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An Analysis of Advertising Effectiveness
My critical assessment of “advertising effectiveness” of the Juice Plus Company was done. JuicePlus promotes whole food based nutrition products and I featured my analysis of them as a YouTube video. My reflection on motivational appeals were elaborated within messages of 5 different advertisements for the Juice Plus campaign as an Old Dominion University Project for my Persuasion Class headed by Professor Alison Lietzenmayer. Juice Plus targeted the audiences of parents with children under 18, health and non-health conscious consumers across their campaign, utilizing both primary and secondary motivational appeals. As we live in a world with visual societies, advertisements show primary images with words being the backup languages and cultures more easily (Gass & Seiter 2014). Images shown in ads persuade through iconicity,indexicality and syntactic indeterminacy. Therefore audiences summarizes ideas and concepts being iconic as it represents people, events or things. When ads shows proof of circumstantial evidence, for example the showing of how unhealthy a person was before intervention of a new product, showcases indexicality. When ads implies association through word forms to accumulate information in particular contexts, it is therefore syntactic indeterminacy at work.
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Advanced Campaign Analysis: Measuring Campaign Effectiveness and Long-Term Impact
Nitay Alon and Yohai Sabag discuss the metrics and methods necessary for gauging the long-term effects of campaign effectiveness.
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8 Examples Of The Most Absolutely Effective Advertisements
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Are we measuring the right things when it comes to advertising effectiveness?
As Newsworks launches its first effectiveness research, M&S’ Nathan Ansell, Mondelēz International’s Matt Stockbridge, Maxus’ Anna Hickey, AMVBBDO’s Bridget Angear and others give their views on the quality of communication metrics, short-term trends and the importance of long term brand health.
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How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness
http://geek-freemarketing.com/how-to-measure-marketing-effectiveness This video provides you with an extremely simple way to use Excel to track the ROI of your marketing, both online and offline. All you need to do is watch the video, download the provided spreadsheet and start trimming the fat from your marketing!
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Evolution of advertising effectiveness
How is the concept of advertising effectiveness evolving? What influence do technological changes and other factors have on marketing strategies? In our new video we take a look at the current situation of the key factors in the advertising world.
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The Most Effective Advertising May Be When Consumers Least Expect It
In the age of digital video recorders (DVRs) many advertisers have lamented that consumers aren't as influenced by ads because they have the ability to fast forward through or even skip the commercials. But new research from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business suggests the opposite could be true: Consumers might be more influenced when they aren't focusing on advertisements and their defenses are down. The researchers also found that while watching fast-forwarded ads, consumers are most influenced when they see brands they perceive as very different from each other in a back-to-back ad block. "We feel these findings have important implications for the way advertisers place their promotional messages -- both in traditional television spots, as well as in a variety of brief brand exposure settings," said Fuqua marketing professor Gavan Fitzsimons. "The media landscape is a totally different ballgame than it was even just a few years ago." The research, "Distinctively Different: Exposure to Multiple Brands in Low Elaboration Settings," was just published online in the Journal of Consumer Research. In one study that examined a product-placement setting, 89 undergraduate students were shown photos depicting various combinations of Dove Chocolate, Canada Dry and Mountain Dew. The research team wanted to understand if Dove Chocolate would "pop" more when it was in a photo with Canada Dry (both brands are perceived to be similar by consumers who tend to feel the brands are sincere) versus in a photo with a can of Mountain Dew (brands that are viewed as very different with Mountain Dew being perceived as more edgy by consumers). One group of students was encouraged to think carefully about the photos, while the other was distracted from the fact there were brands in the photos because they thought the research was focusing on the emotions of the people in the photographs. Results showed participants were more likely to subsequently choose Dove Chocolate when it was paired with a dissimilar brand, but only when they were not thinking carefully about the products. When they did think carefully about them, participants were more likely to choose a similar brand. "This study shows when a consumer's defenses are down and they aren't thinking about the products they are exposed to, the differences between one brand and another are highlighted, making it really stand out without the consumer realizing it," Fitzsimons said. A