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Writing Feature Articles
An intro-animation on how to write Feature Articles. Part of the Writing Matters series - www.writingmatters.org
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Writing tutorial: Examining different types of articles | lynda.com
Explore several types of articles in this tutorial, including feature, news, and how-to articles. Watch more http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Writing-Articles/119002-2.html?utm_campaign=xSMtidMd8jE&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube. This tutorial is a single movie from the Writing Articles course presented by lynda.com author Tom Geller. The complete course duration is 53 minutes and explores the process of writing articles for publications and businesses large and small. Introduction 1. Getting Started 2. Understanding the Article Format 3. Taking the Assignment 4. Putting the Article Together 5. Editing, Publishing, and Following Up Conclusion
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How to write an Article (Cambridge First, Advanced; Blogs)
Article writing is a very different style of writing and requires a different approach from the essay. In this lesson, we look at how to write for the Cambridge tests, as well as how to write for the web, including blogs and newsletters. Find out how to use a more playful language to capture a reader’s attention.
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SEO Article Writing: Using Keywords Correctly In Your Articles
http://www.submityourarticle.com -- Would you like to implement a SEO article writing strategy that effectively uses keywords to get more attention from search engines? If so, you must be careful: Using keywords in your articles is not as easy as you may think. If you use them incorrectly, keyword use can quickly result in keyword abuse, which is not helpful to your website at all! This article teaches you step-by-step how to use keywords correctly in your article submissions. Click the link for a free report on getting started with article marketing
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http://www.realenglish-online.com/ Here's a video on how to write articles for the #Fce #Cambridge exam along with some valuable tips that will help you improve your marks!
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Writing Lessons : How to Teach Writing Articles
Teach article writing by having students select a topic, looking at magazine examples, get peer feedback on the topic and write several drafts. Teach students to write articles by having them share their information with a class of peers using advice from a writing instructor in this free video writing lesson. Expert: Laura Minnegerode Bio: Laura Minnigerode is a writing instructor and former classroom teacher. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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Com275: Feature Writing "Magazine Articles Part 1"
The feature writing class is largely divided into two main units of newspaper/online news sites and magazines/ online magazine sites. The class featured in this video is part of the magazine unit and specifically a section about the magazine industry and how one can market themselves within it. The unit started with a macro view of the industry and this last class is now how one can tailor their own writing to fit certain genres of magazine writing that can then be pitched to the industry if one were a freelancer.
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ACS Publications Article Features
Discover our feature rich articles that are available in multiple formats. Learn more at: http://pubs.acs.org/page/demo/index.html. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/AmerChemSOc Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ACSPublications/ Twitter! https://pubs.acs.org/page/follow.html?widget=follow-pane-twitter For more information, please visit the ACS Publications website: https://pubs.acs.org/ You might also like: ACS Pubs – Fresh Faces of ACS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxuH-wbibqo&list=PLLG7h7fPoH8JsjoWywWXjoOdwJkBt4hcY ACS Nanotation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83dqS22s9ok&list=PLLG7h7fPoH8JrMxNqHXKLEdV3j_nxoawk Publishing Your Research 101 Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3mrRH2aS98&list=PLLG7h7fPoH8LP5Ke34peuRJcvviSYdXH- JPCL Perspectives Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl-o31lhIu0&list=PLDEE0898E6A1CE852 Music: From Audioblocks Produced by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society. ACS is a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related information and research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Join the American Chemical Society! https://bit.ly/Join_ACS
Writing News Articles
This video reviews the basics of writing a news article.
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5 Guaranteed Methods for Writing Feature Articles - WritersLife.org #writinginstrument
► Grab your free writer's toolkit by going to http://www.writerslife.org/toolkit #writerslife #writerslifeorg #writingtips #writertips #tipsforwriting #writingmotivation #writinganovel #writing #writingshit #writingaddict #writingnetwork #writingsayings #writingclub #writingandbeyond #writingtosurvive #WritingMusic #writingislife #WritingOfIG #writingsofinstagram #writingofinstagram #writingtime ►Where to follow and listen to WritersLife.org: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/writerslifeorg/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writerslife.org/ Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/writerslifeorg Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/writerslifeorg/ Google +: http://www.WritersLife.org/googleplus Website: http://www.WritersLife.org Advertising: http://grantcardonetv.com/brandyourself Products: http://www.WritersLife.org/shop Podcast: http://writerslife.org/podcast Join Our Team: http://writerslife.org/contribute/ Advertise your book and.or writing https://www.facebook.com/WritersLifeAdvertisingPlatform/?ref=br_rs ---- ► Thank you for watching this video—Please Share it. We LOVE to read comments so please leave a comment and..... Subscribe to Our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6iFhT4Y1s9-RHIloGNQwrA/feed -- ► Grab your free writer's toolkit by going to http://www.writerslife.org/finish-your-book ----
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BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for news
Make sure you have something to say, choose your language carefully, and write clearly and simply. Allan Little is a BBC special correspondent and presenter. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thebbcacademy Explore more on journalism on our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/journalism Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCJournalism Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcacademy
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Journalism 101: How to write a lead
Journalism Professor Mark Grabowski explains how to write good leads for your stories. This 30-minute lesson covers summary leads, delayed identification leads and creative leads. For more journalism help or to find a journalism job, visit http://CubReporters.org CubReporters.org narrator: Mark Grabowski
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How To Write An Article
http://YettiChiu.com -- How To Write An Article? Here are the 7 Steps to Write An Effective Article...
