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Guns Girl School Dayz - 15/09/2016 Code Exchange
Hello all. How was your day.? Mid Autumn Festival, The Moon Festival has granted you some gifts please enjoy the exchange code AD233333
Views: 5569 Tenki Fowado Channel
[Guns Girl - School DayZ] Gacha for Seele + Her First Battle
Today is Thursday. May 17, 2018 I check the announcement of GGZ and read the Gold Gacha news. Seele Vollerei is RATE UP TODAY! :D (MAY 17, 2018) I was so LUCKY got her in 1 time of 10x pull of Gold Gacha! (2800 Crystals) Worth it! Let's see her first battle versus Himeko (Nightmare difficulty) If you have some Crystals and haven't unlock Seele, then try to pull Gold Gacha to get her TODAY! :) (MAY 17, 2018) Seele's Rate Up: 17 May 2018 . . . . . . . . If you're Indonesian and interested in MINECRAFT, then you can check out my MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnffuDAiv76cNrchAEzTLaQ
Views: 363 Reonarudi Desu
I make experiment to get rare item and really works i try 2x and i get item and character i play experiment at 10:00 pm indonesian time
Views: 2432 Nekuroga
Gun Girl School Dayz - 2/5/2016 Code Exchange
Code ของ Gun Girl School Dayz Code(1) : 8522R3 Code(2) : 6U2VBH เป็นCodeปืนพก 6 ดาวกับเงินนะ อย่าลืมกดซับด้วยละ Line : tenki41241
Views: 10057 Tenki Fowado Channel
Guns Girl School Dayz: Como tener a otro personaje ¿Se puede?
Bueno como lo mencioné el vídeo es principalmente para quienes tuvieran la duda de como conseguir a las demás chicas, aun hay muchos que no lo saben, es por eso que hice el video, espero les guste :)
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Portal Unlock Stage Preview
After you unlock the stage, you have 1 hour to play that stage you have unlocked. :)
Views: 1173 Inari Kotone
Guns GirlZ School DayZ - Using Your Invitation Code w/in Your Own Device
If you guys are having a hard time finding people to use your invitation code in Guns GirlZ School DayZ, then this guide will help you get the 300 crystals w/o any help from others. Just follow 5 simple steps and your good to go! This method is for the latest version of the App.
Views: 3248 Allen Walker
Guns Girl - School DayZ - invitation code FNN7TF
Views: 1598 Yessy Karo
Guns Girl School DayZ Anime Trailer(New)
Song:http://adf.ly/1IACRi Guns Girl School DayZ Anime http://adf.ly/1IABep Guns Girl School DayZ ALL Boss Theme http://adf.ly/1IACmT
Views: 14491 Random Bunny Gurll
[Guns girl school dayz] Bloodline gacha version 3.8
Video by 吾王の夙昔
Views: 6722 Lê Thanh Trực
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Sacrificial Explosive Badge Preview with SSS Raiden Mei
New item in GGZ 2.5 ver. : Sacrificial Explosive :)
Views: 1000 Inari Kotone
Guns Girl Z - Reaching Max Level 380
BGM: 崩坏世界の歌姬/Houkai Sekai no Uta Hime/Diva of Disruptive World - Raiden Mei's Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw56f96FEuI ================================ Yay, finally max level now... time to quit.
Views: 480 Lyse
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Lost Sister - Altar
┻┳|・ω・)Just a noob player who can't achieve top 50 in LS
Views: 1000 Lucifer
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Sevenfold Trial Play test
You can get it from Trial of Seven Event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-fPRYwPqyY
Views: 1993 Inari Kotone
Guns Girl SchoolDayZ - Sevenfold Trial Event With Free Build
BGM : バウワウマーチ - 鹿乃
Views: 218 アイシ恋
Guns girl school dayz : Kiana Legend Animation
Guns girl school dayz : Kiana Legend Animation
Views: 667 MomotaroTH Ch
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Chronicles - Twins Trail
(ಡωಡ)“Cheat detected”
Views: 955 Lucifer
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Lost Sister (Alter) Stage preview
sorry for audio quality, because i record from non-rooted android phone (it can't record internal sound)
Views: 605 Inari Kotone
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Ch.18-18 With Dawn Star and Red Dolly
play without macro keyboard ;w;
Views: 2081 Inari Kotone
Guns Girl - School Dayz - I got Kicked out of the Guild (Again)
I get kicked out with reason is Offline in Long Time Read more in Description First Part (5 Days ago kicked) Reason Offline Long Ago Guild : Pantless ID Guild : (Ask Me for you know this Guild GGz Asia Player only) First Account in Guild Pantless Lv 288 Nickname (CuteLoli) Second Part (2 days ago Kicked) Reason No Point Guild Contribution + Offline Long ago Guild : Exciter ID Guild : 2247 No Account in Guild Exciter Third Part (Now Kicked) Without Reason Guild : Dusun ID Guild : 4283 Leader is Mine last account So my Equipment is (Very Better) DON'T CALL ME JUNK EQUIPMENT!! used Part of Theresa Mad Video
Views: 130 Noob Player
Guns Girl - School Dayz: Truco "Fuego Rápido"
Este es un pequeño truco para lanzar realmente rápido cualquier granada y atacar automáticamente con las armas. Créditos totalmente para LoLINT y JN_ P ellos son los que explicaron mucho antes esto, yo solo lo explico de otra forma. LoLINT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92PxexogeXY JN_ P: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeRYFO5ISHY&feature=youtu.be Musica de: 7GamerMinutes Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2EOuzWSDE8
[Guns girl school dayz]  Clear map 1-5(Petrach) event Chronicles version 4.1
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su0FCBRwVpE
Views: 864 Lê Thanh Trực
[Guns girl school dayz] Character Selee version 3.8 ( part 2 )
Video by superfire2011 Music : sky delta - 桜色プリズム (Endorfin. - Horizon Note)
Views: 1473 Lê Thanh Trực
Gun Girl - School DayZ (GGZ) Lost sister season 2 final stage 100 theresa health
Views: 298 Kevin Reyes
Guns Girl - School DayZ : Hello 2017(Full combo kill with Syrvin)
BGM: The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Views: 417 Lucifer
Guns Girl Z   Oppai vs Loki Treasure Critical damage review
Asia Version 3.8 - A Quick guide for both badges compare and require critical rate to work on it. (Combine with mei kendo uniform effect ) .
Views: 1749 WING LEE

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