second study looked specifically at how consumers react to various brands when fast-forwarding with DVRs. Researchers showed 84 undergraduates clips of a television show with commercials from Mountain Dew, Hummer and Honda Pilot. The research team wanted to see if the students were more likely to choose Mountain Dew if the commercial ran next to Hummer (brands most consumers view as exciting) or Honda Pilot (a very different brand many consumers view as sincere). Half of the participants watched the commercials at regular speed while the other half watched at 10 times regular speed (a typical pace when fast-forwarding past ads using a DVR). Results showed consumers were more likely to pick Mountain Dew when it was paired with the dissimilar brand, but only when watching the commercials in fast forward. "This experiment reinforced for us that the pairing of dissimilar brands really only works when the consumer isn't thinking about the commercial, but is focused on another task like when to stop fast-forwarding so they don't miss some of the program they're watching, " said co-author Tanya Chartrand, also a marketing professor at the Fuqua School of Business. The research has significant implications for advertisers. "Our findings suggest that the brand personalities many companies have so painstakingly cultivated may be influenced in ways that are difficult to control, namely by the brand personalities of other products in the same advertising block, or in the same visual field," Fitzsimons said. "On the other hand, understanding the interplay of brands and their contexts in a new media environment should help firms better place their messages so their customers are most likely to choose them, and be very happy they did so." Other authors of the study were former Duke Ph.D. students Linyun Yang (now a faculty member at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte), and Keisha Cutright (now a faculty member at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania).
Evaluating advertising effectiveness
After studying this chapter you should understand and be able to explain the importance of message research, methods that generate concepts and ideas for advertising, the sequence marketers generally follow in using advertising research, methods that measure attitudes to advertising such as recall, recognition and persuasion, methods that measure behavioural responses to advertising such as neuroscience and sales response. http://www.helpwithassignment.com/
Digital Marketing Analytics – Why It Is Important To Understand Your Metrics
Are you tired of not being able to track your digital marketing results? And do you wish there was an easy way to quickly figure out what’s working, and what’s not, so you didn’t waste your time and money on ineffective marketing tactics? If so, then you’re in the right place, as on this episode we’re going be diving in head first to take on the mistakenly overly complicated world of digital marketing analytics, so you can quickly learn what you need to watch and measure, and what you can leave behind. The truth behind digital marketing analytics is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. So here are 5 easy to use and easy understand digital marketing metrics that you can start tracking today. 1: Website Visitors The easiest place to start is by taking a look at your website traffic and it’s number of visitors. While this is somewhat of a vanity metric, meaning that it may not directly relate to the bottom line, it is helpful in measuring and tracking how many people are visiting your businesses virtual store front. 2: Bounce Rate Your bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and then quickly leave, or bounce off. Here is where we want to see a low number, as this means that people are sticking around and having more of a look through your content. 3: Number Of Email Subscribers Just like with website visitors, you want to see a steady increase of email subscribers over time. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, the odds are good that you could benefit by using an email marketing strategy. 4: Click Through Rate (CTR) Your click through rate refers to how many people took action and clicked on one of your posts or advertisements. CTR is a valuable metric to watch anytime you’re creating an ad for any of the social or search engine platforms, as a high click through rate means that what your ad is saying is relevant and interesting enough for someone to want to click and learn more. 5: Lifetime Customer Value Lifetime customer value can be one of the most challenging, but also one of the most valuable metrics to watch and track. While there are a number of pretty fancy and expensive software tools and services out there that can help, even having a rough, general idea of the lifetime value of a customer to your business is still beneficial to your digital marketing campaigns. ► Download your free copy of The One Page Marketing Plan Here – http://adamerhart.com/marketingplan #LINKS Website: http://adamerhart.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/adamerhart Facebook: http://facebook.com/officialadamerhart Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamerhart Snapchat: snapadamerhart
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Neural Networks in Marketing: Forecasting Sales and Advertising Program Effectiveness
http://www.NeuroXL.com This demo shows you how to use NeuroXL Predictor excel add-in to forecast sales volume and advertising program effectiveness.
