment insight and products — equity, fixed income, global/international and money market mutual funds, separately managed accounts, retirement and cash management strategies, asset allocation solutions and brokerage services. Dreyfus products are delivered through a variety of distribution channels: intermediary (advisor-sold), institutional, and retail direct... History The firm's origin dates back to 1947, when investor Jack Dreyfus founded a brokerage house in New York City named Dreyfus & Co. In 1951, attracted by the concept of mutual funds, Dreyfus & Co. purchased a small management company named John G. Nesbett & Co., Inc. with a small common stock fund called The Nesbett Fund Incorporated. Nesbett & Co. was renamed The Dreyfus Corporation, and The Nesbett Fund became The Dreyfus Fund Incorporated. Going public in 1965, Dreyfus was among the first money management firms to tap into the stock market for additional capital. In 1976, Dreyfus was among the first fund companies to introduce an incorporated tax-exempt municipal bond fund. In 1994, Dreyfus completed its landmark merger with Mellon Bank Corporation, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mellon Financial Corporation. The merger, a milestone in the history of financial services in the United States, was at the time the largest-ever combination of a bank and mutual fund company.[4] On July 1, 2007, The Bank of New York Company, Inc. and Mellon Financial Corporation merged to form a new company The Bank of New York Mellon, one of the world's largest global asset management and serving company. The reach of Dreyfus' distribution capabilities now extends to the resources of BNY Mellon and its exclusive network of institutional asset managers. Pioneer of Mutual Fund Advertising In the 1950s, the Dreyfus lion became the symbol of The Dreyfus Fund Incorporated, The Dreyfus Corporation and the Dreyfus family of funds. In 1957, Dreyfus became the first mutual fund company to launch a retail advertising campaign. Breaking from traditional "tombstone" mutual fund advertising, the lion made his debut on television emerging from a subway station and walking down Wall Street...
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CYS Investments Cartoon Ad 2
Funny cartoon CYS Investment ad with Lil Wayne - Amili Hip Hop song as the track. http://www.cysinvest.com/blog.html
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MOOC – Investment Management in an evolving & volatile world
By AXA IM & HEC Paris. Register on Coursera at bit.ly/1QOm9Z4
How TAM work Buy ad pack, Add fund, cashout and other
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PCCS Radio Ad (Investment)
This is one of 6 Radio Ads we used to advertise the school to help get the word out
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Business Insight: Alex Da Kid Discusses Investment Partnership With WPP
Alex Da Kid alongside WPP, the world’s leader in advertising and marketing services, joined forces to establish KidinaKORNERCreate, in a joint venture to bring music to the forefront of marketing. This is an intriguing interview for those of you that are keen to understand more of how the business and corporate worlds work. Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO of WPP, said: “Alex is not only a hugely successful producer, but a genuine innovator. The ability to offer clients fresh approaches in the world of branding and content is becoming increasingly important, so we couldn’t be more pleased to announce this exciting new partnership.” Alex Da Kid Stats: Grammy winner and Emmy Winner Over 106.5 million units sold Only producer/writer in history with two diamond singles Has written/produced Eminem, Dr Dre, Imagine Dragons, and Rihanna’s biggest selling songs of their careers love the way you lie – EMINEM & RIHANNA – Diamond radioactive – IMAGINE DRAGONS – Diamond airplanes – B.0.B. – 6X Platinum demons – IMAGINE DRAGONS – 6X Platinum i need a doctor – DR. DRE – 5X Platinum coming home – DIDDY & SKYLAR GREY – 5X Platinum on top of the world – IMAGINE DRAGONS – 3X Platinum renegades – X AMBASSADORS – 3X Platinum it’s time – IMAGINE DRAGONS – 3X Platinum it’s time – IMAGINE DRAGONS – 3X Platinum Alex Da Kid works with some of the most prolific and sought after artists including Nicki Minaj, Dr. Dre, Diddy, T.I, U2, Imagine Dragons, Christina Aguilera, Lupe Fiasco, and more. He has also worked on hit film and TV projects including Pitch Perfect 2, Horrible Bosses 2, The Hunger Games, Transformers, Iron Man 3, “The Walking Dead,” “Glee,” and “Game of Thrones.” About WPP WPP is the world’s largest communications services group with billings of US$76 billion and revenues of US$19 billion. Through its operating companies, the Group provides a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services including advertising & media investment management; data investment management; public relations & public affairs; branding & identity; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion & relationship marketing; and specialist communications. The company employs over 188,000 people (including associates and investments) in over 3,000 offices across 111 countries.
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