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Com275: Feature Writing "Magazine Articles Part 2"
Part 2 This week the topic of the course is Marketing and Writing the Magazine Article. The focus is to learn where our own style of feature writing fits into the various broad genres of the magazine industry, which was covered in the start of the week. The class featured here is now working on how to tailor our writing more specifically to reach our intended audiences through formatting, stylistic devices and voice.
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What to think about before you start to write a journal article
Discover the four A’s with editor Professor David Simon, as he offers advice on what to think about before you start to write an article. About us: Taylor & Francis Group partners with world-class authors, from leading scientists and researchers, to scholars and professionals operating at the top of their fields. Together, we publish in all areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine sectors. We are one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works. For more author insights follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/tandfauthorservices https://twitter.com/tandfauthorserv https://www.linkedin.com/company/taylor-&-francis-group To browse our 2600+ journals visit: http://www.tandfonline.com And learn more about Informa at: https://informa.com/
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Killer Article Writing Techniques
http://www.CompleteOnlineMoneySystem.com/blog Learn how to write killer articles!
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How to write an article   short version
Comment rédiger un article en anglais, version abrégée
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Writing News Articles
This lesson introduces elementary students to news articles and provides guidelines for writing articles.
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5 Guaranteed Methods for Writing Feature Articles - WritersLife.org
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/10253519/5-guaranteed-methods-for-writing-feature 5 Guaranteed Methods for Writing Feature Articles - WritersLife.org Grab your free writer's toolkit by going to http://www.writerslife.org/toolkit
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Technical Help - News and Feature Article
Technical Help - using software to correctly write news and feature articles.
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Feature articles
In this lesson, learners are exposed to the feature article: what its purpose is and how feature articles are put together. Feature articles need to be informative and entertaining to attract readers to the magazine and are very often featured on the front cover. Learners are also shown that feature articles include a number of devices such as a headline, blurb and contact list. You may want to use a feature article taken from a magazine as the text for a comprehension exercise. This would ensure that learners read a complete article and engage with the various components of it.
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5 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post
Writing blog posts aren't hard. Follow these tactics and you can write an amazing blog post, fast. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=neilvkpatel Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog/ Step #1: Take your time writing your first few blog posts - this will help you figure out what your readers like, your writing style, and the overall flow. Once you figure out your style you can templatize your blog posts. For example, mine are introduction, body, and conclusion. You also want to use headings, headings will make your content easier to read and skim. Within your headings, add keywords. Step #2: Add images - using services like Fotolia you can add images to every one of your blog posts. By adding images it makes your content easier to understand as some people are visual learners. Step #3: Set some rules - by following these rules it will make it easier to write blog posts faster. Make sure you use the words "you" and "I" within your blog. Add 7 or so images per post and keep your paragraphs shorter than 5 or 6 lines.