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Webinar: The Impact of a Publisher's Brand on Advertising Effectiveness
Webinar presentation of "The Impact of a Publisher's Brand on Advertising Effectiveness" by Joline McGoldrick and Hannah Pavalow (Millward Brown Digital) on June 25, 2014.
Advertising Campaign Analysis
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effectiveness of advertising through social networks
Are you wondering about the effectiveness of advertising through social networks? In this video I share with you a research report I came across. it talks about the effectiveness of advertising through social networks from both business to consumer business.... and Business to business businesses. If you have been wondering about the effectiveness of advertising through social networks then watch my video. Other good videos about the effectiveness of advertising through social networks by: Tanya Motrenko Matt and April Findley lotamizer Dave Crenshaw BizzyWeb PuTTin’ OuT Website Central Pty Ltd HEC Paris Jessica Abraham iAcquire Jerry Banfield Noble Consulting Michael Mattos Carol Allen Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Blue Fountain Media SbrTechnologies Biswajit Singh MedTech Wristbands
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Micro Advertising Success Rate  || Non effectiveness of campaigns | Mr Z Advertising Theory | P7
Micro Advertising Success Rate || Non effectiveness of campaigns | ATA | Mr Z Advertising Theory | P7 #Micro Advertising Success Rate #Non effectiveness of campaigns #ATA #Mr Z Advertising Theory #Micro Advertising Success #effectiveness of campaigns #ATA Videos #Advertising Theory
How to Measure the Effectiveness of Print Media Advertising
Though investment in digital advertising is growing at a faster rate, Print Media is still the #1 choice of Indian marketers to promote their products and services. According to Print Madison Report, Investment in Print Advertising is expected to grow by 5.3 per cent in 2015 and is projected to be the largest contributor (40 percent) to overall advertising spend in India. One of the challenges faced by large organizations with print media advertising is its measurement. How do you measure which Print Ads are driving maximum traffic to your web property? Which Print Ads bring in engaging users? Join us in this exclusive webinar to learn how to use Google Analytics to measure the effectives of Your Print Media Advertisement. You’ll learn: * Ways to Measure the Impact of Print Media Advertising on Your Website Traffic * Identifying Print Media Platform that generates more traffic for your website * Carrying out ROI Analysis ... plus, much more!
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Display Advertising Eye Tracking Study
This eye tracking study of display advertising effectiveness shows how people observed web pages containing advertising elements in various display ad formats such as leader boards, big boxes, and skyscrapers, on an iPad vs. a desktop PC. Researchers used a Tobii X60 Eye Tracker and the Tobii Mobile Device Stand. More information on Tobii Insight Services you will find here: http://www.tobii.com/eye-tracking-research/global/services/tobii-insight-projects/
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Facebook Ads Performance - How To Analyze Your Ads
How to tell if your Facebook ads are working or not? This video discusses the steps in analyzing your Facebook ads. You can apply these steps to your ad campaigns to see what is causing them to underperform or to scale them up. **MY LINKS: Twitter: https://twitter.com/VentureDCS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VentureDigital Academy: http://www.venturedigitalacademy.com/ **LIVE TRAINING SESSION: If I have any live training sessions booked this month, they will be listed at this link. Check it out to see if one is scheduled right now: http://join.venturedigitalacademy.com **RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS (*includes affiliate links below): Google Apps For Work (free trial): http://bit.ly/venture-google Freshbooks accounting & invoicing (30 days free): http://bit.ly/venture-fresh Mailchimp (free for 2000 subs): http://bit.ly/venture-mailchimp Elegant Themes (WordPress Themes): http://bit.ly/venture-ethemes Leadpages (landing page tools): http://bit.ly/venture-lp GoToWebinar (save 10%): http://bit.ly/venture-gotoweb Adobe Stock (free 10 images): http://bit.ly/venture-adobestock Adobe Acrobat Pro: http://bit.ly/venture-adobeacrobat Adobe Creative Cloud: http://bit.ly/venture-adobecc
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How short-termism threatens marketing effectiveness – and our change recommendations
* Shorter-term investors, the lack of marketing experience on boards, and the growing influence of procurement at brand owners * The readily available data that justifies more activation advertising, and the lack of measurement for long-term brand consequences * Where we are today – a structural bias towards short-term goals that endangers brand health and the effectiveness of advertising * Recommendations: Recognise the structural bias and limits of attribution; Improve short/long term measurement integration * Recommendations: More trust and time for CMOs; incentivise planning and creative; Accept that value chains need profit * Take-away: the drive to short-termism is not irrational and has deep structural causes which must be understood to prompt change Gill Hind, COO, Enders Analysis Originally captured at Future TV Advertising Forum London 2018
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How to track a marketing campaign (3:35)
This video from the Analytics Academy demonstrates how how to track a marketing campaign in Google Analytics. To view the whole course, visit: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/
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John Lewis Advertising  - Eye Tracking Research from Vision One
iVision Heatmaps - Eye-tracking analysis for the John Lewis 2016 Christmas Advertising featuring Buster the Boxer
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Best Advertisement ever-Winner of Best Ad 2014
Inspirational Video ad This ad makes you think Really heart touching... Inspirational video ad!
