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Ayo Akinwande: Power Show
From February 3 - 21, Omenka Gallery will present 'Power Show', an exhibition by multimedia artist Ayo Akinwande. The show will examine the nuances of “power” in the context of Nigeria where electrical power cuts are a daily occurrence and fuel shortages are common even as the nation is rich in oil. Inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s song of the same title, the exhibition also examines power in the sense of authority and its corruptibility, especially where these multiple forms of power overlap.
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10 Must Visit Places in Nigeria
A list of tourist attractions in Nigeria
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Omenka Gallery - Space for Hire
Omenka Gallery - Space for Hire
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omenkatv  Gary Stephens
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Omenka Art As an Alternative Investment Seminar (Full Lecture-June 4, 2018)
Begun in 2012, we continue the next in our seminar series themed ‘Art as an Alternative Investment’. The rising value of Nigerian art at international auctions is evidence that collectors, financial institutions and wealth managers alike need to understand its worth. Research shows that art is an attractive investment for portfolio diversification as there is a low correlation with other financial assets. African modern and contemporary art in recent times has made a remarkable impression on the international art scene as works from the continent not only command increasingly high prices at auctions but also form a subject of profound interest for art collectors and scholars alike. In the present economic climate, it is imperative that maximum value is realised on assets held. Indeed, an art collection requires the same strategic planning as other financial assets.
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King Sunny Ade
A short biography of the legendary King Sunny Ade.
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Ebenezer Akinola: Where Do We Go from Here?
From November 12 to 21, 2017, Omenka Gallery will present Where Do We Go from Here?, an exhibition of recent work by leading contemporary Nigerian artist Ebenezer Akinola.
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Omenka Promo Video
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Omenka Talks: Meditation
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Omenka is Africa’s premium online global source for up-to-date news, information and expert commentary on art, architecture and design, fashion, music, business and luxury-lifestyle from the continent (omenkaonline.com). Our unique and original content is published across a quarterly print issue, a digital edition and a dedicated website, optimised for mobile devices with over 200,000+ views and a weekly newsletter with 15,000+ subscribers.
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Behind the scene: Omenka Magazine Film Issue
Behind the scene of Omenka Magazine Film Issue (2016)
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Omenka Online
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Omenka Magazine Advert
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Quote of the week
"Don’t wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want. Create your own constellation" – Pharell Williams
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Heritage Series: Fela
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Our Favourite Restaurants in South Africa
A fine selection of our favourite restaurants in South Africa
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omenkatv  Fidelis Odogwu
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Welcome to the Omenka Pod!
Now streaming on all platforms, The Omenka Pod is a bi-monthly series that celebrates the best of art, business and luxury-lifestyle on the African continent. This podcast aims to provide our rapidly growing audience with another exciting way to access our rich and engaging content, presently distributed across our print and digital magazine.
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Quote of the Week
"The Secret of life is to have no fear" - Fela Kuti
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Omenka Gallery at Cape Town Art Fair 2019
Omenka Gallery at Cape Town Art Fair 2019
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