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Becoming a Full-Time Trader
Formerly a doctor, trader Al Brooks, discusses how he made the transition to trading full time and what pitfalls he thinks traders should watch out for in the beginning. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Linda Raschke: Stick to the Plan and Become a Better Trader
http://www.moneyshow.com/main.asp?scode=013203 Legendary trader Linda Raschke discusses a few steps that you can take to become a better trader. https://www.moneyshow.com
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3 Primary Rules for Swing Trading
A trio of basic rules regarding viability of set-ups, trend following, and stop placement have governed the trading activities of David Paul, PhD for decades, he explains. https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Right Way to Trade Bollinger Bands
http://www.moneyshow.com?scode=013356 As the inventor of Bollinger bands, analyst John Bollinger discusses some of the misconceptions about trading the bands and how using them on multiple time frames can be advantageous. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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How a Pro Starts the Trading Day
http://www.moneyshow.com/video/Media_Library.asp?cat=&spk=2030SPK&scode=013356 Expert trader Linda Raschke discusses her pre-market preparations, technical and fundamental analysis, and important steps traders should take to prepare for each trading day. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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How to Use Stops, Why Trade with Stops, How to Determine Stops
http://www.moneyshow.com?scode=013356 Why trade with stops, and how are stops determined? Linda Raschke shares the results of some of her trade modeling, and how it can be used to determine your stops To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Biggest Thing Holding Back Most Traders
Veteran trader Linda Raschke explains that trading is not necessarily a comfortable thing, which is why it is important to remember you need to think for yourself. https://www.moneyshow.com
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How to Trade Like an Institutional Trader
Sam Seiden shares why most retail traders are trying to make money the wrong way and how you can trade like an institution. www.moneyshow.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FollowMoneyShow/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoneyShows LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/moneyshow/ https://www.instagram.com/tradersexpo/ #Daytrading#Retailtraders#Institutionaltrading#TradeWiser
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Are Good Traders Born or Made?
The changing face of trading has made it easier than ever for a person without killer instincts but with a methodical trading program to do well in the markets, says Linda Raschke. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Why Watching the News Can Hurt Your Trading
Alexander Elder, trader and author, explains why he feels business TV can be detrimental to one's trading and believes standing aside can sometimes be the best approach. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Plan Your Trades, Learn the Essentials
http://www.moneyshow.com/main.asp?scode=013203 Legendary trader Linda Raschke discusses a few steps that you can take to become a better trader
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Reasons Why Most Active Traders Fail
Stuart McPhee, author of Trading in a Nutshell, discusses the main reasons why he feels that traders fail, and the fine balance between confidence and overconfidence. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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First Step to Trading Success: Choose Your Proper Time Fram
Traders often focus on finding one or many complex indicators to use, but Alexander Elder explains that deciding what time frame to analyze is the most important first step. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Peter Schiff: How to Profit on Next Recession
At MoneyShow San Francisco, Peter Schiff: The problems I saw leading up to the financial crisis of 2008-9 are dwarfed by the problems that I see now under Bernake and Yellen. The bubble that they created is far bigger. This thing is probably going to blow up on Donald Trump. I wish he hadn't claimed ownership when he put his brand on this stock market bubble, on this phony economy. They're going to have the rename the Great Recession because this one is going to be worse. We are going to have a dollar crisis this time. The average American is going to suffer much more this time. That's why I'm here at the MoneyShow to tell people how to profit on the events that are about to unfold. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com Social Links: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/moneyshow/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tradersexpo/ https://www.instagram.com/moneyshows/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FollowMoneyShow/ https://www.facebook.com/TradersExpo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoneyShows https://twitter.com/tradersexpo
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Trade Profitably with No Indicators
For more than two decades, Al Brooks has relied upon this binary strategy, which focuses only on range and trend trading techniques and uses no complex analysis or indicators. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Ron Wagner Discusses Some Basics of Candlestick Charting
http://www.moneyshow.com/video/video.asp?wid=3575&scode=013355 Pristine's Ron Wagner discusses some basics of candlestick charting along with his unique approach. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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Good Traders Do Their Homework
The technical analysis process is best conducted when the markets aren't open, says Linda Raschke, who explains how to prepare in advance and then respond when the action starts. https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Missing Piece of Iron Condor Option Trades
Iron Condor option trading can be profitable but most traders miss an important piece of the strategy. Learn what that is in this video. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Secrets to More Profitable Trading
Trader and educator Dan Gramza, who has educated traders around the world, reviews some of the traits that make a trader successful. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Understand the Psychology of Trading
Successful traders not only understand their own psychology, but also the psychology driving the markets, explains Dr. Alexander Elder, imparting advice for getting a handle on both. https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Biggest Influence on My Trading
Linda Raschke discusses someone who was influential early on in her trading career and stresses the importance of having a trading routine.
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Understanding Trade Management
Professional and retail traders can now access innovative tools to better manage trades. Linda Raschke comments, and tells why trade management is often more critical than trade entry. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Why Option Spreads are the Best Trade
Learn how you can be "partially right" and still make money using non-directional option trades from Kerry Given. https://www.moneyshow.com
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How to Buy Into Trend Moves
It's rarely too late to catch a strong trend move, says Al Brooks, who explains how to buy at the market and manage risk so as to stay safe even if a reversal or consolidation takes place. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Applying Game Theory to Your Trading
Using game theory can help you identify trends, but it is invaluable for helping you remove emotions from your trading, says Linda Raschke. https://www.moneyshow.com
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What Does It Take to Be a Successful Trader?