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How To Measure The Progress Of Your Ad Campaign
"How do I measure effectiveness of my ads?" It's a question any good marketer or business owner will ask. Defining how you plan to measure the progress of your advertising campaign is absolutely critical. Otherwise, how do you know that you've grabbed your prospect by the heart with a clear and compelling message? How do you know that you've convinced her that not buying from you would be the dumbest thing she could do? You've gotta know what works. As I've said before, throwing darts at a board is not an effective marketing strategy. Besides, you cannot improve what you do not measure. Keep watching and I'll share how to determine the progress of your ad campaign, and explain what to do ... and what to avoid at all costs. I'll see YOU on the other side. Thanks a bunch for watching Wizard Marketing TV! My YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/tomwanek Consulting on my website: http://www.tomwanek.com/consulting
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Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness  Analysis of Best Practices
Author Kellie Liket discusses her article, "Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness: Analysis of Best Practices." In the face of increased accountability pressures, nonprofits are searching for ways to demonstrate their effectiveness. Because meaningful tools to evaluate effectiveness are largely absent, financial ratios are still the main indicators used to approximate it. However, there is an extensive body of literature on determinants of nonprofit effectiveness. In this study, we test the extent to which these assertions in the literature align with practitioner views.
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Tracking Offline Advertising Effectiveness with Jim Sterne
Since on the Web everything can be measured, Jim Sterne contends that you can use traffic on your website to calibrate the bump experienced from everything from newspaper ads to radio spots, and other kinds of offline advertising. You can encourage readers to type in a particular URL if your offer is enticing, allowing even finer web analytics precision.
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Is Smart Control™ the methodology of the future for advertising effectiveness campaigns?
Smart Control™ provides a solution for the current and emerging digital advertising environment, helping to more accurately, efficiently and granularly measure advanced digital advertising strategies. Is this model-based approach the future of advertising effectiveness measurement? Hear comScore SVP of Survey Research, Harvir Bansal's take on this question. http://www.comscore.com/BrandSurveyLift
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Measuring Mobile Advertising Effectiveness | Mobile Advertising #3 | #MoComoments
Mobile now accounts for more than 60 percent of all digital media time spent, but there is still hesitancy from advertisers around allocating more budget to mobile ads. Stakeholders and Advertisers will require substantial proof before making large-scale changes to their media strategy, which is why the ability to measure mobile advertising effectiveness is so important in overcoming these hesitations. Stephanie Emmanuouel from Sumo goes through the challenges and new ways for measuring mobile campaigns. Subscribe on our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/mocomoments?sub_confirmation=1 And Follow Us At: Website: https://mocomoments.cmtelecom.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mocomoments Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoComoments Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mocomoments/
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How to measure true ad effectiveness - SSI
Presentation by Mani Padmanabhan - Country Manager, SSI, SEA & India. Presented at Asia Research Breakfast Seminar in Jakarta on July 19, 2017. A Linking Asia 21 production brought to you by Asia Research Online and Magazine. ___ Summary: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker, pioneer of marketing is famously reputed to have said that. However, it is not licence to shrug and ignore the problem when it is possible to ascertain, online, whether an ‘Opportunity to See’ has occurred or not. Online advertising assessment offers that potential. And the measurement of effects gets away from the direct measurement of click-through response and towards a better measurement of the subtle branding effects of advertising. In this paper, we will show the latest developments in the field and how technology has helped over- come the visibility issue of online ads. ___ Interested to support our next breakfast seminar, contact us http://asia-research.net/contact/
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Assessment 3: Pitch and Plan for Solving a Domain Problem. By Eduardo Martins Lynch – Student ID 12228680 at November 3rd 2015
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Measuring digital campaigns
How do you measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns? In this video Dave Chaffey talks to Grant LeBoff about tools and key metrics in terms of social media monitoring that companies should start to consider.
