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Zombie ants - killer mushrooms
Cordyceps fungi turn ants into zombies! BBC Nature Planet Earth
Milestones in Science and Engineering - Chemistry in Agriculture (English Sub)
The Green Revolution and the history behind it! Very informative Documentary (German audio, English subbed)
Exponential Growth - Bacteria
What would happen if a single bacterium could multiply nonstop?
Sea Cucumber - Spotted Worm Sea Cucumber (Synapta maculata)
A Spotted Worm Sea Cucumber (Synapta maculata) living around the Gili Islands near Bali. This one has a length of around 1 meter. This species can reach a lenght of 2.5 meters and is thus the largest Sea Cucumber.
Attenborough's Fabulous Frogs: New documentary trailer 2014/2015
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qnnh Watch it on BBC 2 or buy the DVDs.
What is DNA ? - Animation
Wonder what DesoxyriboNucleicAcid is? The chemistry of life