Trader Don Miller explains some of the lessons he has learned throughout his trading career that have helped him to achieve a high level of trading success. https://www.moneyshow.com
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How to Hedge with Options
Buying index options or VIX options are cost-effective methods for insuring your portfolio against downside risk, says option trader Larry McMillan, who shares tips for choosing the right option to buy. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Buy & Hold Investing? Give It Time
http://www.moneyshow.com.asp?scode=013357 The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig shares his unique perspective on buy and hold investing, concluding that one should look at it differently. More on MoneyShow.com!
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Futures vs. Spot Forex: Which is Best?
Learn why this currency trader believes that one market offers benefits over the other for retail traders. https://www.moneyshow.com
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A Better Way to Use Pivot Points to Improve Your Trading
Pivot points are proven to be effective leading indicators of price action, and trader John Person, author of several books on the subject, tells how he applies pivots for even greater accuracy. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Easily Identify the Strongest Sectors
http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Trader Linda Raschke discusses how she identifies the strongest (and weakest) market sectors using tools such as relative strength, intraday price charts, and more.
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Using Commitments of Traders (COT) Data to Trade Forex
Currency expert Rob Booker explains how the COT reports can give forex traders valuable clues as to what the smart money is doing. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Investors and Traders: Avoid Self-Sabotage in the Markets
Clinical psychologist Brett Steenbarger, who works with many traders and hedge funds, discusses two common self-destructive behaviors that sabotage traders. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Use Tape Reading to Improve Trading Performance Says Pro Tr
http://www.moneyshow.com/video/Media_Library.asp?cat=&spk=15B20597891B48138E147507F4DA6EDE&scode=013356 Trader Ken Calhoun tells MoneyShow how to use tape reading to improve your trades, and shares some key lessons to keep in mind for your own trading strategy.
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The First Step to Trading Success
http://www.moneyshow.com?scode=013356 Becoming familiar with a chart pattern is step one, says Mike Bellafiore, but from there, traders continue on a journey where they must always learn, adjust, and strive to hone their craft.
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Delta-Neutral Option Trading Strategies
A Delta-neutral strategy allows for trades where big price swings by the underlying equity won't hurt the trader. Kerry Given describes the risk factors and when this strategy is most useful. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Trading Coach Shares Views on Three Common Problems for Tra
Watch trading coach Brett Steenbarger share his views on three common trading problems from the recent TradersExpo. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Put Relative Strength on Your Side
http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Trading legend Linda Raschke discusses some of the methods she uses to pinpoint, qualify, and trade the strongest- performing stocks in these or any market conditions.
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Buffett vs. Soros
London-based Nicholas Vardy compares the styles and results of legendary investors Warren Buffett and George Soros and tells who did better. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Linda Raschke and Why She Rarely Uses Trailing Stops
Linda Raschke shares some examples of how an OCO order can be used to enter a trade, and why she rarely uses trailing stops. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Trading Expert Discusses Common Traits of Winning Traders
http://www.moneyshow.com/video/Media_Library.asp?cat=&spk=OTE81343&scode=013356 MoneyShow contributor Tim Morge reviews common characteristics of profitable traders, and discusses how understanding these traits helps when trading commodities, equities, currencies, and more.
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2 Simple Option Strategies That Work
Option trading doesn't have to be complicated, says John Carter, explaining two ways anyone can use options to either buy stocks without huge capital outlay or earn extra income. https://www.moneyshow.com
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Favorite Trade Setup - The Squeeze Play
http://www.moneyshow.com/directory/speaker.asp?speakerid=OTE127219&scode=013355 John Carter discusses one of his favorite trade setups, which he calls the squeeze play. To get more actionable investing and trading insight and advice please visit https://www.moneyshow.com
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How to Prepare for Each Trading Day
http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Hours of research doesn't automatically represent effective preparation, explains Anne-Marie Baiynd, who reviews the components of a complete, well-designed preparation process.
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Pivot Points with John Person
John Person explains how he filters pivot point analysis to determine the market's trend. https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Right First Step in Trading
Most new traders start off on the wrong foot and must work to recover and fix their trading, but instructor Sam Seiden explains how to develop proper trading habits from the onset. https://www.moneyshow.com
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The Special Dividend Capture Strategy
Harry Domash discusses his special dividend capture strategy and he outlines how it differs from regular dividend capture strategies.
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3 Ways to Let More of Your Profits Run
http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Being patient with winning trades is nearly as important as being impatient with losing ones, says Hubert Senters, who explains a few methods for staying in winning trades longer.
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How to Spot Unusual Options Activity
http://www.moneyshow.com?scode=013356 Options expert Larry McMillan discusses how traders can find unusual options activity that can sometimes set up homerun-caliber trade setups.
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The Many Benefits of Market Profile
http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Too many traders get hung up on short-term indicators, says Linda Raschke, who tells how to use market profile to get an effective broad overview and avoid common missteps.
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