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View Promotional Effectiveness
View promotional effectiveness in relation to customer segments.
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Rocket Fuel Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising Case Study Solution & Analysis
https://www.caseanalysisteam.com This Case Is About Rocket Fuel Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising Case Study Solution and Analysis Get Your Custom Rocket Fuel Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising Case Solution at caseanalysisteam.com
Top 10 Powerful And Creative Print Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice
watch this video to know the top 10 list of Powerful And Creative Print Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice
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Dove Advertising Analysis
Dove Advertising Analysis
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Innovative Approaches to Measuring Advertising Effectiveness (Part 5 of 5)
Our final talk and Q&A are centered on the subject of new measurement techniques. Led by Thales Teixeria (Harvard), we explore the effect of activating sphonsorships in a stadium on key brand affinity metrics and sponsorship ROI. Panelists: Anne Rivers, BrandAsset Consulting Kirk Wakefield, Baylor University Daniel McDuff, Massachusetts Institue of Technology Herb Sorenson, TNS Orlando Wood, Brainjuicer
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IPA/Thinkbox Effectiveness Brand Stories on Film: John Lewis 2016 Grand Prix
Les Binet of adam&eveDDB gives his 10 lessons for marketers from John Lewis' ongoing success, which led them to win the Grand Prix award at the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2016.
What Is Attribution Modeling? A Quick Explainer for Marketers
Multi-channel attribution modeling is complicated. But without it, you won't know what marketing activities are actually leading to higher ROI and better results. Learn more: https://hubs.ly/H09rQFs0 *** Sure, you might know what landing page a customer converted on ... but what about all the social posts, content, and site pages that also influenced their decision to buy? All these interactions should change how you allocate resources so you can maximize ROI. But this complex buyer’s journey makes your job harder. And it means you need a more sophisticated way to measure what channels and assets are creating sales opportunities.That’s why marketers are relying on attribution modeling. Attribution modeling is a set of rules for assigning credit to the various touchpoints in the conversion path. It helps marketers understand trends in how prospects move through the path to purchase. There are a couple different attribution models out there, and depending on the product you sell and the length of your buying cycle, one might make more sense than the other. Let’s go over a few of the most common types: First-touch attribution is where 100% of the credit is assigned to the page that originally drove a visitor to your site. This model does overemphasize top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts, but it’s an easy way to know what exactly is attracting people to your brand. Last-touch attribution singles out the first touchpoint of the most recent visit. So if a visitor views a blog post, clicks a CTA, and converts on a landing page, the blog post will receive the credit. The last interaction model gives credit to the touchpoint where a conversion directly occurred. Use this to determine the effectiveness of your landing pages. The first and last interaction model gives equal credit to the first and last touchpoints. A simple decay attribution model assigns a weighted percentage of the credit to the most recent touchpoints. Use this if your buying cycle is short as it assumes that the assets a prospect interacted with closer to the time of sale are most important in the purchase decision. The linear attribution model gives equal credit to every interaction during the buyer’s journey. So an in-person event is given the same weight as a click on a banner ad. Multi-channel attribution modeling can be complex, but you won’t truly know if you’re spending your time and resources on the right marketing activities without it.