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Article Marketing: 6 Tips For Writing Great Articles
How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online: http://goo.gl/kwl6I -- Learn how to market your blog's articles the right way! -- How To Start a Blog Tips from http://bit.ly/9Woy0c
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Science Journalism: Crash Course Statistics #11
We’ve talked a lot in this series about how often you see data and statistics in the news and on social media - which is ALL THE TIME! But how do you know who and what you can trust? Today, we’re going to talk about how we, as consumers, can spot flawed studies, sensationalized articles, and just plain poor reporting. And this isn’t to say that all science articles you read on facebook or in magazines are wrong, but that it's valuable to read those catchy headlines with some skepticism. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Mark Brouwer, Glenn Elliott, Justin Zingsheim, Jessica Wode, Eric Prestemon, Kathrin Benoit, Tom Trval, Jason Saslow, Nathan Taylor, Divonne Holmes à Court, Brian Thomas Gossett, Khaled El Shalakany, Indika Siriwardena, Robert Kunz, SR Foxley, Sam Ferguson, Yasenia Cruz, Eric Koslow, Caleb Weeks, Tim Curwick, Evren Türkmenoğlu, Alexander Tamas, D.A. Noe, Shawn Arnold, mark austin, Ruth Perez, Malcolm Callis, Ken Penttinen, Advait Shinde, Cody Carpenter, Annamaria Herrera, William McGraw, Bader AlGhamdi, Vaso, Melissa Briski, Joey Quek, Andrei Krishkevich, Rachel Bright, Alex S, Mayumi Maeda, Kathy & Tim Philip, Montather, Jirat, Eric Kitchen, Moritz Schmidt, Ian Dundore, Chris Peters, Sandra Aft, Steve Marshall -- Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Writing  News Articles
This is a brief recap on how to write news stories. From Mr. Beckett's class
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Writing feature articles
We provide students with professionally written essays, reviews, term papers, research papers, theses, dissertations and other academic assignments! http://ow.ly/5XZn303q7Lk
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Earn UpTo $200 By Writing Short & Long Stories/ Articles
Hi Friends, Todays I going to discuss... a website where you can earn up to $200 just writing parenting articles or short stories. For original articles, they generally pay $40-$200. For reprints, they generally pay $25-$40; • Feature stories (800-1,200 words). Must include a local focus, and require, at a minimum, three interviews with local experts and/or parents. • Short feature stories (500-800 words). Must include a local focus, and require, at a minimum, two interviews with local experts and/or parents. • Tips (150-600 words). Written in first-person, help make a parent’s life easier by sharing creative ideas and solutions to everyday challenges, including (but not limited to): organization, scheduling, parenting, relationships, traveling, birthdays, holidays and more. ------------------------------------------------ Solution to all issues related to WordPress: https://goo.gl/b2Z8qZ Also Check Out, Complete WordPress Website Development Tutorial: https://goo.gl/7wlI55 Please Visit, www.anantvijaysoni.com for Latest Blogs and Tutorials. Please Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/anantvijaysoniavstech Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnantVijaySoni.Blogger Twitter: https://twitter.com/anantvijaysoni LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/anantvijaysoni Instagram: https://instagram.com/anantvijaysoni My Blog - http://www.anantvijaysoni.com/ Website: http://www.avs-tech.in/ ------------------------------------------------ Please Like and share this video with your friends & Family. Subscribe our channel for Latest Updates. Best, Anant Vijay Soni Avstech Software, Mumbai, India ------------------------------------------------ Topics Covered in this Video (Try to Ignore this): Alaska Parent | Alaska's No. 1 Family Resource Alaska Parent | Write for Us Parent Education Requirements
JoJo the Journalist's Top Tips for Writing Articles
Need help writing your article this week? JoJo can help! Watch this video for JoJo's top tips for writing articles!
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Articles - Business Writing & Grammar
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PL7x45KHuu46l1lMErNTx6gkTRMt48oRLV Good writing is one of the most neglected but critical ingredients for business success. Bad writing can compromise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and risk your relationship with customers, clients and employees. Great writing, however, has the power to not only make an excellent first impression, but to persuade people to listen to you. This course will walk you through everything you need to know in order to improve your advertisements, Facebook and twitter posts, email newsletters, B2B communications, business proposals and much more. It will also address the most common grammatical errors that professionals make, and how to correct them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses
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Fast Articles writing plagiarism free 2019 February
Useful links :- http://www.yousubtitles.com/ https://spinbot.com/ https://www.textfixer.com/tools/remove-line-breaks.php https://smallseotools.com/ TISHITU ISO: 9001: 2015 RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY CELL OF INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION Copyright © All Rights Reserved www.tishitu.net Reg SSI REG. NO. 081452124498/SSI Accreditation No. M3111204IN Certification No:- 161115605 Scotland Accreditation Forum -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Lifi Communication by Arduino UNO Download Project" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4gC8dbaiZg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Article rewriter tool review
https://www.spinrewriter.com/?ref=103c9 Get the full Article rewriter tool review at the link above. The updated version of spin rewriter 9.0 is now available at the link above. Article Rewriter Tool Review With the advent of internet, article writing has become popular and income-generating. Since it yields profit, article rewriting became common among internet entrepreneurs. The release of Google’s Penguin update in 2012 made article rewriting difficult. Google has made it clear that web articles must have quality and content. This is article rewriter tool review is about Spin Rewriter. In 2011, SmileyTech Solution’s Aaron Sustar released this article rewriter tool. It is a software that spins web based articles. Features of Spin Rewriter • It uses Emulated Natural Language (ENL) that analyzes the whole meaning of the article rather than giving only synonyms of words or phrases. • Its Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to use it with other web based apps. • Its side-by-side comparison of spun and original text lets you view on how unique your new article is. • Its stock photo integration lets you add images in your article. • With its deep spinning feature, your article can have more variations. • It can do sentence and paragraph-level spinning. • It allows HTML formatting. • It supports all popular syntax styles. • It works well on all devices. • It has a series of detailed video tutorials showing systematic navigation procedures. • With its paragraph creation feature, you can have new paragraphs. • Its list shuffle feature puts the elements of your article in order. • It disregards original words making your article new and different. • Its Copyscape integration ensures the originality of your articles. • It checks grammar and spelling to ensure that your article is of high quality and readability. • It counts words and characters in your article. • With its parallel processing, even non-geeks get to spin complex articles faster. • With its mass export feature, you can have different versions of your article to fill all your writing websites. • It lets you save your article for later use. • It allows automatic and manual spinning. • It does bulk article spinning. Spin Rewriter Review Pros • Fast • Free update • User-friendly • Mobile-friendly • Saves time and money • Spun articles are encrypted • Comes with a five day-trial use • Can spin many articles at one time • Allows saving of unfinished articles • Yields correct and readable articles • Offers 30-day money back guarantee • Offers a chance to avail of a lifetime license • Has different spinning level options to choose from • Allows you to post spun articles directly to your website • Compatible with other apps because of its API integration • Does not need added software downloads since it is web based Cons • Does not work offline • Does not support any other language except English • Does not add hyperlink Conclusion Spin Rewriter is the best article rewriter tool since it creates unique and high quality articles in just a few seconds. It is fast, easy to use, and compatible with most applications. It saves time and money as it spins bulk articles at one time. It is at par from its rival for its lower price, ENL, stock photo integration and 30-money back guarantee features.
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How to Write News Articles : News Article Writing Process: Part 1
Part 1 - Learn the process of writing news articles like a reporter in this free journalism training video. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
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Finding the Big Idea of a Feature Article
Walking students through the process of identifying the main idea of a nonfiction piece step by step.
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7 Step Writing System for Articles and Blogs
http://www.terrydean.org - Simple 7 step writing system for articles and blogs. Created specifically for beginning writers to do their first few articles or posts.
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How To Read a Scholarly Journal Article
Recognize the structure of scholarly articles in order to use them most effectively in your research projects. With Tim Lockman, Kishwaukee College librarian.
Learning the Art of writing Articles like a Pro - Marketing
http://top-3-products.info/the-benefits-of-effective-article-marketing/ EXPLAINED SUCCESSFUL METHODS TO MARKET YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS Proofread Even the most talented writers make mistakes. I find typos in just about every article I write but I proofread every one before submitting. Many article directories will deny your article if it contains misspelled words or improperly composed phrases. It is a good idea to write your article in a word processor such as Word and utilize the spell check feature.
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Focused Article Feature
The focused article feature enables you to locate research with laser-beam like precision.
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how to earn money by writing articles online
Funny far 4u the other day that you are not going #India #Pakistan #Asia #how-to #Urdu #Hindi how to write an article in english format how to write an article in english with example how to write an article in english gcse how to write an article in english grammar how to write an article in english cbse how to write an article in english for magazine how to write an article in english igcse how to write an article in english for school how to write an article in english literature how to write an newspaper article in english how to write an article in english how to write an article in english exam how to write an article in an english exam how to write an academic article in english how to write a article in english how to write an article for a magazine in english how to write a good article in english how to write a newspaper article in english how to write a news article in english how to write a feature article in english how to write a article english language how to write a article english gcse how to write an article in english language how to write an article in english examples how to write an article in english bac how to write an article in english class 9 how to write an article in english cae how to write an article english class how to write an article leaving cert english how can i write an article in english how to write a newspaper article english class how do you write an article in english how do i write an article in english how to write a feature article for english example how to write a magazine article gcse english how to write a feature article for english hsc how to write a newspaper article igcse english how to write a magazine article igcse english how to write an informal article in english how to write an article english language gcse how to write a newspaper article english language how to write a magazine article english language Funnyfar 4u
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5 Types of Writs | Constitutional Remedies | Article 32 and Article 226
In today's Video lets discuss 5 types of Writs: Habeas Corpus Mandamus Certiorari Prohibition Quo Warranto Fundamental Rights are properly protected the constitutional machinery, their Guarantee is safeguarded by Supreme Court and High Court. Generally there are 4 main protections provided for Fundamental Rights - Article 13, Article 359, Article 32 and 226. The Supreme Court and High Courts have wide power to issue Writs for the Protection of Fundamental Rights. The Video Discusses:- 1. Powers under Article 32 and Article 226 - and their differences 2. 5 Types of Writs 3. Important Case Laws Understanding the concept of Writs is very important for every Law Student. Its an important topic for any Competitive law Exam such as NET 2018, CLAT 2019, Judiciary and Indian Polity for UPSC Preparation. I hope this Video helps you in Understanding Law and Preparation for various exams - Kindly Subscribe to my Channel, So that you Stay Updated with all the Legal Topics, Current Affairs and Recent Cases See you in the Next Class! Thank You and Bye-Bye! Playlist for Jurisprudence - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlijn... Playlist for Constitution - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri-Ei... Instagram: @priyajain2609
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