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The Metrics that Matter: How to Build Performance-Driven Marketing Campaigns
Presented by Paul Roetzer. Measurement matters now more than ever. Marketing executives and business leaders are drowning in data. They have access to powerful tools that produce endless streams of information about contacts, including visitors, leads and customers. However, data without analysis is simply noise. In this presentation based on Paul Roetzer’s new book, The Marketing Performance Blueprint, you’ll learn how to: drive digital marketing transformation within your business; align marketing KPIs with overall business goals; bring structure and meaning to numbers; devise integrated marketing strategies; and, adapt campaign strategies in real time based on results (or lack thereof).
Internet Advertising - Don't Lose Your Ad's Effectiveness
http://www.websitetrafficbuilders.com Internet advertising,be sure you get what you are paying for! If your ad is running on a page where Google ads are also displayed, the effectiveness of your ad will be diminished! Be sure to visit our SEO idea blog at: http://www.websitetrafficbuilders.com/websitetrafficbuilders
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How do you measure the success of your digital campaigns?
Ben Hollebon, from The Church of England explains how their success measurement is changing
Marketing Minute PLUS!  Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth the Cost? (Marketing / Advertising)
Every time the Super Bowl rolls around, the asking price for the television commercials associated with this massively-watched annual event increases. In fact, those prices have doubled over the past decade or so, from an average of around 2.5 million dollars for a 30-second spot in 2006 to this year’s five million dollars for the same-length ad! It’s true that marketers get a great deal of exposure with these ads, especially in today’s digital environment where ads are routinely rebroadcast via a variety of social media channels, as well as talked about by both professional and amateur social media “celebrities.” But all this raises the question: are Super Bowl commercials worth the extremely high cost? To answer that question, we need to consider the underlying goal of these ads, and that is to build brands. For a select few new brands, the ads serve to build awareness, but for the vast majority of already well-known brands, the ads have been created to build buzz and to create positive affect -- that’s positive emotion -- toward the brand, with hopes that somewhere down the line, football fans -- along with everyone else who sees these ads -- will talk about, recommend, or best yet, buy, their products. The marketers are also hopeful that all this thinking about the ads, and the brands behind them, will generate long-term preferences for the brand and perhaps true brand loyalty. So the value question comes down to understanding whether the amounts of awareness, buzz, recommendations, preferences, purchases, and brand loyalty are high enough to justify the spending of the five million dollars for the 30-second spot, plus the huge production costs for developing those awe-inspiring and often entertaining commercials. If you consider a purely market-rate definition of “appropriate price,” then the fact that these ad spots almost always sell out means that the price is not only appropriate, but that it might even be a little low. That’s because with a complete sell-out, we can assume that there may have been some purchasers who would have been willing to buy the ad spots for five-point-ONE million dollars rather than “just” the five-point-ZERO million-dollar asking price. So the answer to our question as to whether Super Bowl commercials are worth the high cost is… it depends. And it depends on whom we ask. To the company trying to promote its brand, it’s pretty clear that the management team thinks it’s a worthwhile “investment” initially at least. Later on, if it doesn’t have the results they expected, they may not think so. To the marketplace if that company is publicly traded, well, you could probably do some type of event-study analysis and measure abnormal stock price returns on the day that the specific advertising strategy’s announced, but that may not show very much. To the television network that sells the advertising time slots? Oh, they definitely think it’s worth it. And finally, to you and me and the millions of other viewers who love or hate or don’t care either way for the Super Bowl ads and the brands that they promote, it most likely depends on whether or not we like the ads so much that we’re willing to watch them over and over, talk about them with our friends, and share them via our social media accounts. So let me know in the comments below: Are you a Super Bowl ad junkie? Are they your favorite part of the game? (Or maybe the ONLY part that you ever watch?) Or do you think that companies are massively overspending for the value they receive from buying 30 seconds of air time for five million dollars (plus production costs)? And while you’re commenting, let us all know your top 1, 2, or 3 Super Bowl ads of all time. And remember… “When it comes to marketing, it’s only expensive if it doesn’t work.” **Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any future episodes of Monday's Marketing Minute (or the Marketing Minute PLUS!), where you’ll learn about: - Marketing Strategy and Tactics - Brand Development - Personal Branding and Professional Branding - Marketing Yourself - Marketing Leadership - and whatever relevant and related topics come our way. **Also, connect with me on any of the following: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonymiyazaki Twitter: https://twitter.com/sensiblefolk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sensiblefolk/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AnthonyMiyazaki
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Advertising Effectiveness for Cross Screen Models (IAB)
Join representatives from Jumptap and Operative to learn about how their approach to advertisers has changed, shifting the focus of the conversation from channel/screen specific models to a user-centric advertising model. They will discuss this topic from a marketer/sell-side perspective and will also address the technical and business challenges they've identified using these models. Ultimately, the goal is to understand how a cross-platform / cross-screen approach starting with the right audience can effectively deliver targeted content.
Nielsen Exploring New Tools for Multi-Screen Effectiveness Measurement with Vizu Acquisition
Nielsen Exploring New Tools for Multi-Screen Effectiveness Measurement with Vizu Acquisition from Beet.TV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Beet.TV on Blip! http://blip.tv/beettv/watch Nielsen is exploring a range of methods to better measure multi-screen viewing and the effectiveness of ads across platforms, says Dan Beltramo Executive VP of Product Leadership at Nielsen, who comes to Nielsen via the recent acquisition of his online reporting firm Vizu. Beet.TV contributor Ashley Swartz spoke with Beltramo at the Beet.TV Advertising Leadership Summit in Starcomapos;s Chicago offices for a discussion of online measurement, and how Nielsen is integrating Vizuapos;s data. Vizu built its business on measuring the effectiveness of online ads in real-time and Nielsen has begun integrating those capabilities into its measurement tools, Beltramo says. The goal is to give a brand a sense of the effectiveness of a campaign across all venues. Some of the methods Nielsen is evaluating to improve measurement across platforms are unique identifiers in mobile, integration of ad effectiveness tools into online ad platforms, and watermarking ads, Beltramo explains in this video interview."You assume there is a certain amount of multitasking going, on but you [want to be able to] see which screen is influencing the behavior, and thatapos;s what weapos;re pushing towards," he explains to Swartz.When it comes to video advertising in particular, Beltramo says the categories with the most campaigns are entertainment, retail, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods. Also, Vizuapos;s tools show that video ads online are significantly more effective than display ads. "You can get the same effect with one to two video exposures versus a full set of display," he says. See all episodes of Beet.TV http://blip.tv/beettv#EpisodeArchive Visit Beet.TV's series page http://blip.tv/beettv
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Why Market Researchers Need to Have a New Understanding of People | Ann Green, EVP of Kantar
My guests today are Ann Green, EVP, and Stephen DiMarco, Chief Digital Officer at Kantar North America Insights Division. Kantar is a multinational market research firm known for innovation. They actively manage Brand Z, which is an annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global brands ranking; and in 2015, announced a partnership with Snapchat to provide the first analysis of advertising effectiveness on the Snapchat platform. FIND Ann and Stephen Online: Linkedin: Ann/Stephen Kantar: Find Happy Market Research Online: Website: www.happymr.com Social Media: @happymrxp LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/happymarketresearch/
Advanced "Two Step" Facebook Advertising Strategy - The Jab & Hook One-Two Punch
Learn the powerful "Two Step" Facebook PPC advertising strategy that warms & converts traffic to leads, fast! In my last video, I explained how my Google organic SEO traffic was boosting the effectiveness of my facebook ads and cutting my cost per lead down by as much as 40% That video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgJ6g3hjD_4 But what do you do if you don't have a strong organic SEO based site with a ton of Google traffic? Well, the answer to that question is what I reveal in this video. You are able to create a two step facebook campaign that helps you turn cold traffic into warm traffic and then turn your warm traffic into leads and customers. This strategy is comprised of two separate campaigns you run simultaneously. It requires you to structure your Facebook audiences for retargeting in a specific way, which I show how to do that, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxgN4qu-wFk The first campaign is focused on getting clicks to your website, driving traffic from Facebook to an in-depth, hyper-relevant and awesome piece of content! This can be an advertorial, a case study or an "ultimate guide" type post and is most often best focused on people who are 'problem aware' (from our phases of prospect awareness video you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ7qaJyLKIM ) I would start this ad campaign off as a CPC campaign and once I set my baseline for CPM (cost per thousand impressions) I would consider split testing a CPM based campaign to try and get an even better deal on these clicks. I'd be looking for clicks at the 15 cent to 25 cent range here... And I'd expect a very high relevance score... If your relevance score is below 7 or your CPC is too high, you either have the wrong audience targeted or your messaging is not relevant. The be-all end-all video that teaches how to target your audience on Facebook with their Audience Insights tool is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g17t182OgA The second facebook ad campaign that runs at the same time is a retargeting campaign via either a CPC (cost per click) or oCPM (optimized for conversion) campaign. This campaign only displays to users who have your facebook retargeting pixel on their browser that they received when they clicked through the first ad campaign to the long-form content. At this point, the prospect has been 'warmed up' to your ideas and your brand... They have seen multiple posts of yours (your ads) in Facebook, has been to your website before and the likelihood of them going deeper into your marketing funnel is increased due to these connections. When you go to measure the effectiveness of this type of PPC strategy you must take into consideration the cost of the first click to your content plus the cost per click to your site for your tracking purposes. You would then compare that combined CPC against a cold traffic CPC to your funnel... See which clicks were a better value. Also, be sure you are tracking the conversion rate of your opt in page and your OTO (one time offer) for cold traffic and the two-step traffic separately to see if you are getting a better conversion rate from the warm or cold traffic. With these numbers, you have all the data you need to have statistical proof over which facebook advertising campaign is generating higher quality traffic for a better deal. Remember... It is not always about the 'lowest cost per click' and you should stay more focused on your cost per lead and cost per new custom acquisition for your main key performance indicators. Since you now have the full understanding about this FB advertising strategy, its time to get your hands dirty and launch some ad campaigns! This video shows you exactly how to setup Facebook ads from start to finish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYY6zn3c8Xk
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Tremor Media: Data Proves Online Video Ad Effectiveness
Video formats can adapt to numerous campaign goals by incorporating various mechanics and creative from across a marketers' strategic channels, such as image galleries of print ads and photo shoots; out-takes and extended versions of TV and cinema ads; vouchers, special offers, sampling and trials; showroom and branch locators; and promotion of and access to special events. As such, the real time data derived from the online video ad can inform the entire integrated marketing process. Informed by the data, actions can be taken to optimise the campaign while it's running. Once it ends, evaluating the data inspires the next campaign's strategy. Ryan Van Fleet, Director, Insights and Analytics at Tremor Media explains how marketers should use data derived from online video ad campaigns.
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Trends in Mobile Advertising | Data Analysis | Big Data #1 | #MoComoments
Proudly brought to you by CM Telecom. Amazon RedShift? Google BigQuery? What is the next big trend in marketing and advertising? Matthaus Krzykowski from Tenjin, a San Francisco based marketing firm, joins us to talk BIG DATA and current to future trends in mobile marketing. Marketing will shift to become more data centric in the next five years. Due to the dynamic shift, it will be crucial for every marketer to jump on the data science world now and begin to understand how data works and how it plays a role in mobile marketing. He goes on to dive deep on how initiations such as the Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery are data focused and how mobile apps such as Facebook could still remain a big player in the near future despite the new inventions. What is your take on big data and future trends? Will Facebook still be a big player? Subscribe on our YouTube channel here for more videos on big data: https://www.youtube.com/c/mocomoments?sub_confirmation=1 And Follow Us Here: Website: https://www.cmtelecom.com/mocomoments Twitter: https://twitter.com/mocomoments Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoComoments Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mocomoments/
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Holistic, Actionable, and Consistent Measurement for Brand Advertising
Jeffrey Graham will discuss Google's current initiatives around audience measurement, from the recently announced Brand Activate Initiative and its Active GRP and Active View solutions, to marketing effectiveness measurement and insight research, and will share a forward-looking vision for collaboration opportunities with the industry. Jeffrey Graham -- Director of Advertising Research, Americas, Google, Inc.

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